Disabled People and Economic Needs in the Developing World: A Political Perspective from Jordan

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Cover -- Half Title -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Contents -- List of Tables -- Preface -- Acknowledgements -- Introduction -- PART I: DISABILITY IN GLOBAL CONTEXT -- 1. Perspectives on Disability -- Introduction -- Approaches to the Analysis of Disability -- Models of Disability -- Definitions of Disability -- Estimates and Causes of Disability -- Conclusion -- 2. Disability and Economic Needs -- Introduction -- The Concept of Human Rights and Disabled People -- Poverty and Disability -- Perspectives on Needs Assessment -- Policy Approaches to Address the Needs of Disabled People -- Rehabilitation Approaches -- Conclusion -- 3. Disability, Islam and the West -- Introduction -- Care or Rehabilitation: An Historical Perspective -- Disability Between East and West -- Disability in Arabic and Islamic Context -- The Impact of Western Culture on Disability in the Developing World -- Conclusion -- 4. Doing Disability Research -- Introduction -- Critique of Disability Research: The Emanicpatory Approach -- Research in Developing Countries: The Participatory Methods -- Doing Disability Research in Jordan: Research Design -- Conclusion -- PART II: DISABILITY THEORY AND PRACTICE IN JORDAN -- 5. Disability Policies and Provisions in Jordan -- Introduction -- Background Information on Jordan and its Social Structure -- The Historical Development of Disability Policy in Jordan -- Services and Provisions Available for Disabled People in Jordan -- Conclusion -- 6. Perceptions of Disabled People Towards Existing Economic Provisions -- Introduction -- Economic Provisions Available for Disabled People -- Background Characteristics of those Interviewed -- Institutional Life of Disabled People in Jordan -- Conclusion -- 7. Economic Aspirations of Disabled People in Jordan -- Introduction -- The Economic Needs, Rights and Priorities of Disabled People in Jordan

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Majid Turmusani: United Nations Office for Project Service, Afghanistan

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