Зображення сторінки

Stationary Engineering

Facts, rules and general information gathered
from thirty years' practical experience
as running, erecting and de-

signing engineer.

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Copyrighted 1906
by the Derry-Collard Co.

122910 OCT 6 1908

TH .C 85

.694 346


The writer bought a million-gallon pumping engine and the low pressure side did not work smoothly. - The builders sent three experts to remedy the trouble at as many different times, but made no improvement. These men were sent without giving me notice, so that I was never there to meet them.

I wrote the builders to please not send any more experts, but if they had a plain, practical man that had a fair knowledge of steam pumps I would be pleased to meet him at the station.

This is what this book is intended to be; a plain talk on every-day work about engines, boilers and their accessories. It is not intended to be scientific or mathematical. I have tried to put all formulas in a simple form so that any one understanding plain arithmetic can readily understand any of them.

The writer commenced when books were very scarce and he has seen the need of just such a book as this. Some of the matter I have been unable to find in any book at the present time..

Some of the subjects have been covered completely in other books devoted exclusively to the particular branch like the indicator, slide valves, etc., and these subjects have not been treated at length here.

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