A notice of Ely chapel, Holborn; with some account of Ely palace

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Сторінка 20 - Full oft within the spacious walls, When he had fifty winters o'er him, My grave Lord-Keeper led the brawls ; The seals and maces danc'd before him. His bushy beard, and shoe-strings green, His high-crown'd hat and satin doublet, Mov'd the stout heart of England's Queen, Though Pope and Spaniard could not trouble it.
Сторінка 16 - My Lord of Ely, when I was last in Holborn, I saw good strawberries in your garden there : I do beseech you send for some of them.
Сторінка 19 - Sir John Perrot was wont to say, by the galliard, for he came thither as a private gentleman of the Inns of Court, in a masque: and, for his activity and person, which was tall and proportionable, taken into her favour.
Сторінка 15 - And after a little talking with them, he said unto the bishop of Ely, " My lord, you have very good strawberries at your garden...
Сторінка 15 - I require you let us have a mess of them." " Gladly, my lord," quoth he, " Would God I had some better thing as ready to your pleasure as that.
Сторінка 20 - Long-gallery with the rooms above and below it, and 'some others ; fourteen acres of land, and the keeping the gardens and orchards for twenty-one years, paying at Midsummer-day, a red rose for the Gate-house and Garden, and for the ground ten loads of hay and ,§£10 per annum; the Bishop reserving to himself and his successors free access through the Gate-house, walking in the Garden, and to gather twenty bushels of roses yearly.
Сторінка 1 - I do love these ancient ruins. We never tread upon them but we set Our foot upon some reverend history; And, questionless, here in this open court, Which now lies naked to the injuries Of stormy weather, some men lie...
Сторінка 15 - My lord you have very good strawberries at your garden in Holborn, I require you let us have a mess of them. Gladly my lord, quoth he, would God I had some better thing as ready to your pleasure as that.
Сторінка 17 - It were tedious to set down the preparation of fish, flesh, and other victuals spent in this feast, and would seem almost incredible, and, as to me it seemeth, wanted little of a feast at a coronation ; nevertheless, a little I will touch, for declaration of the change of prices.
Сторінка 25 - See, was to put out many burning and shining lights, to suspend divers able, learned, and conscientious ministers. He that should have been the golden snuffer of these lights, became the extinguisher : and when these are taken away, where shall poor men light their candles ? " My Lords, this was not all. He puts out lights, and sets up firebrands in their places ; suspends painful ministers, and...

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