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Сторінка 265 - Among bridesmen and kinsmen, and brothers and all: Then spoke the bride's father, his hand on his sword, (For the poor craven bridegroom said never a word), " O, come ye in peace here or come ye in war, Or to dance at our bridal, young Lord Lochinvar...
Сторінка 264 - Oh ! young Lochinvar is come out of the west, Through all the wide Border his steed was the best ; And save his good broadsword he weapons had none, He rode all unarmed and he rode all alone. So faithful in love and so dauntless in war, There never was knight like the young Lochinvar.
Сторінка 267 - mong Graemes of the Netherby clan; Forsters, Fenwicks, and Musgraves, they rode and they ran: There was racing and chasing on Cannobie Lee, But the lost bride of Netherby ne'er did they see, So daring in love, and so dauntless in war, Have ye e'er heard of gallant like young Lochinvar?
Сторінка 371 - Clara bound, and strove to stanch, the gushing wound; the monk, with unavailing cares, exhausted all the Church's prayers: ever, he said, that, close and near, a lady's voice was in his ear, and that the priest he could not hear, for that she ever sung, — " In the lost battle, borne down by the flying, where mingles war's rattle, with groans of the dying!
Сторінка 343 - twere not for thy hoary beard, Such hand as Marmion's had not spared To cleave the Douglas' head. And first I tell thee, haughty peer, He, who does England's message here, Although the meanest in her State, May well, proud Angus, be thy mate. And, Douglas...
Сторінка 375 - Though bill-men ply the ghastly blow, Unbroken was the ring ; The stubborn spear-men still made good Their dark impenetrable wood, Each stepping where his comrade stood, The instant that he fell.
Сторінка 225 - Where the huge castle holds its state, And all the steep slope down Whose ridgy back heaves to the sky, Piled deep and massy, close and high, Mine own romantic town...
Сторінка 18 - With more than mortal powers endow'd, How high they soar'd above the crowd ! Theirs was no common party race, Jostling by dark intrigue for place; Like fabled Gods, their mighty war Shook realms and nations in its jar; Beneath each banner proud to stand, Look'd up the noblest of the land, Till through the British world were known The names of PITT and Fox alone.
Сторінка 226 - Fitz-Eustace' heart felt closely pent ; As if to give his rapture vent. The spur he to his charger lent, And raised his bridle hand, And making demi-volte in air, | Cried, " Where's the coward that would not dare To fight for such a land ! " The Lindesay smiled his joy to see ; Nor Marmion's frown repress'd his glee.
Сторінка 370 - She filled the helm, and back she hied, And with surprise and joy espied A Monk supporting Marmion's head : A pious man, whom duty brought To dubious verge of battle fought, To shrieve the dying, bless the dead. Deep drank Lord Marmion of the wave, And as she stooped his brow to lave — " Is it the hand of Clare," he said, " Or injured Constance, bathes my head?

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