Зображення сторінки

O let me stay with Thee In living, lonely fellowship !

Do Thou my spirit hide

Deep in Thy Heart of Love : Spare not the earthly part in me;

But with my soul abide !

Now, towards Eternity, On through this foreign land of Time !

My Faithful Guide, hold fast!

From self and all things, save ;And draw me onwards, nearer Home,

To see Thy Face at last !



Draw me within Thyself, with all the being that is mine, Strong Magnet that hast touched me with Thy Force of

Love Divine ; That, through its hidden influence, my spirit's craving

quest May nevermore in aught that is not Thee discern its rest. All else is far too narrow ;-in Thyself it must abide: In Thine Own Element its hunger must be satisfied. From self, and from all creatures, draw me forth, cost

what it may : O draw me-only draw me ! let all bonds be torn away, Until I land in Thee, The Blessed Haven of my peace ; Then shall my weary course, and all my thirst and hunger


When Thee Thyself I shall embrace within the soul's

deep ground, There shall my will lie broken, and in quiet rest be My lips shall keep still silence, and in awe my spirit

found :

bend : Those deep words, “ I am satisfied," my soul shall com




Thus, step by step, my journey to The Infinite draws

nigh: Thus, unobserved, the short life-course has quickly fleeted

by. Where now remains so many a day;—and where so many

a year ? What hath the passing soul from that which yesterday was


Thou God of all Eternity, Who gaved'st life to me ;-
With all I am, and all I have, I give it back to Thee.
O let me die to Thee alone! to Thee alone I live ;
And to Thy blessed Service I my latest powers would


I close my weary eyes, and say “Goodnight” to what is

seen ; Goodnight” to all the Dreaming that this earthly life

hath been ;

That I may live upon the watch, all ready to depart,
And give Thy Spirit room to work Thy Will within my


Now do I leave the world, and to The Father I will go : Here am I not at Home ;-my soul no true life here doth

know. The time that yet remaineth shall be given up to Thee, That in Thee, Father, and Thy Heaven, my spirit centred


O make me ready for the change; and when this life is

past, Be Thou my One abiding Good; my soul's true Life at

last. When draweth near the end, o leave me not alone to

die ! On Jesus then-not on myself—be fixed my spirit's eye.

I search myself, and all disclose, and bare my heart to

Thee : Of dust I am ; and profitless my service all must be. Thus wholly bared, in Jesus' Wounds my spirit sinks

away : In Him alone will I be found, both now, and in that


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