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per 70 lbs. 80 to 88 English .




Beans. 1st,...... 44s. Od. 1st,......41s. Od. 1st,...... 27s. Od. 1st,...... Os. Od. 1st,...... Os. Od. 2, ......42s. Od. 2d, ......37s. Od. 2d,. .24s. Od. 2d, Os. Od. 2d,

...... Os. Od. 3d, ......38s. Od. 3d,......31s. Od. 3d,.. .21s. Od. 3d,...... Os. Od. | 3d, Os. Od.

Average price, £1: 19:9:7-12ths.
Note.-The boll of wheat, beans, and pease, is about 4 per cent. more than half a quarter,

or 4 Winchester bushels ; that of barley and oats nearly 6 Winchester bushels.
London, Corn Exchange, Scpt. 4.

Liverpool, Sept. 5.
8. d. s. d.

$. d. $. d. 8.

Rice, p.cwt. to Foreign Wheat, 60 to 70 White Pease . 68 to 76

11 0 to 12 6 Flour, English, Fine 72 to 74 Boilers ... New ...


12 0 to 12 6 p.280lb.fine -Superfine .. 76 to 78 Small Beans 70 to 86


to New 80 to 82 -Tick.

10 9 to 11 6-Seconds 65 to 70

Welch 11 0 to 11 6-Irish ... to English, White, -Fine . 72 to 78

Irish (old) New 64 to 74-New.... 82 to

8 6 to 10 0 American ..46 0 to 48 O -New

39 0 to 41 0

11 0 to 19 0 --Sour - Fine .. 76 to 79 Feed Oats ... 26 to 30

Dantzic • 12 0 to 19 6 Clover-seed, p. bush. -Superfine . . 82 to 81 -Fine . 31 to 32

Wisinar .. 11 9 to 12 3 White

to Rye (new) . . 42 to 50 – Poland ... 30 to 32

to Barley (new)

American. 11 to 11 9 - Red
• 40 to 50

32 to 36
48 to 51 -Potato 33 to 35

Quebec . . 11 0 to 11 3 Oatmeal, per 240 lb. -Superfine

40 0 to 45 0 53 to 66 - Fine 38 to 40 Barley, per 60 libs.


English. Mult, ..... 66 to 80 Fine Flour, 70 to 75

7 0 to 8 6 Scotch ... 38 0 to 400 Soutch

- to -Fine

65 to 70

Irish .. 82 to 86 --Seconds

... 33 0 to 38 0

Irish Hog Pease(new)60 to 66 Bran : .. 17 to 18

€ 6 to 70

Butter, Beef, &c. Maple .....66 to 68 Fine Pollard · 16 to 40 Malt p. 9gls. 11 6 to 13 0

Rye, per qr.

Butter, per cwt. s. S*

Sceds, fc.-Sept. 8.

12 0 to 50 0 Belfast

138 to 0 Oats, per 45 lb. Newry 136 to

0 4 6 to 5 0 Drogheda o to

0 Mustard, Brwn, 15 to 24 Hempseed 70 to 76 Welsh

... 4 3 to 4 7 Waterford (new) 0 to 0 -White ....7 to 17 Linseed, crush. 65 to 75 Scotch .. 4 6 to 4 10 Cork, 3d

0 to

0 Tares. . 12 to 17 Ryegrass ....5 to 32 Foreign 4 0 to 4 101-New, 2d, . . 138 to 0 Turnips ... 12 to 20 New Clover,


4 3 to 4 10 Beef, p. tierce 85 to 95 -Red'

-Red, ....
28 to 130 Beans, pr qr.

60 to 67 -Yellow,

to -White 50 to 130 English 80 0 to 84 O Pork, p. brl. 95 to 105 Carraway ..18 to 56 Coriander . . . 18 to 22 Foreign . . 75 0 to 80 o Bacon, per ewt. Canary, 100 to 130 New Trefoil . 14 to 63 Pease, per quar.

-Short middles 70 to 72 Rapeseed, £46 to £52.

- Boiling · 70 0 to 78 01-Long do.

... 0 to 0 Average Prices of Corn of England and Wales, from the Returns received in the Week

ended 29th August 1818. Wheat, 80s. ld.-Rye, 52. 5d.-Barley, 53s. 3d.-Oats, 31s. 3d.-Beans, 70s. 5d.-Pease, 62s. 80.

Oatmeal, 36s. 8d.-Beer or Big, Os. Od.

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Eng. pota.

p. barrel

Average Prices of British Corn in Scotland, by the Quarter of Eight Winchester Bushels,

and Oatmeal, per Boll of 128 lbs. Scots Troy, or 140 lbs. Avoirdupois, of the Four

Weeks immediately preceding the 15th August 1818. Wheat, 67s. 10d.-Rye, 585. 3d.-Barley, 44s. Od.-Oats, 30s. 11d.-Beans, 48s. 10d.-Pease, 49s. 60.

Oatmeal, 25s. 100.--Beer or Big, 39s. 9d.


The month of August commenced with dry weather, which continued with little interruption throughout. Excepting some light showers on the 1st, 7th, 10th, 17th, and 21st, scarcely exceeding in all one tenth of an inch, there fell no rain till the 25th. On that day, and on the 27th and 28th, there fell altogether about half an inch, but the whole quantity still bears a very small proportion indeed to that of August last year. The tem perature of the month has been uniformly elevated, the average being nearly 2 degrees above that of the corresponding month 1817. The Thermometer rose twice above 70, fre. quently to 66, and every day to 60. The Barometer was steady at an elevation of about 30 during the first three weeks, so steady, indeed, that on some days the elevation or depression of the mercury in the space of twelve hours, was imperceptible even in Adie's delicate Barometer. The Hygrometer was also generally high, the average being about 7 degrees above that of August last year. It will be seen from the abstract, that the mean of the maximum and minimum temperatures for the month, differs from that of 10 and 10 only by about three-tenths of a degree; and that the point of deposition, according VOL. III.

5 A

to Anderson's formula, is only about one degree lower than the mean minimum, a quantity altogether inconsiderable, when the prevalence of dry east and north east winds is taken into the account.

... cold,

5th, 1st,

METEOROLOGICAL Table, extracted from the Register kept on the Banks of the Tay, four miles east from Perth, Latitude 56° 25', Elevation 185 feet.

AUGUST 1818.


THERMOMETER. Degrees Mean of greatest daily heat,

64.3 Maximum,

5th day,

75.0 49.1 Minimum,

7th, ::: temperature, 10 A. N. 59.6 Lowest maximum, Ist,

60.0 10 P. M. 53.3 Highest minimum, 4th,

59.5 ... of daily extremes,

Highest, 10 A. M.

69.5 . 10 A. M. and 10 P. M. 56.4 Lowest ditto,

51.0 . 4 daily observations,

Highest, 10 P. M. 5th,

61.0 Whole range of thermometer,

471.0 Lowest ditto 7th, Mean daily ditto,

15.2 Greatest range in 24 hours, 5th, temperature of spring water,

57.3 Least ditto,



Inches, Mean of 10 A. M. (temp. of mer. 61) 29.901 Highest, 10 A. M.

Ilth, .... 10 P. M. (temp. of mer. 61) 29.914 Lowest ditto,

. both, (temp. of mer. 61)
29.907 Highest, 10 P. M.

14th, Whole range of barometer,

4.178 Lowest ditto, Mean daily ditto,

.135 Greatest range in 24 hours, 51st,
Least ditto,

010 HYGROMETER (LESLIE'S.) Degrees. Mean dryness, 10 A. M.


HYGROMETER. Degrees. 10 P. M.


Highest, 10 A. M.
of both,

Lowest ditto,

point of deposition 10 A. M.
49.3 Highest, 10 P.M. 2d,

10 P. M.
46.8 Lowest ditto,

of both,

Highest P. of D. 10 A. M. 5th,

64.0 Rain in inches,

.690 Lowest ditto,

25th, Evaporation in ditto, 2.305 Highest P. Of d. io p. M. 5th,

612 Mean daily Evaporation, .074 Lowest ditto,


WILSON'S HYGROMETER. Mcan dryness, 10 A. M. 31.0 Greatest dryness, 8th, 10 A. M.

13.0 . 10 P. M.

Least ditto, 27th, 10 P.M.

2,0 Fair days 25; rainy days 6. Wind West of meridian 16°; East of meridiap 15.

27th, 30th,



MeteorologICAL Table, kept at Edinburgh, in the Observatory, Calton-hill. N. B.—The Observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock, forenoon, and four o'clock, afternoon. The second Observation in the afternoon, in the first column, is taken by the Register



Barom. Ther.


Ther. Barom. Ther.


Aug. 1



18 {






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M.60 29.793 M.57

Rain morn.
A. 49

.893 A.59

M.65 .973 M.60
A. 45

S.E. Clear.
.888 A. 59
M.68 .759M.59
A. 50 .759 A.59

S. W. Ditto.
M.72 .777 M.631
A. 54

s. W. Cloudy.
.766 A.68
M.75 .692 M.68
.692 A.70

Warm, clear.
M.65 .830 M.66
A.504 .877 A. 65

N.W. Very cble.
M.63 .680 M.63
7{ A. 494 761 A. 61

N.W. Ditto.
M.64 .852 M.65
M.66 .798 M.64


Very warm,
A.662.759 A. 61

M.653 .804 M.61
A. 46 .938 A. 60

E. Cloudy.

.998 M.63
A. 464

.998 A, 62

M.63 .999 4.62

.998 A. 61

M.66° 30,154 M.63
.203 A.63 )

M.65 29.995 M.64
A. 50 .977 A. 63}

.789 A. 61 Cble. Mild.

29.887 M.60

A. 46

Cble. .888 A. 57) showers. M.59

.867 M.58 A. 46 .867 A.57)

IN. Changeable M.65

.872 M.60 Cloudy, A. 45 .865 A. 61

warm. M.65

.865 M.57
A. 45

N.W. Ditto.
.865 A. 59
M.59 .830 M.60
A. 45
.830 A.59

N.W. Ditto showTS
M.59 .905 M.59
A. 44
.905 A.61


.972 M.60
A. 19 .888 A. 60

749 M.581
A. 492
.720 A.58S


.696 M.57
A. 45

.696 A. 57


.579 M.58
A. 47

.529 A.59


,491 M.59
A. 49

W. Clear.
.369 A, 59

.136 M.60
A. 52 .532 A. 60

W, Ditto.
M.60 .530 M.58

Rain fore.
A. 50
.414 A.59


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Ditto. .977 M.64

E. .976 A. 61

A. 48

M.58 .954 M.63
A. 45

.954 A. 60 )


clear after. M.50 .378 M.59 Cloudy, .666 A, 56


showers M.60 .595 M.56

A, 455 456 A. 60

Average of rain at Nelson's monument.7

A. 442

30{ A. 45

15 M.58


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January 30. At Monghur, the lady of Arehibald June 28. At Dunkirk, Samuel Christian, Esq. Dow, Esq. 19th Bengal Infantry, a daughter. of Amsterdam, fourth son of Joseph Christian,

July 13. At Xeres, in Spain, the lady of John Esq. of London, to Georgette Susanne Gregorie, David Gordon, Esq. younger of Wardhouse, Aber youngest daughter of George Gregorie, Esq. of Os deenshire, a son.

tend. 28. In Old Broad-street, London, the lady of July 23. At Ballachroan, John M'Intosh, Esq. of Alexander Gordon, Esq. a son.

Holm, to Jessie, youngest daughter of Bailie Don50. At her mother's house, the Dowager Lady ald M'Pherson, Inverness. De Lawarr, in Saville-row, London, Lady Cather - Captain Crawford, only son of Sir James ine D'Arcy, a son.

Crawford, to Lady Barbara Coventry, fourth daugh31. Mrs Ford, 68, George-street, Edinburgh, a ter of the Earl of Coventry. daughter.

29. At Barrisdale, Colonel Cameron of the 95th, - At Rochdale, the lady of Mr Abraham Wood, or rifle corps, to Miss Macdonnell, only daughter surgeon, three fine children, who, with their moth of Coll Macdonell, Esq. of Barrisdale. er, are doing remarkably well.

August 1. John Toup Nicholas, Esq. a com- At Gibraltar, the lady of Deputy-Commissary- panion of the most honourable military order of General John Mackenzie, a son.

the Bath, and a commander of the royal and miliAugust 1. At Glengyle, Mrs M'Gregor, jun, of tary order of St Ferdinand and of Merit of the Two Glengyle, a son and heir.

Sicílies, a post captain in the royal navy, to Frances 3. At Houghton-le-Spring, Durham, the lady of Anna, eldest daughter of Nicholas Were of LandHope Steuart, Esq, of Ballechin, a daughter. cox, Esq. near Wellington, in Somersetshire.

5. At Edinburgh, the lady of Thomas Macken - G. Ambrose Goddart, Esq. of Swindon-house, zie, Esq. Shandwick place, a son.

to Miss Lethridge, daughter of Sir Thomas Buchles 6. Mrs M‘Hutchen, 60, Nicolson-street, Edin Lethridge, Bart, and niece of Sir Thomas Dalburgh, a daughter.

rymple Hesketh, Bart. 7. At Edinburgh, the lady of James Wedder 3. At Banff, Captain John Charles Griffiths, of bur, Esq. his Majesty's solicitor-general for Scot the 94th regiment, to Miss Elizabeth Blane, daughland, a daughter.

ter of the late Lieutenant-colonel Robert Blane of 8. Mrs Bridges, Duke-street, Edinburgh, a daugh Springfield. ter,

At North Berwick Lodge, Major Madox, of 9. The lady of John Anstruther Thomson, Esq. the 6th Enniskillen dragoons, to Miss Williams. of Charelton, a son.

1. Mr Andrew Peacock, merchant, to Catherine, 11. Mrs William Tenant, jun. 12, Hanover only daughter of Mr Thomas Brown, Canongate, street, Edinburgh, a son.

Edinburgh. 10. At White house, Mrs L. Horner, a daughter.

- At Linton, Henry Dinning, Esq. Newlands, 15. At the house of her mother, Lady Chalmers, Belford, to Miss Grace Rennie, Linton. Sloane-street, Chelsea, the lady of Captain John 4. At Muircote, near Alloa, Alexander Dewar, Mayne, East India service, a son.

Esq. M. D. to Margaret Rosamond Geddes, fourth 16. Mrs Hope Johnstone, a daughter.

daughter of Williain Geddes, Esq. - Mrs Craufuird, Forth-street, Edinburgh, a - At Glasgow, John Stenley Carr, of the 24th daughter.

regiment, to Johanna, daughter of the late John 17. At Edinburgh, the lady of William Robert Wallace, Esq. of Kelly. son, Esq. 75, Great King-street, a daughter.

11. At Braidwood, Mr Andrew Waugh, writer – In Dublin, the lady of the Lord Chancellor, in Edinburgh, to Margaret, third daughter of Geo. a son and heir.

Ferme, Esq. Braidwood. - At Arbuthnot-house, the Viscountess of Ar

At Green Cottage, near Elgin, Lachlan buthnot, a daughter.

Mackintosh, Esq. of Raigmore, to Margaret, 19. In Abercromby-place, Edinburgh, the lady daughter of Sir Archibald Dunbar, Bart. of Northof Edward Seymour, Esq. a son.

field. At Rosiere, near Lyndhurst, the Countess 12. At Fort-William, Thomas Macdonald, Esq. of Erroll, a daughter.

writer there, to Margaret, eldest daughter of the 20. Mrs Ferrier, 45, Northumberland-street,

late Lieutenant-colonel John Cameron of AchnaEdinburgh, a daughter.

saul. 20. In York-place, London, the Countess of At Port Patrick, Dr Andrew Anderson, of Compton, a son.

the 92d regiment of foot, to Anne, second daugh- At Blackheath, the Countess of Huntingdon, ter of Mr James Cairns, writer, Peebles.

It is Lord Huntingdon's intention to com At Lamesley, in the county of Durham, VisInemorate his succession to the title, by naming count Normandy, eldest son of the Earl of Multhis boy Robin Hood.

grave, to Maria, eldest daughter of Sir Thomas At Edinburgh, Mrs Corrie, a son.

Henry Liddell, Bart. of Ravensworth castle. In Pilrig-street, Edinburgh, Mrs Ewing, a 13. Mr Ab. Thomson, of Dundas-street, to Miss daughter.

Elizabeth Wilson Duffn, eldest daughter of the 21. Mrs Thomas Johnstone, Albany-street, Edin

late Mr Edward Wilson Duttin. burgh, a daughter.

14. At Leith, Mr John Menzies, engraver, Edin. 22. At Ayton-house, Mrs Fordyce of Ayton, a burgh, to Isabella, youngest daughter of the late slaughter.

Mr James Mowat, rector of the grammar school, At Bonnington-house, near Leith Fort, the St Andrews. lady of Captain W.Clibborn, of the royal artillery, - At Glasgow, by the Rev. Dr M.Lean, Lieut.

Alexander Campbell, R. N. to Helen, third daugh23. At llanover-street, Edinburgh, Mrs Andrew,

ter of Duncan Turner, Esq. Castles, Glenurchy. 2 son.

At Longnewton-house, Mr David Simson, 24. At Edinburgh, Mrs George Wauchope, a Bloodylaws, to Miss Rutherford. daughter.

15. Michael Bruce, Esq. to Lady Parker, widow 27. Mrs G. Hamilton Dundas, a son.

of Captain Sir Peter Parker, Bart. of the royal 28. At Cockairney-house, Fifeshire, the lady of navy. Lieutenant-colonel Moubray, a son.

Cornet Trollope of the Scots Greys, and son of - At Stirling, Mrs Captain Brown of Park, a the late Captain Trollope, who was killed at the daughter.

head of his grenadier company in Flanders, to Miss At Coekenzie, Mrs H. F. Cadell, a daughter. Greathead, daughter of Greathead, Esq. Hamp

a san.

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shire. The ceremony took place at Southampton, 20. At Aberdeen, John R. Smith, Esq. of Coafter which the married couple set off for Ireland, craig. where his regiment is now quartered.

28. At London, William Morrison, Esq. late of 17. At Haddington, Mr Francis Wright, mer Calcutta. He has bequeathed to the poor of his chant, Edinburgh, to Alison, daughter of Mr Jas. native parish of Campsie £100; to the British and Pringle.

Foreign Bible Society £500; and to the Society in At Edinburgh, Captain John White, to Janet, Calcutta for Educating the Native Indians £lo. eldest daughter of the late Mr William Simpson, 94. At the manse of Glenmuick, the Rev. Gen. shipowner, Grangemouth.

Brown, minister of the united parishes of Glen18. At Stepney church, London, Mr David Wal muick, Glengarden, and Tullich. ker, of Edinburgh, to Miss Anne Stewart, of Mile 26. At Kilgraston-house, in the 730 year of his end.

age, Francis Grant, Esq. of Kilgraston. - At Slains Lodge, Mr John Baigrie, Mains of 27. At Streatham, in the 10th year of her 28, Kinmundy, to Miss Mina Ann Clarke.

Emma Drury, youngest daughter of Sir George - At Edinburgh, Richard Huie, M.D. Dundee, Barlow, Bart. to Miss Eliza Syme, daughter of the late Mr Alex. - James Fergusson, Esq. of Middlehaugh, late Syme, merchant there.

of Hanover, Jamaica. - At John's church, Manchester, Wm M Laren, - At Paisley, the Rev. Joseph Kitchen, one of Esq. Glasgow, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late the ministers of the Wesleyan Connexion, in the Robert Runcorn, Esq. Manchester.

48th year of his age, and 19th of his ministry. 19. At the Marine cottage, Pirniefield, Charles - At New Galloway, after a tedious illness, atAnderson, M.D. Leith, to Mary, daughter of John tended with the most excruciating pain, Mr Robert Rhind, Esq.

Heron, weaver, aged 77. He was a man who pos20. At Dumfries, Captain Dougal Stuart, of the sessed an extensive range of knowledge, superior to 1st battalion royal marines, to Miss Dalziel of most men of his condition. It is worthy of notice Glenae.

to state, that this respectable tradesman was father 21. At Bogend, Mr William Young, Stenhouse to Major Heron, who fell, some years ago, at the muir, to Miss Elizabeth Bachop, second daughter taking of the Isle of Bourbon, and uncle to the wa of John Bachop of Bogend, Stirlingshire.

fortunate historian, Robert Heron, who died of a 24. At Portobello, John Murray, Esq. W... to broken heart, at London, in the year 1807. Miss Ann Jane Borland, youngest daughter of the 28. At Glasgow, Mr James Stewart, merchat in ate James Borland, Es. Glasgow.

Doune. At Green Cottage, near Elgin, Lachlan Macin 29. At Knowsouth, William, eldest son of Wa tosh, Esqof Raigmore, to Margaret, daughter of Oliver, Esq. younger of Dinlabyre. Sir Archibald Dunbar, Bart. of Northfield.

The infant son of Thomas Newton, Esa 25. At Greenock, Mr Alexander Machuchlan, Warwick-square, London. merchant in London, to Elizabeth, youngest daugh 30. At Edinburgh, aged 56 years, Mrs Christian ter of the late Mr John White, Greenock. Craw, wife of Mr Mein, surgeon-apothecary, Leith


- At Brompton, in the 75th year of her ere, DEATHS.

Miss Pope of Newman-street, London, formerly of

the Theatre Royal, Drury-lane. February 13. At Calcutta, James Rattray, Esq. 31. At his house in St James's square, London, second in the East India Company's civil service, Viscount Anson. judge of circuit in the Dacea division, and eldest - At Killechieran, Lismore, the Right Rar. Dr son of the late James Rattray of Arthurston, Æneas Chisholm.

May 6. Of a dysentery, which carried him off August 1. At Edinburgh, Mr George Fordyce, in the short space of two days, Mr Henry Alexan. writer there. der, the colonial secretary-of the Cape of Good 2. At Port-Glasgow, Robert Paton, Esq. writer. Hope.

- At Balcaskie, Sir Robert Anstruther of Bal. 30. At Barbadoes, of an apoplectic fit, the hon caskie, Bart. ourable Geo. Maynard, chief Judge of the Court of 3. At Houndwood-house, Elizabeth Ann, the inCommon Pleas, and of his Majesty's council in that fant daughter of Captain Coulson, royal nary. island. He was proceeding home, when he fell off

- At Edinburgh, Mrs Euphemia Mitchell, w his horse, and, as was supposed, immediately ex dow of Peter May, Esq. pired.

4. At No 2, Davies-place, Miss Elizabeth Noble. June 23. At Grenada, West Indies, Mrs Agnes - At Galway, Ireland, in a room occupied by M.Mahon, spouse of Thomas Duncan, Esq. sur the band of the 77th regiment, where he had been

maintained the last two months, and very humane July 6. At Warsovia, Lieut.-general Mickrelsky, ly attended by three people of his colour, Moly. at the age of 105 years, His first entry into the neux, the celebrated pugilist. From his suka profession of arms was in the service of the Em

state, it was decmed necessary that his almost in press Anne and Elizabeth of Russia, under the mediate interment should take place. He was to command of Field-marshal Munich. He then have been interred on Wednesday. The expenses passed into the Saxon service, and served every of his funeral were to be charitably defravet by campaign of the seven years' war. He afterwards subscription in the 77th regiment a tomb stone is fought under the banners of Stanislaus, and did to be erected to his memory. not quit the arny till he had attained the age of 80 - At Melrose, Mr George Mercer, eldest son years.

the deceased Mr Mercer of Abbotslee, writer in 8. Janet, the infant daughter of Captain Deans Melrose. Dundas, of his Majesty's ship Tagus.

5. In Grosvenor-place, London, after a lingering 12. At Baltimore, United States, America, Mrs illness, the Right Hon. General Lord Muncaster, Dr Davidge.

aged 73. His lordship inherited the title an 13. Ai Banff, Mrs Anna Fraser, relict of Encas estates on the death of his brother in 1815, and ia Macdonell, Esq. of Scothouse.

succeeded in both by his only son, the Hon. Lor. - Mr Abraham Thomton, sen. farmer, of Cas ther Augustus John Pennington, a minor. tle Bromvich, Warwickshire, father of Abraham - At Edinburgh, Admiral Alexander Græme of Thorston, tried and acquitted of the murder of Græineshall. Mary Ashford.

6. In her 27th year, Miss Agnes Rawlinson, 17. Atlisburn, Ireland, Edward Givern, aged daughter of the laté Mr John Rawlinson of Lat 114. His wite is still living and healthy in Lis caster. burn, aged 109.

At Glocester-place, London, Gilbert Macleod, - At Inverness, Mrs Machcan, widow of the Esq. formerly of the East India Company's Bengal late Robert Macbean, Esq. of Nairnside.

medical establishment. 19. At Granthain, on Sunday morning, Jane 7. At German-house, Brighton, the Right Hon. Watchorn. This young woman was working in Lady Charlotte Eyre, second daughter of the Earl the field on Thursday, and, while very hot, drank of Newburgh, aged 2€. some cold water, which caused her death. There

In Upper George-street, Edgeware Road, have been several instances of this sort, while others London, in his 50th year, Captain Henry Gordon, have lost their lives by plunging into the water brother of the late Major Jamo Gordon of North when in a great heat.

wood, in the Isle of Wight. 20. At the pin-factory, Durham, in the 1020 - At Edinburgh, Mr Archibald Stewart, son of year of her age, Catherine Richard.

the late Balfour Stewart, Esq. of Burness, Orkies.

geon there.


7. In Brook-street, London, the infant son of Lately-In the United States of America, Sir the Hon. Thomas Erskine, aged two months. John Oldmixon, once known in fashionable life,

- In the 70th year of his age, Francis Newberry, but having retired from this country from pecuniEsq. of St Paul's Church-yard, Londou.

ary embarrasaments about 25 years ago, he sunk in8. At Edinburgh, the Hon. Walter Charteris, to obscurity, and has died neglected and forgot. second son of the Earl of Weinyss and March. ten.

- At Edinburgh, Mrs Erskine, widow of the late At Rome, in his 21st year, the Right Hon. Ļord Rev. James Erskine of Shielfield

Henry de Roos. 9. Ar Whitby, suddenly, Mr Thomas Nicholson, At llampstead, aged 79, Lady Colebrooke, relict the oldest pilot in the place, having acted upwards of Sir George Colebrooke, Bart. of 43 years in that capacity: Immediately before At the Ville of Dunkirk, near Bonhton-underhis death, he walked home from the barber's shop. the-Blean, David Ferguson, aged one hundred and

- Of an apoplectic fit, Quintin Dick, Esq. of turinty-four years. Ferguson was a Scotsman, but Montague-street, Russel-square, London, aged 7i. had resided in the Ville of Dunkirk between fifty

12. At Coleraine, in the 62 year of his age, John and sixty years; he was, until a very few years Cuthbert, Esq. surveyor-general of customs. He back, a very industrious, active, and hard-working had retired to rest in apparent good health and ex labourer. He was born at Netherud, in the parish cellent spirits, and was found dead in his bed on of Kirkurd. He was at school at Dunsyre, in Lanthe following morning.

arkshire, and was bred a shoemaker at Lintou, orr Atliayfield, the Rev. F. M'Lagan, minister the Dumfrics road. He entered into the army in of Melrose.

a regiment of dragoons, called the Glasgow Greys 14. At Aberdeen, in the 70th year of her age, (not the present Scots Greys); after this he served Mrs Chalmers, widow of the late Lr James Chal in the 70th regiment. He was about 12 or 13 mers, printer in Aberdeen.

years old at the battle of Sheriff Muir; remenbered At Kilmarnock, at the advanced age of 76, Queen Ann and the battle of Malplaquet; had seen John H.Rae, cooper there. He was only once mar the Duke of Marlborough in England; recollected ried; but his left behind hiin 12 children, 69 grand Lord - tair calling upon his father, who was a farmchildren, and 5 great-grand-children, in all, 86 de

The remains of the old man were interred in scendants.

Broughton church yard, attended by a numerous 15. In Hallgarth-street, Durham, Mr A. Featon assemblage of both old and young persons, and one by, aged 82. This person, who lived during the conunon sentiment of regret seeined to pervade all greater part of his life in a state of abject penury, classes, at the last fa of their old friend, who is said to have died worth £90,000! He has not was universally regretted. unfrequently accepted employinent on the tum At York, Mr Thomas Wilkinson, formerly a pike roads, in the breaking of stones, &c.; and the saddler in that city, aged 66; an cocentric characcoat which he wore, up to the time of his death, ter, who for upwards of 20 years had never slept in was so patched, that scarcely a particle of the cloth

a bed. of which it was originally composed, could be dis At the village of Leeds, in Kent, Mr James Bar. covered amongst the “ shreds and patches" which ham, aged 92 years, gardener to the late Lord Fair. it exhibited

fax, an eminent change-ringer and peal conductor. - At Limebouse, aged 69, Mr Thomas Gray, The deceased stood at one tine 14 hours and 44 mi. check-clerk in the West India docks since their first nutes at the bell. establishinent.

In Dublin, in the 83d year of his age, Cornelly, 16. At Brighton, John Palmer, Esq. of Bath, the father of the Irish stage, and the contemporary Late comptroller-general of the Post-ottice.

of Edwin, Shuter, O'Reilly, and Rider. In his -- At Carphin, John Raitt, Esq. of Carplin. time he was an excellent comedian, and the parti

17. Lady Wilson of Charlton-house, Kent, relict cular friend and companion of O'Keete. of the late General Sir Thomas Spencer Wilson, At kendal, in Westmoreland, William GawBart. in the 71st year of her age.

throp, Esq. formerly of the Cumberland militia. 19. At Leith, Mir Robert Young, second son of At Greenfield, Mirs Logie, wife of Captain W. the late Mr Alexander Young, ship-owner there. Logie of the 92d regiment.

20. At Castlehill, Mrs Begbie, wife of Patrick At Balodgarno, J. Gourlay, Esq. Dundee, aged Begbie, Ext. Castlehill.

83. 21. Át Littlecott, Berkshire, Colonel Kellie, C.B. Death from Fright.-An inquisition was taken lieutenant-colonel of his Majesty's 21th regiment. on Thursday night, at the Pine Apple, Pinilico, on

- At his house, King's-row, Pimlico, G. C. Ash the body of Mrs Mary Bandy, of No 6, l'alaceley, Esq. the celebrated performer on the violin. street. Sarah Garner deposed, that she was servant

22. In London, Captain Henry Halkett, fourth to the deceased, and had lived with her about nine son of the late Sir John Halkett, Bart. of Pitfirane. years. On Tuesday about one o'clock, she heard a

- Athis seat, Daylesford-house, Worcestershire, violent knocking at the street door, when she got in the 8th year of his age, the Right Hon. War up, opened her window, and saw two watchmen at ren Blastings, late governor-general of Bengal, doc the door. They called out that there were thieves tor of civil law, and one of his Majesty's most hon in the house, and wished to come in and search it. ourable privy councillors.!

She was going downstairs to let the watchmen in, 23. Ai his house, in Portman-street, London, in when the deceased called to know what was the the 65d year of his age, Francis Perceval Eliot, matter? She told her what the watchmen said, and Esq. He was the nearest representative of an an

the deceased went in an apparent fright to her cient family, and allied to the present Earl of St chamber. Witness opened the door, and the watel Gerinans. 'Mr Eliot was formerly colonel of the men searched about the premises, but could find no Stafford militia, and for many years, until the pe. one, though a gentleman said he had seen a man riod of his decease, was one of the commissioners get over the railings of the area. Witness return. of audit in Somerset-house.

ed up stairs, and the deceased seemed greatly fright- At Pitcaithly Wells, Mr Charles Ritchie, iron ened'; she endeavoured to pacity hier, but her termonger, Edinburgh.

ror was so great that she fell down on the floor, and - At Edinburgh, Mr Peter Ewart.

soon became senseless. She died in three hours af21. At Dumiries, Mr William Wallace, writer. ter, and her death was produced, in witness's opi.

27. At Edinburgh, William Bishop, sen. mer. nion, by excessive fright.-- Verified." Death by chant there.

excessive fright.”

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