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for her own commitment during twenty-one The coffin was 6 feet 4 inches long, days.

4 feet 4 wide, and 2 feet 4 deep; it conThe French prisoners manufacture obtained 126 superficial feet of elm. A grascene toys, and Italian pedlars are the great dual descent of 12 yards was made to the agents in this kind of ware.

grave, and the coffin wheeled down. The

body a few hours after death was almost in Meux's brewery sold for £112,000, the a liquid state. stock to be taken at a valuation, and the public houses, 134 leasehold, and eight free- Courier, Wedn. March 2, 1814. hold and copyhold at £61,360.

Dublin. Feb. 21. Ar the Quarter Ses

sions, the King at the prosecution of John Bones of all kinds, not excepting human Miller v. George Hope. The latter was, after bones, are sent by sea in great quantities a patient hearing, found guilty, and senfrom London to the North; many hundred tenced to twelve months imprisonment in tons of these are ground, or rather broken Newgate, after which he must give good small in mills contrived on purpose. The security for his conduct. His offence was quantity necessary for an acre of land being fraudulently secreting a farthing belonging small in comparison of other materials. to his employer, which it appears was one

of three coined by Queen Anne, and esteemA list of cows' names appeared in the ed of high value to antiquarians. He wanted advertisement of a set of dairy stock in to extort a bond for £700 from his master Shropshire, 1809. Earnest, Curlpate, Jeze- for the farthing, and refused to restore it bel, Judith, Bee, Gayless, Early, Secunda, otherwise. The Recorder regretted that the A. One, Fancy, Firbrina, Firbrella, Rose- Court was unable to go as far as it could berry, Pretty, Curly, Browney, Yorkshire, wish in his punishment." Daisy, Rose, Rosalina, Second, Standfast, K. Wouski, Broad Cap, Rosely, Helen, Fill. Money in both pockets. Lord St. Vinbowl, Sexta, M. Broadface, Fillpan, Rose- cent's hornpipe. Long life to the petticoat. bud, Wisky, Doctress, Lovely Lass, Urah, Dances. Third, Rurorea, Cot Lass, Rosamond, Ro- “ The present times," says Mr. Wilson, sella, Miss Key, Tertia, Furba.

in his Treasures of Terpsichore,“ would

give a foreigner a deplorable idea of the 1793. The bull Shakespere, by Shakes- English nation, if he were to judge from pere, off young Nell, sold for 400 guineas, their country dancing,—which is a credit to the seller conditioning that he should have the nation when properly conducted and two cows bulled by him yearly.

executed; if not, it only wants the addition

of grimaces to reduce it to the dances of the At the lying-in hospital, Dublin, twenty- savages of Terra del Fuego. It is indeed eight boys baptized at one time by the name lamentable that our amusements should be of Patrick.

on the decline, while the arts, sciences, and

manufactures flourish beyond all precedent MR. LAMBERT, forty years of age, weight among us. At a period, too, when a power52 stone 11 lb. being 10 stone 11 lb. more ful and inveterate enemy is endeavouring than “the greatest weight of the celebrated to surpass us in every art and science, and Mr. Bright.” His coffin was built upon two who would perhaps rejoice to hear that we axles and four clog wheels. The window could neither dance, paint, nor write, we and part of the wall of the room in which should therefore endeavour to do everything he died (on the ground floor) being taken in the best manner possible, not only for down, he was drawn out with ropes by eight our own satisfaction, but for the credit of our country." He goes on to prove, in de- screams; and by its third, a married lady, fiance of ridicule, that good dancing is re- because the bird chose to be jealous of her quisite to preserve a high national charac- husband. ter; and hopes that as dancing, being only an amusement, perhaps is not likely to be

At the siege of Copenhagen, the villa promoted by its professors, not being formed of a wealthy man, about five miles from the into a corporate body as the painters are, city, was taken possession of, and the family (i. e. that there is no Royal Academy for fled, leaving the plate on the dining table. Dancing,) that his exertions may reform the By the capitulation, private property was present deplorable state of country dancing, to be respected. The owner returned to which will cause the superior departments his house, and was refused admittance by a to advance in proportion; and we may then sentinel, who told him that his orders were perhaps have the satisfaction to hear of an to guard the property, and that no person Englishman blending all the powers of at

should enter unless he brought a permission traction, drawing down the reiterated plau- in form from his commanding officer. The dits of approbation from the Parisians, to owner persisted in asserting his right, till the credit of himself and of his country.

the sentinel threatened to shoot him on the

spot if he did not retire. Then he went in HORSE - RACING. Newmarket Craven search of the colonel, procured the formal Meeting. Sweepstakes of 100 guineas each, order, and upon entering his house found half forfeit, for the produce of untried mares, everything just as he bad leftit,—not a spoon covered by untried stallions.

or a salver missing.

“ We know several masters of stage In the first report which was made to the French in favour of re-establishing religion, coaches, particularly on the Essex road, we heard of the bons esprits, the beaux-es- who, when their stage horses are past laprits had had their day! and the difference bour, let them run in the pastures, or frebegan to be acknowledged between them. quent the stables, as they had been used to

do when in service. They come regularly -PORTATIS. L. GOLDSMITH, vol. i. p. 276.

to see the others set out on their journey, “ QUIEN adelante no cata, atras se cae."

and when they are off, they return to their

strawyards. We remember some such in- El creer es cortesia.”

stances living for years in that condition,

and others after having received incurable Parsons the Jesuit, born at Stowey.

hurts. If any doubt this humanity, let

them enquire of Cracklin of Brentwood.”— Of the dollar Donne says,

Panorama, Oct. 1809. "Spanish stamps still travelling,

On Saturday evening, 1 July, 1809, beThat are become as Catholic as their king." ing the first club night after the annual feast

of St. Peter's society of change-ringing arMiss Christian' knew a cockatoo turned tists of Norwich, which is kept always to away by its first owner for its determined the honour of St. Peter, on St. Peter's day, hatred of a little girl ; by its second, be- Mr. Samuel Thurston, one of the above socause it disturbed a whole hospital with its ciety, struck on their peals of musical hand

bells the five following intricate short peals, TA ghbour of Southey's, who resided

in the society's club-room, at the New TheKeswick, and a descendant of the Deemster Christian, - a name familiar to all readers of ? I have frequently met the person here alPeveril of the Peak.-J. W. W.

luded to in Copenhagen.-J. W. w.

atre public house, that evening, in presence consume annually the produce of rather of most of the change-ringers.

more than 3 acres of land: half an acre 1st. A peal of plain-bob-triples, contain- for bread, one-eighth for beer, cider, &c. ing 84 changes, and was nobly brought round one-fiftieth vegetables, 21, animal food, 39 in 2 minutes and 45 seconds.

stone of which, on an average population of 2nd. A peal of bob-major, containing 112 10,000,000, each person is computed to dechanges, and completed in 3 minutes and 48 vour. In England and Wales there are comseconds.

puted 1,759,000 horses for labour and plea3rd. A peal of bob-major reversed, con- sure, requiring with their colts 7,500,000 taining 112 changes, and finished in 3 mi- acres of land for their support. In Midnutes and 12 seconds.

dlesex, 1797, the number of taxed pleasure 4th. A peal of double-bob-major, con- horses was 18,266; for agriculture, &c. taining 112 fine changes, completed in 3 12,709. The cultivated lands in England minutes and 55 seconds.

and Wales, allowing 3,603,000 acres for 5th. A peal of grandsire-bob-cators, con- hedges, copses, wood, water, and roads, is taining 126 changes, and was nobly finished computed as 39,027,000 acres, of which in 5 minutes and 14 seconds.

about 14,000,000 are supposed to be arable, N.B. The first four peals he struck on namely, 3,850,000 wheat, 1,050,000 barley eight musical hand-bells, and the last on a and rye, 3,500,000 oats and beans, 1,400,000 fine-toned peal of ten, being the greatest clover, rye-grass, &c., a like quantity turperformance ever completed by one person nips and other roots, and 2,800,000 lost anin the world.

nually by the generally injurious system of

fallow. The commons and waste lands are O.P. The Rev. Solomon Herschell, high stated at 7,889,000 acres,—the whole supriest of the Jewish synagogue, has caused perficies 46,916,000. The metropolis con100 itinerant Jewy to be struck off the cha- sumes butcher's meat annually to the amount rity list for six months, for making a noise of £7,000,000 sterling About 12,000,000 at Covent Garden theatre. He has also sheep are annually killed, and 3,000,000 warned them of excommunication in case lambs. The number of sheep in England they should be guilty of the like again. and Wales, according to evidence in the

Died, 1809, at an advanced age, Mr. P. "A calf for the London market consumes Tompkins, in an obscure lodging near Moor

as much milk as would make a hundredfields. This person was formerly supposed weight of cheese.Panorama, January,1810. to be not only the most correct, but the

Dean Nowell was fishing when news most incorrect bookkeeper in the kingdom; reached him which made him fly without and obtained a very handsome indepen

"going back to take anything out of his dence by making sets of books for those

bouse." He left his bottle of ale covered persons who were, for their own interest, with grass or earth; and after Mary's death, obliged to appear before certain gentlemen when he returned, happening to recollect it in commission at Guildhall. It is said he was the first person who suggested the idea it, uncorked it, and found it, says Fuller,

when fishing on the very spot, looked for of imputing the losses of bankrupts to speculations in the lottery, and procured the

not a bottle, but a gun, such the sound of unsuccessful numbers (collected at 28. each) FULLER's words are - "he foundit some day's as having been purchased unfortunately by after.” Worthies of England, Luncushire, p. 115. his employers.

Folio. His love of fishing is well known, and the motto, “ Piscator hominum.” See CHUR

TON’s Life of Alexander Nowell, p. 20. A Human being (English) is supposed to

J. W. W.

it when opened ; and this, as casualty is the believe the true Messiah is to be rocked. mother of more inventions than industry, is The following has been given us as a corbelieved the original of bottled ale in Eng- rect description : “A child's cril, three feet land.

six inches, by two feet; of satin wood, with

brass trellis, side and foot board ; turned A. D. 1810. Lately, as some boys were feet, carved and gilt, on castors; a swing walking along the beach, opposite the slaugh- cot, inside caned, to swing on centre; at ter-house jetty at Portsmouth, one of them each end gilt mouldings, top and bottom found an old leathern glove washed up, which for gold letters ; a canopy cover, with blue contained 158 guineas, and a few half gui- silk; carved and gilt under it, a gold ball neas. Some of the guineas adhered to each and dove, and olive branch; green stars at other so closely, that they could not easily each corner, gilt; blue silk furniture; an be separated.

embroidered celestial crown, with Hebrew

characters, gold letters; a lambs'-wool matTwo sisters employed at Windsor as chim- tress, with white fustian down bed, down ney sweepers. Women must have been not pillow, and two superfine blankets.” £100 uncommonly thus employed, when Fawkes expended in plate for the expected child,— wrote his Epithalamium upon the marriage and there was an intention of having a gold of a cobbler and a chimney sweeper.

service for his use!

The first spelling-book in the Irish lan- A man at Paris has lately (1810) pubguage was published in London, 1810, at lished a treatise on the game of 31 ; and the expense of the Hibernian Society. The to ascertain the chances, obtained 1,560,000 Panorama complains of this as late,—so do throws, which he conceived equivalent to I, as being in Irish. Those who are taught four years of uninterrupted play. to read should be taught in English.

MR. TUKE, of Wath, near Rotherham, A.D. 1810. In Dartford workhouse, James (1810), bequeathed one penny to every Gibson, 106. He had been ten years in the child that attended his funeral (there came house, and till within these two months used from 600 to 700); 1s. to every poor woman daily to perambulate the town. His facul- in Wath ; 108.6d. to the ringers to ring one ties were entire to the last. He was so peal of grand bobs, which was to strike off much attached to smoking, that he requested while they were putting him into the grave. his pipe, together with his walking-stick, To seven of the oldest navigators, one guimight be placed in his coflin, which request nea for puddling him up in his grave. To was complied with.

his natural daughter £4 4s. per annum. To

his old and faithful servant, Joseph Pitt, Courier, August 3, 1814. Joanna South- £21 per annum.

To an old woman who cott has lately given out that she is preg- had for eleven years tucked him up in bed, nant with the true Messiah, and expects to £1 ls. only. Forty dozen penny loaves to lie in in a few weeks. She is nearly seventy be thrown from the church leads at twelve years of age. A cradle of most expensive o'clock on Christmas day for ever. Two and magnificent materials has been be- handsome brass chandeliers for the church, spoken by a lady of fortune for the ac- and £20 for a set of new chimes. couchement, and has been for some days exhibited at the warehouse of an eminent An Otaheitean and a Hottentot engaged cabinet maker in Aldersgate-street. Hun- in the Greenland fishery. dreds of genteel persons of both sexes have been to see this cradle, in which her followers The Coloured Cloth Hall at Leeds has


its main beams of cast iron. At Newport, | of race in the inhabitants, says F. Juan
Monmouthshire, a building 40 feet long and Antonio.-Hist. of the Philippines, vol. i. p.
21 wide, roofed with iron ; the whole roof- 140.
ing was brought in one waggon, and fixed
ready for the tiler in five hours. Such roofs A.D. 1753. GLOUCESTER.

“ Here is a mocheaper and lighter than wood !!

dernity (says H. WALPOLE, Letters, vol. i. p.

313) which beats all antiquities for curiosity. October, 1810. Killed in London with- Just by the high altar is a small pew hung in the preceding twelve months,-cattle, with green damask, with curtains of the 144,980; calves, 34,778; sheep and lambs, same; a small corner cupboard, painted, 1,025,483; horses, 10,118: in all, 1,215,359 carved, and gilt, for books, in one corner ; skins.

and two troughs of a bird-cage, with seeds

and water. If any mayoress on earth was At the Chelmsford assizes the Lord Chief small enough to enclose herself in this taBaron observed, that on examining some

bernacle, or abstemious enough to feed on ancient deeds a few days before, he acci

rape and canary, I should have sworn that dentally discovered that the Black Boy in

it was the shrine of the queen of the alderthat town bore the same sign in the reign

It belongs to a Mrs. Cotton, who of Edward II.

having lost a favourite daughter, is con

vinced her soul is transmigrated into a roANDREW Robinson Bowes once stood for

bin-redbreast; for which reason she passes Newcastle. A cargo of Newcastle freemen were shipped from London for his opponent,

her life in making an aviary of the cathedral

of Gloucester. and the master was bribed by Bowes to carry whim, as she contributes abundantly to

The chapter indulge this them to Ostend, where they remained till the election was over.

glaze, whitewash, and ornament the church." A.D. 1811. A wolf and racoon got loose “I did go to Bristol," says H. WALPOLE, from a caravan in Rutlandshire. N. the (1766, Letters, vol. iii. p. 197), “the dirtiest breed between the racoon and sheep in great shop I ever saw, with so foul a river, Crosthwaite's Museum.?

that had I seen the least appearance of

cleanliness, I should have concluded they At Ewes Farm, in Yorkshire, Mr. Paul washed all their linen in it, as they do at Parnell, farmer, grazier, and malster, aged Paris. Going into the town, I was struck 76, of whom it is truly said that in his life- with a large Gothic building, coal black, and time he drank out of one old family silver striped with white ; I took it for the devil's cup upwards of £2000 sterling worth of ge- cathedral. When I came nearer, I found it nuine Yorkshire stingo, of which he was was an uniform castle, lately built, and servremarkably fond. He was the original of ing for stables and offices to a smart false Toby Philpot.

Gothic house on the other side of the road.

_"two windows of painted glass in the UBEDA and Baeza are only a league asun

cathedral, given by Mrs. Ellen Gwyn. (?) der; and yet there is a manifest difference

There is a new church of S. Nicholas, neat, | This extract was made in 1810; and it is

and truly Gothic." curious, when we look to the great use of iron now in our railway stations and steamers par. “ WHETHER got by imitation, or some ticularly, to say nothing of tubular bridges.- hereditary defect in their tongue, or proJ. W. W. ? This N. means Note the animal in Mu.

ceeding from some secret quality in their seum referred to, at Keswick. It is still to be soil, it is observed in a village at Charleton, secn,-or was so very recently.-J. W. W. in Leicestershire, that the people therein

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