The Mystic Flowery Land: Being a True Account of an Englishman's Travels and Adventures in China

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Сторінка 186 - Give a dog a bad name and it will stick to him, above all places it will stick fastest in Shanghai.
Сторінка 133 - ... security. — Burke. Trust not him that hath once broken faith ; he who betrayed thee once, will betray thee again.— Shakespeare. He that is over-cautious will accomplish but very little.— Schiller. Take warning by the misfortunes of others, that others may not take example from you. — Saadi.
Сторінка 201 - ... reverence, nor is it the less remarkable that the destruction of their shrine should coincide so closely with the actual decline in the prosperity of the city. The stones were almost shapeless blocks of granite, about eighteen inches high and the same in length, with some rude attempt at sculpture in the form of a ram's head. From them and their attendant legend Canton derived its soubriquet of the City of Rams (^ jjjj), but the legend itself is traced by Chinese philosophers to an accidental...
Сторінка 106 - I love thee, Twilight ! as thy shadows roll, The calm of evening steals upon my soul, Sublimely tender, solemnly serene, Still as the hour, enchanting as the scene. I love thee, Twilight ! for thy gleams impart Their dear, their dying influence to my heart, When o'er the harp of thought thy passing wind Awakens all the music of the mind, And Joy and Sorrow as the spirit burns, And Hope and Memory, sweep the chords by turns, While Contemplation, on seraphic wings, Mounts with the flame of sacrifice,...
Сторінка 178 - We landed on Monday, the 26th, at fifteen minutes past eight, and being the L 2 bona fide first possessors, her Majesty's health was drank with three cheers on Possession Mount. On the 26th, the squadron arrived; the marines were landed, the union hoisted on our post, and formal possession taken of the island, by Commodore Sir JG Bremer, accompanied by the other officers of the squadron, under a feu-de-joie from the marines, and a royal salute from the ships of war.
Сторінка 102 - ... is covered with graves, every garden containing a number of these memorials of bygone generations, each headed in most cases with a tombstone and surrounded by the Omega-shaped embankment, sometimes faced with stone, so much in vogue amongst the Chinese. At the time of the occupation of the island a number of stone jars were discovered stowed away in the recesses of the rocks with luted covers. Upon examination they were found to contain perfect human skeletons, each bone carefully packed and...
Сторінка 144 - Jn the midst of life we are in death." SACRED TO THE MEMORY OF Lieut.
Сторінка 102 - ... with the length of some of the stones used in paving the bridge; one was eight, another eleven, and three others eighteen paces each long, being about 45 feet long by 2 feet broad. They were of granite, but from the constant crowd of passengers had been worn smooth. The bridge averages eight or ten feet in width, and about one half of its length on both sides was occupied by shops. Crossing the bridge, and proceeding up the left or southern bank of the river, we came to the second bridge, which...

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