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the modelier had not got all in readi- three apartments; we were only to enter pess for his return; (in the modelier's the first, but could see into the others ; in house brother E. resides, which he the second was a lesser god; in the intefreely gives for the use of the Mission ;) rior was a much larger one, a hideous he came to ask pardon of brother E. but figure, frightful in the extreme, but gau. sent before him a large present of fruits, dily dressed with silk, gold, flowers, &c. &c. &c. by his servants, and himself Belore both the idols were placed tables waited at a considerable distance at a covered with fruits, flowers, rice, &c. &c. flight of steps fronting the house, till he the walls all round were painted with knew that his presence was accepted, grotesque figures, just as in an English (which is always the signal for an ap- puppet show, the doors bung with fesproach to a superior,) and then he ad- tooos of olas, flowers,&c. I really felt quite vanced, pulling off his shoes at the door, a horror on my spirits while in the place, and came into the house. It is needless and wished much to retire ; but we had lo add, that all this was unnecessary with not witnessed the absurd and disgusting brother E but such is their custom, and ceremony about to take place, in the I think custom seems almost to be one offering these fruits, &c. to the idols. of their deities. I could not but think of The priest (a wretched old man almost the conduct of Jacob to Esau after their without clothes,) sang hymns of praise to disagreement and long seperation. the idol in Tamul, in which, as he inform

10. As we went to our devotions in the ed us, he thanked it for his daily food, Fort this evening, saw the Moormen at &c, which he firmly believed this piece theirs. On the parapet of the bridge, of brass sent him. 'Afterwards he rung and round the banks of the river, where a little bell violently, offered incense, they perform their ablutions, seemingly sprinkling the flowers, which he was dead in all other objects and observers, about to present to the idol, from a (though it is quite a public place, on the little pot of I suppose holy water! and Esplanade,) they prostrate themselves waving the lamps, (of which there were with the utmost reverence, and kiss the very many) before it. After all this he ground, and adore towards the skies. I fell on his face before the image, kissed was much struck with two things in their the ground in token of great reverence, worship, the absence of which is often a and ended his evening devotions with a reproach to Christians, viz. their deep long harangue to the senseless, inanimate, and solemo reverence in worship, and stock before him! This kind of ceremony their deadness or indifference to all is gone through every evening, and they observers. We are sometimes ashamed only eat the things thus offered to the before men, to own that we are the folo idols. Mr. S. informs us, that multitudes lowers of the blessed Jesus, and blush at come to this temple at stated periods its being known. O how ought we rather from a great distance to worship. 'Mr. S. to blush for our vile ingratitude !! I interpreted for us in a long conversation find it of some lille use to me in learn- which we held with the old man, endea. ing the Portuguese which is spoken vouring to expose the vanities of idol here, to have studied the European Por- worship, &c. &c. in which he made many tuguese.

subtle shifts, and artful evasions, and 19. There is an excellent class here, seemed fully prepared to avert every consistiug of soldiers and Portuguese blow at his god, which lie affirmed would people, some of whom enjoy real Chris- eventually introduce him into heaven!! tian experience, and all seem to be This old man was not without his cavils striving to enjoy it; it is always a bless- at the Christian religion, of which we are ing to meet with them.

informed he knows something in theory. 20. We went with Mr. Sneyd, the O when will their chains be broken, provincial judge, (who by his influence and Jesus receive even the “ heathen for procured our admission,) to visit a Gentoo his inheritance, and the uttermost parts of temple; Mr. S. had kindly provided the earth for his possession." Could boais, &c. to cross a very fine lake our beloved friends in England, who worto the spot where the temple was situ. ship not a God unknown, who believe ated'; the views round this lake are not a lie, who follow not a cunningly, enchanting, on every side rising grounds devised fable, bebold those scenes of and lowering bills covered withi verdure. idolatry, how would it add wings to their Our path to the temple lay through the benevolent prayers, and exertions for the jungle chiefly, which was very pleasing. salvation of the idolatrous world. The temple (if an old mouldering cottage 26. We had a most blessed season at should be called by such a name,) is situ- class, the young people were much ated at the bottoin of a deep valley, affected ; I trust the Lord will arise here, almost buried in trees. It is divided into and mightily maintain his cause against

the enemy.

4 O Jesus ride on till all are May 29. I have been preaching for subdued!”

the first time to the Cingalese, through 27. To-day we accompanied brother an interpreter, and found it a delighuiul M.Kenny for the purpose of preaching to employ. I bless God for a humble portion the natives, baptizing their children, of his Spirit, I trust, animating me in inurrying, &c.

this arduous work. I felt uncommon In the evening we visited a Budhist power to plead with the Lord for their temple at Dadallah, the same where conversion. Brother M‘Kenny held • brother Harvard, some time ago, preached conversation of nearly two hours with under the viranda, (as I read in the Mis- one of the priests (from Dadallah temple) sionary Notices in England.) Here is on the Christian religion. I hope there quite a college of priests, wlio, in their is some stir amongst them. graceful yellow robes, soon flocked round June . We partook of the sacrament us, and civilly conducted us to the temple, in Galle church; it was a blessed season and from thence to the library, where to my soul ; but few communicants. there are a great many books on olas; and The same priest came again; he seems to in the midst we were much pleased 10 be inquiring earnestly. Among other see two copies of the New Testament, things he said that he had heard, ihat the in Cingalese. We hield a long conver: Christian's God heard and answered Nation, (through the interpreter,) with prayer, was it so? He said he would come the head priesi, who seemed fully ade again more fully to open his mind. We quate to support it, being a very shrewd gave him several Cingalese tracks, peand clever man, but rooted, of course, rables, &c. in his errors, asserting that the world was June 5. The priest from Dadallah has made by chance, and various other ab- been here again, and expressed a wish surdities. However, they seemed pleased to forsake Budhism, and embrace Chris. with cur visit, and thanked us for our lianity; however, as brother E. wished endeavours to instruct them. We invited to ascertain his sincerity, and be conthem to our louse, and proinised a second vinced of the purity of his intentions in visii, wishing to excite in them a spirit taking such a siep, he did not give hia of inquiry concerning the Christian any flattering assurances, which migbt religion. In the temple, (which is ele have the effect of biasing his mir.d, but gantly painterly) we saw a colossal figure judiciously told him, that is, alter well of Budhu, in a reclining posture, mea- weighing ihe matter, he were willing to suring 18 cubits, and every way propor- take up the cross of Christianity, he tioned, made of clay and painted yellow. would be received under a course of idA table before the idol was spread with struction. Made my first altempt to read flowers, the scent of whicli, and the a sermon in Portuguese to a few people heat of the place, were enough to over in the fort, and succeeded pretty well, power the senses Outside is an elegant as my instructors inform ine. Blessed be mausoleum, in which the bones of Budbu my Divine Master for this. are said to rest; but, according to this June 6. Had a blessed season in preachtradition, he must have had a prodigious ing from Luke xviii. 13. Glory be to heap of bones, as there is a similar inau. God, it has a little revived my almost soleum to every temple of note. This drooping spirit. If I can but see souls monument is not unlike the dome of our converted, it is all my wish. As to my St. Paul's, only terminating in a point. work, &c. I have a present reward. O The walk to this place (about three miles Lord, bless the means of grace to the from Galle) is very pleasant, and the conversion of thousands, who in the last country round it delightful. It was at day will rise up aud call thee blessed, for This temple that George Nadoris de Silva sending the means among them. was a priest, previous to his turning from

(To be continued.) Budhuism to Christianily:

WEST INDIES. 'TOBAGO.- Extract of a Lelter from Mr. Smedier, dated Tobago, May 18, 1819.


I did not reach Tobago till the 24th one ; so that my arrival was doubly welo of Marclı, owing to the very tedious pas- I am, however, very happy to saye wc had from the district, and my hav. report to you that our mission canse in ing to wait several weeks in Barbadoes for Tobago, though so very young, has susthe sailing of the mail-boul. The flock tained no apparent loss from the long abhaping been so long without a shepherd, sence of the missionary. were just giving up all hopes of having I arrived here on the 24th of March,

and found it still an open door, and I ain pain of seeing open doors into which I persuaded, a great and an effectual door. cannot enter, as I have no hope of being The precious few whom brother Rayner able to divide my labours beiween town joined in society, I found siedfast in the and country to any good effect. faith ; hungering after the word of life, I was conversing a few weeks ago with and earnestly looking and praying for a gentleman, who has given me free the messenger of Divine Truth. My access to his estate, concerning the pleascougregations in the town of Scarborough ing prospects which I conceived lay are regularly large on the Sunday even- before us in this island; he immediately ings, and equally serious and attentive. I replied, “Sir, we want labourers; send have not discovered the least sign of oppo- us pious men, and much good will be sition to the Gospel, not even in the coun- done." I hope, therefore, dear fathers tenance of one of my hearers. Some of the and brethren, you will take this important most respectable persons in the commu- subject into consideration; and though an nity are evidently inclined to patronize additional labourer may, for a season, our cause; in proof of which they have prove an additional expense to the Mission very liberally lent their pecuniary aid.- Fund, yet I am persuaded it would not Upon the whole, it may be said, that very long be the case ; and you know, the few missions have presented prospects of redemption of the soul is infinitely more usefulness more fittering than that of precious than gold and silver. Tobago. Our newly-formed society in In reading over your latest Report the Scarborough is greatly on the increase. I other day, I found great enlargement of am now obliged to divide ilie class, and soul towards the perishing heathien world. to meet them at separate times. They are With gratitude and wonder did my soul all, al present, but babes in Christian survey the stupendous machine which knowledge and experience of Divine the grace and providence of God hath in things; so that I have to feed them not this day set in motion; how complicated withi strong meat, (for, as yet, they are not and extensive, and yel liow harmonious able to bear it,) but with the sincere milk are its movements; "being fitly joined 10of the word, that they may grow thereby. gether,and compacted by that which every But before we shall be able to realize the joint supplietb, according to the effectual prospects of doing good which lie before working in the measure of every part, us, another missionary must be sent: making continual increase of the body." until this be the case, I shall have the JAMAICA.— Extract of a Letter from Mr. Hudson, dated Grateful Hill, May 21, 1819.

I thank God his hand has been with had the pleasure of seeing many die happy me. Though in the solitary mountains, in the love of Christ. Thanks be to God, I find the consoling and supporting pre- who maketh us to triumph, and spreadeth sence of the Lord. I am happy to be by us the savor of his knowledge in every where God would have mebe, and would place. When I think that the work in rather be an humble Missionary, calling which we are employed has a reference sinners to salvation, with one meal a day, to immortal souls, the glory of God, and than in any other station. I feel my lieart an eternal world, all the sufferings of the in the work, and I am sure that work is present time seem to fall beneath my feet. of God, from the wonderful effects pro- I feel particularlythankful that I have been duced on the minds of the poor negroes.

able to labour without any interruption, We have a beautiful little chapel on excepting from an attack of fever, from Grateful Hill. O how would you and which I soon recovered. While I was in the dear people at home be affected to Spanislı Town, (for about three months), see the poor negroes coming over the bills the place was like an hospital. One of for miles on the Lord's day, making the the most skilful physicians died, and woods resound with the praises of God. another went away almost dead with On the Lord's-day our chapel is crowded fever. Our people trembled for me, but with attentive people; they seem as if during the time of contagion and deathi, they would eat the word. We have had the Lord preserved me. I never had an increase of 70 souls in eighit weeks, better health, though. I went much among and still the prospect brightens, I have the sick.

Extract of a Letter from Mr ADAMS, dated Spanish Town, Aug. 5, 1819. I find, by the Report and Notices lately came here accordingly, though I felt a de. received, that I am appointed for Kingston, sire to labour the first year or two, with but various circumstances seemed to make some experienced brother, rather than it necessary to station me in Spanish to have the whole care of a society at once Town at our last district meeting, and I devolve upon ine. Thus, however, was not expedient, I was obliged to remain allow it. The friend, seeing my need, silent for about six weeks after I arrived, have just begun a private subscription in consequence of not having a license. to purchase one for my use, and those I applied to the Magistrales for liberty 10 that may succeed me. preach by indulgence, will the Court of I am happy and thankful to say, thet Quarier Sessions, but without effect. I my health is good; I have not yet expe. was advised, in a friendly way, not to rienced any sickness: my wife has been preach till I had legal authority. When rery ill twice, but medical aid being prothe Sessions came I applied, accompanied cured she has recovered, and I trust her by brother Ratcliffe, and my documents health is now established. We have had were clo-ely inspected by the bench; some increase in our society since I har e and being informed that they were beeu here, though not very considerable ; • quite satisfactory," I immediately had bul the members in general seemn thirsting the oaths adminisiered.

after holiness, and I have reason to beI have been endeavouring to enlarge lieve “God is with us." The brethren my sphere of action, by making appli- on the island are wel, except brother cation to some estates for permission to Hudron, who has been brought to the instruct the negroes in Christianity, but verge of the grave, but is now recovering. hitherto have not met with that success Since I have been here my mind has not I could wish. A person of colour at Pas- been a liitle exercised, builhope in God, sage Fort, (six miles from thiv) has and feel that he supports me. I hope to opened his house for me, and I have persevere in the work to which God has preached there twice, and intend visiting called me with increasing diligence, and it as often as I can. Not having any that my time and talents will all be de horse is against my gelting out much, voled unto Him 10 whom my more than and the finances of the society will not all is due.

Ertract from Mr. UNDERHILL's Journal. Feb. 19, 1819. This day we arrived at free man, who can read, on a Sunday Morant Bay. On the 21si brother Horne morning reads the church service, after and I qualified for this parish and Sı. which ihey meet their classes; in this David's. Some day, brother Hudson manner they have been secking their and I went to Kingsion, and waited the way through the fire of persecution for district-meeting, which began in love, on sonie years. One of the poor black wothe 5h of Maich, and ended in peace on men, not in society, expressed her joy the 7th ; after which brother Horne and in the following manner, O me, mas, I had a warm ride to our circuit.

me so tankiful you com tecb we, wee so March sih, Sunday. Preached this ignorant, so dark, so blind, we no notink.” morning at Morant Bay, for the first This I found literally true with regard 10 time ia Jamaica. I had a good time, some of them; for having occasion to and the Lord was present.

ride about four miles up the mountains, 18th, Wednesday. Commenced my I met with a poor black man, whose mission to the country part of the ciruit, mind was much darker than his face; he trusting in the Lord for support and di- hnew not that there was a God, or that rection, for I felt I was a stranger in a he had a soul, but thought when he died strange land. In the evening. I arrived he should perish like the beasts : “ Massa, safe at Buth, and was entertained with me no no pray, me no know have soul, great hospitali'y and respect, by Dr. me no know how me made, me no know West, Physician to the bath, who, on God." I asked him, Are you willing to my leaving him next morning, gave me learn? to which he replied with a laugh, a letter of introduction to an estate 12 “ () me, massa, me, nobody learn me." miles farther on; at which place I took April 4th, Saturday. Brother Horne dinner, and in the evening rode on to and I waited upon ihe restry of Si. Munchioneel Bay. Here I found a few David's, for tile purpose of giving them poor people anxious to be instructed in an opportunity of examining our creThe things of God; their joy was great dentials, and to obtain their consent to at the prospect of having the gospel open a place for preaching there. They preached to ihem, as they have not had examined Mr. Horne's letter of ordination, it for many years in this place, and &c. and asked a few questions relative their parish church is 25 miles distant. to our doctrines, and iben referred the The only means of instruction they have business to their rector, who was pleased, is froin iwo brown men, the one a slave and signified his entire approbation, and the other free. These are two of the wished we might have our service at the seals of Mr. Bradnack’s ministry. The same tiine as lie had his in the church, as

did all the gentlemen present. O the for a preaching-house. I agreed for the goodness of God! those that were our rent and repairs of the same on the 8th enemies, are now our friends. Lord

instant give us the meekness of wisdom, that 26th, Sunday. I preached in ttie house we may improve to thy glory the peace to a crowded and attentive congregation. we now enjoy.

27th. Being stopped on my way home April 14. I paid a visit to brother by Plantain Garden house, I spent the Hudson at Spanish Town, and found remainder of the day with Dr. West, at him not only dwelling in peace, but living Bath. Here I met with Mr. S---, in the affections of the people.

magistrale, (a friendly man without os19th. I opened our preaching house in tentation,) and several other gentlemen, St. David's; it was inuch crowded, and all of whom assured me that they were I trust many were determined to know determined to have a preaching house at nothing save Jesus Christ, and him cru- Bath, if we (meaning Mr. H. and myself) cified.

would supply them. I then told them, 23d. In the last 14 days I llave rode that if they would furnish us with a place many miles, mostly on horseback, in the we would give them all the labour we heat of the sun ; and so far from feeling could. This was truly pleasing to me, any injury from it, I do not know that for we have 500 slaves, and nine free my health was ever better than it is this persons, making together 520 members day.

of society in the neighbourhood of Bath, 25, Saturday. Took possession of all of whom have to walk eight miles, Kendal Castle-house, at Manchioneel Bay, and sonje 16, to Morant Bay, to preaching.

Extract from Mr. Horne's Journal. April 23, 1819. Rode to Springfield, to a large company, from St. Paul's prayer and took breakfast with T. Thompson. for the Ephesians. In the evening 1 put This gentleman has been so long and so them in mind of the great day of his sincereiy the friend of our missionaries, wrath, and urged the inquiry, '“ Who and of true religion, that I could not help shall be able 10 stand?" feeling regret and sorrow when he told 30. Set out for Manchioneel ; dined at me that he had sold his place, house, &c. Peticotte, and rode ten miles to Golden

After breakfast. Mr. T. introduced a grove; Mr. M'C. was very kind; this is Hebrew tract. Mr.

a Jew, ihe most princely house and finest probegan to read it. After a little time it perty in this part of the island; six hun. appeared that in opposite columns were dred negroes, well provided for in templaced Old Testament prophecies of the poral matters; the average produce is Redeemer, and New Testament fulfil. about 600 tons of sugar, £30,000 prime

I accompanied him with the cost, and the sum will produce iwo fifths English Bible through many of the most more; there is only 2000 acres under striking passages. Mr. L. another Jew culture for the above produce. sat by.

Ma; 2. The chapel at Manchioneel was Sunday 25. I have ofien observed the full, and I began at half past nine o'clock negroes, when coming to chapel, take off from John xxi. 17.; and at three P. M. their hats at the gate. Today I noticed I spoke to a crowded house from Rev. a company of them; they made a stop at vi 17. I found much satisfaction in the gate, and said a short prayer, and then examining the classes in the interval, and proceeded to the chapel. This no, doubt after the last service. Our society is would be looked on by many as arising doing well, but our enemies hate us with from superstitious notions; to me it affords a bitter hatred. a proof that they have a deep sense of Sunday 9. Had a good congregation at reverence, and respect for the house of Morant Bay at ten, preached on the faith prayer, and that they are coming to it in of Abel. Spent two hours at the Sunday a very suitable temper of mind; a temper, School, to which Mr. T. accompanied the absence of which is the curse of me; at night the congregation were much thousands, who think no more of the mat. disturbed by a person who left the chapel ter than if they were going to the market cursing me, and returned in about 20 or the shop. Spoke plainly and forcibly minutes with a cutlass, raging like a fury:

Since we made extracts from the above letters from Jamaica, the letters containing the following mournful intelligence came to hand.

From Mr. RATCLIFFE, dated Kingston, Jamaica, 30, 1819. I write at present under no ordinary spired in our little mission family. Se. feelings of sorrow, excited in part by the veral of us have been put into the furnace, late mournful events which have tran- and the flames have played with awful

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