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regularly ordained clergymen of the in the appearance of an occasional te
Church of England. Mr. Mayor is gone struction, because throughout the whole
to Galle, and Mr. Knight 10 Jaffna ; the history of the Christian church, great
stations appointed for them in England, and signal successes have been not unfre-
Mr. Lambrick is to reside at Colombo, quently preceded by struggles of unasual
but be will probably, before he is settled ditticulty and distress.
there, make a visit to Kandy. Mr. Ward The very misfortunes which we now
was to have been fixed at Trincomalee, deplore, the very troubles which nox
but he has been persuaded by the advice distract the inland provinces of this
of the honourable and venerable the island, and seem to shut the door against
Archdeacon, and the senior colonial all the meliorating influence of humane
Chaplain, to select Manar, or Calpenıyn and Christian rule, may be linked, by po
for his residence, where there is a consic remote connexion, with the future pror
derable native population, almost entirely perity, the moral and religious regepera-
deprived of spiritual assistance, and an tion of Ceylon.
exiensive field is quite open to his Missi- When the present troubles are over,
onary exertions.

and by the blessing of God, tranquillity is With this pleasing prospect of future restored, the Kandian, like every other success, and with the grateful reflection native of India, njust gradually be conthat their humble efforts since the last vinced that Christianity will never be general meeting have not been devoid of forced upon him as a test of loyalty, or a public utility, your Committee would badye of subjection, but lendered to his gladly conclude their brief recapitulation free choice, offered as a boop of great of past events.

price, bes'owed upon him as the gift of It is with the utmost anxiety for the life and immortality. Whatever may be public welfare, and the most lively con- the result of our present contest in this cern for the health and happiness of the island, pregnant with hazard and difficulGovernor, that your Committee look for. ties of various kinds, as it is confessed to ward to the termination of she unfortunate be, yet the religious and political conse troubles in Kandy; and to the restoration quences that have been anticipated, are of their President to that peaceful office drawn from the sure records of historical in which he had so long laboured to pro- truth. Every struggle to resist the demimote the great object of the society, a nion of our countrymen in the east, has diffusion of religious and moral instruc- terminated only in the aggrandizement tion. His absence has doubtless operated and stability of the British empire. as a great discouragement to their exer- Every feeble effort of man to thwart the lions; and many of their members also decrees of Providence, to stop the resist. being engaged in a distant and arduous less course of the “power of God unto warfare, must have withdrawn much of salvation,'' has been turned into the that active co-operation which otherwise means of confirming and extendiog the would have coniributed to their suci ess. kingdom of Christ. No discouraging

But your Committee see nothing more argument can be drawn from the failure in this, than a temporary impediment, of any former attempt to propagate Chris which cannot long remain 10 obstruct tianity, for the religion then taught and their course. They rely upon the bless. still cherished in a few sequestered villaing of Providence to approve, and ulti. ges among the Kandian mountains, was inately to coinplete their work. It was unsupported by the powerful aid of the the design of our gracious Redeemer, Holy Scriptures, which were studiously declared explicitly to his disciples, after withheld from the unenlightened convert. he had endured the cross and triumphed The joyful hope of seeing the Gospel over the grave, that repentance and re- established throughout this island, is not mission of sins should be preached in his a vain theory, or idle speculation ; it is name among all nations: and that design justified by past experience. God grant will assuredly be fulfilled.

it may be ratified by future success !! There is nothing seriously to discourage KANDY.—The Portuguese introduced Christianity into the kingdom of Kandy, and for a time made many converts. The following article, from the Appendix to the Bible Report, will shew the present state of Christianity in the interior, reduced to almost entire extinction. A following Letter will shew that our Missionaries have commenced the attempt to communicate the Gospel of Christ to this long neglected people.

The Portuguese took considerable in the Kandian country when they were pains to establish the Christian religion at various times possessed of different


parts of it for some years together. After distinction. It was into this dreary pool They were completely expelled, some Mis- the wife of Eyheylapola, and the remains sionaries were also permitted to settle of her murdered children, whom she had within the Kandian dominions, allowed been compelled to beat in a mortar, were to build places of worship, and to preach thrown a few years ago. This barbarous unmolested to their congregations. The cruelty to an innocent woman and her number of these converts was probably helpless children, this inhuman outrage much exaggerated by the Portuguese upon the feelings of a mother, was the writers, who make them aniount to more beginning of a revolution, which, it is to than 3000. But if they had been so be hoped, bas for ever closed the reign of numerous, their total deprivation of the heathen tyranny in the Kandian kinge Holy Scriptures, and the banishment of dom. all their priests, would sufficiently account The village of Wahacotta is most beaufor the wretched state to which they tifully situated in one of those sequestered have been long reduced.

vallies which intersect the mountains of The principal Christian church was in Matelle. The church is a very simple the village of Bogumibera,close,and almost building, thatched with straw, and little adjoining to the town of Kandy. Here exceeding in size or appearance the cotthe priests resided, and from hence they tages of the inhabitants. When the travelled occasionally to visit the country Secretary visited it in January, 1818, be congregations. In the early part of the saw the crucifix and some other orna18th century, the church of Bogumbera ments of European workmanship on the was destroyed, and the priests were altar, and close by them lay the copies of banished from the Kandian territories. the Cingalese New Testament which he A famine and pestilence soon after af- had before sent for their use. There are Aicted the country, and the king began but very few of the inhabitants who can to fear that his persecution of the Chris- read, bui they expressed a strong desire for tians bad provoked the Divine wrath to the means of instructing their children. inflict those calamities upon his people. They had no books whatever in their The few remaining Christians thus owed possession but an imperfect calendar of their safety to his superstitious fears. the holy days, with the Gospel for each They had been reduced to two villages, Sunday as far as it goes. There is also Wahacotte, in the province of Matelle, added a short explanation of the Gospel and Galgomerah in the Seven Korles. To for the day. Their church is governed by the former he made a presentof a crucifix a Moopoo, a Malabar term, by which is and some other ornaments for the altar, signified an elder or respectable layman, which had been taken from the church who officiates in all the Malabar Chrisa at Bogumbera ; he secured to them the tian churches in the absence of the priest, property of their lands, and they have but does not perform mass; and a Sanremained ever since unmolested. Their christian, the Portuguese word for a numbers amount to about 300, and the sexton. They are respected by their congregation of Galgomerah is the most neighbours, and admitted to be of the considerable. Of the church or houses Vellale, or highest cast. They go to the of Bogumbera there is not a ruin left, but Budhist temples occasionally in their the line of the street is plainly visible by neighbourhood, and offer flowers, solely, the heaps of earthi on each side, now as they pretend, to avoid giving offence, covered with turf, into which the walls but it is too plain that their ignorance of the houses have been long reduced. makes it a matter of indifference to them, Some few cocoa.nut and palmyra trees whether they worship in the church or also remain to mark in this desolate spot, the temple. Their Budhist neighbours the gardens of the Christian inhabitants. in return, often come with offerings to Close by, is the small lake or tank of their church, particularly, when their Bogumbera, which has been long used children are afflicted with sickness. as the place of execution for females of

Rellegalla, Feb. 23, 1819. We are happy to have a letter dated from a place in the Kandian Territory. We have seen, from the foregoing extract, how nearly extinct the very name of Christ is become in this part of Ceylon. Under the former treaty with the Kandians, no attempts could be made to introduce religion within the boundary line, and the Kandian provinces remained sealed up in darkness. The late treaty has not thus fettered the efforts of Christians, and Mr. NEWSTEAD has been the first to avail himself of the opportunity of making the offer of the benefits of the gospel. He says,

Because I am persuaded it will give with which they heard, and often ere you pleasure to receive information rela- responded to what was said! Alieriive to our mission from this centre of wards we prayed; and when I repeated idolatry, where Heathenism is so fully the Lord's prayer in their own tongue, acknowledged, and Christiani!y as yet believe, from the increased stillness, ibat altogether unknown, I have equal plea- they were rather surprised to hear their sure in dating a hasty line to you from language used by a Europead in prayer. hence, to inform you that our gracious I am charmed with the lovely and Master has succeeded an mpt thus romantic appearance of the country; far in the Kandian territory.

it is like an earthly paradise! One At our last Conference, which ended of my schoolmasters, who came with in January at Galle, we pledged our me, earnestly exhorted the people en selves, as far as it was prudent and the subjects of the Christian religion. practicable, to carry the gospel into the He is an excellent young man, latey interior, an object which liad long lain become pious, and so earnest for ube near my heart. It happens that my truth, that he told me last week, in 20station is as near the limits of the Kan. swer to a question about going to Kandy, dian provinces as any on the island, and he would gladly go to the ends of the I could not be satisfied till I had made earth, if I wished it, and die there, te an attempt to plant the hallowed standard spread the knowledge of the name of of the cross in this region of paganism. Jesus Christ! Othat the everlasting Accordingly, after two days of rather gospel may thus silently, but effectual. toilsome and difficult journeying, chiefly enter, and win its widening way, till the on foot, owing to the badness of the whole country shall bow to the scepure roads, I am safely arrived, with many of Jesus! However, I would not be tee providential interpositions, at a most banguine, we may not now succeed B lovely village, where I have been very all we wish, as there exist many bushospitably received by the most respect. derances, but we shall eventually preveni abte man in the place; from an outer if we are faithful. shed of whose house I am writing this, Feb. 24. My congregation this morning on the shafts of my waggon, with some was not so numerous as my hopes antic. sticks tied across for a table, (an article pated, but far more attentive than ! of luxury quite unknown here, as well could expect, being altogether strangers as a chair!) This man has received me to Christian instruction. I serve a Mester very kindly, althouglı so totally un- who does not despise the day of small known, merely on my own word, and things : I will rejoice that I have had a has gone with me round the neighbour. opportunity to declare to about 20 af ing villages, to tell the people of the the poor Kandian heathen, “ the on object of my visit, i. e. io preach the searchable riches of Christ.” I collected Word of God to them, and also to esta- them in the place where we slept, and blish a Christian school.

stood under the shade of a spreading In the evening we collected about 12 cocoa-nut-tree, and addressed them frus of the Kandians, and our own people, Matt. ii. 2. After the chapter ** who all sat round me on the ground, read, my heart was much affected, and while the interpreter read from the Cin. I could scarcely refrain from tears, a galese Testament the 3d of St. John to command my voice. Afterwards I had the 21st verse, from which I afterwards several interesting conversations with drew a short view of the plan of salva- them about establishing a Christian rien. They listened with deep attention; school in their village. They did not I then told them of the number of chil. seem averse to it, but started several dren we had in our schools on the coast curious objections ; especially a fear les of the island, and the sums we expended we should, after educating their chil. on their education ; that we proferred dren, take them away. This, however, the same blessings to them and their I was not surprised at, as we frequently children ; that we sought not their pro- meet with the same prejudices on the perty, nor their services, but their souls' coast. I believe I in a good degree salvation; that we ourselves were sent removed this objection, by saying to out by the Christian people of our own then, that if it were our object to take country, and supported by them at a vast the children away aster educating them, expense; that they would abundantly we need not come so far, for we had rejoice in all that expense, if the souls thousands on the shores of their islend, of the heathen were saved, Jesus our well prepared for such a purpose; but Lord being the Saviour of all men, but they were every one at liberty to go especially of such as believe on his name. where they pleased, after we had dcas It was astonishing to see the attention them all the good in our power. I


obtained leave finally to send the school all events, I hope to establish a school, master whom I had with me, to live and for this purpose intend to send a with them a few months, and try to youth of our Negombo school to assist instruct any who would come, that they the master, as well as to be a companion, might thus prove the excellence of what and that they may keep both places in I came to offer them; and for a trifling view. Should I succeed, I believe it consideration I engaged the very place will be very practicable to establish a in which we then were, for six months, line of schools all the way, which, from for a trial. Were it prudent, or rather Negombo to Kandy, will include ten possible, to leave the head of the station schools, at various distances, where we alone, I should feel the utmost readiness can rest on our way, and instruct and to go and live amongst them myself for preach both going and coming. The a season; but having no one to supply journey may be accomplished direct my place there I cannot. I will, howa in two days, and in a week all the ever, do my best till help can be obtained, schools may be visited. Seven of them, by frequent visits, if we can gain a belonging to my station, are already footing. The young man is to go next well established, and the other three week, and, being a zealous Christian, I depend on the circumstances here stated. have scarcely a doubt but he will suc. If this prospers, our way into the Kanceed, assisted by the blessing of the dian provinces will probably open to Lord, and the help I can myself continue an indefinite extent. But, having thus

ive The place is nearly 50 English sketched the outline merely of an animiles from Negombo ; but this I shall mating prospect, which promises well; make no obstacle, if I may but succeed (and which I recommend earnestly to the in the wish of my heart, to plant the prayers of our dear people.) I would cross of my redeeming Lord, in this not, again repeat, be too sanguine, region and shadow of death, where, I aware, from inuch painful experience, believe, the devil is more worshipped of the disappointments to which we are than Budhu: The very countenances liable from many quarters in our work of all the people are tinged with a here. But leaving the whole with the melancholy gloom, resulting from such a Lord of the vineyard, after doing wbat, worship. There is a place near the on the whole appears to be for the limit, which indeed nothing but the best, would wait, patiently wait, his river separates from Kandy, where, at blessing.

MATURA.—Mr. CALLAWAY writes from this Station, under the date, Feb. 5, 1819.

Our dear brother Harvard, whose sickly guages, as the words are chiefly radical. state has rendered it necessary for him I would most gladly be constantly emto return, will bring copies of all the ployed in declaring the word of life, but little works we have printed. Several of in ihe present state of things some attenthem have been compiled by me, and are tion must be paid to labours of a prepawell received. I am at intervals going over ratory nature. them, preparatory to their being at any I have now for a colleague brother time reprinted. I believe a few copies of Anthoniez a country-born young man, of the vocabulary have been already sent. piety, sense and zeal. I cannot expect It was, you will believe, a work of diffi- him to assist me as brother L. did, as his culty, but I and several about me worked knowledge of Cingalese is not so extenat it'incessantly till it was done. Slow sive. I am now left in a greater degree as our workmen are, it ran through the to my own resources and exertions, but press in a month; the most careful revi

am not discouraged. I am indeed no sion assures me the Cingalese is substan- stranger to depression, any more than tially correct, I shall arrange the Cin. to elevation of mind; for to look at human galese first in the next edition, and put means alone, would convince us they The plural terminations of the nouns, as are altogether inadequate. The habits they are much varied in Cingalese. of the people from infancy have a deteriMuch of my time and labour has been spent orating effect on all moral principle. in collecting books, for I had nothing Perhaps no vice calls the unholy disposiof the kind to help me; and the materials tions of men into exercise more forcibly in my possession now are not despicable. and habitually than gambling; to this the I am in letter C of a school dictionary, propensity is general. I was passing one an abridgment of Entick, by Blair, trans. night through a street in Colombo, and lating it into Cingalese. It will, give in a observed several boys gambling, by narrow compass, the essence of both lan- tossing money by the rays of a remote


lamp which hung in one of the houses, present and eternal happinesi. I find it and cast a faint light on the street. We good frequently to read the lives of the read the promises relating to the exten- best ministers, and see how they lived, sion of the kingdom of the Redeemer, and laboured, and suffered ; and though inbelieve them; God has promised to com- ferior supports are not denied, I find it fort us in all our tribulation, and him we best to derive my chief encouragement feel to be a present help. We see multi- from communion with God. tudes the slaves of sin, and we desire their

CALTURA. - Extract of a Letter from Mr. Fox, dated Feb. 27, 1819. Your last found me in a state of over- anity. Our collection of adults is not yet whelming grief for the loss of my most great, perhaps 800, but they come freely, amiable and valuable wife, who gained and we have now on this side upwards The haven of rest before me, though I was of 120 members who are walking in the given up by the physicians. I do not fear of the Lord; our mouths have not murmur, though I cannot but sensibly long been opened in the native tongues, feel when I relect that a few months ago but we become more efficient daily, and I was surrounded by all the members of our three excellent assistants do well. my family, and now am stripped of all. When I came to the Island, I did not find My little girl who was born in England, a single elementary work in either the is at sea, on her way back-my little Tamul, Cingalese, or Ceylon Portuguese boy is at Galle, as in his tender years language, nor indeed a single tract in I cannot take care of him in this the last language. We had one in a sort jungle.—These things I feel sensibly, but of Portuguese, but far too bigh. In the I do not consider the Lord as having last language (which was never a written dealt hardly with me; he cannot err, he language) I have, with immense labour, cannot be unkind; though he slay me, yet formed a dictionary, grammar, spellingwill I trust him, and love him too. The book, and catechism, which I have labours he appoints I will do, the burdens also published in Dutch and Cingahe is pleased io lay upon me I wili by his lese) and have formed a few hymns, grace sustain, till he shall say, 'It is to which brother Newstead has made a enough. I feel I am where I ought to be, large addition, and we have now a Portoand would not change my stale or em guese hymn-book. We have the New ploy for an empire. I have but one wish, Testament also translated into this lanthai my two little ones may become guage, which we are preparing for the faithful servants of the Lord, aud my little press, as we have finished forming the boy a useful Missionary:-God has given standard of the language. The only me 14 native congregations, and 8 mem- Cingaleve elementary work that was in bers of society, with about 700 children the island, was Mr. Chater's Grammar. under my daily care, and has carried his Now there are many; brother Callaway, work half way from Caltura to the Kan. assisted by leamed priests, has paral. dian country.-I came to a vew station : leled most of the words in our spelling. no preparation, no Christian minister, book, with Cingalese-formed a Cinga. no Christian temple, no Word of God ;- lese spelling. book, and a useful vocabut what hath God wrought--we cannot bulary in English, Cingalese, and Porlabour in vain, if we patiently labour in tuguese.The Cingalese department of faith, but we must take the cup as he it is excellent. A large abridgment of mixes it. We have discouragements, but my Portuguese Dictionary, I have paral. he who has duly counted the cost is pre- leled with English and Cingalese; the pared for them, and truly they are far Cingalese is written both in its own chafewer and much less than I have ever racier and the European; it is nearly anticipated, and the facilities more nu. out of the press.—Brother Clough has merous and much greater. I doubt whe- paralleled the English dictionary as far as ther any Mission to the heathen has ihe letter T. with Cingalese, and pubmade so great a progress in the same lished the English litu gy in Cingalese : time, or laid a broader or firmer founda- in short, we shall cut off two year's tion. We have on this side the island 60 labour to future Missionaries, - Brother places in which we preach, and in which Squance preaches extempore in Tamul, we instruct nearly 4000 children, and or as some call it, Malabar, or Malabaric, send annually into the world, 2000 well and has prepared for the press a vocabubehaved, well instructed children; in- lary and grammar. structed in the pure principles of Christi

BOMBAY.- Extract of a Letter from Mr. Horner, dated May 15, 1819. It appears as though God had a con. has slain its thousands, and pestilence its roversy with the people of India. War tens of thousands, At present things

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