The New sporting magazine, Том 17

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Сторінка 136 - For my part, when I behold a fashionable table set out in all its magnificence, I fancy that I see gouts and dropsies, fevers and lethargies, with other innumerable distempers lying in ambuscade among the dishes.
Сторінка 118 - tis sweet to view on high The rainbow, based on ocean, span the sky. 'Tis sweet to hear the watch-dog's honest bark Bay deep-mouth'd welcome as we draw near home; 'Tis sweet to know there is an eye will mark Our coming, and look brighter when we come...
Сторінка 83 - Because hawking and hunting are very laborious, much riding and many dangers accompany them; but this is still and quiet: and if so be the angler catch no Fish, yet he hath a wholesome walk to the...
Сторінка 152 - As if increase of appetite had grown By what it fed on; and yet, within a month, Let me not think on't: Frailty, thy name is woman!
Сторінка 118 - Where'er I roam, whatever realms I see, My heart, untravell'd, fondly turns to thee ; Still to my friend it turns with ceaseless pain, And drags at each remove a lengthen'd chain.
Сторінка 83 - Silesia, he found a nobleman, 'booted up to the groins,' wading himself, pulling the nets, and labouring as much as any fisherman of them all: and when some belike objected to him the baseness of his office, he excused himself, 'that if other men might hunt hares, why should not he hunt carps?
Сторінка 135 - What would that philosopher have said had he been present at the gluttony of a modern meal? Would not he have thought the master of a family mad, and have begged his servants to tie down his hands, had he seen him devour fowl, fish, and flesh...
Сторінка 9 - Carpe diem,' Juan, 'Carpe, carpe!' To-morrow sees another race as gay And transient, and devoured by the same harpy. 'Life's a poor player,' - then 'play out the play, Ye villains!' and above all keep a sharp eye Much less on what you do than what you say: Be hypocritical, be cautious, be Not what you seem, but always what you see.
Сторінка 371 - Basks in the glare, or stems the tepid wave, And thanks his gods for all the good they gave. Such is the patriot's boast, where'er we roam, His first, best country, ever is at home.
Сторінка 60 - ... love is none below) : As often as my dogs with better speed "" Arrest her flight, is she to death decreed : Then with this fatal sword, on which I...

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