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the paltry temptations of this world were so | ing the Druidical notion of progressive life. willing to risque and to lose them : and This notion applied, as a mode of explainthus BEAUMONT and FLETCHER


“ Parting propensities. Lord B. supposed to have with their essence." - Queen of Corinth, been a discontented devil in the condition act i. sc. 1.

of Klopstocks—who, because he was always

promising how well he would behave if “ Non mihi si latices Siloe, si porrigat He- opportunity were allowed him, was granted bron

a second trial, and placed in the most faPocula, si cunctis destillent collibus undæ, vourable circumstances, - the effect being Et vatem Dan ipse riget, tua dicere dicta to prove himself fit for nothing but dam(facta)

nation. Sustineam, casusque tuos."

BARLÆUS, 1. 16. The famous Père tranquille of the Capu

chins (who was he ?) teaches “que le diable HERODOTUS mentions the Gandarii, Tuy-dûëment exorcisé est contraint de dire la dápioi.—Lib. iü. 91. vii. 66.

vérité."-VIE DU P. JOSEF, p. 309.

“SHARP and sententious, pleasant without A NOTION prevailed almost generally scurrility, witty without affection, audacious among the Christians of the third century without impudency, learned without opi- that “they who took wives, were of all nion, and strange without heresy."-Love's others the most subject to the influence of Labour's Lost, act v. sc. 1.

malignant demons.” MOSHEIM, vol. 1, p.

218. JosuuA BARNES, when he edited Euripides, preserved with the name of one of Timothy PRIESTLEY in his brother's pulhis plays the only remaining word of it,-a pit. Introduces with this the question, adtrisyllable, which has not been found else- vice, &c. to great personages. where. - STEEVENS's Preface. BOSWELL'S Shakespeare, vol. 1, p. 117.

Pliny says, 1. xxviii. c. 3, “A scorpione

aliquando percussi, nunquam postea à craThe Devil — como gran Filosofo, que es, bronibus, vespis, apibusque feriuntur." If says PIEDRAHITA.

he had said that they hardly felt the sting,

there might have been some show of proYou are entering into the story with the bability in this assertion. deepest interest. You are all animation in pursuit of it,--all anxiety to reach the end It is said of S. Jerome, that he filed away next; turn and see what will open with the his teeth to the very gums, that he might new point of view. Be not so impatient, pronounce Hebrew with greater facility. not so fast, reader: whither are you hurry- This I find in the Evangelical Magazine, ing so fast with whip and spur,-gently, on what authority the absurd story is given gently, draw up, for heaven's sake, -stop, does not appear, but the absurd repeater you are on the brink of a hawhaw.

gives it as an example of " diligence in

study." DOGDAYS.—The Romans sacrificed dogs A gentleman is said to have had a front to the dogstar.-See Pensées sur la Comète, tooth drawn, that he might spit, like a coachvol. 1, p. 171.

man, with the greater effect.

The Dr's opinion of what he himself had COKE said of Garnet upon his trial, that been in prior stages of existence, he hold- | he was a doctor of Jesuits, that is, a doc

tor of live DD's, as dissimulation, deposing “ Ce que je fis de fort bonne encre.”-
of princes, disposing of kingdoms, daunting Card. D'Ossat.
and detorring of subjects, and destruction."

“ Per persona positiva les Italiens enPROGENS, who had been about the person

tendent ce que nous apellons un honnête of Charles the Second, died at ninety-six in homme, un homme de mise. Amelot de cutting his teeth; he had out four, and many

l'Houssaie." others were coming, which so intlamed his gume, that it proved fatal.

CAMBLES, a King of the Lydians, such a

gormandizer, that one night after he had Tun Romans when travelling from home supped and went to bed, he eat up his wife recommended themselves to the goddess that lay by him; and in the morning when Abcona; when returning, to Adeona; when he found one of her hands in his mouth, he

killed himself. rosting, to Statilimus; when weary, to Fes

GrundULES. Lares of the pigsty, apSr. BARHANA a saint for the mountains. pointed by Romulus in honour of a sow who

had thirty pigs at one litter. St. Agatha for the vales.

Take then the book to thy pocket, the " There's no making a whistle of a pig's doctor to thy heart, Nobs for thy hobbytail."-SHADWELL. Squire of Alsatia.

horse, and M. Urgandus, the unknown, for " Tuue most solemn act of worship per

thy guide, philosopher, and friend. formed to the Syrian Baal by his ordinary TELLIAMED theory. devotees, was to break wind and ease themsolves at the foot of his image."-Skelton's “ANTIPHERON, one who," Aristotle says, Drism Revealed.

“ met with himself, and saw his own image

before him wherever he went." An odd notion that " The greatest heads and smallest eke were ASPENDIUS, a harper, who would finger wont

the harp so lightly, that none could hear it To bear in them the finest wits away; (qy. but himself.

alway.) This thing is true, thou can'st it not de

He goat, dog wolf, buck rabbit, Jack hare. nay.”

Tom cat, Jenny ass. Higgins, Mirror for Magistrates, Bull-child in Chinese. 222.

It was a comfort to the doctor, that the “ GELDINGS, with their goddess Epona, relative to whom his paternal estate would are objects of admiration to you.”—TER- pass was named Lamb. TULLIAN's Apology.

Sapientia, the ancients connected wisdom “Alhahor it seems is the name of heaven's with taste.-See Van HELMONT, p. 737. fierce dog." - M. Magazine, vol. 3, p. 819.


nature seems to have “ JAQUES GOHory disoit que ce qu'il avoit formed animals to live and enjoy health traduit du Roman d'Amadis passeroit un upon a scanty and precarious supply of joir pour aussi veritable que l'histoire de food;" and argues that men produce disPaul Jove."-BAILLET, vol. 2, p. 319. eases by the repletion to which their tables

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is wrong.

tempt them. But surely as to animals, he WHEN a Venetian ambassador, endea

vouring to dissuade Louis XII. from making

war upon Venice, spoke of the wisdom of The leagues Docteur Boucher, preaching that republic, Louis replied, “ J'opposerai in the church of Notre Dame at Paris, 1593, un si grand nombre de fous à vos sages, que affirmed that the words of the Psalm Ixviii. toute leur sagesse sera incapable de leur réor lxix. “Eripe me, Domine, de luto, ut non sister.— Note to M. DU BELLAY, from FERinfigar," were a direct and positive prophetic RON. command to the French de se debourbouner, and not to receive a king of that family, The proprietor of the Imperial Magazine however Catholic he might appear to be. assures the public “that its type and paper

will not shrink from the most rigorous in

spection." Sermons. “ I NEVER yet knew a good tongue that “As the strokes in music answer the notes wanted ears to hear it."-0. FELTHAM. that are prickt in the rules, so the words of

“ 'Tis a wonder to me how men can preach the mouth answer to the motions and affecso little and so long ;

;-so long a time, and tions of the heart. The anatomists teach so little matter. As if they thought to that the heart and tongue hang upon one please by the inculcation of their vain string. And hence it is, that as in a clock tautologies."-Ibid.

or watch, when the first wheel is moved, the “ If we out of copper, lead, or pewter hammer striketh, so when the heart is moved preaching can extract pure gold, 'tis no im- with any passion or perturbation, the hampeachment to our wise philosophy.”—Ibid. mer beats upon the bell, and the mouth

sounds.”_FEATLEY. Clavis Mystica. p. 867. OPJATE sermons; drastic, laxative, alterative, sedative, carminative, corroborent.

A woman named Nanny Wilkey, seventy “For you must know strange things in having at different times been afilicted with

years of age, living in St. James's-street, pulpits

inflammation, was told that if she carried Are told to please the listening dull pates." about her person a coffin ring? which had Hudibras, Redivivus, i. 12.

been dug up from a grave, it would prevent

a recurrence of her complaint. The old WHEN the elder Sheridan advertized his

dame, placing the fullest reliance on the Attic Morning Entertainment,

" that it

charm, has carried a ring of that description might answer some purposes of all as well as amusement, he proposed to read part of she has been free from her old complaint.

for the last five years, during which time the Liturgy, and to deliver a sermon, with strictures upon the manner in which those acts of public worship are usually per- wings) is both pleasant and wholesome nou

"A corrected pigeon (let blood under both formed.”—CHURCHILL, vol. i. p. 43. N.

rishment.”—FULLER's Worthies, vol. ii. p. 158.

Libertin, says the Jesuit Garasse, signifies a Huguenot and a half.

| The rings and screws of coffins have been supposed to possess virtue from Pliny's time to our own, who tells that “ prodest præfixisse in limine è sepu avulsos clavos adversus noc. turnas lymphationes,” lib. xxxiv. c. 15.

J. W. W.

Le cueur leur devint foye, et se rendirent."-MARTIN DU BELLAY.


“Cuckoo time and hot weather. When LAWYERS. mad brains are most busy."

“ These are small devils,

They care not who has mischief, so they M. LE Cat was of opinion that taste is make it ; not confined to the mouth, but that mouth, They live upon the mere scent of dissention.” cesophagus, and stomach are one continued FLETCHER. Elder Brother, act iii. sc. 1. organ, and taste, hunger, and thirst only modifications of the same sensation. “ You give good fees, and those beget good

DR. SHort says that punch is a notable cooler in hot weather, and a preservative Live full of money, and supply the lawyer, in an infectious air.

And take your choice of what man's lands

you please, Sir. “ Tue prawn or shrimp was (and perhaps What pleasures, or what profits, what reis) believed in some unknown way to be

venges, necessary to the production of soles,-act

They are all


own." ing as a sort of nurse or foster-parent to

BEAUMONT and FLETCHER, the spawn."- Monthly Review, vol. 9, p. 369.

Spanish Curate, act iii. sc. 1. STEPHEN WESPREMI, a Hungarian, wrote

“We surgeons of the law do desperate cures, to advise inoculating for the plague.

Sir." Evans's Analysis of the Middle British

“She plays and sings too, dances and disColonies.


Comes very near essays,-a pretty poet,REDEMPTION for animals.-Bishop Rey

Begins to piddle with philosophy." NOLDS, vol. 1, pp. 21, 297-8.

Beaumont and FLETCHER, Wit

without Money, act i. sc. 2. When any great and noble qualities are observed in a woman, the poet says it

“THERE be three kind of fools :“ drives into a stound The amazed shepherd, that such virtue can An innocent, a knave fool, a fool politic." Be resident in lesser than a man."

Ibid. act ii. sc. 2. Faithful Shepherdess, act ii. sc. 2.

“ You've a tongue, 1775. “Tell Mrs. Damer," says


A dish of meat in your mouth, which, if WALPOLE," that the fashion now is, to erect

'twere minced, the toupée into a high detached tuft of hair, Would do a great deal better." like a cockatoo's crest; and this toupée they

Ibid. act iii. sc. 1. call la physiognomie, -I don't guess why." -Letter IV. p. 32.

“ Puysicians at Damascus are paid no

fee unless the patient recover." - Pisgah An absurd respect to the direct line of Sight, p. 9 (2nd paging). descent is shown by St. Jerome, when he supposes that God delayed the flood till after “ For sure sometimes, an oath Methusalem's death, because there was then Being sworn, thereafter is like cordial broth." an end of Seth's generation, so that none of Beaumont and FLETCHER, Knight of the it suffered in the vengeance.—Van Scri

B. Pestle, act ï. sc. I.

ECK, 2.

“About sixteen years ago, I met, on the Nash, of Bath, to the ringers of the abbey banks of the Danube, with a work in four there, is contained in a codicil to his will, volumes, entitled, “L'Art de la Guerre," proved in Doctors' Commons :—'I do hereby a Colonel Faesch, a Saxon officer. The by give and bequeath to the mayor, the seauthor like every other German collector, nior alderman, and town clerk of Bath for had culled his treatise from all the books the time being, the sum of £50 per annum, that had been written upon the subject; in trust, payable out of the Bank Long Anand he had the honesty to name them. I nuities, standing in my name at the Bank was forcibly struck with one passage, in which of England, for the use, benefit, and enjoyhe sums up the qualities of a good officer, ment of the set of ringers belonging to the and which the present subject has recalled Abbey Church, Bath, on condition of their to my recollection. He says that an able ringing, on the whole peal of bells, with officer ought to be a sound mathematician, clappers muffled, various solemn and doleful a good lawyer, an acute surgeon, an excel- changes (allowing proper intervals for rest lent historian, a good judge of beef, pork, and refreshment), from eight o'clock in the and mutton, and a sound divine ! Although morning until eight o'clock in the evening, his ingredients of an officer combine much on the 14th day of May in every year, betaste with science, I will not go so far as ing the anniversary of my wedding day ; to assert that all these qualifications are ne- and also the anniversary of my decease, to cessary to a British, however proper they ring a grand bob major and merry mirthful may be to a German officer. But I will ven- peals unmuffled, during the same space of ture to affirm, that an uninstructed lad of time, and allowing the same intervals as sixteen years of age, whose mind is inca- above mentioned, in joyful commemoration pable of commanding himself, is not fit to of my happy release from domestic tyranny command others."

and wretchedness, and for the full, strict,

and due performance of such conditions, “M. Antonius, Triumvir, corporis ex- they, the said ringers, are to receive the sum crementa non nisi vasis aureis excipiebat." of £50 per annum, in two payments of £25 -TEXTOR. Pref. ad Cornucopiam. each, on those respective days of my mar

He loved Erasmus, because Erasmus, riage and my decease. And now that dear writing to Daniel Benedictus of Milan, says

divine man (to use Mrs. Nash's own words) to him, “Dictus est Daniel vir desideriorum,

the Rev. of — may resume his quid itaque mirum si desiderius Deside- amatory labours, without enveloping himrium desideras ?"-Ep. p. 908.

self in a sedan chair for fear of detection,

I further will and direct that the aforesaid TAMERLANE used to boast that he was ringers do enter upon office (for the first descended from the tribe of Dan."—R. B. time only) the very next day following after Mem. Remarks concerning the Jews, p. 29. my interment, and to receive £25, one half

year's dividend, for so doing. Written with " BA-BA, black sheep, have you any wool ?"

my hand, this 14th May, 1813.- THOMAS Applied to a wicked book, from which some

NASH.'" good may be extracted. The report of an Irish society tells us

Lud. “Are his wits safe? is he not light of that Lord Chesterfield's Letters are often

brain ?" met with among the books used in the low Iago. “He is, that he is :Irish schools. Munster is the part spoken of. What he might be,—if what he might, he

is not, “Of two Evils CHOOSE THE LEAST.—The I would to Heaven he were !" following singular bequest, made by Thomas

Othello, act iv. sc. 1.

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