Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic

Henry Holt and Company, 6 . 2007 . - 368 .
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The long-awaited final volume of Chalmers Johnson's bestselling
Blowback trilogy confronts the overreaching of the American empire and the threat it poses to the republic

In his prophetic book Blowback, Chalmers Johnson linked the CIA's clandestine activities abroad to disaster at home. In The Sorrows of Empire, he explored the ways in which the growth of American militarism and the garrisoning of the planet have jeopardized our stability. Now, in Nemesis, he shows how imperial overstretch is undermining the republic itself, both economically and politically.

Delving into new areasfrom plans to militarize outer space to Constitution-breaking presidential activities at home and the devastating corruption of a toothless CongressNemesis offers a striking description of the trap into which the dreams of America's leaders have taken us. Drawing comparisons to empires past, Johnson explores in vivid detail just what the unintended consequences of our dependence on a permanent war economy are likely to be. What does it mean when a nation's main intelligence organization becomes the president's secret army? Or when the globe's sole "hyperpower," no longer capable of paying for the vaulting ambitions of its leaders, becomes the greatest hyper-debtor of all times?

In his stunning conclusion, Johnson suggests that financial bankruptcy could herald the breakdown of constitutional government in Americaa crisis that may ultimately prove to be the only path to a renewed nation.

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NEMESIS: The Last Days of the American Republic

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A paeanperhaps premature, perhaps overduefor a republic-turned-empire.For those of a blue-state bent, the midterm election of 2006 may seem to have changed things for the better. But political ...

Nemesis: the last days of the American Republic

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In the final book of an inadvertent trilogy, historian Johnson (The Sorrows of Empire) again critiques American foreign policy, this time purporting to chronicle "the decline and fall of the American ...

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Chalmers Johnson, president of the Japan Policy Research Institute, is the author of the bestselling Blowback and The Sorrows of Empire. A frequent contributor to the Los Angeles Times, the London Review of Books, and The Nation, he appeared in the 2005 prizewinning documentary film Why We Fight. He lives near San Diego.