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port, 524.

ABERDEEN, proceedings respecting the late Bruce, King Robert the, discovery of his

election of magistrates there, 106, 352. tomb, 104.
Accidents, melancholy one, near Dumfries, Bruges, the Minstrel of, an old French story,

104.-Distressing one at Airdrie, 349. 661.
Melancholy one at South Queensferry, Buchan, Earl of, remarks on his anonymous

351.-and at a coal-pit near Glasgow, ib. and fugitive essays, 515.
Acted Drama in London, notices of, No IV. Buchanan, George, observations on the writ-
77.—No V. 207.No VI. 329.

ings of, 251.
Alkali, discovery of a new one, 95. Burgh reform, Scottish, lists of burghs who
Alpina and the Old Indian, 282.

have or have not stirred in the cause of,
Altham and his wife, a tale, remarks on, with their relative populations, 107.

Byron, Lord, criticism on his fourth canto
Anecdotes of the Fife gypsies, 14, 393. of Childe Harold, 216.
Of Philoxenus of Cythera, 652.

Byron, Scott, and Wordsworth, on the poe-
Antara, remarks on Menil's edition of, 513. tical talents of, 369.
Apparition, story of one, 705.

Caithness, iron and copper discovered in,
Appointments, Promotions, &c. 109, 236, 472-3. Singular account, by an old
361, 488, 621, 730.

writer, of the inhabitants and productions
Aquinas, Thomas, Hume charged with of, 674.
plagiarism from, 655.

Calumnies against the living, remarks on,
Aristophanic comedy, remarks on the, 152. 388.
Assembly, General, of Scotland, proceedings Canals, commencement of one to connect
of, 352.

Edinburgh and Glasgow, 105.
Athenæus, selections from, No I. 650. Cassandra, (from the German of Schiller)
Bacon, Lord, observations on Mr Macvey 153.

Napier's essay on his writings, 657. Cathedral church of St Giles, Dilettanti
Baird, Principal, report by, on the manage committee's report on the plans for its re-
ment of the poor in Scotland, 320.

pair, 408.-Letter occasioned by the re-
Banker, the mad, of Amsterdam, 402, 530.
Bankrupts, alphabetical list of English and Cavern, discovery of an extensive one in

Scotch, 114, 241, 358, 485, 625, 731. Persia, 340.
Banks for savings in Scotland, abstract of Chalmers, Rev. Dr, letter to, on his writ-
the proposed bill for protecting, 68.

ings in the Edinburgh Review, 155.
Beet-root, result of the experiments in Charles I. of England, and Louis XVI. of

France, to produce sugar from, 611. France, comparison of their characters by
Beggar's Opera, proposed reform of the, Madame de Stael, 638.

Charlotte, Princess, verses on the death of,
Bellamira, a tragedy, notice of, 207.

Beppo, letter to the author of, 323.

Childe Harold, fragment of a fifth canto of,
Bernacle, or Tree-goose, strange fictions re 201.-Notes to, 202.-Review of the

corded in the early history of this bird, fourth canto of, 216.

Christian Wolf, a German freebooter, in-
Biographical notices of William Russell, teresting account of, 679.
LL. D. 398.

Chromate of iron discovered in Shetland,
Biot, M., his observations to determine the 463.
figure of the earth, 463.

Circuit court, Stirling, distressing case of
Births, list of, 118, 244, 363, 492, 629, murder in, 232.-Dumfries, trial of a

juvenile pick-pocket, 233.-Trial and
Blue stocking, an ancient one, 516.

condemnation of John Lissens, for high-
Boyd, Zacharie, notice of his " Last Battel

way robbery, ib.
of the Soule," 283.

Clubs, account of some curious ones in Lon,
Brande and Kidd, remarks on their writings, don, 552.-1. The Virtuoso's club, 553.

-II. The Order of the Golden Fleece
Brewster, Dr, description of his invention III. The No Nose club, 554.-IV. The

of the kaleidoscope, 121.-History of Surly club.-V, The club of Ugly Faces,
the kaleidoscope, with remarks on its sup 555.
posed resemblance to other inventions, Clyde, trade of, 481.

Coal-gas, improvement in the purification
Brownrigg, Sir R., Sanscrit ode in honour of, *220.--Cities lighted with, in Bri.
of, 460.

tain, 724. Portable apparatiis, ib.

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court, 106.

Cockney School of Poetry, No III. 453.- Edinburgh Review, letters to the supporters
No IV. 519.

of the, 155_No. I. to the Rev. Dr Chal-
Coleridge, Mr, remarks on some passages in

mers, ib.
his Biographia Literaria, 653.

Elliston, Mr, remarks on his acting, 329.
Comet, a new one discovered at Marseilles, English Poets, Hazlitt's lectures on, No

II. Burns and the old ballads, 71.
of 1811, account of the, 338. English in Paris, the, 446.
Commercial Reports, 112, 238, 356, 480, English Dramatists, essays on the early, 556.
622, 732.

Escape, remarkable one, of a soldier from
Confession, remarkable one of a murder, the Black-feet Indians, 45.

Essays, fugitive and anonymous, of the Earl
Court of Session, proceedings in, respecting of Buchan, 515.-On the early English

the Edinburgh election of magistrates, Dramatists, 556.
105, 106.-Regarding the elections at Eye, newly discovered membrane in the,
Inverness and Aberdeen, 106.

Cow-tree, account of a tree so called by Fairies, the, a dreamlike remembrance of a
Humboldt, 724.

dream, 30.
Craniologist's Review, the, No I. Napoleon's Fame, on the influence of the love of, on

head, 146.—No II. Greek heads, 298. Genius, 701.
No III. Oliver Cromwell, 300.—No IV. Farming, moral effects of overseers on farm
Franklin, ib.-No V. Voltaire, ib.

servants, 83.
Crim. Con. trial for, in the Edinburgh jury Fiction, on the use of the preternatural in

works of, 648.
Crimes, hints to speculators on the increase Fife gypsies, anecdotes of the, 14, 393.
of, 176.

Fire, destruction of a ship by, 105.
Cromwell, Oliver, craniological view of his Fluids, on the boiling point of, 611.
head, 300.

Fortune-telling, instance of swindling under
Crystallized tin, a new discovery in art, 34). pretence of, 236.
Currents, remarks on, 579.

Fox and Pitt, sketch of, by Baron Von
Cuttle-fish, colossal, on W.'s account of Lauerwinkel, 456.
the, 204.

France, history of a six weeks' tour through,
Deaf and Dumb Institution, Edinburgh, re review of, 412.
port of, for 1818, 425.

Franklin's head, craniological view of, 300.
Deaths, lists of, 119, 245, 364, 493, 629, Fudge Family in Paris, the, review of a

publication so entitled, 129.
Dilettanti, report of their committee on Mr Gas, cities lighted with by authority of Par-

Elliott's plans for repairing St Giles's liament, 724.–Portable gas apparatus, ib.
church, Edinburgh, 408.-Letter occa General Assembly, meeting of the commis-
sioned by the report, &c. 524.

sion of the, 230.--Proceedings of the as-
Drama, acted, in London, notices of, No sembly, 352.

IV. 77.-No V. 207.-No VI. 329. Genius, on the influence of the love of
Dramatists, essays on the early English fame on, 701.
ones, No V. 556.

Germany, letters on the present state of,
Dresden, on the great Madonna of, 562. Letter I., 24.-Ferment in the national
Dress, remarks on, 301.-On that of the mind of the Germans, ib. Every liberty
days of Queen Elizabeth, 534.

enjoyed of thought and writing except on
Dunfermline, tomb of Robert the Bruce politics, 25.-Effects of the late wars in
discovered there, 104.

illuminating the minds of the Germans,
Earth, the, Biot's observations to determine 27.- Privileges of the nobility of, galling
the figure of, 463.

to the people, 28.- Probability of a re-
Earthquakes on the continent, and in Eng volution being effected without outrage or
land, 37.

resistance, 29.
Echo, in two poetical dialogues, 55. Glasgow, letter from, 56.
Edinburgh, proceedings respecting a chal.

manufactures of, 481.
lenged election of magistrates of, 105,

Chronicle, remarks on its treat.
106.—Commencement of a canal to con ment of Mrs Grant, 57, 187.
nect it and Glasgow, ib.-Resolutions of Gosschen's diary, extracts from, 596.
the guildry of, on the subject of the Lord Grant, Mrs, on the liberties taken with her
Advocate's bill for regulating Scotch literary character in the Glasgow Chroni.
burghs, 235.—On the late musical festi cle, 57, 187.
val in, and its consequences, 268.-Dilet- Greek heads, craniological view of, 299.
tanti committee's report on the plans for Gwyn, letter from the celebrated Nell, 547.
the repair of St Giles'-church, 408.-Re- Gypsies of Fife, anecdotes of the, 14, 393.
port of the Deaf and Dumb Institution in, Harvest, the, neither retarded nor accelerat-
425.—Letter occasioned by the Dilettanti • ed by an early or late spring, 229.
committee's report on the repair of St Haüyne, description of a mineral nearly re-
Giles's church, 524.-On the state of mu. sembling, found in the island of Tiree,
sic in, 538.


Hazlitt's lectures on English Poetry-On Letter second, from an Old Indian Officer,
Burns and the old ballads, 71.

Hazlitt and Jeffrey, on the literary and cri. from Glasgow, in reply to that from
tical talents of, 303.

Nicol Jarvie, 66.
cross-questioned, 550.

from the celebrated Colin M'Lauris,
Heat, on the measure of temperatures, and 127.
the laws of the communication of, 724.

from Andrew Fairservice to Dr Nicol
Hogg, James, the Ettrick shepherd, a He Jarvie, 185.
brew melody, by, 90.

from a friend of Mrs Grant, with
Horæ Cambricæ, No I. 448.

note by the Editor, 187.
Hora Cantabrigienses, No I. 548.

from Z. to Leigh Hunt, King of
Hospital scene, dreadful one in Portugal, 87. the Cockneys, 196.
Hume, David, and Samuel Johnson, com-

to the veiled conductor of Black-
pared, 511.

wood's Magazine, 211.
charged with plagiarism from of Petrarch to Posterity, 313.
Aquinas, 655.

to the author of Beppo, 323.
Hunt, Leigh, letter from Z. to, 196.

to a Politician, written after the
Huttonian and Wernerian disputants, a conclusion of the war, 381.
word to the rival, 583.

to Sir H. Steuart of Allanton, from
Jardine, Professor, review of his Outlines of the author of the “ Vindication of the
Philosophical Education, 420.

Memory of the Somervilles," 438.-Re-
Jarvie, Nicol, letter to, from Andrew Fair. marks on the letter, 709.
service, 185.

froin the celebrated Nell Gwyn, 517.
Jeffrey, Francis, Esq. letter of Timothy from an English Officer to a friend
Tickler to, 75.

in Liverpool, 565.
Jeffrey and Hazlitt, on the literary and cri. to Professor Laugner, from Von
tical talents of, 303.

Lauerwinkel, 689.
Jcw of Malta, remarks on Marlow's play of,

of Timothy Tickler, to various lite

rary characters, 75, 461, 527.
Increase of crimes, hints to speculators on Literary and Scientific Intelligence, 95,
the, 176.

*219, 338, 471, 611, 723.
Interesting narrative of the taking of the Literature, remarks on Schlegel's History
island of Timor in 1811, 306.

of, 497.
Inverness election of magistrates, process in

of a national character in, 707.
the Court of Session regarding, 106. Lithography, on the art of, report of a Com.
Johnson, Samuel, and David Hume, com mittee of the French Academy of Fino
pared, 511.

Arts, 725.
Iron, chromate of, discovery of extensive Lissens, John, trial of, for highway robbery,
veins of, in Shetland, 463.

Ivan, the tale of, (translated from the Cor Locusts in India, devastations committed
nish) 169.

by, 339.
Justiciary, High Court of, trial of a clergy- London, account of some curious clubs in,

man for celebrating clandestine marriage, about the beginning of last century, 552.
108. Of a juvenile gang of thieves in Louis XVI. and Charles I. comparative
Edinburgh, ib.

characters of, 638.
Kaleidoscope, description of the, 121.-His. M'Konochie, Captain, details respecting the

tory of, and remarks on its resemblance Philippine Islands, by, 676.-Summary
to other inventions, 331.

view of the commerce, &c. of the Shores
Kean, Mr, remarks on his acting, 77.

of the Pacific Ocean, by, 695.
Kidd and Brande, remarks on their writ. M.Laurin, the celebrated Colin, letter of,
ings, 277.

Klopstock, translation from the German of, Madonna, the Great, of Dresden, remarks

on, by Von Lauerwinkel, 562.
Knights Errant, the, No II. 32.-No III. Magic Lanthern, Time's, No II.-Galilee

in the Inquisition, 3.No III. Rem-
Körner, translation from the German of, brandt's work shop, 4-No IV. Bun-

yanus Obsessus, or a tift with Apollyon,
Kraken, remarks on W.'s account of the, 137.-No V. Dialogue between Lord

Bacon and Shakspeare, 270.—No VI.
Lake School of Poetry, Essays on the, No I. Johnson's Midnight Walk, 274.–No

VII. Adam Smith and a Highland Laird,
Lamb, Charles, review of the works of, 599. 419.
Lauerwinkel, Baron Von, description by, Margaret, Queen of Navarre, comparison

of Fox and Pitt, 456.-His remarks on between her and a modern Blue Stocking,
the Great Madonna of Dresden, 562.

His letter to Professor Laugner, 689. Market Tables, 115, 242, 359, 486, 625,
Laugner, Professor, letter to, from Baron 734.

Von Lauerwinkel, on his writings in the Marlow's Jew of Malta, remarks on, 208.
Köningsberg Review, 689.

Marriage, a novel, review of, 286.

ca, 723.

um, 95.

Marriages, lists of, 118, 245, 364, 492, 628, Platinum, mass of, found in South Ameri-

Menil's edition of Antara, remarks on, 513. Poetry, verses on the death of the Princess
Metal, a new one discovered, called seleni Charlotte, 5.—The Fairies, 30.-Sonnet

to John Carnegy, Esq. 58.-On Carmel's
Meteorological establishment at St Bernard, Brow, a Hebrew melody, 90.--Humo-
description of, 97.

rous description of shipwreck by drink,
Reports, 116, 243, 359, 487, 141.-Fragment of a fifth canto of Childe
626, 735.

Harold's Pilgrimage, 201.—The Herald,
Metrical versions of the Psalms, remarks on, 211.-Notices to Correspondents, 248.-
63, 178.

Account of an Oxford Examination, 280.
notices to correspondents, 248. -The Mad Banker of Amsterdam, 402,
Minerals, discovery of new ones, 472, 473. 530.-From the German of Klopstock,
Minstrel, the, of Bruges, version of the old 416.Of Körner, 417.-And of Schiller,
French story of, 661.

418.-Sanscrit Ode, 460.
Montagu, Mr, Horace Walpole's letters to, on the Lake School of, No I. 369.

on the Cockney School of, No III.
Mountains, method of ascertaining the 453.-No IV. 519.
heights of, 473.

Poor Laws of England, remarks on, 9.
Murderer, remarkable confession of a, 596. in Scotland,

answers to queries respect-
Music, on the state of in Scotland, 255. ing the maintenance of, 11.-Report by

On the state of in Edinburgh, 538. Principal Baird, on the management of,
Napier, Macvey, Esq. observations on his 320.

essay on the writings of Bacon, 657. Popular superstitions in Wales, account of,
Napoleon's Head, the craniologist's review 188.-Witch stories, ib. --Stories of
of, 146.

ghosts, evil spirits, demons, &c. 189.-
National monument for Scotland, proceed Stories of fairies, 190.-Dogs of hell, 192.
ings respecting one, 234.

-Corpse-candles, 193.-The kyhirraeth,
National Character in Literature, remarks 195.
on, 707.

Portugal, horrid hospital scene in, 87.
Natural and revealed religon, dialogues on, Preternatural, on the use of the, in works
No I. 90.-No II. 170.

of fiction, 640.
Observations of M. Biot, to determine the Princess Charlotte, verses on the death of, 5.

figure of the earth, 463.-On Mr Macvey Psalms, remarks on various metrical versions
Napier's essay on the writings of Bacon, of, 63, 178.
651.-On the state of Parties, and the Public Feeling, a few thoughts on, 294.
Edinburgh Review, 715. On a National Publications, Monthly Lists of new ones,
Character in Literature, 707.

101, 225, 344, 476, 617, 728.
Odoherty, Adjutant, account of the life and Queen Elizabeth, on the fashion of dress in
writings of, continued, 51.

the reign of, 534.
Olive Trees, on the raising of, *219. Railways, premium offered by the High-
Optics, new discovery in, 614.

land Society for the improvement and
Othello, remarks on a disputed passage in extension of, 726.
the tragedy of, 8.

Ready Reckoner, the British, review of, 317.
Overseers, effects of, on the morals of farm Red earth, shower of, in Italy, 338.
servants, 83.

Redness of the sea, remarks on the, 339.
Oxford examination, poetical account of an, Religion, natural and revealed, dialogues on,

No I. 90.—No 11. 170.
Pacific Ocean, view of the commerce of the Remarks on the “ Petit Volume" of Mons.
principal shores of, 695.

Say, 58.--On various metrical versions of
Paris, the English in, 446.

the Psalms, 63, 178.-On a publication
Parties, state of, remarks on, 715.On an called " the Fudge Family in Paris," 129.

article on this subject in the Edinburgh -On the Aristophanic comedy, 152.-
Review, 719.

On Horace Walpole's letters to Mr Mon-
Party spirit, remarks on, 129.

tagu, 162.-On the writings of George
Petrarch, letter of, to posterity, 313.

Buchanan, 251.-On the writings of Kidd
Peudemots, M de, extract from the works and Brande, 277.-On dress, 301.-On
of, 46.

Schlegel's history of literature, 497.-On
Phantasmagoria, No I. 213.

Menil's edition of Antara, 513.-On the
Phantasmagoriana, or tales of the dead, 580. anonymous essays of the Earl of Buchan,
Philippine Islands, details respecting the, 515.-On Currents, 579.On the Pose

576.- Review of Captain M.Konochie's thumous Works of Madame de Stael,
statistics of the principal shores of, 695. 633.-On some passages of Mr Cole-
Philosophical education, review of Jardine's ridge's Biographia Literaria, 653.-On
Outlines of, 420.

the state of parties, and the Edinburgh
Photometer, a new invented one, 36.

Review, 715.-On a letter to Sir Henry
Pit and Fox, sketch of, by Baron Von Steuart of Allanton, 709.
Lauerwinkel, 456.

Review of “ The Fudge Family of Paris,"

5 B

129.–Of the fourth canto of Childe Har. mouth, 39.-Of several seen on the coasts
old, 216.-Of Marriage, a novel, 286. of America, 40.-Remarks on Wi's ac.
Of Sienhouse's British Ready Reckoner, count of, 204.
317.-Of Wordsworth's White Doe of Shakrak and the Magician of Constantinople,
Rylstone, 372.-Of a Six Weeks Tour 258.
through France, 412.-08 Outlines of Shakspeare's Sonnets, remarks on, 585.
Philosophical Education, 420.--Of Let- Shipwreck, melancholy one near Slains Cas-
ters from the North Highlands, by E. J. tle, 107.-Humorous description of one
Spence, 428.-Of letters of an English by drink, 141.
commercial traveller in Scotland, 431. Speaker of the House of Commons, a whig's
Of Altham and his wife, a tale, 542. thoughts on the qualifications of a, 141.
Of Tales of my Landlord, 567.-0f the Spence, Miss, and the Bagman, 428.
works of Charles Lamb,599.–Of M‘Kon. Spring, its earliness or lateness, neither
ochie's Statistics, &c. of the principal hastens nor retards the harvest, 229.

Shores of the Pacific Ocean, 695. Stael, Madame de, one of the brightest ore
Review, Edinburgh, letters to the supporters naments of European literature, 633-

of, 155.-State of Parties and the, 715. Observations on her Posthumous Works,
Rhinoceros, experiments to make a mus. ib.-Comparative characters of Charles
ket ball pierce the hide of, 724.

I. and Louis XVI. by, 638.-Her re-
Robertson, Rev. Joseph, trial of, for cele marks on the manners of the English, 645.

brating unlawful marriages, 108. Staffordshire, account of a pseudo-volcano
Rome, “ One Night in,” translated from there, 340.

the French of M. de Peudemots, 47. Steuart, Sir Henry, of Allanton, letter to
Russell, William, LL. D. biographical him, from the author of the “ Vindica-
notice of, 398,

tion of the Memorie of the Somervilles,"
Mr, his reception at Haymarket 438.
Theatre, 588.

Sugar, experiment in France to produce it
Salt, method of making it in the Great Loo from beet root, 611.
Choo Island, 612.

Swindling, in a female fortune-teller, 230.
Savings Banks in Scotland, abstract of a Tales of my Landlord, review of, 567.

proposed bill for the protection of, 68. Tales of the Dead, 580.
Say, Monsieur, remarks on the “ Petit Taste, fragment of an essay on, 21.
Volume" of, 58,

Thoughts on Public Feeling, 294.
Schiller, translations from the German of, Tickler, Timothy, letters of, to various lite-

rary characters, No III. to Francis Jef.
Schlegel's History of Literature, remarks frey, Esq. 75.—No IV. to the Editor of

Blackwood's Magazine, 461.--No V. to
Scientific and Literary Intelligence, 95, the Editor of Blackwood's Magazine, 527.
*219, 338, 471, 611, 723.

Time's Magic Lanthern, No II. 3.-No
Scotch Burghs, bill of the Lord Advocate III. 4.- No IV. 137.-No V. 270.-

for regulating the, 231.-Resolutions of No VI. 274.-No VII. 419.
the guildry of Edinburgh respecting it, Timor, narrative of the taking of, in 1811,

by the ship Hesper, 306.
Scotland, Poor in, answers to queries re Tree Goose, or Bernacle, singular credulity

specting the maintenance of the, 11. respecting the history of this bird, 671.
Burghs in, who have stirred in the cause Truth, the reverie of an enthusiast on, 123.
of reform, and those who have not, with Tythes, thoughts concerning, 147.-A1-
the relative populations, 107.-Answers swers to queries respecting the tythe sys-
to queries respecting the tythe system of tem in Scotland, 149.
Scotland, 149.-Proceedings of the com. Violet Rays, on the magnetising power of,
mission of the General Assembly of the *219.
Church of, 230.- Proceedings of the com- Voltaire's Head, craniological view of, 300.
mittee on the proposed national monu Wales, account of some popular supersti.
ment for, 234.On the state of music in, tions in, 188.
265.—Principal Baird's report on the Wales, New South, discovery of a river in
management of the poor in, 320.- Pro the interior of, 613.
ceedings of the General Assembly of, Walpole, Horace, his letters to Mr Mon.

tagu, 162.-His account of Lord Ferrers'
Scott, Wordsworth, and Byron, on their se murdering his own stewart, and of his
veral merits as poets, 369.

trial, &c. 165.
Sebastians, St, account of the storming of, War, letter to a politician on the policy and
by an English officer, 565.

termination of the late one in Europe,
Second Sight, remarkable instance of, 18. 381.
Selections from Athenæus, No 1. 650. Water Spouts, observations on, *220.
Serpent, great sea one, on the history of the, Wernerian and Huttonian disputants, the

33.-- Accounts of some seen on the coast rival, a word to, 583.
of Norway, 34.-Of one on the coast of Whigs and Tories, choice between a stupid
Scotland, 37. Of one seen near Ply young Tory and a clever young Whig,

on, 497.

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