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Fig. 77A.-Simple High Tension Ignition System for One Cylinder

Motor Showing Arrangement and Wiring of Principal Parts.

Q. What parts are in the secondary circuit? · A. The secondary circuit includes the high tension winding of the induction coil and the spark plug.

Q. Describe parts of simple battery ignition system.

A. A simple battery ignition system for a single cylinder engine is shown at Fig. 77A and a corresponding system for a two cylinder engine is outlined at Fig. 78. The current supply is obtained from two sets of cells, one of these being a dry battery, the other a storage

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Fig. 78.-High Tension Ignition System for Two-Cylinder Opposed


battery. One wire from the negative or minus terminal (-) of each battery leads to a button on the switch. The plus terminal (+) or positive, as it is commonly termed, of each battery is grounded to the engine frame. A single wire leads from the top of the switch to one of the primary terminals of the induction coil. The other primary terminal of the induction coil is connected to the insulated terminal on the contact maker or timer. A heavily insulated wire joins the secondary terminal of the induction coil with the insulated terminal of the spark plug.

The action of this method of ignition may be easily understood


Fig. 79.-Ignition System of Packard Motor Truck in Which

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