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At the Bridgewater arms, the poor tra- est. Men who never appear in the market veller who arrives in the night mail can get any other day come then, with their money no tea, " the key is not left out."

This is bags. “ The shabbiest coats,” says Mr. because cold meat and spirits pay better. Edmondson, “carry the money bags to marThere is in the room an Argands lamp, a sta- ket, and the sprucest rides home with it.” tioner's almanack, a list of constables, pawnbrokers, and fire engines on one paper, and

HALF way up Skiddaw I saw scratched on another a table of the posts, when they

on a stone: enter and when they go out.

Hail, lofty hill!

Thee whom great nature bade arise, Tue mayor of Stafford has a very beau

And lift thy lofty summit to the clouds. tiful mausoleum near the road side. I never

Hail, lofty mountain, hail !" saw a building in better taste.

View from the bottom of the first sumAr Congleton, an immense silk manufac- mit, where the vale and lake are seen lying tory; the largest I ever saw in front. immediately below; the mountain arch

forming the foreground, and the whole deGREAT glasses on the mantelpiece at

scent lost. Stowe, said by the waiter to be 100 years white, and has a rail on each side ; a com

The ladder at Bowder stone is now painted old.

plete ladies' ladder! being thereby renPSALMODY is regularly taught in these dered seemingly more safe, and really less northern counties. Once in five or six years a teacher comes to Keswick, and all the young in the parish who have good voices,

Newcastle.-On the way from Durham learn of him at their own expense ; it is a three coal waggons travelling up hill by part of education as regularly as dancing is. steam. Patent shot tower—it declined from They teach in the church, and the bell rings the perpendicular—a man proposed to unat evening, after all other work, for the pur

dermine it on the opposite side, and load pose. This is necessary every five or six that side so as to make it sink. It was done, years, because by that time they are in and the building sinking on one side became want of tenors. After the teaching, the again perpendicular. But the patent is poorer parents go about asking money, to

evaded by dropping shot down an old coal help bear the expense.

pit. Nightingales heard in Lord Lonsdale's

The castle has a draw-well half-way up. gardens at Whitehaven, 1808.

The entrance through a lousy-looking old Forty years ago they slept naked in this clothes house. One church whose tower Sir place.

C. Wren said was worth coming from LonMrs. Wilson's father, who was clerk of don to see. The walls threatened with dethe parish, had only one shirt with sleeves, struction. which was for Sundays.

Monkchester its old name. When last in Legberthwaite, I saw a little water wheel made by the boys in a dyke by

Near Moffatt, a dog used for many years the road side; an interesting boy's work.

to meet the mail and receive the letters for Candlemas is the day for lending money

a little post town near. here,—the nearest Saturday to it, or if it be in the middle of the week, the two near

RAMJAM House between Stamford and

Grantham. 'i.e. at Keswick. Legberthwaite mentioned below is near Leathes' Water.-J. W.W. CARR's Folly, near St. Helen's. Ilow surely these pleasure houses of one genera- , mentiy suspected of siteberat bad eat:le tion, become monuments in the second! also on the waste, and twice or three times

prevented him from going to see bis mare WHITTOS LE WE1g. - Castle there, and by saying she had seen bez, ani be needi Dot tomb to Mr. Farrel, erected in the church go. At last, however, be went. He foud by his pupils.

the mare dead in the midst of a thicket,

standing upright, her head raised, bar eyes This old inscription over an inn at Gar- wide open. This woman went on crutetes. stang

-an unlucky lad had once offended bet, i “ Address to Commercial Travellers. So and she began to strike him with be much opposition from the south, and from crutches, he ran away, but in vain, she folthe beard inn and second inn, I can expect lowed as fast as a greyhound, beating him but little. Yet to that little every attention with both crutches, till she had well nigh shall be paid, by good supplies, moderate killed him. There was an old elm in the charges, and grateful acknowledgment." village where she lived, one bouzh of which

grew out at right angles from the tree; it! DANVERS addressed Mr. Lightbody by the was the general belief that she had ben: it name of Ileavysides. A better blunder of down to that shape by riding upon it. the same kind was made to a schoolmistress near Reading, whose name was Littleworth, There is a wild tradition of Sir Francis and who was once addressed Mrs. Goodfor- Drake current in Somersetshire, that when nothing.

he set out on his voyage he told his wife if

he was away ten years she might then marry HUNTINGDON, S. S. bas married Lady again. Ten years elapsed, during which Saunderson, once Lady Mayoress.

Madam Duck was as true as Penelope, but

when they were over she accepted the offer A poxy bought at Banbury and taken to of a suitor. On her way to church a buge London, found his way back. James Rick- round stone fell through the air close by ards knew the circumstances. A sheep her, and fixed upon the train of her gown, driven from Radnorshire into Essex for the and she turned back, for she said she

London market, returned to his old pasture knew it came from her husband. It was | two succeeding years. This pcor Thomas not long before he returned, and in the shape assured me of, naming place, owner, &c.

of a beggar asked alms of her at his own

door: in the midst of his feigned tale, a Tue dust at Christ's Hospital. — It has smile escaped him, and she recognized him been made a question at law whether the and led him in joyfully. The stone still reHospital can dispose of it, or whether it be- mains where it fell. It is used as a weight longs to the Ward of Farringdon Within, upon the harrow of the farm, and if it be in which it is situated.

removed from the estate always returns.

Stage coaches write licensed to carry so BirmixgYAM.—Baskerville's dog by him. many insides, which is useless, because they “ Alas, poor Tray!" Hammering at three cannot by any possibility stuff in more; it in the morning. Ale-houses called smockis the number of outsides that ought to be shops. Tripe and cow-heel cried at seren specified to public view.

in the evening. Near 3000 houses empty

last war. John Hunter's opinion. Smoke Burnett's uncle and the night-mare. He of the steam engines. tells us this other story. He had a mare My garter's loose. You tread on my toes. | turned out in Sedgemoor--a woman vehe- Cream of the jest.

Driving four-in-hand.

which used to come and feed there. An Plover's eggs. Mrs. Glass.

annual song about this. Men-milliners damned the farce. Pink Their silver cups at the college are called knee strings. This in a letter about pros- ox-eyes, and an ox-eye of wormwood was a titutes and stews.

favourite draught there. Beer with an inTea-quantity consumed.

fusion of wormwood was to be had nowhere Flat cocked hats worn corner-ways.


Boar's head at Queen's. The legend that Bull baiting. They had a better sport a scholar of this college walking out and at Ispahan—a wolf was turned loose in the studying Aristotle, was attacked by a wild Meidan, and the mob baited him without boar, whom he killed by thrusting the book weapons, and indeed without hurting him. down his throat, and choking him with loThey only provoked him by flapping their gic. cloaks at him and shouting, and the amuse- A row of elms before Balliol gateway, 1771. ment was to see one half the crowd running The old hall had its central fire, and every away while he pursued, and the other fol- member of the University had a right once lowing, hallooing and teasing him till he a year to spend an evening there, and be turned, and they in turn took to flight. A treated with bread and cheese and ale, on fellow or two got bit sometimes, but with so condition that when called upon he should many at hand no serious mischief could either sing a song, tell a story, or let a ever be done. Shah Abbas was often a Can this be true ? Where did the five's spectator of this sport.

court stand ?

An urn at St. John's containing the heart The first ring of bells in England was at of Dr. Rawlinson. Croyland. The venerable Abbot Turke

Here is the portrait of Charles I. of which tule who restored the monastery of Croy- | the face and hair contain the whole Book of land (see his Hist. Cressy, 844-6-83), had | Psalms—the writing forming the picture. left one very large bell there called Guthlac.

Altar-piece at Wadham. Cloth of ashes His successor Egelric added six in this or- colour, the linen and shades in brown crayon, der, Bartholomew, Bertelin, Turketule, Tol- the lights with a white one. These were win, Pega, and Bega. The reason of these pressed on with a hot iron, which producing three names appears from Yepes. G. the an exsudation from the cloth, so fixed them man who sanctified the spot. B. his espe- that they were proof against a brush. Isaac cial saint. P. his sister.

Fuller was the artist, who lived in the 17th

century. The subjects are these—the Last Handel asked the King, then a young Supper, Abraham and Melchisedec, and the child, and listening very earnestly while he Gathering the Manna—well drawn. played, if he liked the music, and the Prince

St. Mary Hall,—the heart of the princiwarmly expressed his pleasure, “A good pal Dr. Key in a marble vase. boy—a good boy," he cried, " you shall protect my fame when I am dead.” Music-fingers moving like the legs of a

Some fifty years ago, when there were millepedes.

scarcely any houses between Ely Place and the Foundling Hospital, at one of these

houses, then considered as in the country, Oxford.

there was a little boy about three years old ALL Souls. A noise often heard under who used to have his bason of bread and the kitchen, and exorcised; at length on milk given him for his breakfast; and to eat opening the drain, a swopping mallard found | it sitting upon the step of the door. It was

noticed that he became hungry unusually bled. The ready solution was that it was soon after breakfast; but one day the mother the ghost of a man who had hanged himself overheard him talking at his meal. Now in the rigging house. A little investigation your turn, now my turn, now your turn- ascertained that it was the reflection of a no, no, you take too much-my turn now." light from an apple stall on Parson's Hill, a Upon this she looked to see who it was that rising ground opposite, a little to the east shared the child's breakfast; and she could of the churchyard, and it was sometimes at see nobody ; but coming nearer she per- one window, sometimes at the other, as peoceived a snake, who it seems came regu- ple stopped at the stall and impeded the larly from his hole in the opposite bank to light. breakfast with the boy upon bread and milk. I am afraid the poor reptile paid his life for A Sir Simeon Stuart is said in looking this intimacy.

over some family paper to have met with a

memorandum that 15000 (00 ?) pieces of Tue Philipsons of Colgarth coveted a gold were buried in a certain field, so many field like Ahab, and had the possessor hung feet from the ditch, towards the Forth. He for an offence which he had not committed. dug there, and found the money in a large The night before his execution the old man iron pot, with these words written on a (for he was very old) read the 109th Psalm parchment which covered it, “ The devil as his solemn and dying commination, v. 2. shall have it sooner than Cromwell." 3. 8. 9. 10. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. The curse was fully accomplished; the family were cut BACK-SCRATCHER. MacGill, vol.2, p. 136, off, and the only daughter who remained sold says that certain dervises in Turkey use laces and bobbins about the very country them, because they are not permitted to in which she had been born to opulence. scratch themselves with their fingers.

Bristol water in clean vessels may be Some fifty or sixty years ago, Henry kept for any length of time. This has been Erskine travelling through Winsley Dale, attributed to the lime which it contains. A halted at Askrigg, and while his horse was pint of quicklime should be put into every resting, inquired of the landlord whether butt of water when it is filled.

there was any thing in the neighbourhood

worthy of a stranger's notice. The landSept. 1808. A supernatural appearance lord answered with alacrity that there was, at Woolwich,—a faint but very evident blue and that he should be happy to show it him. light in two windows of the rigging house, Boniface led him — not to the falls of the sometimes at one sometimes at the other, Ure, nor to Hardra Scar, but into a field appearing and disappearing at unequal in- which had a cow-house in it, and a solitervals. The inside of the windows was tary tree besides, like all the fields at the stopped with double canvas, and therefore upper end of that beautiful dale where it it could not possibly proceed from any thing runs up into the mountain. “There, Sir," in the room. It was from the churchyard said the landlord, rubbing his hands with that it was visible, and hundreds assembled delight,“ do you see that cow-house, Sir ?" there. A sentinel was said to have left his “Yes." “ And do you see that tree, Sir ? post on first discovering it, the sentinels That, Sir, is a very remarkable place-untherefore, report added, had all been dou- der that tree, Sir, Rockingham was foaled.”

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ALLALIUS, who was librarian at the VatiDoctor Daniel Dore.

can, was grieved almost to tears when he MYSTERY

lost a pen with which he had written Greek Somewhat above our art. forty years.”—Ibid. p. 456.

Prologue to the Captain. EITHER Amphitryon, Alcmena's husband,

or Amphictyon, King of Athens, invented “ Those that love to laugh, and those that wine and water, a marvellous invention, forthink,

sooth!—Ibid. p. 553. And damsels, if they mask the matter thro', May stumble on a foolish toy or two, 6 Could I but unthink the thought." Will make 'em show their teeth."-Ibid.

DANIEL, vol. 1, p. 219.

“Rien ne pousse davantage les curieux " But this only sweet and delicate, à faire part au public de leurs éclaircissemens, Fit for young women, and like the herb que l'aveu que font les auteurs qu'ils ne John, savent pas telle ou telle chose. C'est ce Doth neither good nor hurt : but that's all qui m'obligera à proposer souvent mes one ; doutes."—BAYLE, Dict. tom. 1, p. 67. For if they but conceive it doth, it doth,

And it is that physicians hold the chief Balzac says of an exuberant youthful In all their cures,-conceit and strong bestyle, “ Facile est remedium ubertatis, ste- lief."



184. rilia nullo labore superantur.” — BAYLE, tom. 1, p. 121. The latter part of this re- ANAXAGORAS said snow is black. His mark is true; the former not always so. reason for so saying being as absurd as the Very many remaining leafy and florid to the assertion; for he said it was nothing but last.

condensed water, and black is the proper

colour of water.—BAYLE, vol. 2, p. 21. ACHILLES was bred up by Chiron on lion's marrow, and that of other wild beasts, in- When Anaxagoras was dying, the mastead of bread and milk, bears, wild boars, gistrates of Lampsacus requested to know his and wolves' marrow and lions' entrails. last wishes; and he asked that the month

in which he died should be always a month's BOILEAU.—"Combien de gens, dit Leclerc, holydays for the boys, which was granted, ne comprendront pas que cela veut dire, and observed in the time of Diog. Laerbuveur d'eau.” — BAYLE, Dict. tom. 1, p. tius.— Ibid. p. 23. More likely, as in the 416.

note, p. 26, he asked for a day.

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