Superfluous Things: Material Culture and Social Status in Early Modern China

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University of Hawaii Press, 2004 - 219 стор.

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This outstanding and original book, presented here with a new preface, examines the history of material culture in early modern China. Craig Clunas analyzes superfluous things the paintings, calligraphy, bronzes, ceramics, carved jade, and other objects owned by the elites of Ming China and describes contemporary attitudes to them. He informs his discussions with reference to both socio-cultural theory and current debates on eighteenth-century England concerning luxury, conspicuous consumption, and the growth of the consumer society.


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Ideas about things
Words about things
Things of the past
Things in motion
Anxieties about things

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Craig Clunas is Percival David Chair of Chinese Art at SOAS, London, and the author of Superfluous Things, Fruitful Sites: Garden Culture in Ming Dynasty China, Pictures and Visuality in Early Modern China, and Art in China.

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