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IMITATIVE talent is, I believe, as com· Here is my journey's end, here is my butt, mon, as creative genius is rare. When And very sea-mars of my utmost sail." Columbus had once broken the egg, there

Ibid. set iv. se. 2. were plenty of gentlemen who could all do ANECDOTES relating to some of the books The imitative poems good in their kind, in my possession. would supply matter which are continually produced by persons I enough for an amusing paper.

incapable of producing any thing good of Arxis of G. Hall. The great little

their own, prore this.

Thus too we have mimics, who can pererents that have occurred there :

sonity the best actors, but would be utterly Bursting the oren.

incapable of acting any one of their parts. Vight attack on the windows.

Arelianeda's Don Quixote is perhaps the The great wet The biwing open the door in the right to conception I mean, for what the style

best example of a good imitative work ;-as i Putting up the root. larsa of the pics

may be, I have no means of judging, never

haring seen the original. It shows also larsson of the laveskia of the sens

what not unfrequently accompanies this talent, a base mind, a low vile envious desire

ot' depreciating his original; having beyond Funny in of the trip decr. Fring out of the winter.

all doubt its root in a consciousness of inCarrying away the seat of the comma

feriority, and an ambition with no worth to Hire.**

support it. Lord Byron is another instance Misfortunes among the maids.

of this. Catching the foremost.

It is very much to the credit of the Spa

niarts that Avellaneda's talents have not in Catching eleven rats. Mice in my cupboard.

any degree sared him from the disgraceful Derwent swallowing the money.

fame that he deserves. The great snow.

TONPOOLITES, or Noodelitarians.
The great rime.
Owl in the church.

The new press gang.
Wedding in service time.

A black fellow, who had been in the Mr. Fisher's cow. And my opinion of the guards. man who kept his cow.

An old waterman. The bums.

Smearing them with printer's ink, and Crazy woman at Musgrave's.

tossing them in wet sheets. Northern lights. Hartley splashing his hat.

Old Cob, sometimes called the sergeant,

and sometimes the bone-stealer, having once Harry's shoe. Shirt island.

been engaged in the resurrection trade, is Holly bush and beak.

now, in consequence, employed as bully in

the house of an infamous old woman, well Buonaparte's cuirasse.

known by the name of Mother Scarlet. Dancing bears. My reputed prophecies.

The Jerry Bedlamites. These fellows The strange fish.

have the same sort of dislike to black that The Irish clergyman.'

bulls have to scarlet. "A portion of this list has appeared before.

COLB'exe's gang,


about with belThis is an amended one.-J. W. W.


And Jeremy B., with his riff-raff.

Mr. Cut-and-come-again, the surgeon. And there is the mill, that grinds nothing Dr. Drastic, and his apothecary, Mr. but chaff.

Doseum. There is Jamie the great, and Jeffrey the small.

GENERAL civilization missionary society, And there is Lord the nothing at in which all religious denominations and all all.

parties may join. “But I am proof against their flashy stuff ;

“Do you say rash or tisha when you And for their scornings, I have scorn

sneeze ” said Isabel just now. enough."—WITHER, To the King. B. Remembrancer.

“A GENTLEMAN now resides near Exeter, “And I am willing to be thought

who has not washed his face or hands for A fool, that they more wisdom may be forty years, and speaks of the circumstance taught.”—Ibid.

with pleasure. He is about four-score years

of age, strong, and in good health. Though “I am no statesman ;

he does not apply water in cleansing his But being set on such a middling height,

skin, he is, however, in the daily habit of When I (by God's permission) have the

dry rubbing himself.” sight Of many things, which they shall never

" Quod ad omnes res veniat dicta est see,

Venus." She was worshipped also as the Who far above, or far below me be.

eldest of the Parcæ, and goddess of death, What I observe, I ponder and compare; by the name of Libitina. And what I think may profit, I declare.”


They have a good fashion in Valencia of “ Nis. Ay, concerning his being sent I making the chairs of unequal heights, so as

to accommodate persons of different statures. know not whither. Dor. Why then he will come home I

NEVER trust the heart of any man who know not when.

wears it on the outside of his waistcoat; for You shall pardon me, I will talk no more

what he has within his sternum or its stead, of

is sure to be either as hard as a pippin, or This subject, but say the gods be with him

as hollow as a pumpkin. Where'er he is, and send him well home again.

The morality and duty of merriment.For why he is gone, or when he will return,

Th. Jackson's Works, vol. 3, p. 125.
Let them know that directed him."

RABBA saith a man is bound to make
Revenge, act ii. sc. 3.

himself so mellow on the feast of Purim,

that he shall not be able to distinguish be“ They say that we tailors are

tween “Cursed be Haman,” and “ Blessed Things that lay one another, and our geese

be Mordecai." Hatch us."-Ibid. act iv. sc. 3.

The Rabbis say " they were sweetened,” EFFECT of diet.-SIR WILLIAM TEMPLE,

for they got drunk. - Lightroot, vol. 8, vol. 1, p. 52.

They say a demon called Cordicus posVinum Theologicum.-HOLINSHED, vol. 1, sesses them, who are drunk with new wine.

-Ibid. p. 377.

p. 376.

p. 281.

[blocks in formation]

p. 365,

An odd thought concerning Lord Byron “Not a letter but what is fair : in techcame into Bertha's head," that there was nical language no pick, blot, bur, friar or in him two pounds of devil to one pound of monk is to be seen in the work."— ISAIAH man."

THOMAS, vol 1, p. 54. Akbar's seal, “ I never saw any one lost “CONJECTURE is all that one can go upon on a straight road." But a man may be here; and it is better to conjecture at Salost there if he travel on snow, or in the tan's mind, in such a thing as this, than to dark.

be acquainted in it.”—LIGHTFOOT, vol. 9, “NONUMQUE prematur in annum."

“O) thou vinegar, the son of good wine!" HORACE, A.P. v. 388.

a Rabbinical expression for “O thou wicked

son of a good father.”—Ibid. vol. 12, p. 407. DEKKER uses to wihy, for neigh.— Wonder of a Kingdom, p. 15.

“ Who would marry a woman, though of

a comely and well-proportioned body, who It may, perhaps, not be known to the

had the head of an ugly dragon? Certainly, generality of readers, that the following although she had a great dowry, none would twenty-two occupations are engaged to pro

covet such a bedfellow." -J. TAYLOR, vol. duce a single book :-“The author, the de

3, p. 445. signer, the rag-merchant, the paper-maker, the stationer, the type-founder, the press- “APOLLINIS simulachrum quatuor olim maker, the ink-maker, the roller-maker, the

auribus Lacedæmonii donarunt, ut sapienchase-maker, the reader, the compositor, tiam ostenderent, cujus imaginem Apollo the pressman, the gatherer, the folder, the

referebat, multarum auditione rerum enustitcher, the leather-seller, the binder, the

triri.” —Orationes, Jo. Aloysii CERCHIARII, coppersmith, the engraver, the copper-plate


76. printer, and the bookseller!”

"Quin ipsi physiognomones, qui indolem There are more than these :—the smel

animi ex notis corporis, cum quâdam veritate ter, the tanner, the gold-beater, the book- conjectant, ex auribus pressis, et simiarum binder's toolmaker, the miner,—and then

ad instar adherentibus, stuporis et imperiit supports reviews and small critics, brings tiæ signum eliciunt; quæ si paulisper promoney to newspapers, and contributes by mineant et extent, mentem ad omnia comits duty on advertisements to the revenue.

positam arguunt, et in studiis mirificè pro

futuram."— Ibid. “ It is enough for me that I do know


P. What they commend, and what they dis

“ The circle is óloywvía, a totangle: it allow. And let it be enough to them, that I

is also ισογώνιος ισόπλευρος, as well as Am pleased to make such faults for them

ólóplevpos." —JACKSON, vol. 2, pp. 103-4. to spy."

One in merriment proposed this question WITHER, Remembrancer, p. 137.

in the schools, “An Chimera, calcitrans in “ Tue chiefest cause why I wrote this,

vacuo terat calceos ?”—Ibid. p. 152. was on set purpose to please myself."— TarLOR, the W. P., Preface.

“ALPHABET de l'imperfection et malice

des femmes"-par J. OLIVIER, Rouen, 1635. Taylor's Revenge, or William Fenner firked, ferreted, and finally called over the Why he would have liked a deaf and coals.

dumb wife, not meaning any reflection upon Mrs. D., but because of the perfect doglike attachment and dependence which this deficiency would have occasioned.

Brewer and druggist. Baker and pipeclay dealer. Patriot and dealer in scrip. Bookseller and pirate. Coffeehouse keeper and slop seller. Taylor and cabbage cutter.

INDIGNATION at the charge of making Doncaster a peg on which to hang my loose thoughts.


p. 26.

A FAREWELL to the two letters which BURLEIGH. pass—Potential through all Freeling's wide domain.

GULLEY's fortune more comfortable than I who came from Rhedycina Bovin!_the if it had been made in

many other

ways. most unlettered of her sons—proceeding not even to A.B.

DR. GREEN, and Kemp bis merry-AnMy Oxford apotheosis - where I was

drew. LL.D. ified. Honour from Banff, which came after me

Next to your real great secrets, secrets by the mail coach, and found me at Elgin.

which are no secrets produce most effect.

—Sir Walter's e.g. RABBI KIMCHI says, “ Homo cum dormi

And so with jokes. The joke that is no turus est, commendat Spiritum suum d.o.m.

joke tells well in parliament, as Lord K. ne forte surgens crastino mane requirat ani

and Mr. B. know. mam suam nec inveniat ; aut repereat suam in corpore alterius, alteriusve vicissim in What was the subject of this day's coneo."-GARMANNUS, de Miraculis Mortuorum,

ference will be the subject of an accusation to-morrow; and that secret which we

thought we did but lately depositate in our RABBI ALEXANDRINUS:-“Scito tibi rem

friend's breast, will shortly fly in our faces ita se habere: Homo expedit opus suum in

from the mouth of our enemies.”—Sir G. terdiu, unde vespertino tempore anima ejus

MACKENZIE, p. 133. fatigata est et attrita. Cum igitur ipse dormit, Deus laborat et redintegrat animam,

Pieces of ash tree, cut at a critical mout sequenti mane revertatur in corpus suum

ment, supposed to cure most diseases. Convegeta, nova et quieta."-Ibid.

cerning the moment, doctors differ.—British

Apollo, vol. 3, p. 770 Pliny's? story of Hermotimus Clazomenius, whose body was burnt by his enemies A man speaking at random was said to while his soul was on an excursion more “ talk like an apothecary.”—Ibid. 777. suo.- Ibid.

Why the beating of a drum in an aleWitches' souls fly out of their mouths in house should turn their drink sour ?-Ibid. the shape of a fire-fily.-Ibid. p. 27.

Will it do so ? and if so, is the same effect Union of Trades, the one public and the produced by bell-ringing ? other secret. Shoemaker and corn factor.

A Notion said to be confirmed by grave· It is hardly necessary to say that Rydychen, and Vadum Boum, and Oxford, are the same.

diggers, that the earth which is dug out of Rydychen is the old British name.

a grave will not fill it after the coffin is put 3 Cf. lib. vii. c. 52.

J. W. W. in!—Ibid. p. 795.

p. 785.

OLD Nick said to be so called from Nic

The Gridiron.
Machiavelli !-Ibid.


BROILING is best, bear witness, gods and Harcourt (Longeville), 66 Histoire des men, personnes qui ont vecu plusieurs siècles, et From five begin the strain. qui ont rajeuni.” '-A.D. 1715.

Gridiron the A and Z in the humanizing

art. Savages begin with it—the Boucan. I knew a man to whom all the middle Epicure's end-the Beef Steak Club. walks of life were open in his youth, and Sacrifices. yet in spite of all dehortation he would be

Homeric cookery. nothing but a tailor. He was not, as might Escurial. perhaps be supposed, either effeminate in

Aurigrills–Utopia. disposition or fractional in person, but an Jove who rules the roast. absolute integer in form, stature, appearance, The pot, the stewpan, and the spit, and in heart also. Inclination, however, Give them their honours fit, for an art is no more a proof of aptitude or Nor let the oven go without its praise. genius for it in a sartorian aspirant than in

A wreath of garlic flowers, or shalotta stage-struck youth, or votary of the muses.

Odify the gridiron, odiate the frying man. The person in question made me one pair of The devil uses frying pans. breeches, and they did not fit.

Pepper and salt.

Vulcan makes a gridiron. “ An aged saying, and a true,

The golden age, when every man will be Black will take no other hue."

his own priest, his own king, and his own PEELE, vol. 1, p. 13.


Jupiter's prophecy of beef and Blenheim Some one was asked which of Cicero's

-beef and Waterloo. Apis looking at the orations he liked best, and he answered | battle of the Nile. “eas sibi videri optimas quæ essent longis

The land of Shakespeare and beef steaks. simæ.”—LANGUET. Epist. p. 175.

Towton—when beef met beef. Tue Scotchman who said men were di

Pepper from Malabar. vided into those who preyed upon others

Potatoes from the Tupinambas. and those who were preyed upon.

Creation of the gridiron from ferruginous But neither all men nor all animals can

particles. thus be classed.

The elephant, which is the noblest of quadrupeds, neither preys nor is preyed

Connoisseur. No. 63. April 10, 1755. upon.

“ You must have observed with the

utmost concern a late account in the news“Much matter decocted into few words." papers, that 'Whitenose died at Doncaster This is Fuller's definition of a proverb.

of a mortification in his foot.'” “ A CONTINUAL emanation of unsavouri. “It is remarkable that all those who are ness, so that the stink doth never cease or employed in the care of horses grow as give over." — Bishop REYNOLDS, vol. 4, p. mere brutes as the animals they attend." 203.

Ibid. No. 84, vol. 2, p. 197.

I The reader will see this humorous Pindaric in the Appendix to the Fifth Vol. of Southey's Life and Correspondence.-J. W. W.

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