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Lord Nugent, the Full Bottom Whig. thematicus,"

," “ Asinus Saltator," " AsiSir R. Wilson, a Bob Whig.

nus Medicus," “ Asinus Astrologicus," Sir Watkin, a Welsh Whig. the Ear Wig.

Smith's Vagabondiana, or Anecdotes of Tre Wig.

Mendicant Wanderers through the Streets Lord Eldon a Bag Wig.

of London, with 29 portraits, drawn from Brown George Wig. the Life, 4to. boards, ll. 48. 1817. Mackevril and Capt. G. endeavouring to De Cælo et ejus Mirabilibus, et de Inforce a Scratch upon Mr. Brougham. ferno, ex auditis et visis, binding damaged,

2s. 6d. 4to. 1758. MISisters play some at brag-like Mr. Canning; some at beggar-my-neighbour ; some at hazard

Dogs. Porphyrii (Pub. Opt.) Panegyricus dic

Fos such as Bezeorillo there should be a tus Constantino Augusto ex codice Manu- word of dignity corresponding to the disscripto Paulli Velseri, reliun, 18s.

tinction between person and personage ; fol. Ang. Pindel 1595.

doge might be proposed, without offence to Printed in Capitals, in imitation of

the Venetians. the original US.“ Petit Poëme Latin, en acrostiches très compliqués :

MAYORTES the first G. Khan—g metac'est vraisemblablement le plus ancien

morphosis. monument qui nous reste de ces sortes

de jeux d'esprit."-Bernet. Walker (J.) Melody of Speaking deli- shall eat him in Lent." —Beaumont and

“ He shall be hanged in flitches,' the dogs neated, or Elocution taught like Musick. FLETCHER, Maid in the Mill, act ii. sc. ii. seurd, 28. 6d. Sro. 1787. Ria (J. P. de) Palais de Soixantequatre

Origin of the title of Doge at Venice.fenêtres, ou l'Art d'Eerire toutes les Lan Borchet, Serees, vol. 1, p. 233. gues du Monde comme on les parle, 8s. 4to. Petersbourg, 1788.

The Ptamphaoniens had a dog for their Laurentius (And.) De Mirabili Strumas king and their barometer.—Ibid. p. 230. Sanandi VI. Solis Galliæ Regibus Christianissimis diuinitas concessa, fine copy, 128. Dogs who have thrown themselves upon

Paris, 1609.

the funeral pile of their masters. — Ibid. This copy possesses the large folded en

graving of Henry IV. assisted by his p. 229. courtiers in the ceremony of curing the

Orion. “ Heavex's circumference King's evil. Asino (La Nobilita dell') di Attabalippa But with those venom-breathed curs he

Is not enough for him to hunt and range, dal Peru, 12s. Venet. 1598.

leads, Ballesteros (Doctor de) Memorias de la He comes to chase health from our earthly Insigne Academia Asnal, curious plates, 14s. En Bi-Tonto en la Imprenta de Blas An- Each one of those foul-mouthed mangey dogs

bounds, ton. el ano 3192 de la Era Asnal.

Governs a day, (no dog but hath his day,) This work is a burlesque on the different Members and Professors of the Royal

In the first folio it is "flotches,”-in the Academical College; there are cuts of second Hitches.” It is mentioned for the old the “ Asinus Orator," the “ Asinus Ma- form.-J. W. W.

And all the days by them so governed, his nephew, to be enjoyed by them for thirty The dog days light.”

years, at the expiration of which time he Nash Summer's Last Will, expected to return to life, when the estate Old Plays, vol. 9, p. 37. was to return to him. He provided for his

re-appearance by ordering his coffin to be Prince of Orange saved by a poodle.-- fixed on a beam in his barn, locked, and Somers' Tracts, vol. 1, p. 351.

the key enclosed, that he might let himself

out. He was allowed four days' grace beThe late Duke of Norfolk and his Spaniels. yond the time limited, and not presenting

himself, was then honoured with Christian “Our Marlborough and King James's

burial."—April 21, 1835, Times. spaniels are unrivalled in beauty. The latter breed that are black and tan, with hair

Josephus held, like his countrymen, that almost approaching to silk in fineness (such the souls of wicked men deceased, got into as Vandyke loved to introduce into his por- the bodies of the living and possessed them. traits,) were solely in the possession of the

All diseases, the Jews thought, were thus late duke of Norfolk. He never travelled

caused. And the Gnostics agreed with them without two of his favourites in the car

in this, and supposed, therefore, that they riage. When at Worksop he used to feed

were to be cured by words or charms.his eagles with the pups; and a stranger to his exclusive pride in the race, seeing him | Cudwortu, vol. 3, p. 345, 6. one day employed in thus destroying a whole litter, told his Grace how much he should the human soul a great secret, concerning

AUGUSTINE thought the pre-existence of be delighted to possess one of them. The which men might allowably entertain each Duke's reply was a characteristic one:

what opinion seemed to himself best foundPray, sir, which of my estates should

you ed.-Ibid. like to have ?'”



Hades, TÒ dedés, the invisible, one etyChronicon Erici Regis.

mology.-—Ibid. p. 508. In the days of king David, Dan, son of Eiòwdov or vehicle of the soul.-Ibid. Humbla, reigned over the kingdom of Wi- vol. 3, pp. 509, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 20. thesleth, which comprised the islands of Zealand, Monen, Falster, and Laland. The Use of physicking-for the soul's sake.Jutes invited him to their assistance against Ibid. p.

514-5. a certain formidable king, and offered him the dominion over them. He accepted the

óspedes, the crustaceous, or ostraceinvitation, defeated the enemy, and calls

ous body.-Plato, p. 521. the whole of his dominions after his own

A CHAPTER for the Utilitarians, against name Dania. Thus Dan “fuit pugil fortis

unnecessary locks and keys, (you had to simus et giganteus cunctis in circuitu ter

go into the kitchen for the key at Inverribilis, et prælia clarissima gessit hinc inde." ness). Directing posts recommended. Evil -LANGEBEK, Script. Rer. Danic. vol. 1, p. of á damp and unsunned temple, as at 150.

Sharon. A Few days ago the remains of a farmer “Beneath this stone lies all that's good were interred at Stevenage, in Hertfordshire, who died many years ago, and be- The virtues of a man compleat.” queathed his estate, worth 4001. a-year, to In Topcliff Church-yard, upon a his two brothers, and if they should die, to


and great,


Lying has been discarded from dedica- Tibiæ cantu. And Theophrastus said tion, but not yet from epitaphs.

patients might be cured of that disease, “si

more Phrygio harmoniam aliquis indigena An American merchant captain by name illis accinerit.”—Ibid. Trapp, was christened. Through much tribulation we enter into the kingdom of hea- Supposing the existence of inferior creaven. His mother, he said, used to call him

tures in a world where there was neither Tribby, for shortness.

sin nor death, the mode of progression might Slide boldly, or you will fall; shave be by making every stage the aurelian ove

to the next above it. boldly, or you will cut yourself; plead boldly, or you will lose your cause, what

If such a one does so or so, ever be its merits.

“ The devil must be wiser than I take him, Changes in ourselves during this life- And the flesh foolisher.”

BEAUMONT and FLETCHER, Wit in age we wither and shrink up as the grub

without Money, act ii. sc. ii. is contracted into the chrysalis.

“ Thou hast a handsome wit: stir with the “Come, Ladies, shall we talk a round ? As

world, Do walk a mile, women should talk an hour

Stir, stir, for shame: thou art a pretty

scholar. After supper : 'tis their exercise." PHILASTER, act ii. sc. iv.

Ask how to live? write, write, write any

thing, The Ossetes or Iron as they call them

The world's a fine believing world ; write selves, a barbarous predatory people, on


Act ïi. sc. iv. the north side of Caucasus and left bank of the river Terek, are said to be under the

"places not persons concern our pregovernment of women.-PRICHARD, vol. 2,

sent subject, and I hope I shall not betray
such indiscretion as to leave the plain and

ready road of my work in hand, to enter THALETAS, the Cretan wrote verses,

into the wood (not to say the bog) of an “tantâ citharæ suavitate, ut morbos et pes- impertinent question.”-Fuller's Pisgah tilentias curaret.”—ZUINGER, vol. 2, p. 1139. View, p. 140. By the verse, or the music ?

“ We do acknowledge ye are a careful cuSeverus, the heretic, said that the urine


And one that seldom troubles us with serwas of the devil's inventing, “ adeoque ser

mons; pentis effigiem habere vitam.” — Ibid. p. 1225.

A short slice of a reading serves us, Sir, On the other hand Bacchus,“ egregius Before you'll vex your audience, you'll sleep

We do acknowledge ye a quiet teacher ; est medicus habitus," and why ?—Ibid. p.

with 'em. 1230.

All that's a loving thing.–We grant ye, Sir, GALEn concerning poisons, and abomin- The only benefactor to our bowling, able prescriptions.-Ibid. 1245.

To all our merry sports the first provoker.

And at our feasts, we know there is no rea-
ASCLEPIADES found music best for in-
sane or imbecile patients.-Ibid. p. 1291. But you, that edify us most, should eat most."
ALEX. AB ALEX. vol. 2, p. 17.

Ismenias cured sciatica.—Ibid. p. 1292.

Curate, act iii. sc. ji.

p. 19

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Jonah. “His name in Hebrew a dove, to Fashions, how perishable.—Pisgah Sight, which he answered rather in his speedy | p. 113. (2nd paging.) flight from God's service, than in any want of gall, whereof he manifested too much in “What though stout Ajax lay with Proserhis anger without cause or measure.”—Pis- pine, gah View, p. 147.

Shall men leave eating powdered beef for

that?”—TAYLOR, Water Poet, p. 120. “Bur know that every meer-stone that standeth for a land-mark, though in sub

The people of the Society Islands bestance but a hard flint, or plain pebble, is a

lieve that there is a distinct heaven for the precious stone in virtue, and is cordial against souls of pigs, which they call Ofatuna. dangerous controversies between party and

Every pig has his proper name, -as reparty.”—Ibid. p. 184.

gularly as every member of a family.

Ellis. Polynesian Researches, vol. 2, p. 53. “The spleen attendeth on the liver, and

Some of these islanders suppose that all is the drain or sewer of the feculent and

animals have souls, and that flowers and melancholy blood.”—Ibid.


plants are organized beings' also possessing

souls.-Ibid. Dan and his tribes.-Ibid.

pp. 207-8.

IMMORTALITY of animals.-BISHOP REYSun standing still.-Ibid.


NOLDS, vol. 1, p. 21. “Ne m'estant proposé maintenant de con- “Alas! this kernel long since hath been tenter seulement les sages, mais aussi les eaten up by all-devouring Time, leaving fols. Ceux-là le gaigneront au poids, ceux- nothing thereof but the husk of the empty cy au nombre.

name to posterity.”Pisgah Sight. Direc“ Et peradventure adviendra-il que vou- tions for the Index. lant contenter les uns et les autres, je desplairay à tous deux.” – PASQUIER, tom. 2, A TRADITION that Solomon wrote on the

walls of the temple sovereign receipts against

all diseases; and that Hezekiah erased them PASQUIER pleaded four days for the Pa

because people placed too much confidence racelsite, encontre la Faculté de Medi.

therein, to the prejudice of divine provicine.”—Tom. 2, p. 197.


p. 383. “ J'abhorre naturellement les

“ ONE musical instrument was called Jomedicamens, voire que la seule apprehension

nath Elem Rechokim, by some rendered opere quelquesfois en moy, autant qu'aux

appellatively the dumb dove in far places. autres la prise.”—Ibid. p. 246.

“Mahalath another, which Ainsworth inIMITATIVE words.-PASQUIER, tom. 2, p.

terpreteth sickness or infirmity, and con

ceiveth it a kind of wind instrument."-Ibid. 259. Pisgah Sight, p. 338.

p. 4.

He says,

p. 396.

"A pure Anglo-Saxon word, Mære, often used by our old writers. So in the 4th Part of the Homily for the Rogation Week. “ They do much provoke the wrath of God upon them. selves, which use to grind up the doles and marks, which of ancient time were laid for the division of meers and balks in the fields, to bring the owners to their right." p. 548.

J. W. W.

(ARISTOTLE.) “The philosopher telleth us that a tower-fashioned nose (round and blunt at the top) is a sign of magnanimity, which explains how the generousness and animosity of the church is intimated, when that feature of the spouse's face is likened, in the Canticles, to the tower of Lebanon

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And looketh toward Damascus, as well as

Herbs. Air she whiteness, uniformity, and propor

TORMENTIL, whose virtue is to part tuo largeness thereof.”—Ibid. p. 6. (20

All deadly killing poison from the heart;

And here Narcissus' root, for swellings best, " SPIGELIUS observeth that English mo- Yellow Lysimache, to give sweet rest chers and nurses generally hurt their babes To the faint shepherd, killing where it comes by binding them too hard about their breast, All busy gnats, and every fly that hums." thereby causing consumptions, of which dis- Faithful Shepherdess, act ii. sc. ii. case, he affirmeth, more die in England than

“ WHERE I in any other country."—Ibid. p. 103.

Take the height of her table with my sto

mach.”—R. g. hare a Wife, act üi. sc. v. A MUSICIAN and a dancing master both cured of fever by music. --Selections. Gent.

This text was urged in favour of the Salic Mag. vol. 2, p. 406.

law,“ Considerate lilia agri, quomodo cres

cunt, non laborant non nent. Ergo, LilioBOURDALOUE fiddling and dancing him

rum Gallicorum jus, non nisi nobilibus, qui self into spirits for-preaching on a Good

non laborant; non nisi maribus quia non Friday!-See Curiosities of Literature, vol. nent, cedere debet.” — ZUINGER, vol. 2, p. 2, p. 273. SPENCE's Anecdotes.

1532. LONGEVITY of musicians. Selections.

Hector Boece says that the old Scotch Gent. Mag. vol. 3, p. 476.

used to shut up women who were affected

with madness or any hereditary disease, and Νοσοι δ' ανθρώποισιν εφ' ημέρη ήδ' επι νυκτί | castrate men.-Ιbid. vol. 2, 1715. Αυτόματοι φοιτωσι, κακά θνητοίσι φέρεσαι Σιγή επει φωνήν εξείλετο μητιέτα Ζεύς. . LIP-PHYSIC, (FLETCHER. Lover's ProHESIOD, "Έργ. και "Ημ. ν. 102. gress.) in many cases the best that friend or

physician can administer.-Act i. sc. i. WHEN Nelson was in the Amazon, Oct. 1801, Mrs. Lutwidge pressed him to dine “The very striking superiority of intelwith her at three o'clock," but," says he, lect possessed by the children born in the “ I told her, I would not dine with the angel colony, when compared with those landed Gabriel, to be dragged through a night surf.” from the slave ships, is as unaccountable as

it is manifest to the most common observer, PRINCE LEOPOLD of Naples invested with on entering a school. The parents are for the Order of St. Stephens.—Nelson's Let the most part from the same country; and ters, vol. 2, p. 141.

it can only be explained by the advantages

enjoyed by the former, in having received DR. WILLIAMS- "did show me how a dog something of that early instruction, both that he hath do kill all the cats that come moral and religious, which is so necessary thither to kill his pigeons, and do afterwards to predispose the mind to profit by a more bury them; and do it with so much care extended education : trifling indeed as that that they shall be quite covered; that if the instruction has been, the happy results are tip of the tail hangs out, he will take up clearly to be observed." - Lt. Col. Denthe cat again, and dig the hole deeper, which HAM's Sierra Leone Papers, p. 24. is very strange; and he tells me that he do believe that he hath killed above 100 cats." “ CINGITE me hederâ," is what a corn -PEPys, vol. 1, p. 219.

should say.

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