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pany were informed, at their first helpless natives of Africa. Nothing meeting on June 5th, that “the could well be more unreasonable, time had come when the public more Portuguese. Suppose that should be invited to participate in some night lately a band of ruffians the work, and probably would be in the High Street had maltreated invited to contribute, say, three- & number of reverend gentlemen quarters of a million.” Rumour going home from the General says that one South African ace Assembly, and that the ruffians of diamonds (presumably Mr Cecil had been promptly pinioned by Rhodes) is ready to put down a constables : who would have desimilar sum. The Lakes Company scribed that as waging war on the shareholders, having the security peaceful inhabitants of Edinburgh? of a charter, will greatly enlarge Captain Lugard, who generously its capital; and a Board of Direc- led the defence at the cost of distors, over which Lord Balfour of abling wounds through both his Burleigh presides, will be likely to arms, is just now at home in confollow the example of that which ference with the directors : has Sir William Mackinnon at its hope to hear of his prompt return head, and not throw open its share- with a picked band, a cruiser for list to the public till the work is the lake, and plenty of cartridges. somewhat consolidated.

We have not room now to speak But all this, so desirable and so of the critical position of Eurohopeful, is still no better than a poans on the Zanzibar littoral. So bright vision, while the furious far as the Germans are concerned attacks of the man-stealers on every we hardly regret this, for one will advance made in East Africa are be able to speak to better purpose a very pressing reality. We trust three months hence when the retherefore, that the outpost at sult of Wissmann's operations is Karonga's will be maintained, and known. Meanwhile we heartily that the Nyasa Defence Fund will support the advice given by Lord act fully up to Lord Salisbury's Salisbury in his place in the House most wise advice, and push on the of Lords on the 28th of May, to the work of forming a vigorous police effect that the agents of the Union the shores and waters of the versities' Mission should withdraw lake. A deplorable blunder will for a brief space. In his zealous be committed if the brilliant hopes appeal on their behalf Lord Halisupplied by the new enterprise

- fax quite outran prudence and after all

, only hopes, and hopes even accuracy, speaking of the which at best cannot be realised Germans as having no mission for months to come—lead the Com- stations in the region concerned, pany to relax in its noble struggle. whereas they have eight or nine; Just the reverse ought to be the and when he placed the supposed effect. For whatever trading, or interests of a mission before the philanthropic enterprise goes into liberation and pacification of a any part of Central Africa, is sure whole country, ho might horo been to be harassed and frustrated so fairly answered with the words long as the monstrous practices of of the Master, "When they persethe slave-traders remain unsup- cute you in one city, flee ye to pressed. Some of our philanthro- another.” The suspension of the pists talk of this police which we missionary work can only be very advocate as making war on the temporary. The earthen pot of

the Sultan's authority has now to African territory, & most happy swim in the same stream with one and judicious quietness continues. of very hard iron, and must quick- Long may it continue. There are ly crack and go down. 'Indeed, it old and active stations of the has gone down already for all prac Church Missionary Society there. tical purposes; and the authority Trouble might easily have arisen exercised in that sink of villainy, at Rabat, behind Mombasa, the town of Zanzibar, nominally through Arab masters claiming a that of the Sultan, is really considerable number of runaway that of Great Britain. After all, slaves whom the missionaries have blundering and aggressive as it is, succoured; but these niggers of Germany is a civilised Power, and doubtful position, to the number to it the task has fallen, not with- of 1422, had their freedom preout a certain fitness, of doing sented to them as a New Year's the rough work absolutely needed gift, at a cost of £3372 paid to for cleansing a large district made the Arabs.

Of this sum

the vile by far the largest crime against Government gave £800, and the our common nature committed Church Missionary Society £1200. anywhere on the planet. We A road lias been made fifty miles rejoice to learn from the same inland, and a short line of railway speech that the export trade in is about to be begun. The Comslaves has been absolutely stopped pany goes as far as it can in the at last;2 and we would cordially way of conciliating the Arabs, and support the efforts which Bishop says they are by no means all bad. Smythies is making to have the This canny and kindly method has status of slavery in Zanzibar answered well as yet; and it is not reduced. Very much would be for any one to say worldly policy gained if the soil of that island may mingle with its obvious philanwere made like that of Britain, its thropy. We will be well pleased touch imparting to man his prim- if no tidings come from that quarary right of freedom.

ter till a telegram flashes over Correspondingly great is the Europe the welcome news that wrath of those in the interior who Stanley is within a march or two “know that their time is short," of Mombasa. and the most prompt and vigorous dealing is required to suppress it, There are two Europeans-one Till Tippoo Tip and his myrmidons an Austrian Jew, quondam named are suppressed, missionaries and Schnitzner, the other a Welshman, traders must look only for grow- quondam named Rowlands,-about ingly malignant opposition in the whose critical position in the hearü regions over which he has been of the Dark Continent Europe and allowed to dominate these twenty America are more concerned than years.

about any others. Part of the

remarkable letter from Major ParAs for the Englishmen and minter, already quoted, represents Scots in our new British East Tippoo. Tip as saying that he had

The papers officially submitted to Parliament show that the appointment of Khalifa as Sultan, on March 27, 1888, was openly the act of Colonel Euan Smith, the British Consul-General.

* We trust. Lord Salisbury has not been misled in this matter. The smuggling force is very strong and active. Has the French flag, or the Portuguese, not been again abused ? Does the statement apply to the whole line from the great Somali horn to Delagoa Bay?



sent Salim bin Mohammed to over- reached Sir Francis de Winton take Stanley on his last unarch from Zanzibar on June 12th, and from Bonalya, and that he learned was by him at once comniunicated through that messenger of Emin to the newspapers with an and Stanley proposing to start for pository letter. It appears that at the east coast, after six months' the end of 1888 Stanley, alone, had rest and preparation, with 6000 visited the south-east end of Vicguns and cannon. If we believe toria Nyanza, presumably to pick part of this, it is not because Tip- up the stores so long lying for him poo says it. Our belief is that at Msalala ; that his followers had these two distinguished servants of suffered much from disease and Africau civilisation have, by this privation; that Emiu had come time, made their way through with hiin to Unyora, and that he Uganda to the Victoria Lake, and proposed to rejoin him there—i.e., are now coming down in leisurely at the north-eastend of Victoria, the fashion through our new terri- distance being reckoned at fifteen tory. Further, it is likely that days. The belief above expressed they have formed, or soon will is thus confirmed in a satisfactory forin, a junction with the strong manner, for Unyora is in Kavircaravan sent in from Mombasa, ondo, the western frontier of our under Lieutenant Swayne, some new East African property, and the months ago. Any day, perhaps route the two heroes are taking is before these words can be printed, therefore not the old one by Ujiji, some such tidings may come which would have led them into garding Stanley and Emin. If Wissmann's camp, but a quite new our expectation is justified by the one through Masailand. eveut, then the way which the feet How long is it since they started of so large a caravan will create, from Unyora ? We wish there were connecting the head-waters of the materials for some certainty as to Nile, aud the great sea which feeds that. According to the above teleit, with the coast through British gram, the news contained in which territory, will do more than any- is said to have left the south end thing that has yet taken place to of the lake on December 31st, the give security to the lives of Euro- start might have been made 'at the peaus.

beginning of February, five months The struggle with slavery, if it ago, long enough for the great caramust be sterr, is altogether hope- van to have passed through Masaiful, and need not be of long dura land and to be now encamped on tion. The time has fully como the northern slopes of Kilimanjaro, when the behests of righteousness only 250 miles from the sea Had must be executed, in the name of that been the case, however, surely God and of humanity, upon the tidings would have been expressed miscreants who are enslaving, mu- down to Mombasa. We do not tilating, murdering men, woinen, know what difficulties may beset the and children, at the rate of two movements of so large a body, inmillions & - year, destroying vast cluding many women and children fields of lawful commerce, and and through countries where the frustrating every philanthropic man-stealers are once more in ad enterprise.

vance of them. Besides, there

arrived yesterday afternoon a very Postscript, June 18th. - While perplexing telegram, coaveying

— these pages were passing through news that left Ujiji on the 10th the press an important telegram' of March.

of March. According to this,

Stanley “intends forcing his way his being brought to justice. He with Emin through Masailand to is supposed to be under the jurisMombasa,” which is our expecta- diction of the Congo Free State, tion again confirmed almost in so in which case he could be handed many words. But it appears that over to its authorities. It is probTippoo Tip has “met with Stanley,” able, however, that his ill-starred and had announced his intention relations to that State have ceased of being in Zanzibar in November. by this time (see pp. 147, 148, This is not good news. There can supra), in which case it would fall now be no doubt whatever, as has to the British representatives at been shown above, of the cruel Zanzibar to take action against the treachery of the

of the Governor of man who gave orders for the Stanley Falls; and we would murder of Major Barttelot. again earnestly urge that public Unless some great disaster has attention should be given without befallen the caravan, Stanley and delay to the simple and truthful Emin must now be far on their narrative of Mr Werner in chap- way to us. What is quite certain ters ix., X., xi., and xiii. of the is, that another_large tract of volume quoted above. We can country, where Europeans have hardly believe that Tippoo will not been since 1861 and 1862, venture into Zanzibar of his own when Speke and Grant followed free will, placing the barrier of the Nile out of the inland sea Wissmann's military operations on which creates it the country beland and of the joint-blockade at tween the Nile and Kavirondom sea between him and his happy has been crossed ; and thus Stanhunting-grounds. But it is just ley will håve to tell us fully, what possible that he might carry brav we partly know from his letters, ado so far, and the public opinion of the way from the Congo to of Zanzibar regarding slavery is the Albert Lake, of the advenexceedingly debased in comparison tures he has met with between the with that of Britain. It is there Albert Lake and the Victoria, and fore of the most urgent importance of his march through Masailand that his true character and deeds --an immense addition to our should be fully known, in order to knowledge.

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THE revelations from prison life of our prisons an indescribable which we have been allowed to charm, such as could hardly be bring to light in these pages, have found in any other form of altruism not unnaturally drawn forth vari- that may be open to us. ous expressions of opinion on the The realism and energetic truthsubject, which we are glad to have seeking of this nineteenth century an opportunity of refuting in so have, as we are all well aware, far as we hold them to be mis caused a widespread awakening taken.

to the inscrutable problems in the The first strong impression con- condition of humanity which surveyed by the recital of scenes round us on every

side. The from a Silent World seems to have complicated evils that beset our been that work which implies race are patent enough to all continual association with the observers, but the difference of lowest and vilest of criminals must opinion among thoughtful persons be to the last degree depressing as to the remedies which might be and distasteful, and even to some attempted for them simply offers extent demoralising. There is to us contrasts of a truly bewiltruth in this idea only as regards dering description. The most be the pain which must always be neficent schemes are represented as felt in witnessing the sufferings dọing more harm than good—while and errors of our fellow-creatures, even the old-fashioned virtues of whatever may be their position charity and almsgiving are dein the social scale ; but there is nounced as - mischievous to the another aspect of the case which recipients, and fatal to the good gives to labour among the tenants of the community. There is no


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