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WHERE is Divine compassion, that will sinners not

despise ;Love, that with open arms would meet the penitent who

cries? Where shall all guilt be covered o'r ; and who can sins

forgive; And, in death's terrors, who true life and blessedness can

give? Take courage, trembling-hearted ones! such perfect grace

is found : Such Fulness of compassion doth in Jesus Christ abound.

Where is there balm for wounds; and who can healing

power impart; Who, comfort and support devise, for joyless, lonely

heart? Who shall raise up the fallen ones—the weary souls

renew ;

Who strengthen them to run their course, and keep them

right and true ? Be comforted, desponding hearts ; such strengthening

help is found : In Jesus Christ this Fulness of compassion doth abound.

Who giveth life that satisfies? Who can give joy in

woe? Who keeps our hearts in glad content with all that God

may do? Who giveth child-like faith, and lays us on The Father's

Breast;Reveals His wonders to our souls, and keeps us in His

Rest? Rejoice, poor homeless wanderers: this Resting-Place is

found : This Fulness of all mercy doth in Jesus Christ abound.

The spirit of God's children, is there one who can be

stow ? What hand can give humility, and keep us meek and

low? Who giveth love that faileth not, and shuns no sacri

ficeThat with glad hearts rejoiceth, and doth weep with

weeping eyes ?

O thank The Heavenly Father that this blessed gift is

found ! This Fulness of all graces in Christ Jesus doth abound.

Who leaves us not, in dying, any fear of death to know; But giveth endless joy and life, when forth from earth we

go? Who to the earth the seed entrusts, which there a season

lies, That through His Word, when Spring-time comes, in

glory it may rise ? Give thanks and sing, O children ; for this blessedness is

I found: In Jesus Christ this Fulness of Salvation doth abound.

0 Thou, our only Helper--Who, to all, all things

must be; Because by God's good pleasure, all His Fulness dwells

in Thee ! Draw Thou all hearts to Thee, and let Thy Love all souls

embrace ; And let all seeking spirits find the treasures of Thy

Grace ! O blessèd children, that partake of what Thou dost impart; And, thus partaking, through Thy Love, thus know Thee

as Thou art !




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