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Сторінка 58 - Balder the Beautiful Is dead, is dead ! " And through the misty air Passed like the mournful cry Of sunward sailing cranes.
Сторінка 53 - As soon as Loki heard this he went away, and, resuming his natural shape, cut off the mistletoe, and repaired to the place where the gods were assembled. There he found Hodur standing apart, without partaking of the sports, on account of his blindness, and going up to him said, "Why dost thou not also throw something at Balder?" ' "Because I am blind," answered Hodur, "and see not where Balder is, and have, moreover, nothing to throw with.
Сторінка 141 - Oluf, listen to me — A silken sark I will give to thee ! ' A silken sark, so white and fine, My mother wove it by pale moonshine.' ' I dare not dance, and I must away, For to-morrow is my bridal-day.' ' Listen, Herr Oluf : dance with me — A helmet of gold I will give to thee.
Сторінка 31 - I am in wrath and wrestle with me." " I see no one here," said Utgard-Loki, looking at the men sitting on the benches, " who would not think it beneath him to wrestle with thee ; let somebody, however, call hither that old crone, my nurse Elli, and let Thor wrestle with her if he will. She has thrown to the ground many a man not less strong than this Thor is.
Сторінка 57 - Baldur might be delivered from Hel. All things very willingly complied with this request, both men and every other living being, as well as earths, and stones, and trees, and metals, just as we have all seen these things weep when they are brought from a cold place into a hot one.
Сторінка 140 - Well," said Halvor, " here I am." " Have you got your big cat with you still ? " " Yes, that I have," said Halvor ; " she's lying at home under the stove, and what's more, she has now got seven kittens, far bigger and fiercer than she is herself.
Сторінка 140 - Have you got your big cat with you still? " "Yes, that I have," said Halvor; "she's lying at home under the stove, and what's more, she has now got seven kittens, far bigger and fiercer than she is herself." " Oh, then, we'll never come to see you again...
Сторінка 58 - ... a cold place into a hot one. As the messengers were returning, they found an old hag named Thaukt sitting in a cavern, and begged her to weep Baldur out of Hel. But she answered — " Thaukt will wail With dry tears Baldur's balefire. Let Hela keep her own.
Сторінка 31 - ... footing, and was finally brought down upon one knee. Utgard-Loki then told them to desist, adding that Thor had now no occasion to ask any one else in the hall to wrestle with him, and it was also getting late ; so he showed Thor and his companions to their seats, and they passed the night there in good cheer. The next morning at break of day, Thor and his companions dressed themselves and prepared for their departure. Utgard-Loki ordered a table to be set for them, on which there was no lack...

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