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Budhist religion in these parts of the island likewise to a house filled with fine godt of Ceylon which border upon the sea, and all manner of odours and sweet per

But in the meantime the whole of thein- funes; and so my faith was confirmed terior of Lackdiewa, or the island of Ceylon, without wavering, as a pillar of marble. was given up to the English government; From that time I began always to think and thus the predictions of the Budhist pro- and remember myself of the sins which phets, or conjuress, which gave the people Thad committed, and to pray to God conuto believe their security from Christian nually for the same, and also to endeavour authority in consequence of their pro- to convert other pagans and hardened fessing the Budhist religion, became false. heathens to Christianiiy; a proof of which Consequently I did come do vn myself to is, that I was the means of converting one Colombo, and there did seek after the Don Hendrick de Silva Wickremesekere, Christian religion, and in the following who was as great a sinner and heathen inanner:- In the first instance, I strove as myself, to Christianity, and he was and foughı several times wiib the Rev. baptised at the same time with myself;* Mr. Hirvard on the Christian reli- and besides which I am, by way of an exgion; and, in the second instance, with ample, and of making myself more strong the Rev. Messrs. Bisset and Clough: but in the Christian religion, employed in the said reverend ministers did, by their aiding the missionaries in the propagation axe of wisdom, cut off my vain strife, of the Christian religion ; and I also atwhich I resemble to a very tender and tend myself at the class-ineering on every sapless tree; and they did point out to Thursday night; and there I publicly me, who was going along the road to hell, confess and declare the sins which I have the good way which leads to the kingdom committed, in the assembly, and pray God of heaven, bidding me to walk therein:

for the same. and this leading of me was just the same It is to be noted that the religion of as if they had handed a man who was wan- Budlu existed in this island for the space dering for six months, by a miss of road, of 2,360 years; but that no such pagan opand bringing him to the right rcad; and poser as myself was ever converted to the also, as though they lighted a bright Christian religion : consequently, that candle in a dark mine, and thereby they God who did break away iny hardness shewed many precious stones, jewels, and and enmily, and made me a Christian, fine gold. And thus, when the said mi. may in a short time make all the other nisters lighted their candle of wisdom, or heathen opposers also to be Christians. tlie candle of Christianity, into my heart, And though there were ministers of the which was darkened, through heathenism, Christian religion who formerly lived in as a dark mine, my said darkness was this country, they n: ver converted even vanished away from me, and gone very an Oepuseke, or a little learned Budhist; far from me, as the distance of the earth but that after the arrival of the misto heaven; and in that very moment, all sionuries to Ceylon, even the Budhist my sins which I have cominitted against priests and ministers were converted to our Creator, came to my remembrance, the Christian religion. and I repented inuch for the same, and Whereas the Rev. Mr. Harvard, in parprayed thus: “O God, pardon me for all ticulur, and all the Wesleyan missionaries of my past sins, For THE SAKE OF OUR in general who live in this country, conSAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST.

vert many heathens and pagan opposers to heart soon, and save me, who am a great Christianity, and grant to them all aids and miserable sinner, and hardened and blessings, I humbly hope that, if the heathen; and deliver me from hell, and Society would consider to send and direct receive me to the kingdom of heaven." In more missionaries 10 this country, then cor.sequence of this, my heart iurned to- that the whole of this island would be filled wards the Christian religion, as a plantain with the lioly Christian religion, and that tree which is bended by the heaviness of many people would receive the kingdom its clusters.

of heaven I therefore humbly pray that And as an evidence of the washing the Society would be graciously pleased to away of my sins, I petitioned my said direct some more missionaries to Ceylon; Christian ministers to baptize me; who, and that it may also please the Society to having coinpassion upon me, did baptize move with compassion on the individuals me, and thereby lifted me up from that of Ceylon, and grant a resolution that the filthy dunghill of sins, und brought me to Rev. Mr. Harvard may always live at the knowledge of the holy Scriptures, Colombo, because the inhabitants are and did get me the light of the holy very glad to hear and listen to his ser. Christian religion, which is resembled mons, and are very much pleased with

• Don Hendrick is also a member of the Coinmho society

Cleanse iny

him. And also I do very earnestly beg heart was cleansed.- O GOD, BLESS THE that all will pray to God, that he may Mission Society! soon sare and cleanse the heart of every (Signed) George NADORIS DE SYLVA. other individual of Ceylon, as my own Colombo, April 16, 1818.

Among the interesting fruits of this mission, is a young man, at Colombo, of Dutch descent, and now employed as a local preacher. We are happy to give the following letter from him to the Committee, dated Colombo, January, 1819. The English is a little imperfect, as he has but recently acquired that language; but the piety and simplicity of the letter will render it very acceptable to our readers, and lead them to offer thanks to God for raising such testimonies “ to the word of his grace.”

Colombo, 15th January, 1819. thing I could do was to take an oath, REV. AND MUCH ESTEEMED SIKS,

which, after some consideration, I did, Suffer one who has the happiness to on the Bible, saying that I would be a be acquainted with the Wesleyan Mis- good Christian, and keep God's commandsionaries, to write you, knowing that it ments, and hate the devil and his ways, will afford you real pleasure to hear that How long did I keep this ? Not many another lost sinner is brought to the days. I very soon broke it, which har. knowledge of the only Saviour Jesus dened my heart more and more. Then I Christ. I will give you a short account again gave myself up more than ever to how God was pleased to bring me to the sinful pleasures of the world. All himself.

these things I used to keep under a cloak, My great-grandfather, Jacobus Coop- and at the same time, in public, I used to man, came from Amsterdam. My grand conduct myself so wellthaiI think very few father, Johannes Jacobus Coopman, re- persons had reasons to think that I was not sided at Galle, who was in the Honourable a very good man. I myself have heard some Dutch Company's service as Book-keeper people say something to that effect, while I and fixed Commissioner. My own father, was nothing but a mere hypocrite, or, as Jacobus Anthony Coopman, was also our Saviour calls it, a whited sepulchre. employed, at Maiura, in the Dutch ser- It is a wonder to myself that God suffered vice, as Book-keeper, and Commissioner me to go on so far without punisling me appointed to superintend the Land Re- for my sins. Some of my sins were so gistry, and a member of the Land Road horrible, when they come to my recole Court. The Hon. Mr. Veldink, Burgo lection, a trembling comes on me. master of Groll, in Zutphen, was I was a regular attendant for some uncle, or mother's brother, of my great. time when your missionaries preached; grandfather, Jacobus Coopman. As 10 but, unhappíly, I lost my relish for Divine say whether my father was pious, or not, things, and again sought happiness in I cannot, as I'was but a few months old the pleasure of the world, which never when he died.

was designed to satisfy an immortal soul. I was born in the District of Matura, in About three years ago, one evening, the year 1786. I shall ever recollect the one of your missionaries preached a very time when your missionaries, who from serious sermon: during the time I was so England accompanied the late Dr. Coke much frightened that I thought I should be to Asia, arrived at Ceylon, as the most lost. While the minister was preaching, remarkable period of my life. For many I thought he was saying every thing to years before, in the midst of my rebellion me. After sermon, before the last prayer, against God, I was very frequently visited the preacher said, “If any person wishes with checks of conscience, and a fear of to know about Jesus Christ and the way death and judgment; but these were like of salvation more clearly, our house is the morning cloud, that soon passeth open for any person, at any time during away.

the day or night;" and invited any such About six years ago, while residing at person or persons to call on them. This, Galle, I began to be concerned for my I thought, was good news for me. This soul; and in order that I might escape was said once or twice on former occahell, and get to heaven, I began to learn sioms; but I did not mind it. After sercatechisms and other instructions, and mon, I thought to go thither directly; but used to be a regular attendant at Divine again I thought I would call on the service: but how ignorant was I of the minister the next morning, if the Almighty plain way of salvation. One evening I should spare me; and resolved that I was much affected with the goodness of would forsake all my sins. I believe i God towards me, and I did not know how slept little or none during that night, to love him for it; so I thought the best as all my past sins came to my mind oné

* 4 Y 2*


after the other; and I thought if I should saved, and no one else can give solid happen to sleep, that it was likely I comfort either in health, sickness, or deatb. would open mine eyes in hell; because O how do I mourn at times, seeing the I did sin wilfully against light. I prayed people are so ignorant, and how they as much as I could, and wished for the live: they are not much better than the morning. But, in the morning, I thought brute creation. If these are my feelings, I would not go thither, as I thought my consider, Sirs, what must be your bresituation was too horrible to mention to thren’s. More help is wanting. What are them. Again, on my second thought, I eleven or twelve missionaries in a place said to myself

, “ If I were to refuse this like Ceylon. You have done a great opportunity, perhaps I should not meet deal ; but, if you can do more, do not with another in this world; consequently, with-hold your hand from the poor my state must be miserable; therefore ! perishing inhabitants of this place. I will go and open my mind to the minister:' know your expenses are very great; yet so I left my house. On my way I very I trust tbis shall not be the case long, frequently ihought not to go thither; but when God will raise up some pious souls as God will have his own way, I went in, in this place to go and declare the blessed and told the servant that I wished to see name of Jesus to the perishing heathens. one of the ministers. . The servant re- However, we humbly hope you will soon turned, desiring me to sit down, as the send us out more missionaries, that our master would come down presently. In hearts may rejoice in seeing the religion a few minutes after, Mr. Clough came of Jesus flourishing in this island. As for down, when I told him the reason of my myself, I am glad to say I can be a little calling on him. He was more kind to me useful, as I have already said, without than I expected. He gave me such ad- being a burden to the Society ; but I am vice as I really wanted. Since that time sorry to say I have but little of thiet I have been overcome by the temptations of wisdom which is highly necessary to the world; but the Lord has been pleased enable me to preach Jesus, and him to have mercy upon me, and incline my crucified; yet I trust in him who hath heart once more io seek his face.

said, " I will confound the wise with the Since these twelvemonths past, I have weak things of the world.” May the Lord improved in the Divine life; blessed be God baptize me with the Holy Spirit, and for his unspeakable mercies ! In April make me very useful in his cause. last I was taken very ill, and had little or We are exceedingly sorry to lose no hope of my recovery; but I had hope in Mr. Harvard; but the Lord's will must the blood of Jesus, who gave himself for be done. I don't know if any of our

fathers or mothers were to depart from this Now, Sirs, I can say before God and world, whether we would feel more on the man, that it is my desire to live to the occasion, than we do from Mr. H.'s deglory of God. I feel that happiness which parture from us. May the Lord make the world is a stranger to, and I trust in him abundantly more useful among his Christ Jesus, that he will enable me to own people, and in his own country. walk uprightly to the end.

With the greatest respect, I remain, As l'am situated so well, I have lately Rev, and much esteemed Sirs, began to be a little useful in preaching Your very affectionate friend, Jesus to the perishing heathens; kuowing

and humble servant, that it is through him alone we can be


my sins.

SOUTH AFRICA. We have the pleasure to announce the safe arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Archbell at the Cape of Good Hope, in June.

Mr. Shaw, who, from a lameness in one of his knees, had been obliged to resort to a hot bath about half way between Khamies Berg and Cape Town, was at Cape Town on Mr. Archbell's arrival ; and finding bis health and lameness considerably better, took up Mr. and Mrs. Archbell to the settlement in his waggon.

Mr. Shaw having, from his state of health, been absent from the station near four months, it is feared the work there may have been somewhat impeded. As he now returns reinforced by another missionary, he will, we trust, be able to extend his plans of usefulness, as he had proposed, to the neighbouring tribes. His accounts of the improvement of the people under his

care m religious knowledge and christian experience, are very satisfactory. The following extracts from Mr. Shaw's journal will shew that his people have neither been ill instructed, nor are incapable, as has been affirmed, of receiving instruction. The aptness of the replies of the converted Hottentots to the Dutch farmer, indicates that the estimate of Hottentot intellect has been often taken very much too low.

In the month of May last, I rode to a before they know their catechism. You farm about 12 miles distant, in order to must first know this; then the missionary preach to the Bastard Hottentots who must stand upon a high place, and ask all inhabit the house. It happened that many the questions. If you cannot answer all of our people followed on foot, and other's these out of your heads, you must not be on borses; so that the house was nearly baptized. filled. My poor wife being ill at the Jacob. Pray, Master, where is it so tinie, I, after service, hastened home in said in the Book ?-(No answer.) the midst of the rain that was falling, and Jacob. I learn from the Bible, that the our people were left behind. The Na- people dat repent and believe, may be macquas, wishing to employ their time to baptized; but the Book says not dat he the profit of themselves and those present, who can answer all the questions, shall held service after dinner; and while thus be baptized. If we bad all in our heads engaged in worship, a farmer, who had that you say, what better if our hearts come from some distance, opened the door not converted be? and looked in. His astonislıment being in Farmer. There is no conversion in this some measure abated, he retired to the life ; that must be after death. kitchen till the service was ended; and Jacob. Will you, Master, tell me where having a desire to converse with the Hot- that is written tentots, and ridicule their worship, le (No answer.) began as follows:

Jacob. If I right understand, a man Farmer. What sort of singing and pray- who is of sin convinced, who also sin ing is this that you have had? I never forsakes, and upon Jesus Christ believes, heard any thing like it, nor can I under. is converted: this man can be baptized. stand any thing you have said.

John baptized in Jordan them dat sin Jacob. I think, Master, you only came

confessed. to mock us; nevertheless, let me ask, does Farmer. It is time enough to repent Master understand this chapter, (John iii.) when we are sick, and likely to die. especially that part respecting the New Jacob. Dat you not find said in de Birth? Pray who are the persons that Book. No; we must repent now, as the must be born again?

Lord says in the Word. Farmer. (The New Testament being Farmer. I cannot understand you ; your handed to him, he complained that he Dutch is not good. could not see very well; but said,)" I John. How is it, Master, that you do suppose Jesus Christ is the person who not understand, when Mynheer (mis. inust be born again."

sionary) understands all that brother says. Jacob. No, Master, no such thing ; Farmer. Your missionary cannot underJesus Christ says that toe, and all sinners, stand or speak good Dutch. must be created anew, born again of the John. Our mynheer learns the Dutch Spirit, and become new creatures, or we from the book : you learn the bastard cannot enter heaven.

Dutch, without book, It is not wonder John, (brother to Jacob.) Master, you then that you think our mynheer speake once told me that our names did not not good Dutch. He speaks as the book stand in the Bible, and that the Gospel speaks: you not understand de book, and was not for us. Will Master now tell me therefore not mynheer understand. if the name of Dutchman or Englishman Farmer. That is partly true; there are is found therein ?

many things in the Bible that we do not Farmer. (No answer.)

understand ; and when I come to your Jacob. But, Master, you who are place, I shall ask your missionary the Christians, call us Hottentots, Heathens. meaning of Gog and Magog. That is our name. Now I find that the Henry, (one of our interpreters.) That Book says, Jesus came a light to lighten you, Master, cannot understand many the heathens : we read our name in the ihings in the Book, is not a wonder: Book.

Paul 6. The natural man underFarmer. (Yet dumb; but after some standeth not the things of God, but they consideration, he proceeded :) Your mis- are to him foolishı." sionary baptizes Hottentots, and that Farmer. Who is the natural man?


Honry. We are all natural inen in our missionary, and therefore cannot explain." sinful and natural state, and we can only Jacob then enquired if he did not teach understand the things of God by the help his own people, slaves, or servants; and of the Spirit of God.

his answer was, “ No; for they would They then asked him the meaning of then be as wise as I am myself!" several passages; but he said, “I am no

WEST INDIES. ST. MARTIN's.-We deeply regret to state the death of Mr. Jonathan Rayner, in the island of St. Martin. The particulars respecting the decease of this valuable missionary have not yet reached us. We learu, however, by a letter from Mr. Gilgrass, dated St. Kitts, July 13, 1819, that Mr. Rayner was taken ill on the 30th of June, in the morning ; that notwithstanding this, he performed the usual morning service; and that he went to his reward on the evening of July 3. He was appointed to St. Martin's, a new mission, in February last, and had commenced his labours there with great prospects of success. He buired a large house in the centre of the principal town, tiited it up as a chapel, and placed in it 26 pews, several of which were engaged by principal persons in the island. Proin this station of usefulness he has been prematurely removed by an inscrutable Providence, and St. Martin's and Anguilla are left, for the present, destitute of an appointment. Dir. Rayner commenced his public labours abroad in West Africa, as schoolmaster, and had been employed as a missionary, in the West Indies, six years.

In his last letter to the Committee, dated St. Martin's, May 21, he observes, “When I review the last eight years, I am overcome with gratitude. From the commencement of my missionary career in Africa, to the present, I have been a mununent of mercy. How many of my cotemporaries have fallen. Of six who came out in the same ship, I am the only survivor! I have had varied and heavy affictions; but mercy has been mixed with all. I am not weary of the missionary life: I bless God that he called me to this honour, and I wish to live and dic in the cause of missions."

Mr. Rayner had the affliction to lose liis valuable wise, a native of the West Indies, in the course of the last year: she left one child, who is now an orphan. JAMAICA.-Extracts from the Journal of Mr. RATCLIFFE, daled Wesley Chapel House,

Jamaica, June 15, 1819. Nov. 22. Yesterday morning, about a have come to the island since I landed. quarter after six o'clock, a considerable The sight of euch other created mutual shock of an earthquake was felt in this city, feelings of joy and gratitude to the Father and in most parts of the island. It came of mercies, for preserving our lives during from the east side of the colonys there a year of considerable affliction. Our have been several since I came, but I never business, though complex, was despatched felt one before. There was heard, several with great facility. The brethren left seconds before the shock was felt, a noise Kingston, to enter upon their noble work, like the dying sound of thunder. At first with considerable expectations; and I was at a loss to know what it could be, should their lives be spared, I hope will but hearing the joints and ceiling of our have all their high hopes realized, in referhouse crack, and feeling the bed on which ence to the spread of Divine truth. Our Ilay, very ill, heave under me like a canoe increase throughout the island, during the on agitated water, I said, " 'tis an earth. past year, was upwards of 700. quake." I felt no terror, but a holy tran- Kingston has long needed a second quillity, knowing that God was my refuge chapel, as our old one was not sufficient and portion. I view it as a singular Pro- to accommodate two-thirds of our memo vidence, that two days prior to this event, bers. Although our funds were not good, we had fixed up the supporting columns and a general scarcity of money (owing in our new chapel. "The Lord loveth to the non-intercourse with America) was the gates of Zion.”

felt in all parts of the community; yet March 1. Our District Meeting com- believing thiat the time to favour Zion was menced Tuesday, Feb. 16; there were fully come, my dear father Johaston and I nine preachers present, seven of whom promised to use our best nieans to open

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