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WITTY CONCEITS OF AMERICA." By WALTER LEARNED. A new volume in the series of THE GOOD THINGS OF LIFE, 6th "American Verse." The greater part of Mr. LEARNED's

work has appeared in the Century and other prominent
periodicals, and this collection of his delightful work

Now ready. Equals or surpasses any of the previous vol will doubtless receive a warm welcome. New, half

umes. i volume, oblong quarto, with highly ornamenta cloth binding. With vellum-cloth backs and half

and humorous design on cover in color and gold. Cloth, sides covered with tracery in gold. Outer half-sides in

bevelled boards, gilt edges, $2.50. delicate colors and gold. Gilt top, $1.00.

“These yearly publications have a popularity unrivalled (Send for catalogue for descriptions of many styles of of its kind."– New York Star. costlier bindings, including a new half-crushed levant, (New supplies of the other five series as well as of " Fun French style, in which all the volumes of "American from Life," and Mr. Mitchell's great hit, “The Lası Verse," " 16mo Poets," and "Handy Volume Standards," American.") are now first offered.)



CARDS. Kingsley's Select Works, 4 vols. : Select Dramatic Their Significance and Correct Uses. By the author of Works, 4 vols.: Life of Charlotte Bronté, Gaskell, 2 vols.: 4

“Social Etiquette of New York." A manual of the Manual of English Literature, Craik, 2 vols.: Poems of etiquette of visiting cards, invitations, etc., as governed Robert Browning, 4 vols.: History of Our Own Times, by the usages of the best New York society. 16mo, McCarthy, s vols.; Works of George Eliot, complete, 24 cloth, with neat stamping in gold, 75 Cents. vols. FOR FULL DESCRIPTIONS SEND FOR CATALOGUE.

UNIFORM WITH FIFTY SOUPS,ETC. New binding in the entire series of about 150 volumes.

SALADS AND SAUCES. New half-cloth binding with wine-colored vellum-cloth BY THOMAS J. MURREY. The work contains much more backs, half-sides and corners. Outer half-sides in gold

matter than either of the other nine volumes in the and delicate buff. Gilt top. Price per volume through

series. somo, printed on fine laid paper boards, with out the entire series, $1.00.

cover in bright coloring, showing a little cook mixing

salad. Price, 75 cents. A special matter is made of the half-calf binding. Half calf, extra, gilt top, olive-colored " cocoa sides and

A NEW VOLUME IN THE MANUALS OF linings, neat tooling and lettering, and excellent materi

als and workmanship. Price per volume throughout
the entire series, $2.00.



A most valuable little work. Uniform with Pole,"

Cavendish,Poker," "Euchre," and "Chess." THE WESTALL SERIES.

16mo, boards, attractive cover in colors, 50 cents. The greatest possible care has been given to every detail of manufacture. The editions are limited, and there are OF GREAT IMPORTANCE TO ALL YOUNG many desirable features which will tend to make their value

GIRLS. increase as time goes by.


By JOANNA H. MATHEWS. The first of a series of

sequels to the famous “Bessie Books," by the same 3. THE VICAR OF WAKEFIELD.

author. Deals with the same characters. Written in

response to requests from girls in all parts of the counI. Small-paper edition.

try. Illustrated by Harper. 16mo, very attractively Limited to 1500 copies of each book (part of which will be bound in cloth, stamped in gold and black, $1.00.

used in Great Britain and part in the United States). (First large edition now ready, together with new sup.
Each is printed from type on hand made paper. Each plies of Uncle Rutherford's Attic," "Uncle Ruther.
volume is illustrated by the original steel engravings ford's Nieces,and Breakfast for Two."
of the early part of this century, after the famous de.
signs by Westall
. Each, i vol., 16mo., half-cloth, gilt

A new volume in the important series of Lives of the top, $2.00; half polished "seal,” gilt top, $3.50; full

Presidents for Young People, by William O. STODDARD, polished “seal,” gilt top, $4.50.

HAYES, CARFIELD AND ARTHUR. II. Large-paper edition.

Brings the set down to the present time. Each vol.,

$1.25; the 10 vols. in a box, $11.25. Limited to 60 copies for the United States. Printed from type on hand-made paper of large size. Each volume

This series of Lives of the Presidents' is written in is illustrated by the Westall plates, printed on India

so sprightly and entertaining a vein, as to prove a sharp paper. Each i vol., 8vo., paper wrappers, $5.00; half

competitor with works of fiction in power to interest young crushed levant, gilt top, $10.00; full crushed levant,

people."-New Haven PALLADIUM. gilt edges, in a box, $12.50.

" Whether at home or at school, Mr. Stoddard's seriesis (N. B.-After printing these editions the type has been to be considered one of the best of its kind."--New York distributed.)



N'eu catalogue containing descriptions of many holiday publications and fac-similes of water colors, Mention This PUBLICATION. On receipt of 10 cents, this catalogue and two colored plates will be sent to any address. Any of the above can be had of your bookseller, or will be sent to any address(at publisher's expense), on receipt of advertised price. Mention This PUBLICATION.


Publishers, Importers, Booksellers, Dealers in Works of Art.

182 Fifth Avenue, New York City.





AMERICAN STATESMEN. A Series of Biographies of Men conspicuous in the Political History of the United States

Edited by JOHN T. MORSE, Jr. John Quincy Adams. By John T. Morse, Jr., John Adams. By John T. Morse, Jr. author of "A Life of Alexander Hamilton," etc.

John Marshall. By ALLAN B. MAGRUDER. Alexander Hamilton. By HENRY CABOT Samuel Adams. By Prof. JAMES K. HosMER,

Lodge, author of “Studies in History," author of “Young Sir Henry Vane," etc. etc.

Thomas Hart Benton. By Theodore Roose. John C. Calhoun, By Dr. H. Vox Holst, VELT, author of “The Winning of the West,"

author of the “Constitutional History of the

United States."
Andrew Jackson. By Prof. Wm. G. SUMNER,

Henry Clay. By Carl Schurz. 2 vols. author of “History of American Currency,”

Patrick Henry. By Moses Coit Tyler,

author of “History of American Literature,” John Randolph. By HENRY ADAMS, author of “New England Federalism," etc.

Gouverneur Morris. By Theo. ROOSEVELT,

Martin Van Buren. James Monroe. By D. C. GILMAN, President

By Ed. M. SHEPARD. of Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.

George Washington. By HENRY CABOT Thomas Jefferson. By John T. MORSE, Jr.

LODGE. 2 vols. Daniel Webster. By HENRY Cabor LODGE.

Benjamin Franklin. By JOHN T. MORSE, Jr. Albert Gallatin. By John AUSTIN STEVENS,

(In preparation.) recently editor of Magazine of American John Jay. By George Pellew, author of History.”

"Woman and the Commonwealth,” etc. James Madison. By SYDNEY HOWARD GAY, Lewis Cass. By ANDREW C. McLaughlin,

author (with William CUILEN BRYANT) of Assistant and Professor of History in MichA Popular History of the United States.' igan University.

Each volume, uniform, 16mo, gilt top, $1.25; half morocco, $2.50. “The volumes known as the 'American Statesmen' series had a just raison d'étre ; for the biography of our past political leaders compels or induces a study of the times in which they acted, the forces with which they dealt, and the public measures of importance on which their influence was felt." - The New Englander (New Haven).

"Every young American ought to read, and if possible own, this valuable political library.”—The Critic (New York).

THE RECONSTRUCTION OF EUROPE. A Sketch of the Diplomatic and Military History of Continental Europe from the Rise to the Fall of the Second French Empire. By HAROLD MURDOCK. With an Introduction by John Fiske, and several Maps. Crown 8vo, $2.co. ORIGIN AND GROWTH OF THE ENGLISH CONSTITUTION.

An Historical Treatise in which is drawn out, by the Light of the most recent Re. searches, the Gradual Development of the English Constitutional System, and the Growth out of that System of the Federal Republic of the United States. By HANNIS Taylor, 8vo, $4.50.

Mr. Taylor's plan is to unfold, after the method of the modern historical school, the progressive development of the two Constitutional systems (English and American) as one unbroken story. The direci purpose of the work is a commentary upon the English Constitution, but a purpose hardly less prominent is that of a commentary upon the Constitution of the United States. "It is evidently a masterpiece," says Mr. John Fiske.

STANDISH OF STANDISH. An Historical Novel of the Pilgrims and their Captain. By JANE G. AUSTIN, author of “A Nameless Nobleman,” « The Desmond Hundred,” “Nantucket Scraps, etc. 16mo, $1.25.

For sale by all Booksellers. Sent by mail post-paid on receipt of price by the Publishers,


4 Park St., Boston; ii East Seventeenth St., New York.


I. Wanted-a Gospel for the Century. By the Rev. Father BARRY.

Nineteenth Century, August, 1989. Price, 40 cents.

“ Should be reproduced in every Christian journal."--Churchman. II. The Future of English Theology. By Prof. SANDAY. Contein

porary Review, July, 1889. Price, 40 cents. III. The Future Development of Religious Life. Two Parts.

Westminster Review, May and June, 1889. Price, 80 cents. IV. Christianity and the “Geocentric" System. By EDWARD A.

FREEMAN, D.C.L. Contemporary Review, April, 1889. Price, 40

cents. V. A New Reading of the Book of Job. Westminster Review, July,

1889. Price, 40 cents. VI. Modern Science in Bible Lands. 1. By Sir J. W. DAWSON,

F.R.S. Contemporary Review, June, 1889; 2. Westminster Revieta',

May, 1889, Price, 80 cents. VII. Ecce Homo. Westminster Reviere', March, 1889. Price, 40 cents. VIII. The Grievances of High Churchman. By the Rev. CANON


Nineteenth Century, September, 1889. Price, 40 cents. IX. What is Ritualism ? Fortnightly Review, May, 1889. Price, 40

cents. X. Reform in Old Testament Teaching. By Rev. CANON CHEYNE.

Contemporary Review, August, 1889. Price, 40 cents. XI. In Search of a Religion. By W. S. Lilly. Nineteenth Century,

September, 1889. Price, 40 cents. XII. Christianity and Agnosticism. By the Rev. Dr. WACE. With

An Explanation, by the Bishop OF PETERBOROUGH. Nineteenth

Century, May, 1889. Price, 40 cents. XIII. Agnosticism and Christianity. By Prof. HUXLEY. Nineteenth

Century, June, 1889. Price, 40 cents. XIV. “Cowardly Agnosticism.” By W. H. MALLOCK. Fortnightly

Review, April, 1889. Price, 40 cents. XV. Agnostic Expositions. By S. Vincent TYMMS. Contemporary

Review, May, 1889. Price, 40 cents. XVI. Agnosticism. Westminster Review, August, 1889, Price, 40 cents.



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Illustrated by Frank M. Gregory, of the Salmagundi Club, with over Fifty Illustrations. Five of the designs are full. ge water colors, superbly reproduced in fac-similes by the Photo.Aquarelle Process, used so successfully in the satae tist's "Faust" last year, while the balance are black and white full pages and vignettes, printed from high-class photo. raphic clichés made in Vienna and Paris. Scarcely half a dozen pages are without illustration.

Imperial 410 (only 500 copies printed), appropriately bound, $12.50.

Large Paper Copy (limited to 150 copies, signed and numbered), printed on Dickinson's hand-made paper, with the ack and white illustrations printed on Japan paper and mounted in the text. Handsomely bound, $20.00. This, the favorite of all Sheridan's plays, is worthily illustrated for the first time, in the above edition

Mr. regory, the successful illustrator of Goethe's * Faust," possesses a talent peculiarly adapted to the work of illus'trating heridan's sparkling lines, and has been very happy in the selection of the scenes to be portrayed.

The book, while forming a most attractive Gift-Book for the Christmas Holidays, will prove a valuable addition to the brary of the collector and connoisseur.

White & Allen's PHOTO-AQUARELLE process is the only process which in the reproduction of water colors preserves ich nuance of color as it appears in the original.

The London Atheneum says:—"Mr. Gregory proves the fitness of the artist to deal with Sheridan's brilliant comedies; is groups of figures are so truly dramatic and theatrical that we seem to be looking upon scene after scene, filled with actors nd actresses of rare ability, inspired by true sympathy with their tasks. The execution of the designs is better than Mr. regory has, even at his best, till now achieved. We have nothing but praise for the whole of them.



collection of the Folk-Lore and Legends of different nations, for the first time issued in convenient sized volumes. The

following now ready, are to be succeeded by many additional volumes next year : HE FOLK-LORE OF THE ORIENT. 16mo, i vol. THE FOLK-LORE OF GERMANY. 16mo, i vol. HE FOLK-LORE OF IRELAND. 16mo, i vol. HE FOLK-LORE OF SCOTLAND. 16mo, i vol. he four volumes bound in three-quarters pale blue cloth, brocaded paper sides, gilt tops, boxed, $3.00. Same in half

polished morocco, bound by Riviere, of London, extra gilt tops, boxed, $7.00. The value of national stories and

legends has in late

years become very widely recognized. Folk-lore has racently ceived a large amount of attention, and the thought and labor bestowed upon the subject have been rewarded by results hich prove that its investigators have entered upon no unfruitful, however long neglected field. The publishers of this ries have been the first to realize the popularity which Folk-lore has attained, and to fill the demand of a wide constitu: cy by issuing in pleasant sized volumes a series of books to be entitled "Folklore and Legends of Various Nations." our volumes are now ready, covering the ground so far as Germany, Ireland, Scotland and the Orient are concerned. hese books and their successors in the series are intended for those who, having little opportunity afforded them to conder how the legends and tales they contain may be of the value claimed for them, may be glad to have the "case" for ational legends and stories presented to them in a few words. Perfect typography, excellent paper and binding will be atures of the series.

MESSRS. WHITE & ALLEN desire to direct the notice of book-lovers and book-purchasers generally, to the mechani. al excellence of their productions, as evinced by the manner in which the printing has been executed, the particularly fine uality of the papers used, and the thorough and artistic finish of the bindings. Special attention being given to illustrating 1 their publications in a worthy manner, the publishers have examined every known process and

every new invention for producing drawings in color, and in black and white both in the United States and Europe. The result has been most atisfactory, as only processes which have been carried to the highest degree of perfection have been adopted. Orders romptly filled and information gladly given by the publishers. Send for Catalogue.




These marvelous WATERS are nature's great solvent, and are a sure remedy for Bright's Disease, Diabetes, Gravel, Inflammation and Catarrh of the Bladder or related parts, Rheumatism, Gout, Dropsy, Blood Disorders, Dys. pepsia, Liver Troubles, Debility, all diseases peculiar to females, and Alcoholism. The most astonishing and marvelous results speedily follow their use. The waters contain iron in that most rare and valuable form for ready

А absorption and rapid medication, namely, a solution of the protoxide in carbonic acid. As a diuretic they are supremely efficacious,

COMPL and as a tonic in upbuilding the worn and debilitated sys

SANITORI tem they have no equal. A gain of about a pound

ALL per day usually follows their use. In addition

MODERN CONVENIEN to the iron waters, there has been obtained from an artesian well a flow

CUISINE UNSURPASS of Salt Sulphur water of great value as a stomach water and gentle lax

CAPACITY, 500 GUESTS, OPEN THE YEAR ROUN ative and for bathing.

A complete

BATHING Establishment within

moli the Hotel, with Marble Plunge Pool of SALT SULPHUR water. Turkish, Russian, Electric and Hot or Cold Salt Sul. phur Tub Baths. All Amusements at command-Horseback Riding, Hunting, Billiards, Bowling, Tennis, etc. All charges reasonable. LOCATION HEALTHY-NO MALARIA. MAGNIFICENT HOTELS OF THE WORLD. CLIMATE MILD.

RHEUMATISM. A TESTIMONIAL.-I was taken with inflammatory rheumatism in the month of May, 1889, at New York City. It at os dered me incapable of attending to my business, and after being attended by some of the best physicians of that city and state fa months, and only receiving temporary relief, I was advised to go to Denver, Colo. I was there but three days when I found myse ing much worse, and before the end of the week was confined to my bed, unable to either dress or undress myself. My physician Henry, late surgeon U. S. A., advised me to leave there at once and go to Excelsior

Springs, Mo., which I did. I left my hotel at in the bottom of an express wagon for the train, and how I got to Excelsior Springs I scarcely know. When I arrived at Excelsior I was completely helpless, and had to be handled like a child. I at once began to drink these waters and take baths. On Augu took my first bath at the Salt-sulphur bath house, where I had to have my underclothing cut from my body. On September 20 hot mud bath at the Elms bath house, and on September 4th I threw my crutches away, and could walk as well as I ever could. Sir I have taken one mud bath but have continued to use the waters freely, the value of which cannot be overestimated, and to-day I tirely cured. It is only eleven days since I arrived at the Springs, and I have gained eleven pounds in this time. I am happy to s my present good condition and appetite are due to the free use of these waters

and baths.

(Signed) Yours respectfully, W. L. MART Excelsior Springs, Mo., Sept. 10, 1889.

With ALLEN, LANE & Co., 49 Leonard St., New Yo We Hereby Certify, That we are personally acquainted with the above facts, and affirm th statements made are correct in every detail: J. S. CHICK, Pres. National Bank of Kansas City; MOORE, of Bullene, Moore, Emery & Co., Kansas City, Mo.; E. L. MARTIN, Pres. Mercantile Kansas City, Mo.; H. M. HOLDEN, Pres. Mining and Stock Exchange, Kansas City, Mo.; S. F. Sco S. F. & T. A. Scott & Co., St. Louis, Mo.

The above is one testimonial from the thousands now on file at the office of the Excelsior S Co., covering almost every disease known to materia medica. Send for pamphlet. REFERENCE IS MADE TO THE LEADING PHYSICIANS AND CITIZENS OF KANSAS CITY, ST. JOSEPH AND NEIGHBORING CITIES.


Address H. C. FISH. Gon'l Igr., Excelsior Spring




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