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the subject of the order of 8th June, 1793. From this confession, especially from all the tyrannical edicts of the king of Great Britain, from which the commerce of the United States as well as their national honour have suffered so much, a result quite different was hoped from the negotiation of Mr. Jay. It is evident by the clause of the treaty limiting the existence of this desertion from the neutrality to the duration of the present war, that Mr. Jay did not hesitate to sacrifice our colonies to Great Britain during the remaining hostilities which should decide their fate. Mr. Monroe is left to judge how far these concessions accord with the obligation contracted by the United States to defend our colonial possessions, and with the no less sacred duties imposed on them by the immense and invaluable benefits which they draw from their commerce with them. Paris, the 19th Ventose, 4th year of the French Repub

lick, one and indivisible. The minister for foreign affairs,

Cť. DE LA CROIX. March 9, 1796.

(The other communications accompanying the last message of the President, will be printed first in Vol. 111.]

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