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Fig. 4.-Plan View of Typical Modern Pleasure Car Chassis With Important Components Indicated.

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Fig. 5.—Side Elevation Showing Location of Important Components on Typical Pleasure Car Chassis.

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Fig. 6.-Carburetor Side of Chalmers Unit Power Plant.

Q. What does the power plant consist of?

A. The usual gasoline automobile power plant consists of a gasoline engine, a carburetion or fuel supply group, an electrical ignition system, a lubrication system, and means for cooling the engine. (Figs. 6 and 7.)

Q. Name functions of carburetion group.

A. The purpose of the carburetion group is to supply the motor cylinders with an explosive gas.

Q. Name parts of carburetion group.

A. The principal parts of a carburetion group are: a suitable tank or container for the liquid fuel; piping by which this is transfered from the tank to the carburetor or vaporizer which changes the liquid fuel to a gas, and a suitable manifold by which the gas from the carburetor is supplied to the motor cylinder.

Q. Name functions of ignition system.

A. The purpose of the ignition system is to ignite the gas or vapor supplied to the engine cylinder by the carburetion group and to produce power by exploding this gas in the cylinder..

Q. Name parts of ignition system.

A. The parts of the usual electrical system are: some source of electrical current; wires for conveying it from the current producer to a switch or timer which regulates the time the electric spark occurs in the engine; an induction coil or similar apparatus for transforming current of low potential or voltage to current of higher power capable of producing a spark in the cylinder and some form of spark plug which is placed in the combustion chamber and between the points of which the spark that explodes the gas occurs. Some ignition systems consist merely of a magneto or mechanical generator which incorporates in its construction the necessary timing and current intensifying appliances and wires leading from this device to the spark plugs in the motor cylinder. Q.

Why is a lubrication system needed? A. If the parts of the power plant were not properly oiled, they would wear out very quickly, and in fact it would not be possible to run a gasoline engine for any length of time without supplying oil to


Fig. 7.-Exhaust Side of Chalmers Unit Power Plant.

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