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of all laws human and divine, be natural for many to ask and, to the eternal disgrace of How came this peace to be their country and their colour, interrupted ? To this inquiry then mounted their horses, it may be answered,' that huzzaed in triumph, as if they several causes cooperated to had obtained a victory, and produce the deplorable result; rode off unmolested !

but the principal cause was “ The bodies of the murder- this-an inundation of foreigned were then brought out, ex

came into the province posed in the street till a hole with the principles and spirit could be made in the earth to of war, and excluded the Quareceive and cover them. But kers from that share in the 'the wickedness cannot be government which they had covered, and the guilt will lie formerly possessed. on the whole land till justice The presbyterians, who is done to the murderers. The murdered the harmless tribe, blood of the innocent will cry are represented as deluded to heaven for vengeance.”

fanatics. Under the influence “But these people, being of a malignant enthusiasm they chiefly presbyterians, seem to destroyed their

destroyed their poor Indian think they have a better justi- brethren an acceptable fication-nothing less than the sacrifice to the FATHER OF word of God. With the

But how dreadful Scriptures in their hands and is that delusion which led promouths, they can set at nought fessed Christians to believe that express command— Thou that God could be pleased to shalt do no murder,' and justify see them engaged in murdertheir wickedness by the com- ing his heathen children ! this mand given to Joshua to des

delusion however was not controy the heathen ! Horrid per- fined to the 57 murderers of version of Scripture and re

the Conestogoe tribe, it was ligion ! to father the worst of spread in a greater or less decrimes on the God of love and gree over the other provinces.

It became, : also, a kind of The name neither of the hereditary disease, which perwriter nor the printer was haps has not been wholly exgiven with this Narrative, but terminated to this day. There the Historian says they were

are now not many of our supposed to be as nearly countrymen who would apconnected as FRANKLIN and prove the massacre in PennHALL.”

sylvania ; but is it'certain that As this horrid massacre

the wars with the Indians in took place in Pennsylvania, our own time will appear less and as it is known that the abhorrent to future generareligious principles and pa- tions, than the massacre of the cific policy of William Penn friendly tribe does to us? We had occasioned peace for 70 blush for deluded men who years between the white could so wantonly extermin. people and the Indians; it will ate a harmless people. Why

peace !!!




not blush for the rence of all good men ? Yet butcheries of our age ? How low many hundreds of instanoften have rulers authorized ces might be collected from the invasion of provinces, with history, in which murders of as little justice and as little the innocent, equally atrocious cause of offence, on the part and inhuman, have been orderof the invaded, as there was ed by rulers, who bore the in the case of the massacre in name of Christians, and still Lancaster county !

gloried in such horrible ex. Will any plead that the per- ploits. petrators of this atrocious deed Wanton butcheries of the had no authority from any gove innocent, in the wars of rulers, ernment for what they did, are regarded as things of and that this makes an course, as unavoidable events, sential difference between and always to be expected. their conduct and the usual The people of each nation have murders of the innocent in been disposed to excuse them time of war ? Let it then be in their own troops, or to cover supposed, that the same harm- them with a cloud of military less tribe had been slaughter- glory. But such clouds will be ed by an order of some gov- dispersed ; the Sun of righteernment: would this order ousness and peace will shine ; hare rendered the deed less and the murders of war will unjust and horrible ? If it yet appear in their true col. would in any degree have ours. Then the instigators of abated the criminality of the such scenes of barbarity and immediate agents, would it violence, will be numbered not also have exposed the with the bewildered wretches rulers who ordered the slaugh- who murdered the Conesto. ter to the just - vengeance of Heaven, and to the abhor

goe Indians,

WHEREFORE DO THE WICKED LIVE AND PROSPER ? THERE is scarcely any topic consistent with the rectitude which has been more frequent- of divine government to dis. ly the subject of doubtful and tribute favors with a promisanxious contemplation, or has cuous hand to the just and the given rise to more bold and unjust. Why, say they, is unjustifiable speculations con- not sentence against an evil cerning the moral govern- work speedily executed? Why ment of God, than the little are bold, offenders permitted regard which

seems to be to trample with impunity on paid to personal character in every moral and religious the distribution of temporal right? Why is successful enjoyments. Men frequently villainy allowed to insult the indulge the sentiment, and tears, and riot in the distresses sometimes have not hesitated of humble and injured inno. to affirm, that it is utterly in- gence?

A little reflection will con- men, being obliged to trust his vince us that there is nothing happiness to the caprice of in the circumstances attending every person with whom he is the condition of the unright- connected. Perhaps he may eous that can impair our con- .be endued with the robes of fidence in the moral govern

office and abound in the pos.. ment of God. We do not session of wealth, and yet be however deny that' success liable to have the exclamation frequently attends the wicked forced from him all this and that they thrive with all availeth me nothing,” merely the luxuriance of the green because some Mordecai withbay tree. But it is neverthe. holds his tribute of respect. less certain that men do not Who would accept the mi. sufficiently discriminate be- ser's wealth, if he must also tween the means of happiness possess the miser's soul ?and happiness itself. A man Doomed to suffer the most abmay have all those possessions ject poverty in the midst of that are usually means of hap- profusion—to be pointed at a. piness, and yet be completely broad, and to be distracted at wretched. For it is the mind home by the contending pasonly which can furnish the sions of desire and fear. The principles of real enjoyment. sons of riot and dissipation Can popular applause confer may deceive the unthinking any happiness on the wretch multitude by their noisy mirth, who is oppressed with the re- but it is like the irrational and morse and fearful apprehen- frenzied joy of the maniac sions of a guilty conscience ? who dances to the music of his Will the recollection of vast chains. Guilty indulgencies possessions soothe the guilty will be succeeded by the pangs mind trembling at the near of remorse-and it will gen• prospect of the opening tomb? erally be found that the obe Conscience will arraign the 'servation of a heathen philosculprit at her bar, and subject opher is perfectly correcthim to the penalties of a spir- “As malefactors," he says, it wounded with remorse and 66 when they go to punishment wrung with despair. In fact, carry their own cross, so wickthere is scarcely any crime edness generally carries its whose indulgence does not own torment with it." contain the seeds of its own We see then that punishpunishment. The votaries of znent overtakes the wicked in licentious pleasure purchase a this life, much more frequenttransient gratification at the ly than is usually imagined. expense of their health and

But even admitting what is fortune. The envious man is frequently asserted, that bad continually wounding himself men do not come into trouble with the thorns which he has more than others ; still we planted in his own pillow. He can discover reasons abún. who indulges a spirit of pride dantly sufficient to satisfy us is the most dependent of all of the propriety of delaying

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their punishment. Indeed if Instead then of murmuring exemplary punishment imme. at the prosperity of the wickdiately succeeded the perpe. ed, or questioning the rectitration of crime, the most vir- lude of that system which pertuous part of society would mits the vicious to exist in be involved in deep and com- the present state, we ought plicated distress.

rather to admire that wonder. Society is a complicated ma. ful forbearance which is exchine, in which almost every ercised in order to produce member sustains a necessary, the happiness and security, although perhaps a humble of the ease and enjoyment of the fice. If you withdraw any, virtuous and the just. But one, even of the subordinate there are other important reaparts, its effect is in a greater sons for the divine forbear. or less degree experienced in other parts of the system. If punishment immediately Suppose then that the moral succeeded the offence, life government of the world were would not be a state of probasuch that the punishment of tion. Man could hardly adthe wicked was not delayed vance his claims to the honour for a moment-suppose you of being a free agent. Acting were constituted a minister of under the influence of immedivine justice, and that, in the diate and tremendous punishwarmth of your indignation, ment, his actions would be you were actually to call down more the effect of constraint fire from heaven on those bold than of choice. His mind transgressors, whom you es- would be so agitated as topreleem worthy of instant de- clude the possibility of delibstruction ; are you

certain eration. He would have no opthat no one else would feel the portunity of displaying the sinweight of your powerful dis- cerity of attachment, or the pleasure ? Is the person whom purity of his motives by a you deprive of existence whol- voluntary and cheerful obedily removed from all the ten

He could not walk by der and necessary connexions faith in the perfections of Jeof life? Are you sure you hovah, but by a slavish fear of have not broken the most im- of his displeasure. Instead of portant link in that chain from a tender and indulgent Benewhich was suspended the fond- factor, God would rather apest wishes and fairest expec- pear to him a stern and im. tations of many who are more placable Judge and Execuconspicuous for their virtues, tioner. The heart would not than the offender for his sins? be attuned to the tender feelIs it not possible the strongest ings of religion, because fear hopes--the most flourishing would usurp the place of love, prospects and the dearest in- Should the Divine indigterests of an unoffending fam- nation instantly crush the ily, have been buried in the wretch who disobeys, our real ruins of an individual ? character would not display






itself. The disposition of a than 'a mere negative goodman is not to be determined

They would have no by a few individual acts. opportunity of displaying their Good men have sometimes sincerity, their magnanimity, obscured the dignity of their patience, fortitude and forgivereal characters by a few un

They would lose one worthy compliances ; and the ofthe most powerful stimulants most abandoned have by a few to vigilance and exertion. splendid deeds disguised them. They could not exhibit the selves in the robes of angels majesty of virtue by standing of light. But God who reads forth in the worst of times to the secret thoughts of the resist the torrent of vice and heart will judge us by our pre- immorality—to allure by their vailing dispositions. He may example-to reform by their discover reasons which instructions and reproof. Nay wholly removed from our ob- the very vices of the wicked servation, that induce him to may afford useful instruction spare those whom we should to the righteous. They are promptly destroy. They may enabled to avoid the dangers possess correct principles to which they are most exwhich we have not been able posed, by observing the small to recognize. Possibly he beginnings and gradual prowho waits to be gracious per- gress of those vices which ceives that by longer forbear. have ruined many around ance, by gentle apd timely them :-By seeing this man discipline, some latent sparks overwhelmed

with poverty of goodness may be kindled to and disgrace by habitual ina flame. He who is not temperance, which originated, willing that any should perish, in an unguarded indulgence may prolong their existence, of social feelings and merbecause, while life continues, riment;-another abandoned there is a possibility of refore to the grossest profligacy and mation.

impiety, which may be traced The propriety of permitting to a neglect of public worship the wicked to live and prosper and the established duties of will further appear, if we con- religion ;-a third sentenced sider that the present life is to make public reparation to designed to be a state of dis- the laws for acts of fraud and cipline and improvement, to theft, proceeding from an avfit us for more perfect hap- aricious spirit, that was probpiness hereafter. The mixed atly indulged at first in trifling state of society is peculiarly deceptions and petty thefts calculated to answer this pure and so of almost every other pose. The crimes of the crime. They stand as beacons wicked call into exercise some to point out the rocks on which of the noblest virtucs that others have split. Not only adorn the hearts of the righte. this, they frequently render ous. Were it not for this, the virtuous resolutions of the men would possess litile more righteous more strong, by ex

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