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ETERNITY draws nearer ;

Time hastens fast away :
Mark’st thou its flight with gladness,

Or would'st thou bid it stay?
Hast thou but tears and sighing

For that which hastens past;
And knows thy heart no yearning

For higher joys, that last ?

Receivest thou life's being

From what this world has given ;
And hast thou never tasted

The powers of Life from Heaven?
Does Heaven seem strange and distant-

Is Earth thine only home ?
How shall it be, O Mortal,

When death's dark hour is come!

Bethink thee of the issue

When earthly days are o'er : What doth this vain life promise

When Time shall be no more? Soon shall its course be finished;

Thy heart shall cease to move :Shall the grave beneath thee open,

But not the Heaven above?,

O let not sinful fancies

Thy spirit's breath destroy ! Seek, in the time accepted,

The Life that brings true joy : One only can impart it ;

The Life Himself, Who saith “ He that believeth, liveth;

And dying, sees not death.”



Jesus, my Sun, before Whose beams

Night's shadows quickly flee ;-
Jesus, my Bliss, Who drivest far
| All grief and misery !

One clear sound ringeth in my heart

Where'er I stand or move ;-
O Son of God, Thou Holy One,

How wondrous is Thy Love!

One instinct ever fills my soul,

Deep, heavenly, and clear :
Unceasingly it seems to say,

“ Thy one sole aim is here ! ”

Yes, I would fain for this one Pearl

Sell all that I possess;
All joys that constitute a life

Of earthly happiness.

In silent gladness, from my heart

All things I would remove, That from His Presence can divide,

Or rob me of His Love.

If separate from Thee, my Lord,

No other life I know :
Thou art my soul's true Element,

Through which its life must flow.

Living in Thee, I am secure;

No more I know of death ; For sin—my spirit's only foe

Thy strong Hand vanquisheth.

I know no more of sorrow now :

No trials that betide, Thou Well-spring of all blessedness,

Can part me from Thy side.

Yea, if I only have Thy Love,

No other joy I crave;
And, with a beggar's staff alone,

I royal riches have.

Already am I, here on earth,

Thus blest, and light of heart :
What, then, shall be my portion There,

When all earth's clouds depart ?

Then death all untold bliss will bring ;

And I possest shall be
Of the Eternal throne and crown

God's mercy gives to me.

Without Thy blessing Love, O Lord,

My spirit had been lost;
Left floating, helpless and alone,

On life's wild ocean tost :

But Thou hast to the Haven blest

Brought in my weary heart ; · And, full of peace, I rest in Thee,

For Thou my Saviour art.

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