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fury oround us, and though some have signed: to us who knew him, this wa escaped, others have fallen, to rise in a according to our expectation. He unipurer sphere, and shine as “stars for ever formly walked with God, and the cheerand ever.” The yellow fever las raged ing light of Ilis countenance beamed upon in Kingston and Spanish Town within his servant, wbilst treading the vale of the last three weeks, and numbers (prin- affliction and death. The following high cipally white people) have sunk under its testimony of the character and worth of malignant infiuence. Among them was brother Adams, appeared in the Royal the Rev. Mr.Humberstone, who came from Gazette, of Spanish Town, and in ibe England about nine months ago, to otti- Kingston Chronicle. ciaie as curate of this parish: he was an “ In Spanish Town, on the evening of excellent man, and a very eloquent, pious the 18th inst. of the prevailing fever, the preacher. During the few months he la- Rev. Obadiah Adams, of the Mediodist houred here, he was the means of raising persuasion, aged 28 years, leaving a disa stronger sense of religion in the minds consolate widow to lámení his premalore of his congregation, than had ever been death. He commenced his religious purwitnessed before; almost the last words suits at the early age of 19, and only he was heard to say were, “God sent his arrived in this island in January last. Son iuto the world to die for me," “The The truly unaffected piety this genileman memory of the just is blessed.” On the evinced during the short time he has 14th inst. our dear sister Horne left this been resident in this community, and the vale of tears and sickness, and entered into diligent and successful discharge of bis paradise. The power of true religion was Mission, have endeared his memory to remarkably displayed in her; hier invin- an extensive circle, who will long regret cible patience and great fortitude, the the loss of so worthy and excellent a man. happy fraine of her mind, and the sweet The liberty, granted him by his honour refreshing testimonies of the compassion the Custos in April last, to preach and and revealed love of Jesus, have made a teach the gospel has never been more strong and I hope useful impression on deservingly used by any, and it can justly numbers who witnessed her closing scene. be said, that were such characters Brother Horne has been graciously sup- allowed to dispense instruction to the ported during this season of heavy trial, unenlightened throughout the island though he is but weak in body, and looks generally, that no alarm need be enterpale and ibin.

tained, that any improper doctrines would To the preceding mournful accounts, be disseminated among that class of perI have now the painful task to record the sons. Indeed he was formed in every death of Mr. Adams. On the 18th, Mr. view for the arduous duty of working and Mrs. Johnston' went to Spanish Town that change in the minds of the slave to watch the last moments of this excel- population, so ardently desired by his lent Missionary, and from Mr. J. I re- Majesty's ministers, as well as by the ceived the following note the next day. legislature of this colony." “ MY DEAR BROTHER,

Wednesday last I went to Spanish “ Mr. Adams's warfare ended in com. Town to preach a funeral sermon on the plete victory about eighto'clock last night: melancholy occasion; my text was taken Mrs. Adams saw him in the forenoon, and from 2 Tim. iv.

6, 7, 8. I had the pleawas fully resigned to the Divine will. She

sure of knowing this excellent man when received the news of his death with much tell half what I felt whilst endeavouring

he resided at Groombridge, and cannot composure. His corpse is to be interred precisely at four o'clock this afternoon.

to improve this afflictive dispensation. G. JOHNSTON."

The congregation appeared much affected, Brother Adams was seized with the pected and beloved pastor.

and wept aloud for the loss of their rese fever on the 12th; medical aid was pro. cured instantly. Friday, Saturday, and Brief, alas! bis useful day, Sunday, he was very ill indeed; on Mon

Death bath quench'd his lastre soon; day, the symptoms were more favourable, But his worth will ne'er decay,

It beams upon the tomb. the fever was much abated; but, alas! it it lives in every gen'rous breust, soon returned: on Tuesday he became de- These moarn the active, rise, and good: lirious, but even then, the happiness of his

Who calın'd their fears and taught them rest, mind was evident; sometimes he wag

By virtue of the Saviour's blood.

“ The fiery chariot” bears biun through the engaged as though delivering with his trembling hands the elements of the Lord's The palm of victory to wave; Supper; at other times, attempting to Beyond the reach of storms and sickly care. sing some of our hymns. In the first part

And crown'd by bina who lir'd and died to of his sickness, he was screne, and re.



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E.rtract of a Leller from Mr. Jonnston, dated Kingston, Sept. 2, 1819. With feelings of great sorrow I hereby with peculiar emphasis, “ Other foun. inform you of the death of our dear dation can no man Jay save that which brother Adams, wlio, I before observed, is laid, the Lord Jesus Christ. Glory be was apparently in the last stage of a to God, I am built upon it."-About eight putrid fever, on the 16th of August. In o'clock in the evening of the 18th, his ibat stage of his affliction he was not happy spirit took its flight. His corpse able to bear the smallest disturbance, in was interred in the church-yard of Spaconsequence of his head being dreadfully nish Town, by Mr. Hamilton, the recior, affected; but his heart was filled with who did the whole of his part of the the peace of God in so glorious a manner, service gratis, as a testimony of his high as to prevent his bodily pains from inter- 'respect for the dead. rupting his happiness. He said he had Brother Adams is worthily lamented no hope of life, but felt his mind per. by all who knew him, and the society at fectly resigned to life or death, as God Spanish Town is almost inconsolable at should think fit. My wife and self visited their loss. How wonderful, and how inhim again early on the 18th, and found finitely beyond the ken of mortals, are him evidently sinking. His head was so the ways of God; truly his ways are not much infected with the malignant con. as our ways, but he doeth all things well; tagion, that his reasoning powers were and it will be the happiness of his saints much interrupted, but so far as he had to see and adore to eternity. Sister Adams, power to think and speak, he gave evi- who was in the fever, was able to come dence to all the attendants, that he pos- down stairs and see him the day before sessed the joyful hope of eternal life. he died; she bore the whole with amazHe often spake in a kind of whisper, and ing fortitude, and observed that “ our smiled, and pointed upward.

At one

Lord said lo the daughters of Jerusalem, time he imagined himself in the act of • Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for dispensing the sacrament of the Lord's me, but weep for yourselves and your Supper, and mentioned the body and children.' Thank God, there is no need blood of our Lord Jesus Christ with great to weep for him, but for me and the fervour. He was often engaged in fer- church." She will return to England vent attempts to pray; and one time said, the first opportunity.

France. We have great satisfaction in stating, that Mr. OLIVIER, the public ex. ercise of whose ministry at Cherbourgh, had been limited to 19 hearers, has had this restriction removed, and has been regularly authorized to preach as a Protestant minister, by a decision of the Minister of the Interior. “We have,” says Mr. Olivier, in a letter to Mr. Toaze, dated Sept. 16, 1819, “ a room that will hold about 200 people, where we expect to begin next sabbath. The Lord be with us."

Extract of a Letter from Mr. BAILEY, dated Church Hill Mission, June 18, 1819.

I have the pleasure of informing the Among the female teachers, we have two Committee, (through you) that the work respectable Catholics, who attend at of the Lord sill prospers on our Mission. prayer, and read the Scriptures with I never closed a vear with more peace pleasure; some of the scholars are 16, and harmony, with a more pleasing pros. 18, and 20 years of age, who did not pect of growing piety.

know a letter until they came. They are Though our people are poor, extremely delighted with the thought of being able poor, their sincerity, their servent love to read the Prayer Book and the Holy to the preachers and to one another, more Scriptures. than compensates us for all our privations. We have formed another school lately

Since my last, we have opened a Suu- on this Mission, in Bellaghy. We have day School in this place; we have 190 300 children regularly taught; we have children, formed into 14 classes; they are written to the Committee of the Sunday taught five hours on the Sabbath day, Schools for Ireland, and have obtained and one circumstance which makes this the promise of books, &c. &c. school more interesting, is that two-thirds We have had a remarkable sonversion of them are Roman Catholics. A friend of a young woman lately, named Mary and Mrs.Bailey went from house to house, Slans, originally a Catholic. She now particularly to the Catholics, and invited meets in society, and walks worthy of her them to send their children to the school. profession,


We insert with pleasure the following Extract of a Letter from Mr. Rey. nalds, dated Hull, June 26, 1819, and doubt not but tbat the hints it contains will have their effect upon many masters of vessels belonging to our different ports.

As the Committee for conducting the Missionaries sent as yet amongst this Missionary Society (under the direction of great mullitude, which is only one Misthe Conference) condescended to attend sionary to 200,000 souls, perishing fer 10 my communications formerly respecting lack of knowledge! If there be only cure the mission to Port au Prince, this embol. pious seaman on board (I know by expedens me to write to then again on a sub. rience) it is possible to form such asseject connected with the cause and success ciations, and how much more practicable of missions; and that is, Auxiliary Socie. will it be to those masters who have se. ties; but not of such Auxiliary Societies as veral pious seamen in their crews, as is are already in existence. My mind has been the case in some of our Greenland ships, for some time impressed with the impor. where the ordinances of God are regue tance of missionary exertions; and this larly observed; and, I believe, in divers has led me to write to you on the subject other ships belonging to this port; and, The necessity and usefulness of Ladies' I am persuaded, in vessels belonging to Associations and Juvenile Missionary So- other ports likewise. Whenever I lave cieties have been shown, and they have proposed such associations, I found my been adopted and encouraged: but little seamen always ready to come forward has been said, or any binis given, for the with their mite to the help of the Lord formation of Marine Missionary Asso. against the mighty hosts of Heathen idociations! I have thought, and do think, fairy and superstition; and I have only to that the committees and members com- lament, that I called them so seldcm io so posing Auxiliary Missionary Societies in glorious a cause, as to help to send Mis The different sea port torons in the United sionaries to turn the Heathen from darkKingdom, might recommend the forming ness to light, and from the power of saten Marine Missionary Associations on board to God; and thus to rescue them from of sluips during their respective voyages; their abominable idolalries. I know it is and I have little doubt on my mind, but difficult, and, perhaps, in some cases, that pious masters of vessels, who have impossible, when a pious master has a felt the blessed effects of religion in their decided reprobate crew to deal with, to own hearts, would readily come into the forn any such association : but even in measure. I am persuaded there are great such a case, with a view of this denumbers of pious masters of ships, and scription, I have formed Bible and Re. their pious crews, who only want such a ligious Tract Societies : But as I have plan suggesting to them, in order to their observed above, if there be only one pious adopting it on their going to sea : espe- seaman on board, a Marine Missionary cially if they were informed that there Society may be easily established. I have are 800,000,000 of Pagans and Maho- had a Marine Missionary, and Bible Sometans, whose idolatry and superstition ciety formed at one time, and all my have involved them in midnight darkness, people were subscribers to both, and took and who are calling, like the man of Ma. à pleasure in it; we had our treasurer, cedonia, “Come over and help us :" and committees, &c. in due form. that there are only about 400 Christian

BRITISH AND FOREIGN SCHOOL SOCIETY. The fourteenth Report of this Institution has been recently published, and we are happy to observe by it, that the operations of the Society are vigorously extending themselves, not only at home but abroad. In connexion with the circulation of the Holy Scriptures, and the extension of Foreign Missions, this Institution is fulfilling, an important part of the designs of Providence in raising the human mind from its ignorance, and preparing it to receive the principles of religion.

The following extracts from the Report, as to the extension of education abroad, will be read with pleasure.

Respecting France, your Committees work still proceeds with undiminished of the two preceding years have furnished rapidity and success, and all the reports the most gratifying information: to received from that country agree in the which may now be added, that the great assurance, that its salutary effects are, in

many places, already evinced, by a very man, who, after having received a liberal striking improvement in the condition of education, devoted several months to the the rising generation.

study of the British System in your CenThe active zeal of the Society for Ele. tral School, and was engaged by his mentary Instruction in Paris, aided in its Excellency for the purpose of introducing benevolent labours by men of power and it in his domains, which are said to coninfluence, continues successfully to con. taia a populationof 14,000 souls. A buildtend against the obstacles, which pre- ing is nearly completed, capable of lodgjudice and selfishness oppose to the ing 200 children, and furnishing accominstruction of the lower classes. Upwards modation for 400 during the time of of 1200 Schools on the new system are instruction. The former number will be already bestowing incalculable blessings selected from those families who reside upon the youth of France. The system too far from the school for the children to has been introduced into a greal number attend it daily; and they will be entirely of schools connected with the army; and supported and clothed at the expense of the Minister of War has signified his in- the Count. Besides reading, writing, tention of extending its benefits, in the and arithmetic, which will be taught course of the present year, to all the corps entirely according to the British System, without exception.

and for the first of which, selections from Your Committee have received intelli- the Holy Scriptures will, as in the Britisha gence from Spain, that the School, Schools, supply the lessons; the children founded in the preceding year at Madrid, will also receive instruction in the most under the superintendence of Captain useful handicrafts and agricultural occuKearney, continues to flourish; and that pations ; near the principal buildings, measures have been taken to extend the workshops of various kinds are erected, system throughout the kingdom of Spain, and a large piece of ground has been under the sanction of the King The allotted for a kitchen garden. It is the seed is sown, and will not fail to spread noble founder's intention to make such itself, in due time, over the naked and regulations, that, in a short time, every barren field.

village may have at least one man of skill In Russia, your Committee had reason and experience, in every trade requisite to expect a rapid progress of the good for the improvement of rural and agricause, and their expectations have not cultural life.been disappointed. Though the four Iu Germany, Mr. Hyrdess, meutioned young Russians, mentioned in the last in the Report of last year, has been reReport, had not yet returned to St. Peters. moved, by the Grand Duke of Weimar, burgh, when your Committee heard last from Eisenach to Ruhla, as a place which from that capital, yet his Imperial Majesty furnishes an ample scope for a School on bad not delayed to take active measures

the British System for a wider diffusion of knowledge Your Committee have been much graamongst the subjects of his extensive rified by intelligence, that a School Society dominions. The excellent order of some has been established at Florence, under regimental schools, on the British system, the sanction of the Grand Duke of Tuse formed among the Russian contingent of cany. Mr. Tartini of that city, who, the army of occupation in France, has after having acquired in Paris an intimate been noticed on former occasions with and practical knowledge of the new medue praise. Your Committee have lately thod of instruction, paid a short visit to been informed, that the establishment of this country, and attended the school in similar institutions is in progress in other the Borough Road, assured your Com. divisions of the Russian army. At St. mittee, that the preliminary steps for the Petersburgh a school, on the British sys- erection of a large school had been already tem, was opened in the course of last taken, and that he hoped, immediately year; and the nost confident expectations upon his return to his native city, to be are entertained of its successful progress, enabled to open it. When the important under the immediate auspices of the work is once successfully begun, it proEmperor. The school at Homeln, the mises to spread its beneficial efforts over estate of Count Romanzoff, Chancellor of a great part of Italy. the Russian empire, in the government of A school on the new plan has been Mockilow, alluded to in the last Report, established at Sartizano, in Piedmont, at was opened on the 9th of December last. Naples ; and one for 200 scholars at Base! For some time previ 50 scholars had tia, in the island of Corsica. teen prepared by Mr. Heard, a young

Extract of a Letter from Philadelphia. With us the system is every day gaining and deceived, if it be not ultimately friends; it has already exeried ile hap- proved, that the univer: al education of piest influence upon the morals and con- the indigent, is the mean which Divide ditions of the objects of its care, in some goodness regards with especial favour, as of the sections where the population was conducing to the welfare of his account nost irregular and depraved, and where able beings, ilırough the instrumentality of course we could not soon expect to whereo: the blessed principles of Chriswitness evidences of reformation. We tianity will be diffused and rendered perare rejoiced to discover the most disiin. manent in the hearts of mankind. To guished melioration in the condition of act the humblest part in so great and good the children, as well as their parents; a work, who would not be solicitous. in short, I shall be greatly disappointed

Extract of a Lelter from Malla. I hope by the next I write I shall be they have begun, we shall succeed. able to inform you, that a school, on the The inhabitants of Valetta are anxious British system, is established at Malla. not only for a boys' but likewise for a I have written to the Secretary of the girls' school; and I can assure you that a School Society, at Florence, for the girls' school is very much wanted in this lessons, which are translated into Italian, city. If one was opened capable to con without which I should be at a loss. I do tain 500 girls, it would soon be filled. not doubt, if subscriptions continue as

There are two Schools at Nice, one at sentiment, of late repeatedly expressed Rome, one at Naples, and two at Florence, by the highest and best authorities, that where a society is formed for extending the only successful method of introducing the system throughout Tuscany.

real improvement and civilization into the Among the articles of intelligence countries of the East, and indeed into any received from the East, none has been country, is a judicious education of te more gratifying than that which an. rising generation; and they allude to nounces a School Society at Calcutta. the numerous applications for the estaThis institution, likely to become so be. blishment of new schools, as a clear proof neficial to the subjects of our Indian pos

of the increasing desire of instruction sessions, was established on the 1st of amongst the natives of India. The pricSeptember last.

ciple, so frequently urged by your Com

mittee, of encouraging those, who are to The rules and regulations of the en- derive the chief benefit from these inciety are founded on the most libera! basis. stitutions, to share in their formation and It suffices at present to say, that it pro- support, actuates the Calcutta School Soposes to itself a double object; viz. firstly, ciety, and will be brought into operation to assist and improve existing schools, by the establishment of Auxiliary School and to establish and support any new Associations. The secretary informed your schools and seminaries, which may be re- Committee, that the early establishment quisite; with a view to the more general of twelve Bengalee Schools was anticidiffusion of useful knowledge amongst all pated; six in the very centre of the native descriptions of the inhabitants of India, town, and six on its skirts; all under efespecially within the provinces subject to fiçient superintendence; and further, that the presidency of Fort William: secondly, the managers of the Hindoo College, most to select pupils of distinguished talents of whom are subscribers to the Society, and merit from elementary schools, and and one a member of the committee, bare to provide for their instruction, in semi. agreed to admit twenty select Hindoo naries of a higher order; with the view of boys in their school, at half the usual erforming a body of well qualified teachers pense, and that they have requested the and translators, who may be instrumental committee of the school Society for the in enlightening their countrymen, and im- time being to act as visitors and ex. proving the general system of education. aminers of their institution.

The Committee consists of 24 members, There is also a School Society formed of whom 16 are Europeans, or their des- at Bombay, which has published its plan cendants, and eight natives of India; and, in the Persian, Hindoosianee, and Guza

ofthe four secretaries, two are always to rettu languages. be natives. The founders refer, with great The number of children reported to this propriety, in their first address, to the Committee who are taught in the native


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