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If in His Throne and Footstoo

Such glorious lustre be; What at His Heart may we conceive

Of Bliss and Radiancy !




WINTER's dark hours are over ;

The snow and rain are past : Life, that was captive held by Death,

Breaks from her bonds at last. All, that so long lay sleeping

In the darksome winter-night, Stirs mightily—and soon shall stand

All glorious in the light.

God sends His Breath, life-giving,

To wave through wood and plain : Voices from Nature's graves awake,

And her life-blood flows again. Her face in beauty gloweth ;

And, with swelling verdure rife, In the valleys and the mountain-sides

Burst thousand germs of life.

Sweet blossoms open, trembling,

Their casements, here and there;
Strike out their heads inquiringly

Into the soft mild air.
There sounds the bird's loud carol

Joyful amidst the bowers ;-
Yes, Spring again is with us now:
Come forth, come forth, ye Flowers !”

“ Life has from Death arisen !”

Resounds on every side : And the blue heaven laugheth joyously,

And Earth smiles like a bride.
O Soul, be full of gladness,

This miracle to see :
God sends His Breath, restoring life,

And Spring comes forth for thee !



My heart is bright with joy ; A Day of blessing sheds its ray: There is the clear sound ringing forth,

“Come to God's House to-day !"

To-day, when He shall speak, Open thy heart, and keep thee still : Cease from the labours of thy hands,

When God would work His Will.

'Tis Open House to-day: The hungry souls He portioneth With Living Bread ; that all who eat

May never taste of death.

To-day, The Faithful Sower Goes forth, the good seed scattering: There, in each spirit where it dwells,

Rich harvest it shall bring.

To-day, The Shepherd True
His sheep and lambs together leads
To pastures fresh, where water-springs

Flow through sweet grassy meads.

To-day, The Great Physician,
Who heals our souls from every ill,
Stands rich in help, in word and deed,

Each pain and grief'to still.

This is a Day of Blessing ; And joyful voices seem to say In the Bells' clear tones, “Come forth, O Soul,

To the House of God to-day!”

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