Зображення сторінки

Should not this make glad thy spirit,

Make thy heart lie calm and still : Waiting only for His leading ;

Leaving all things to His will ?

All shall serve for thy well-being,

If thy heart in Him confide: Only wait a little longer ;

Calmly, patiently abide.

E'en the bitterest and hardest

Serves for blessing, not for loss : Thou art not the only pilgrim

Who has learned to bless his cross.

Pathless heights rise steep before thee

On Faith's journey evermore ;
If thou canst not climb their summits,

God Himself will bear thee o’er.

Only,—with eyes uplifted,

Still in faith and hope endure :
On thy homeward way press forward,

Heart and longing true and pure.


Fearlessly, and without trembling,

Walk in the dark valley here: God's blue heaven is ever o'er thee,

Free and open, calm and clear.



Thou Father over all the children-hearts

That here on earth are found ;-
To Whom the children's song of thanks and praise

Rings forth with joyful sound :-
O Father, let them evermore rejoice,

As children, in Thy Love;

may their hearts with quick remorse be touched, When from Thy ways they rove !

Thy Spirit's discipline, whilst life is fresh,

Grant them to feel and know.
The soul that early seeks Thy loving Grace

Rests free from later woe.
Waken their hearts from all delusive dreams

Of long life yet to be :
Many a blossom, ere it comes to fruit,

Falls, withered, from the tree.

Let them, O Lord, as plants of righteousness,

Here in Earth's Garden stand ; Yet training only for the fuller life

In the sweet Fatherland. In Thine own Vineyard may their tender growth

Thy fostering care employ : Cherish and guard the good and precious shoots

The evil ones destroy !

O fill them with Thy Grace, and may Thy Love

Their souls' best powers engage : Lord, call them early, lovingly to Thee,

And guard their heritage !
In life and death, O Father, make them Thine ;

Ordered in all by Thee :
As heirs of Life, conduct them at the last

Into Eternity !



REJOICE in Earth's fair beauty ;

'Tis worthy of delight ;The glorious splendour that our God

Strews forth before our sight!

And yet, 'tis but the Footstool,

Rich garnished, for His Feet: His creature fraught with wonder-works,

In loveliness complete.

In Sun and Moon rejoice thou,

And in each radiant star;' As, o'er our valley wandering,

They bless us from afar.

Yet are they but creations,

By The Hand Almighty sown Along the wide-spread drapery

That falls about the Throne.

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