Quintet: A Five-play Cycle Drawn from The Children of Pride

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University of Illinois Press, 1991 - 236 стор.

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Про автора (1991)

KENNETH N. MYERS is an internationally recognized contingency planning specialist. Since 1972, he has been President of K. N. Myers & Associates, Inc., in Annapolis, Maryland, and has prepared disaster contingency plans for leading organizations throughout the United States, Europe, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. He has appeared on the Financial Management Networks Business Tonight and is featured in continuing education segments for the Financial Management Network. Mr. Myers developed curriculums for disaster recovery planning seminars for the Battelle Institute and the American Management Association and was called to New York to consult with the largest tenant in the World Trade Center following its bombing. He is also the author of the first edition of this book, Total Contingency Planning for Disasters: Managing Risk Minimizing LossEnsuring Business Continuity.

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