A Historical Sketch of the Conflicts Between Jesuits and Seculars in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth: With a Reprint of Christopher Bagshaw's ʻTrue Relation of the Faction Begun at Wisbichʼ; and Illustrative Documents

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Сторінка cxxv - WHO ARE NOT WHOLLY JESUITED, to acknowledge without all equivocations, ambiguities, or shiftings, that the proceedings of her Majesty, and of the State with them, since the beginning of her Highnesse raigne, have been both mild and mercifull.
Сторінка cxxix - A Manifestation of the Great Folly and Bad Spirit of certayne in England calling themselves Secular Priestes...
Сторінка ix - Knight, wherein is shewed both howe lawful, honorable, and neceessarie that action was ; and also that al others, especiallie those of the English Nation, that detayne anie townes, or other places, in the lowe countries, from the King Catholike, are bound, upon paine of damnation, to do the VOL. I. like,
Сторінка lv - All catholics must hereafter depend upon Blackwell, and he upon Garnet, and Garnet upon Parsons, and Parsons upon the Devil who is the author of all rebellions, treasons, murders, disobedience and all such designments as this wicked Jesuit hath hitherto deigned against her majesty, her safety, her crown and her life.
Сторінка 97 - Preiste were in such a place, may (notwithstanding his perfect knowledge to the contrary), without Perjury, and securely in conscience, answer No : with this secret meaning reserved in his Mynde— That he was not there, so that any man is bounde to detect it.
Сторінка cxxiii - Catholike ecclesiastical hierarchie & subordination in England, erected these later yeares by our holy father Pope Clement the eyght ; and impugned by certayne libels printed & published of late both in Latyn & English ; by some vnquiet persons vnder the name of priests of the seminaries. Written and set forth for the true information and stay of all good Catholikes, by priests vnited in due subordination to the Right Reuerend arch-priest, and other their superiors.
Сторінка 107 - A MEMORIAL OF THE REFORMATION OF ENGLAND : containing certain Notes and Advertisements, which seem might be proposed in the First Parliament and National Council of our Country, after God, of his mercy, shall restore it to the Catholick Faith, for the better Establishment and Preservation of the said Religion. GATHERED AND SET DOWN BY RP, 1596.
Сторінка xxxiv - Subjects from their allegeance, and from the truth of Christian Religion professed in England, under the pretence of casting out devils.
Сторінка 70 - London by Robert Barker, Printer to the King's most Excellent

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