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Cornwall, ably presided both at the meeting in Morris-street chapel, and at Plymouths the following evening. The Rev. Jonathan Barker, took the chair at Windmill-hill. Feelings of deep and lively interest in Missionary operations and successes were excited. The contributions of the year have been continued with unabated liberality, and the public collections, we believe, exceeded those made on any former occasion; and from the excellent spirit of the friends of Missions, there is a sufficient pledge, that they will continue to abound in a rich and copious liberality in aid of ihose funds, which are affording the means of grace and salvation to so many parts of the earth, where the inhabitants are perishing for lack of knowledge.

The anniversary of the Bath Missionary Society, was held on the 26th of February, and was numerously attended. This meeting was also highly profitable, and interresting, and the collections liberal. Several handsome donations, sent in alter the meeting, were pleasing proofs of the effects produced by the statements made of the condition of the hieathen world, and the successful labours of our highly honoured brethren who are employed in ministering to its wants. The Rev. Walter Griffith was called to the chair.

FORMATION OF NEW SOCIETIES. A Branch Missionary Society was recently formed at Stoke Newington, in aid of the Wesleyan Missions; Richard Smith, Esq. in the chair. This branch already promises, from the activity of those who have engaged as officers of the society, to be, in proportion to its sphere of operations, greatly productive.

A meeting was held at the Methodist Chapel in Greenwich, on Friday, the 12th ult. to form a Missionary Society for the Deptford circuit. S. Jennings, Esq. of Rotherhithe, was called to the chair. The meeting was deeply interested in the excellent addresses of the speakers, and the commencement of this labour of love and charity was made by a handsome collection.

LADIES' ASSOCIATION. We have great pleasure in stating the recent formation of a Ladies' Association at Durham, both from the judicious manner in which it was commenced, and because we hope it will operate, with similar associations, as an example to many places, where a' full share of the zeal and activity of our female friends has not yet been devoted to this great work. A few ladies were called together, and engaged to become collectors; an address was then printed, and largely circulated ; then the Ladies divided the town into districts, and proceeded two and two, calling almost at every house. They met of course many denials, but their success surpassed all expectation. “Where they gained an ear, willing or half willing, they particularly urged inquiry and examination into the subject, and invited attendance on the monthly Missionary prayer meetings." And there is reason to hope, from the proceeds of their exertions already, that £50. per annum will be the fruit of this association.

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Contributions to the Missionary Fund, received by the General Treasurers since the

Account published last Month.
From T.Thompson, Esq.for Hull dis. 36 17 6 Mr. Osborne, for Rochester

4 IS 3 Mr. Maver, for Linco cir

Mr. Jerram, for Grantham

70 0 Mr. Bousfield, for Lincoln district 10 0 Ditto, for Uttoxeter

10 00 J, Buliner, Esq. for London district 400 0 0 Ditto, for Melton

0 @ Rev. J. Bunting, for Plymouth Dock 65 0 0 W. Morgan, Esq. for first Welch dig. 58 10 % Mr. Saunderson, for Dundee circuit 5 0 0 Rev. M. J. Lee, for Carlisle circuit 9 17 Mr. Spence, for York district 160 00 Rev. F. Truscott, for Trgro

5 Mr. Carne, for Cornwall district 100 0 0 Mr. Moukbouse, for Barnard Castle 98 14 9 Mr. Osborne, for Maidstone 10 16 0 Mr. Gant, for Plymouth

50 0 0 Ditto, for Shecrness

10 0 0 Mr. Pearse, for Exeter Ditto, for Deal

4 5 9 David Jennings, Esq. Ampthill 1 0 0 We have to acknowledge the kindness of Mr. Organ, of Plymouth Dock, in the offer of a gratuitous passage for a Missionary in one of his vessels to Quebec.

A very, acceptable present of glass, from the Glass Company at Nailsea, near Bristol, kindly made to Mr. Shaw, South Africa, for glazing the windows of his house and chapel, has reached its destination.

Two casks, containing various articles of Hardware, and agricultural implements, in aid of the Mission in New South Wales, contributed by the liberality of several persons in Sheffield, have been shipped for that colony.


IN LONDON, 1819. THE Committee beg leave respectfully to call the attention of the Friends of the Methodist Missions to the Advertisements on this subject, which will be found on the Cover of this Number of our Work. The Meeting of the Auxiliary Society for the London District will be held in Great-Queen-street Chapel, on Wednesday Evening, April 28th; and the Second Meeting of the General Wesleyan Missionary Society, in City Road Chapel, on Monday Forenoon, May 3d. Joseph BUTTERWORTH, Esq. is expected to take the Chair at both Meetings.The three Anniversary Sermons before the last mentioned Society will be preached by the Rev. Samuel Wood, of Dublin, the Rev. RICHARD Watson, of London, and the Rev. William MARTIN, of Sheffield. Particulars of these services, and of the other Sermons to be preached on Sunday, May 2d, will be seen in the Advertisements. Christians of other Denominations, zealous for the salvation of the Heathen, are much in the habit of annually evincing the interest which they feel in that great cause, by sacrifices of their time, as well as by pecuniary Contributions ; and they think themselves well repaid by the personal pleasure and edification which they derive from their Anniversaries, and by the increased publicity, consolidation, and stimulus, which are given by such services to the work they have at heart. There are a large number of respectable Members of our Congregations and Societies, not only in London, but also in various parts of the country, who can command sufficient leisure, and other facilities, for the like pious and benevolent purpose; and it is hoped, that many of them will account it a privilege, and even a duty, by their attendance at the ensuing General Meeting, and on the Week-day Sermons connected with it, to afford their public sanction and testimony to Missions which God has greatly blessed and honoured. The numerous and respectable attendance at the last Anniversary fully justifies such an expectation, May " the hand of the Lord be with us."


songs of love.

Sabbath Morning's Meditations. No sound invades the stillness of the grove, Slow from the surface of the glassy stream,

Save falling drops from spangled leaves outThe misty vapor climbs the mountain's spread; height,

The tender plainings of the turtle dove, From tinted clouds, with soft and shadowy Or notes of sweetest birds, who chaunt their

beam, Breaks the first radiance of returning light: The giant sun, in golden splendour bright,

Devotion, come! the soothing scene survey, Thwast the grey twilight darts his dazzling For nature's rest is sympathy with thee, rays,

Hallowing the blest, the consecrated day, Then bursts majestic on the wondering First hallow'd by creating Deity; sight;

When free from stain, from all disorder free, And fair creation's smiling face displays,

Earth's beauteous frame before him stood Serene in soft repose, and fresh with orient complete ; grace.

He saw transfus'd his own felicity, Peace strays delighted o'er the tranquil scene,

And gave the Sabbath as the transcript Yet wakes not Echo with her silent tread,

meet, So soft her footsteps on the dewy green,

Of heaven's supreme repose, his highesi, loliest

seat. That e'en the yellow cowslips lowly head, Bends not, it's liquid, glistening genis to shed:

Bright was that day to sacred worship given, While ungels on this theme their harps That temple worthy of the guest Divine,

employ, And meet the anointed minister of heav'n, In hallow'd songs, let saints on earth unite ; To offer incense at that hallow'd shrine: Their risen Master hail with glad delight, The praises of creation to combine;

With weeping Mary, in her transport share, Creation new, and beautiful, and good, Cling to his feet,'ere yet the convoy bright, Whose silence magnified the power benign, Bend the blue heavens, and cleave the

While Adam, hierophant of nature, stood, liquid air, And hymn’d in straias divine, her joy and And to his lofty throne, the King, the Con. gratitude.

queror bear. He sung, and angels left th' etherial clime, Yes! 'tis the music of the heavenly plains, To sound his notes of harmony and love; Whose echo on the ambient ether dies: Butah! no more the raptur'd song sublime, Messiah in his heavenly kingdom reigos, From Eden rises to the courts above;

And-seraph songs to higher raptures rise ; Hush'd is the music of the vernal grove, There his disciples turn their wistful eyes, The roses faded in the fragrant bowers; Like those whom once at Olivet he blest; The cherislı'd seat of purity and love, Agalu expect him from the crystal skies,

Is guarded now by stern avenging powers, When for the great, the glorious banquet Whose glittering sword of fame, th' intruder drest, bold devours.

They hope with him to rise, and share his

endless rest. Then gathering clouds the holy mount conceal'd,

O glorious hope! more sweet than sounds Tempestuous darkness veil'd Jehovah's face;

Divine, The hosts of hellin dreadful plialanx wheel'd,

By angels whisper'd to the saints in death; Through the drear regions of untravell’d

Yes! This frail dwelling shall it's guest respace,

sign; To seek on earth, à fairer lappier place;

But lo! Ilie kind, the pitying Saviour saith, Usurp'd the throne of Majesty Divine,

My gracious hand shall take the parting And laught the fallen, faithless, abseci race,

breathi, To kneel as suppliants at Apollyou's shrine,

Myguardian power the sleeping dust defend, Though round him, salchions gleam, and fires

My voice shall echo through the realm. destructive shine.

beneath, Loud vaunted then, the dire infernal crew,

Death, and the grave, to the dread summons

bend, And impious dar'd the Mightiest in his ire, And to their shining thrones, the just with me The shafts of death like arrowy lightnings

ascend." flew, And helpless, hopeless, stricken crowds ex- Then shall tliat morn its radiant light dispire:

close, But haste, to your own dark abodes retire,

That Sabbath break whose sun shall ne'er For see, ye fiends, the dread avenger nigh!

decline; He comes! but not on rolling wheels of fire,

When weary spirits, bath'd in soft repose, He neekly comes, to bear the yoke and die, Shall contemplate the excellence Divine, And conquer in the groan, the gasp of Calvary!

Adoring worship at that awful shrine,

That temple, where the Lamb his light disThou glorious sun! whose pure and living plays; ', ray,

Effulgent in reflected glory shine, Now quickenest nature after winter's gloom, For ever brightening in the beamy blaze, How didst thou shine on that triumphant Of goodness, beuuty, truth, diffusing endless day,

rays. When bursting all the barriers of the tomb, 'Thine earliest beams beheld the Saviour

Is this thy close, thy archetype sublime? come!

Then huil, blest emblem of a rest so fair, Victorious, laden with the spoils of hell,

Who risest on the glimmering dawn of' time, On sin, and deall, to pass their final doom,

As beams with trembling light the morning And to the world, the ransoni'd world to

star, tell,

Presaging perfect day, not distant far; Of hope, and lieav'n' restorid, and bliss un.

Sweet are the Sabbath hours, it's worship

sweet, speakable!

And oft it's sainted songs my spirit bear, Welcome, blest tidiugs of ecstatic joy, To that blest njoment, when around his seal, Welcome, blest inorn that brought that joy All in their Father's house, his family sha!! to light,


A. B.

Printed hy T. CORDEUX, 14, City-Road.

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