The Annals of Hygiene, Том 4

Передня обкладинка
Joseph F. Edwards
University of Pennsylvania Press, 1889

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Сторінка 51 - Pharmacopoeia, but which is found in some other pharmacopoeia or other standard work on materia medica, it differs materially from the standard of strength, quality, or purity laid down in such work. (3) If its strength, quality, or purity falls below the professed standard under which it is sold.
Сторінка 32 - For the stone shall cry out of the wall, and the beam out of the timber shall answer it.
Сторінка 204 - Council assembled), and it is hereby enacted and ordained by the authority of the same, That from and after the...
Сторінка 49 - No person shall sell to the prejudice of the purchaser any article of food or any drug which is not of the nature, substance, and quality of the article demanded...
Сторінка 20 - To prepare us for complete living is the function which education has to discharge ; and the only rational mode of judging of any educational course is, to judge in what degree it discharges such function.
Сторінка 51 - Provided, that the provisions of this act shall not apply to mixtures or compounds recognized as ordinary articles or ingredients of articles of food, if...
Сторінка 640 - Weakness, and maladies requiring a Tonic and Nutrient. It is quickly absorbed by the Stomach and upper portion of the Alimentary Canal, and therefore finds its way into the circulation quite rapidly.
Сторінка 528 - THE AMERICAN PUBLIC HEALTH ASSOCIATION. TITLE. I. This Association shall be called "THE AMERICAN PUBLIC HEALTH ASSOCIATION." OBJECT. II. The objects of this Association shall be the advancement of sanitary science and the promotion of organizations and measures for the practical application of public hygiene.
Сторінка 470 - God, thou, and thy son, and thy daughter, and thy manservant, and thy maidservant, and the Levite that is within thy gates...
Сторінка 220 - When thou buildest a new house, then thou shalt make a battlement for thy roof, that thou bring not blood upon thine house, if any man fall from thence.

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