Hamlet, Protestantism, and the Mourning of Contingency: Not to be

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Building on current scholarly interest in the religious dimensions of the play, this study shows how Shakespeare uses Hamlet to comment on the Calvinistic Protestantism predominant around 1600. By considering the play's inner workings against the religious ideas of its time, John Curran explores how Shakespeare portrays in this work a completely deterministic universe in the Calvinist mode, and, Curran argues, exposes the disturbing aspects of Calvinism while mourning the loss of Catholic notions of contingency.

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Gothic Shakespeares
John Drakakis,Dale Townshend
Попередній перегляд недоступний - 2008

Про автора (2006)

John E. Curran, Jr., is Associate Professor of English at Marquette University, USA.

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