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been classed by the Romans among the

He knew also that athletes cannot be kept Exterricinei; by the Greeks, among the at the highest point of good condition. Muro unvou.ZUinger, vol. 1, p. 27. Ibid. I. 3, p. 4.

ASCLEPIADES, according to Tertullian, “ Liquid as well as solid food is equally made the tour of the world on a cow's back, required for the support of the human conand lived upon her milk.-BURNEY, Musical stitution. The inhabitants of this island Travels, Preface.

owe much of their hardihood and corporeal

superiority to malt liquor.” — VANCOUVER, “ There is every reason in the world for Survey of Hants, p. 209. believing that all sorts of cattle, as well as

Vancouver thinks the excessive use of horses, should seldom, if ever, be allowed solid food far more sensual, and altogether to graze, either in summer or winter."

less excusable. Young's Survey of Sussex, p. 235.

Drunkenness versus gluttony. Baumgarten cattle, the Leicestershire school.-Ibid. p. 246.

We may say of these memoirs as Mr. See too a rich passage on Bakewell's Vancouver the agriculturist says of Swedish merits.-Ibid. p. 228. 274.

turnips, “ their own excellence will prove Kindness of disposition in cattle means

their best passport to futurity."-Survey of that they soon fatten.—Ibid. p. 249.

Hants, p. 181. “ It is a grazier's own fault if ever he attempts to fatten an unkind beast. Let

“ He was a poor yokel, foisted upon me him only take care of his stock, and he will in the last stage of consumption, and who need no apprehensions of that sort.”—Ibid. remained bedridden until our arrival in the

colony. He fell away so fast that I never A BARBER advertised to dress hair inexpected to land him alive ; and certainly such a manner as exactly to resemble a pe

it required the most anxious attention to ruque.- Burner's Musical Tour, vol. 2, P. however, possessed å very facetious fellow

retain the glimmering spark. I fortunately, 300.

among the hatch, to whom this poor dying MAURICE, sixth Lord Berkeley, had a

creature became strongly attached, never silver shaving bason weighing sixty ounces.

being a day happy whereon his friend neg. -Fosbrooke's Berkeley Family, p. 176.

lected to visit him, and often begging me

to send this man to him for company, which Nose, nose, jolly red nose ; and how got I gladly did, seeing it invariably put him in you that jolly red nose.- -Ibid. 204. His good spirits. Wondering what could be footman going to London for a bottle of the cause of this extraordinary liking, I physic.

inquired, and found that Breadman had

been a great pig-stealer in his day, which No left handed woman suvri á upidėžios being considered a very vulgar calling ö yiyvetai.— Hipp. I. 7, aph. 43. Win- among the professional classes (particularly TERTON, p. 268.

among the towmes), he could get no one to He knew that women when neither preg- listen to his adventures except this joker, nant nor puerperal sometimes gave milk.— who would laugh with him and quiz him on Ibid. 1. 5, aph. 39, p. 182.

the particular subjects of his achievements; Pàov almpalai moto ñ outío.—Ibid. 1. 2, praise the wonderful expertness with which aph. 11, p. 33.

he had done the farmers out of their gruntTo be refreshed and strengthened certes, ers, and propose a partnership concern on —not, I think, to be satisfied.

reaching the colony, if the pigs there were

p. 263.

found to be worth stealing ! I really believe the simplicity' of the fish of America. the poor creature was kept in existence a They seem to require none of the fine full month solely by the exhilarating con- tackle, the fine hand, and the skill of our versation of his companion. On anchoring English anglers. Old Izaac Walton's treaat Sydney no time was lost in conveying tise would never have been written in Breadman ashore, he being so weak that he America. I thought of Cowper's lines :could not even sit up without fainting; yet

• They are so unaccustomed to man, in this pitiable state, supporting himself Their tameness is shocking to me."" round the hospital-man's neck, while the latter was drawing on his trowsers for him, LADIES oiled-silk nursery aprons. the expiring wretch mustered strength enough to stretch out his pale trembling Hipp. 1. 13, p. 16. Healthy old age the hand toward the other's waistcoat pocket, most patient of hunger. 2. 4. p. 29. Every and pick it of a pocket-comb and penknife! thing ill if in excess. So of poverty and Next morning he was a corpse ; thus dying riches. as he had lived. Yet, during his whole illness, this man would regularly request some “ BENJAMIN CONSTANT was accustomed of the sober-minded rogues to read the to write in a closet on the third story. BeScriptures to him, and pray by his bed- side him sate his estimable wife, and on his side ! Indeed, ill practices become ulti- knee his favourite cat : this feline affection mately so habitual with many, as to be no he entertained in common with Count de longer deemed such ; and hence no wonder Chateaubriand."— Times, 18 Dec. 1830. we so often see religion and knavery intimately blended.”—Newspaper.

ROWLAND Dixon and his puppets at In

gleton. DISPUTATIO perjucunda Mulieres hommes Paris, 1693.

A CHINESE critic says of a favourite line, J. B. Thiers. Hist. des Perruques. Pa- 6 whoever carefully rehearses this verse ris, 1690.

only once, will find a lasting fragrance in Le Champion des Femmes ; qui soustient his mouth for ten days afterwards." qu'elles sont plus nobles, plus parfaites, et en tout plus vertueuses que les hommes. “ REISELIUS having communicated the Paris, 1618.

observation he had made on his own urine, Le Triomphe des Femmes, où il est mon- which he perceived one night to be as lutré que le sexe feminin est plus noble et minous as phosphorus, to John Tackius, plus parfait que le masculin. Anvers, no physician to the Duke of Hesse Darmstadt, date.

and professor of eloquence in the University

of Geissen ; that famous chemist told him " At the house of entertainment we in reply, that he himself studying once found plenty of angling-rods and lines, the with great application of mind to compose former being any stick like a hop-pole, the the funeral oration of the Duke of Saxe, latter of string; some with a bit of cork or which he was to pronounce in the University wood for a float; altogether a worse. set of Geissen ; night being come, there sudout' than a London charity boy on a holi- denly passed out of his eyes a fame which day excursion to the Eel-pie House or the illuminated the paper before him so much New River. We were rowed off to a float- that he could write two entire lines before ing stage with an awning, and certainly it was dissipated; that this phenomenon had caught plenty of fish, none exceeding four much frightened him, being apprehensive

I have often been surprised at of its boding him some considerable disorder

non esse.


in his eyes, or even a total loss of sight, as ent qu'à force de culture, et que les amaBartholim seems to prognosticate to those teurs apprécient d'autant plus qu'elle est to whom the like happened; but that not- leur ouvrage -•Mais adieu! car sur ce withstanding he had hitherto escaped any chapitre je parlerois jusq'au demain-d'aubad effect of this kind, though the same tant que je pense que mes réflections vous symptom had often afterwards made its taquinnent-détestez moi mais dites le appearance, and he had seen several other moi souvent."-Mad. de Custine. times those brilliant flashes come out of his eyes.

Tackius in a short time after died CHARGES for Gentlemen's clothes of the of a dysentery."Town and Country Ma- best quality (no other than the best quality) gazine, 1777, p. 425.

made by W. Tayler, therefore but one

price: “ Vous qui aimez et qui chantez les chi- Saxony Blue or Black Dress ens, vous ai-je dit qu'il y en avoit un ici, Coats

£3 18s. dont le Maître est mort, et qui depuis ce Other colours

£3 6s. moment passe sa vie sur la sse du defunt, Frock or Great Coats, with et quand on force la pauvre Bête à rentrer silk skirt linings

£4 58. dans la maison elle va chercher quelque Blue or Black Frock Coats, vielle harde de son Maître pour se coucher skirts lined with silk £4 18s. dessus. Vous me battrez si je vous dis, Blue or Black Trousers £1 16s. que l'attachement des chiens ne me touche Other colours

£1 lls. 6d. pas du tout.

Ils ont l'air condamné a Hourly experience demonstrates that clothes nous aimer-ce sont des machines à fidélité, may fit, or rather be free from wrinkles, yet et vous savez mon horreur pour les ma- not become the wearer; in truth there are chines. Elles m'inspirent une inimitée per- now few tailors who are unable to fit the sonnelles—Vive les Chats ! tout paradoxe à human shape, but this is the least art in parté, je les préfère aux chiens. Ils sont tailoring. The dress of a gentleman should plus libres, plus indépendans, plus naturels. not only fit, but be fitting, becoming, and La civilisation humaine n'est pas devenue gentlemanly. The practice of W. T. and pour eux une seconde nature. Ils sont his assistants has been, and is in the best plus primitifs que les chiens—plus gracieux. school, that is, of making almost exclusively Ils ne prennent de la société que ce qui for the higher class ; by this their taste in leur convient, et ils ont toujours une gout. dress must necessarily have become good, tière tout près du salon, pour y redevenir and their experience with attention enables ce que Dieu les a fait, et se moquer de them to effect the wishes of their customers, leurs tyrans. Quand par hasard ils aiment relative to dress, with confidence of not bece tyran, ce n'est pas en esclave dégradé ing surpassed. comme vos villains chiens qui lèchent la main qui les bat, et ne sont fidèles, que CÆSAR's horse with humanish feet.-Sueparcequ'ils n'ont pas l'esprit d'être incon

TONIUS, p. 540. stans. Il y a du choix, du parti pris, dans l'attachement des chats-je ne vois que

BORING the Earth for Water. - John la stupidité dans celui des chiens. Si de Goode, 14, St. Swithin's Lane, City, sole tout tems on à donna la préférence à ceux- inventor and patentee for boring the earth ci, leur réputation est l'æuvre de l'orgueil to the main spring for water, respectfully humain. Lechien est la créature de l'homme. begs to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and Ce sot animal n'est plus ce que Dieu l'a fait, the Public in general, that he has invented, il est le produit de la société. C'est une in addition to his former plan, a method de ces plantes à fleurs doubles, qui n'exist. I whereby he is enabled to procure double


the quantity of water at the same expense. They appear of the age at which they This invaluable discovery, from the pure- | became ghosts. Possibly are so in the inness of the water and the enormous expense termediate state. it saves by working engines, &c. for the benefit and comfort of mankind, is of greater “ I Have heard of an ape that has been value than any discovery since the creation. too hard for his master at that most ingeThe cost of a well boring will not be more nious game at chess. But I have known than what has been paid to the Water Com- one, very near to a natural, that hath been pany for the supply of water for one year. a great master at it.”—GOODMAN's Winter The process of the invention is making rapid Evening Conference, p. 44. strides, by J. Goode sending tools, labelled for their use, to every quarter of the globe,

“ DANGER. — Unhealthy Climate. — The whereby any inexperienced person may use

advertiser offers himself to make, or to unthem. References to wells bored by J.

dergo, any dangerous experiment, the reGoode, where the engines may be seen con

sult of which may be beneficial to mankind, stantly at work :-Mr. George Smart, saw

as inoculation of the plague, or hydrophomills, York Road, Lambeth ; Mr. Taylor,

bia; or would accept a situation in any wool-scribbler, 7, Cowper Street, City Road; extremely unhealthy climate, where he might Mr. Kirk, dyer, Osborne Place, White

have a few hours' leisure in the day to chapel, and numbers of others, too numer

make experiments on the nature of the atous to insert in an advertisement, which

mosphere. Though a first rate education

may be seen by applying for prospectuses as

at a public school and the University has above. J. Goode has also invented a ma

qualified him to undertake with confidence chine which will raise water to a great

any situation, however arduous, yet there height, where the water lies much below

is none so insignificant that he would not the surface. The said machine will not re

accept, if likely to promote his object. Adquire any attendance. Particulars dress, post paid, to S. L., post-office, Kings


may had as above. N. B. Tools for exportation.

ton-on-Thames." Persons going abroad cannot lay their money “ APROPOS—an expression which is comout better than by taking a set of tools with

monly used to introduce whatever is unrethem, as they may be used with success in lative to it.”—LORD CHESTERFIELD, vol. 2, any part of the world. “ Sense will be in a little compass, if men

“ La Motte de Vayer mention sa certain would be persuaded to vent no notions but what they are masters of; and were angels

• Hippias Elien qui se ventait hardiment de to write, I fancy we should have but few fait.'"-BAYLE, vol. 6, p. 177.

ne rien porter que ses mains n'eussent folios."—NORRIS, Preface to his Miscellanies.

“Il me semble,” says Gabriel Naudé, Two Polish translations of Lucan in 1691,

“ qu'il n'appartient qu'à ceux-là qui n'espèby Chroscinski and Bardzinski.

rent jamais d'être cités, de ne citer personne;

et c'est une trop grande ambition de se perNORRIS (Misc. 325) enumerates it among

suader d'avoir des conceptions capables de the perfections of human nature, that man contenter une si grande diversité de lec“ not only enjoys the good he unites with, teurs sans rien emprunter d'autrui.”—Ibid. but digests it as it were into himself." vol. 6, p. 175. Under Epicurus, N. E.

Il n'y a pas moins d'esprit ni moins d'inGhosts have good memories, which is an vention à bien appliquer une pensée que l'on argument against materialism, showing at trouve dans un livre, qu'à être le premier least the infinite subtilization of matter. auteur de cette pensée.”—Ibid. p. 177.

P. 371.

p. 83.

Esopus in Bayle, vol. 6, p. 290, eating the humaine, et qu'on n'ait décidé l'affirmative most expensive dishes; the pleasure being qu'après un long examin."—Ibid. p. 49. in the mere wanton prodigality. Seneca, The father of Scipio Gentilis wrote a Consol. ad Helviam, c. 9, touches upon this Disquisition “an vero Dæmones Morborum folly.

causa sint.”—Ibid. p. 66.

The Gymnosophistes. “C'était une chose Eve beat Adam with a bough which honteuse parmi eux que d'être malade, de she tore from the tree of knowledge, and sorte que ceux qui voulaient éviter cette cudgelled him, till he yielded and ate. — ignominie se brulaient eux mêmes." — Ibid. BAYLE, vol. 6, p. 325. Paracelsus fancies that serpents ever

Gregory Nazianzen calls a wife an acsince the fall retain a knowledge of the quired evil; and what is worse, one that highest natural mysteries, by the special may not be put away. will of God.-Ibid. Eve, A. vol. 6, p. 327.

MR. DEMPSTER to Pinkerton : “You are Michel le Faucheur, a Hugonot, preach

a bee that has taken pains to collect honey. ed one day against duelling with such effect I am a mere bear, made for overturning that Mareshal de la Force, who heard the the hive, and robbing the combs." — PINsermon, protested“devant quelques braves," KERTON's Corr. vol. 1, p. 222. that if a challenge were sent him, he would not accept it.-Ibid. p. 412.

“ H. WALPOLE: “I was forced to quit Dow's History of Indostan, because the In

dian names made so little impression on A PREACHER “ qui se faisait une règle de tousser par compas et par mesure

, précisé- me, that I went backward instead of for

ward, and was every minute reverting to the ment à une telle, ou à un telle période: et

former page to find about whom I was de peur d'y manquer, il faisait des marques reading.”—Ibid. p. 226. à son manuscrit partout ou il se proposait de tousser. Il écrivait à ces endroits la

“ LORD BUCHAN: “I wish death to keep hem hem, comme on l'a vu dans l'original off such quarry. I could let him have après sa mort."—Ibid.

plenty of gentlemen at a shilling a dozen Jacques Ferrand published a Treatise

that would fill his maw much better than “ de la Maladie d'Amour.” Paris, 1622.

our historian.”—Ibid. p. 259. Ibid. p. 433. When Charles Fevret lost his wife, “il

History of Breeches. — Ibid. p. 407. fit retrancher son lit de moitié et ne se remaria pas.”—Ibid. p. 480. Henri called Frauwenlob for his praise of teams observe that a smart quick look in

“ EXPERIENCED waggoners and drivers of women. His funeral, and the wine poured

a horse denotes a hasty passionate temper.upon his grave. Under the word Frauwen- Stevenson's Dorset, p. 419. lob.—Ibid.


“ There is a degree of coolness required,

in cart-horses, and high spirit is considered Gediccus, his book Mulieres Homines rather as a fault than a perfection.”—Ibid. non esse, was a satire not upon women but Women have one advantage: none of Socinianism. See N. E. under this head. their duties tend in any way to deteriorate -Ibid. vol. 7, p. 47.

them. Bayle thought it strange that in the Consul of Macon “ on ait gravement mis en “ Potatoes are known to love the taste question si les femmes étaient une créature of new ground.” (BATCHELOR's Bedford

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