The Evolving Landscape of Media and Communication in Hong Kong

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City University of HK Press, 30 лист. 2018 р. - 308 стор.

Over the last twenty years Hong Kong society has witnessed dramatic change, and nowhere is this better reflected than in the realm of media and communications. Across the fields of journalism, public relations and advertising, we can see the changing trends in terms of audience consumption and interaction. From technological developments to the shift in audience participation, the expectations and functions of these professions have been greatly altered.

While many of these changes are occurring worldwide, within Hong Kong the processes of change have been further complicated by recent social and political events. Through a selection of essays by field experts, this volume explores the evolution of media itself as well as the complex causes underlying these developments. It identifies not only the difficulties and opportunities for media professionals today, but also the evolving role of the audience.


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Communication and Society
The Landscape of Newspapers in Hong Kong
English Press and Magazines in Hong Kong
and Public Participation on TV Journalism in Hong Kong
The Emergence of Internet Media in Hong Kong
Social Media in Hong Kongs Changing Ecology
Social Media Use in Hong Kong
Animated News and Credibility
Media Change and the State of the Advertising Industry
Creative Professionals Perceptions of Creativity
Attitudes towards Advertising
Public Complaints against Advertising
Media and Populations in Hong Kong
An Overview of Health Communication Research
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A Report on Public Evaluations of Media Credibility

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Yu Huang is a Professor in the School of Communication at Hong Kong Baptist University.  His research areas cover mass media in Hong Kong and Mainland China, the political economy of the media, and social theories of media studies.

Yunya Song is an Associate Professor in the Department of Journalism and Director of the AI and Media Research Lab at Hong Kong Baptist University. Her research focuses on the areas of global communication, online social networks, and media sociology.

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