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If man were meant to fly God would have given him wings. Man was greater than the critics and created his wings. At no time has imagination begotten life. Imagination creates images and ideas, life and man creates life. At some time mans imagination created God to account for as well as preside over the operatons of life. From that time to the present man creates and sustains God despite the warning from God. Is this evidence that man must continue to do wrong to give meaning to his God? Initiation is a synthesis of life, the images of life and the fallacies that distort the two. Initiation is also the tool that reveals life, the images of life, and the fallacies that distort the two. My task is not to preach what to believe in but to offer a steadfast reference by which ones beliefs may be measured. If we start with the premise that all questions have rationally correlative answers then we have a means to negotiate perception, misconception, and delusion. Without continued evaluation we take forward outdated ideals that slow our progress, spread falsehoods, and reveal our ignorance. This is why we must not abandon the quest for truth, for when we do, we cheat ourselves, we limit ourselves, and we fool ourselves into believing our final thoughts. We must take our theories and place them up against all contrary ideas and see if they are just in their positions. When we accept an answer as the greater of other unreasonable answers we may continue to move but the journey will be lateral, only revealed truth can take us to new heights in our development... Truth will stand under all conditions.

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