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TITIVILITIUM, a flocci-nauci word.-BEN “ Aged Indians, whether male or female, Jonson, vol. 3, p. 431.

generally continue in apparent good health

to the last ; and death is most frequently Advice not to dip into this book, but to sudden. But they become bowed and very peruse it regularly.

much wrinkled." - EDWIN JAMES, vol. 1, Poet and his notes, — he desires you to read the poem first without, and a second time with them.

Warm Beere, a Treatise, wherein is deDipping for wigs.

clared that Beere so qualified is farre more

wholesome then that which is drunke cold. SPEAKING of some Welsh author, LAN- 18mo, neat, scarce, 78. 6d. Camb. 1641. GUET says, “ Ego non ita contemno tuum Cambrum, ut tu scribis, nam nisi esset in “At nine in the evening of the 25th, a ipso aliquid ingenii, non posset tam insigni- fall of rain commenced: we were now ten ter ineptire.”—p. 41.

in company, with a single tent, large enough

to cover half the number. In order, howKNOWLEDGE coming late. — SIR E. B.'s

ever, to make the most equal distribution Gnomica, pp. 91-2. ME. SEVIGNÉ.

of our several comforts, it was so arranged

that about the half of each man was shel“It is a praise to praise when thou art

tered under the tent, while the remainder praised.”—Sir P. SYDNEY.

was exposed to the weather.

This was

effected by placing all our heads near to“My mouth doth water, and my breast doth gether in the centre of the tent, and allowswell,

ing our feet to project in all directions, like My tongue doth itch, my thoughts in labour

the radii of a circle." - EDWIN JAMES, vol. be, Listen then, Lordings, with good ear to me.”

Ibid. FRANCIS BARNETT says in his Memoirs,

(vol. 1, p. 316) “From my own observation “I may, I must, I can, I will, I do."—Ibid. I do not think there is a real British sailor

who would not sooner part with the whole A BOOK called Arma Anserina, in praise of his apparel, than either pawn or part with of the pen, printed at Leyden, 1679.

a Bible given him." BAYLE, vol. 3, p. 255.

WHEN Mr. Butler condemned Beza, he “ INTERDUM quies inquieta est."-SENE- ought to have remembered what Mr. Eusca, Epist. 56.

tace has said in defence of Virgil,—to this

purpose.—Vol. 1, 8vo. edition, pp. 220-2. Tue horse of the good knight El Bembe, was better than any of the horses of the Bishop WATSON said of certain Protestant sun.—Chev. du Sol. vol. 6, p. 229.

landholders in Ireland—“they are desirous

to pay no tithes for their lands : the event Natalis the physician informed Peiresk may be, that they will have no lands to pay that there are in Guinea “ apes with long, for.”—Memoirs, vol. 1, p. 251. gray, combed (compt) beards almost venerable, who stalk an alderman's pace, and Taylor from Vienna, 1635. take themselves to be very wise.”Life of “The Duke of Bavaria bath always disPeiresk, p. 92.

covered a strange "ambitious mind, and of late hath given more testimony of it than

2, p. 261.

co, p. 19.

before. Since this marriage he feeds of I am of opinion with Doña Oliva Sabuco, nothing but on capons and chickens, fed that “El sueño deve ser comun a todos por with flesh of vipers, and to this purpose, I ley rigurosa en la noche : y no es buen goam told, that there are a great many brought vierno que unos duerman, otros cauten por forth of Calabria. What a child would he las calles.”—P. 74. beget to infest the world."-Clarendon Papers, vol. 1, p. 373.

The British Apollo explains the reason

why dogs wag their tails when they are Frogs in Italian cry quattro, quattro. - pleased, thusBERTOLDINO, vol. 8, p. 73.

“ The cause why that part such quick sense In Latin they call out aqua, aqua.

doth retain,

Is from vessels continued from thence to GRIFFIN, No. 11, Finch-lane, Cornhill, on the brain, Thursday, March 27, 1828, slaughtered a

Where a secret impulse first impresseth the very fine black bear, “ for the benefit of the

notion, public." The fat cut from the carcase at And joy at one end puts the other in motwelve shillings per pound.

tion.—Vol. 1, p. 107. ISMENEAS, a Theban physician, cured all

“Frets make best music ; strings the diseases with music. -DonA OLIVA SABU

higher racked Sound sweetest."

Rowley, New Wonder, a Woman never PHÆDRUS, cum notis variorum et Laurentii, numerous plates, very neat, 188.

vext, p. 333. Amst. 1667.

" 'Tis said “ Edition recherchée, à cause des figures The grave's good rest when women go first taille douce, dont elle a été ornée.

to bed."

Ibid. 347. Il est à remarquer, que dans le nombre de ces figures, il s'en trouve une à la The valley of Ajalon

was in Dan's porpage 276, qui représente une action un tion, and because the coasts of this tribe peu libre et indécente, et qui, par cette went out too little for them, the children raison, est sujette à ne se recontrer of Dan went up to fight against Leshem, que déchirée ou gâtée. Il est bon de and took it, and smote it with the edge of s'en assurer, parce qu'alors ce volume the sword, and possessed it, and dwelt thereperd la plus grande partie de son mé- in, and called Leshem Dan, after the name rite et de sa valeur."—DE BURE.

of Dan their father.”Judges, xix. 47.

The only one of the sons of Jacob after Sylvæ quas Vario Carminum, Gr. et Lat. whom a city was named. very neat, 78.

Dola, 1592. This is a very curious collection of Epi- A man enquires why it is that after eat

grams, Odes, Monodies, Elegies, and ing he is as much intoxicated as if he had Acrostics, printed in the forms of va- been “drinking at an excessive rate ;" and rious geometrical figures, as Circles, the British Apollo, (vol. 3, p. 399), replies, Triangles, Rhombuses, Parallelograms, “ It is because the brain being crowded Hexagons, Cylinders, &c. and some in with the grosser vapours ascending from the fanciful pictures of Eagle's-wings, the aliments, the influx of the animal Spearheads, and Barnacles.

spirits out of the carotid arteries into the

nerves is partly obstructed, which, renderMusical medicine, or medical music.- ing the nerves remiss, that drowsy disposiBoucher. Serces, vol. 1, pp. 122-120. tion follows."

“ I DESIRE you to oblige me so far as to “I HAVE heard Sir Henry Wotton say give me a reason why I, that am so very that there be many that in Italy will catch ticklish, can't tickle myself.”—Ibid. p. 496. swallows so, or especially martins ; this

The most unsuccessful author succeeds bird-angler standing on the top of a steeple in doing this.

to do it, with a line twice as long as I have

spoken of, i.e. about twenty feet long."— A notion that love brought on toothache. Iz. WALTON, p. 206. -Ibid. p. 504.

SOME of the Hebrews liked jinglingnames, CAREW, p. 707, that it cures it.

as the Arabians, and as our old lawyers.

Shuppim and Huppim, the sons of Ir." Why there are so many maggots in fil--1 Chron. 7, 12. berts, and none in walnuts.”—Ibid. p. 594.

“ Peresh and Sheresh, sons of Machir.” “ War is a game sometimes at chess, -Ibid. 16. sometimes at hazard; politics a game at blind-man's-buff; patriotism, at brag; trade,

DONCASTERquasi Dancaster. at beggar my neighbour." Or rather, the soldiers play at, &c.; the

NOTHING like a chimney appears in any statesman, &c.

remains of Roman architecture. Either

there was an aperture in the roof for the “ 'Tis thought that they, (the Jews), or smoke, or it escaped through the windows. some spirit worse than they, first told us Did they burn charcoal ? that lice swallowed alive were a certain cure for the yellow jaundice. This and many “ One Cockerell of Stockton, captain of other medicines were discovered by them, a ship, was washed overboard in a storm by or by revelation, for doubtless we attained one wave and thrown upon deck again by them not by study."-Iz. WALTON, p. 178. another. In pious memory of this provi

He thought the Jews possessed many dential escape, he kept the day of the week secrets, yet unknown to Christians, derived (Wednesday), a solemn fast while he lived, by tradition from Solomon.

and never suffered his beard to be shaved

again."-Ritson. SURTEES' Durham, vol. 3, “ Such a thing may happen, as that the woman, not the man, may be in the right, This seems to have been late in the 17th (I mean when both are godly), but ordi

century narily it is otherwise." — Vol. 1, p. 24. J. Bunyan, Exposition on the ten first chapters Gal. Well, and what dost thou play? of Genesis.

Bal. The part of all the world.

All. The part of all the world ? What's JUDGES, when condemning to death for

that? some petty crime, some poor forgery, &c. Bal. The fool." They seemed so calm, and with their age

Induction to MARSTON's Antonio and so grave,

Mellida. Old Plays, vol. 2, p. 108.
So just and civil in their killing trade,
As if all life were crime but what they save, “ The Arabians, in default of other fuel,
Or murder were by method lawful made.” are fain to burn, and dress their meat with

GONDIBERT, p. 139. aromatical wood, which so stupifieth the
Oswald's Soldiers. senses of the people, that they are forced

with bitumen and the scent of goats, (where

p. 191.

perfumes are too frequent, a stink is a per- BURTON says that when persons are affume), to qualify their suffocating sweet-flicted with St. Vitus's dance, the magisness.”—Pisgah Sight, p. 36.

trates in Germany hire musicians to play

to, and some lusty sturdy companions to Taylor, the Water-Poet, says of Goose, dance, with them. “ Her lungs and liver into powder dried, And, fasting, in an ass's milk, applied, “ I will have my picture drawn most Is an experienced cordial for the spleen." compositiously.”—Ford, vol. 1, p. 372. “Her brains with salt and pepper if you “ That I had thought, and thought I had blend,

thought rightly."— BEAUMONT and FlatAnd eat, they will the understanding mend."

CHER. Woman Hater, act v. sc. i.
Taylor's Goose, p. 105. Works.

“Merry as a cricket," is a proverbial si“We do esteem a fountain, well, or militude, but I am not sure that crickets spring, to be the more clear from poison, if

are merry, -any more than a set of psalma toad, a newt, or a snake be in either of singers are. Merry as a tadpole would be them; for we imagine that those venomous a better form of speech. We were looking creatures do suck or extract all the conta

at some to-day in a little stream, where gion of that chrystalline element into them

they were wagging their tails with all imaselves.”—Taylor's Baud. Ibid. p. 99.

ginable liveliness and alacrity. Should not The Portuguese keep a tortoise in their

you like to have such a tail, said I to Karl; large Bilha’s, to purify it;-not for this pur- and he looked up at the question with a pose I suppose, but to keep it clear of in- broad smile of delight, and answered with sects.

a voice of honest, deep earnestness, that it seemed to come from the heart, or half

way “ His tongue, much like a hackney, goes all

thither at least,—“I should!"- May 18, paces,

1829. In city, country, court, and camp, all places, It gallops, and false gallops, trots, and ambles,

“ Birds of the gull species, within the One pace or other, still it runs and rambles.”

last week, have been exceedingly plentiful Taylor's Virtue of a Jade, p. 130.

in Kent, attracted to the lands by sprats,

which are used in great quantities by farFORD, in one of his plays, speaks of hydrophobia as produced by the bite of a mad

mers as manure. Flights of thousands have dog

also daily occupied the marshes in search of

food. At Beacon Hill, near Green Street, “ And men possessed so, shun all sight of

on Friday last, a curious scene took place. water :

Several loads of fish had been thrown down Sometimes, if mixt with jealousy, it renders in a heap in consequence of the snow prethem

venting the operation of spreading. In a Insensible, and oftentimes brings death."

short time after being deposited, many thouVol. 1, p. 178.

sand gulls invaded, and commenced operaAccordingly, the man who suffers under tions upon them in right earnest, without, the disease in the Mask of Melancholy, for a time, being interrupted in their rewhich he introduces,-is raging with jea- past; at length, some boys observing the lousy.

havock they were committing, repaired to “ Men singular in art

the spot; but such was the determined Have always some odd whimsey more than spirit of the birds, that they kept them at

usual.” FORD, vol. 1, p. 175. bay a considerable time, by hovering over,

and attacking them in the most savage manner, until ultimately they found it necessary to retreat."-County Chronicle.

names, as images, lively representing the natures of things.”—CUDWORTH, vol. 2, p. 227.

ANTENOR called Delta by his neighbours Psalm 139, ver. 15.—“My substance was from his great goodness; and for the same not bid from thee when I was made in secret, reason, the Cretans called any good man and curiously wrought in the lowest parts Delton. Hence the name of the Egyptian of the earth.” Delta, as well as for its form.”—GARASSE contra PASQUIER, p. 342.

Lowth has it

“ When I was formed in the secret place, “ RABBI AQUIBA used to say,— Stultum When I was wrought with a needle in the omninò ferre quàm semistultum facilius est,

depths of the earth.” et ignarum omninò quam semidoctum.'”.


upon this he has a superfine criticism. Ibid. p. 501.

Ecclesiasticus 31, ver. 13.—“A WICKED eye A man who wished, in order to make re- is an evil thing: and what is created more ligion properly respected, that there should wicked than an eye ?” be but one priest in the world, and that he shouid say mass only once in twenty-five “ Wisdom hath killed her beasts; she years at the jubilee.—Ibid. p. 590. hath mingled her wine; she hath also fur

Garasse asked him where he would have nished her table."-Ibid. 9, ver. 2. it said ? and he replied, in the valley of Jehosaphat. See the story.

WINE.-Ibid. 27, ver. 8.

A Persian doctor, the only avowed me- It appears by this chapter, that men in dical professor whom Burckhardt saw at those days were forced to cram themselves Mecca, deals in nothing but miraculous bal- with food, as they were to drench their stosams and infallible elixirs : his potions are machs with wine in my youth. all sweet and agreeable; and the musk and Verse 21.-“If thou hast been forced to aloe wood which he burns diffuses through eat, arise, go forth, vomit, and thou shalt his shop a delicious odour, which has con- have rest." tributed to establish his reputation.—Vol. 2, p. 398.

Tuis Doveland, or Columbia. A moral

and medical Utopia. Tue boggography of Ireland.

How the Ten and the Two CommandA SHIRT-FACED woman.

ments are observed or non-observed.

When your opinion of a new book is CHARLEMAGNE's memoranda asked, a fee should always be presented. Noys' pie-crust. And, I dare say, we should soon have the Boswell. His pocket-handkerchief must most approved mode both of opening the have been always like a Quipos,' woodfull. hand for its reception, and closing it.

HOBBES, because of his birth, would have “They, says Hierocles, who first gave names to things, were by reason of a certain

Quipos, ropes of various colours, and with

different knots, used by the ancient inhabitants wonderful wisdom of theirs, a kind of ex

of Peru to record memorable events and keep cellent statuaries; they by those several accounts.” Neuman's Span. Dict.–J. W. W.

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