The Lying Valet: A Peep Behind the Curtain; Or, The New Rehearsal. Bon Ton; Or, High Life Above Stairs

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Yale University Press; (etc. etc.), 1925 - 135 стор.

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Сторінка 127 - Tis an age in my situation. - Let the weak, bashful, coyish whiner be intimidated with these faint alarms, but let the bold experienced lover kindle at the danger, and like the eagle in the midst of storms thus pounce upon his prey.
Сторінка 32 - Pray, did you find a bank-note in your way hither? Mel. What, between here and Dover do you mean? Sharp. No, Sir, within twenty or thirty yards of this house. Mel. You are drunk, fellow. Sharp. I am undone, Sir; but not drunk, I'll assure you. Mel. What is all this?
Сторінка 105 - More shame for you : — live here for ever ! —what, among thieves and pickpockets! — what a revolution since my time ! the more I see, the more I've cause for lamentation ; what a dreadful change has time brought about in twenty years ! I should not have known the place again, nor the people ; all the signs that made so noble an appearance, are all taken down...
Сторінка 36 - Ay, and the best master in the world. Cook. I'll speak to him then. — Sir, I have according to your commands, dressed as genteel a supper as my art and your price would admit of. Sharp. Good again, Sir, 'tis paid for.
Сторінка 2 - Whereas frequenting play-houses and theatrical entertainments has a fatal tendency to divert the minds of the people from a due attention to the means necessary for the defence of their country and the preservation of their liberties ; Resolved, that any person holding an office under the United States, who shall act, promote, encourage, or attend such plays, shall be deemed unworthy to hold such office, and shall be accordingly dismissed.
Сторінка 6 - SHARP: Yes, you must, sir, or abandon me: so pray, discharge one of us; for eat I must, and speedily too: and you know very well that that honour of yours will neither introduce you to a great man's table, nor get me credit for a single beefsteak. GAY: What can I do? SHARP: Nothing while honour sticks in your throat: do gulp, master, and down with it. GAY: Prithee leave me to my thoughts. SHARP: Leave you! No, not in such bad company, l1l assure you!
Сторінка 118 - My dear Lady Minikin, you know my marriage with your niece is only a secondary consideration; my first and principal object is you— you, Madam!— therefore, my dear Lady, give me your promise to leave the ball with me; you must, Lady Minikin; a bold young fellow and a soldier as I am, ought not to be kept from 10 plunder when the town has capitulated.
Сторінка 115 - Why he'll have six thousand a year, Sir John — Sir John. I don't care what he'll have, nor I don't care what he is, nor who my niece marries; she is a fine lady and let her have a fine gentleman; I shan't hinder her; I'll away into the country to-morrow, and leave you to your fine doings...
Сторінка 25 - Pray, Mr. Gayless, don't order too many things, they only make you a friendly visit; the more ceremony, you know, the less welcome. Pray, Sir, let me entreat you not to be profuse. If I can be of service, pray command me; my mistress has sent me on purpose; while Mr. Sharp is doing the business without doors, I may be employed within ; if you'll lend me the keys of your side-board [To Sharp.] I'll dispose of your plate to the best advantage.
Сторінка 16 - Modesty requires my silence. Mel. Did not you contradict her? Sharp. Contradict her! why, I told her I was sure she lied: "For, zounds!" said I, — for I could not help swearing, — "I am so well convinced of the lady's and my master's prudence, that, I am sure, had they a mind to amuse themselves they would certainly have drawn the window-curtains.

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