Lectures on History, and General Policy; to which is Prefixed, an Essay on a Course of Liberal Education for Civil and Active Life. By Joseph Priestley, ...

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Pearson and Rollason, 1788 - 548 стор.

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Сторінка 399 - No regulation of commerce can increase the quantity of industry in any society beyond what its capital can maintain. It can only divert a part of it into a direction into which it might not otherwise have gone...
Сторінка 6 - ... his judgment; he may acquire the faculty and the habit of discerning quicker, and looking farther; and of exerting that flexibility and steadiness which are necessary to be joined in the conduct of all affairs that depend on the concurrence or opposition of other men.
Сторінка 134 - The proportion, however, between the shilling and either the penny on the one hand, or the pound on the other, seems not to have been so constant and uniform as that between the penny and the pound. During the first race of the kings of France, the French sou or shilling appears upon different occasions to have contained five, twelve, twenty, and forty pennies. Among the...
Сторінка 468 - The accounts of all travellers, inconsistent in many other respects, agree in the low wages of labour, and in the difficulty which a labourer finds in bringing up a family in China. If by digging the ground a whole day he can get what will purchase a small quantity of rice in the evening, he is contented.
Сторінка 312 - These, while fired with glory and emulation, can bear the fatigues and dangers of war; but never would submit to languish in the garrisons of Hungary or Lithuania, forgot at court, and sacrificed to the intrigues of every minion or mistress who approaches the prince.
Сторінка 405 - If money be above the proportion of induftry, it will have no effect in raifing prices, nor will it enter into circulation. It will be hoarded up in treafure, where it muft wait not only the defire of the proprietor to confume, but of the induftrious to fatisfy that defire. There never can therefore remain in circulation more than a quantity nearly proportionate to the eonfumption of the rich, and the induftry of the poorf.
Сторінка 512 - Italian republics, and (its taxes being probably less judicious than theirs) it has, in proportion to its natural strength, been still more enfeebled. The debts of Spain are of very old standing.
Сторінка 138 - ... be reckoned thirty times cheaper than it is now. In the reign of William the Conqueror commodities were ten times cheaper than they are at prefent ; from which we cannot help forming a very high idea of the wealth and power of that king. For...
Сторінка 377 - It appears, accordingly, from the experience of all ages and nations, I believe, that the work done by freemen comes cheaper in the end than that performed by slaves.

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