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The rectory of Snoreham,' in Essex, con- Three books of practical usetains only a single farm-house; there is no “A sober appeal to a Turk or Indian," in church belonging to the parish, but once a English, 1748. year service is performed under a tree. “An Argument (published in 1682) prov

ing the D. of Normandy made no absolute ARCHY (Archibald Armstrong), Charles conquest of England.” the First's fool, was born and died at Arthu- Asgill's Argument to prove Man may ret in this county, having been banished for be translated to eternal Life, without passsaying to Laud upon the news from Scot- / ing through Death.” 3 land, “ Wheas feule now?"

A surgeon in the Medical writes thus of

a poor little girl whom he attended in a case Ar Newport in Monmouthshire, during of hydrocephalus, whose head after her death the fair, the rabble take possession of the he opened, “I was delighted with the beauchurchyard, and put every passer in the tiful appearance of the pia mater — it was stocks who refuses to give them money. the finest specimen of inflammation I had

ever seen." The first (oldest) brass works in the king- The Javanese blacken their teeth, - bedom, are those near Bristol. — Cyc. Art. cause monkeys' teeth are white. Metals.

Red hair pleases the Italian, and our cli

mate hates it.-SIR G. MACKENZIE. The Murex found at Minehead. -Cycl. Snow-drops are called in Suffolk, Fair

maids of February.
TIFFIN's terms are 12s. 188. or 248. ac-
cording to the nature of the furniture, but
by the year he keeps you free for 3s.

Public Amusements.
MONOPOLY of the Theatres. Dialogue

supplied by song or pantomime at Astley's, Quainta.

&c. the coarsest and clumsiest personificaSungles on the back. The mushrooms tions. I saw Murder, and Rage, and Hathat spring up in the devil-fairy-ring. tred, and Confusion walk in, each carried a

Impotent anger compared to a tiger with paper upon a stick with his name printed the tooth-ache.

in large characters. In came Peace, and they A rock covered with lichens --as if Na- all ran away. ture bad white-limed it — or an army of

A Pantomime of the Seven Champions. crows volant.

The clown buys rhubarb and puts in a bottle Expectation wire-drawing time.

of liquor, whereof he and his fellow fools Rock-spring. A diabetes.

drink, and the joke was to see them all make “ Amonius Alexandrinus philosophus, wry faces and run off one after another. Origenis preceptor, Asinum habuit sapien- When any news has to be told,—for the tiæ auditorem.”Officina Textoris, 1532, p. subject is always the last great event—the 212.

taking the Bastile, the capture of Valen

ciennes, Death of Tippoo, Peace, &c.—a fel1 “ There is not a vestige of the church, and low brings in a great scroll and shows it to the inhabitants attend that of Latchingdon, with the audience. LEWIS. ? i. e..Cumberland. “ In the churchyard is

very at Sadler's Wells. Minerva was drunk. a ru

cross, with a pierced capital, near which were interred the remains of Archibald Arm. 3 See The Doctor, &c. p. 446, &c. edit. in strong." - Ibid.

J. W. W. one volume.-J. W. W.

which place the parish is rated to the poor."- Wynn saw a piece upon the King's reco

Britannia's lion ran off, King seized with | south of Carlisle. Little doubt remains of the gripes, and Hygeia was taken ill upon its being the same dog which has been so inthe stage.

jurious to the farmers in the northern parts Master of the Ceremonies. Ball etiquette. of Northumberland, as no less than sixty All freedom destroyed.

sheep or upwards have fallen victims to its ferocity. It was thought proper to lose no

time in attempting to destroy it, and TuesCollections for New Series of Espriella's

day last was fixed upon. Sir H. Fletcher, Letters.

bart. of Clea Hall, offered his pack of hounds,

and several other dogs with about fifty horseNewcastle Courant, 8 June, 1799.

men set out from Hesket New-market. Se. Wooler, June 6, 1799.

veral persons with firearms were stationed “On Wednesday morning next, a pack of at different parts. The dog was descried hounds will be at Hetton, another pack at upon an eminence of Carrock-fell, and on West Newton, and another at North Mid- sight of the pursuers set off by way of Hesdleton, for the purpose of hunting the dog ket New-market, Stocklewath, and Barwhich has lately destroyed so many sheep wick-field, then returned byCowclose, Castle in this neighbourhood; when it is expected Sowerby, and attempted to gain the fells that all those who may have sheep killed by again, when Mr. Sewell, farmer at Wedlock, him on Tuesday (and Monday night) next, lying in ambush at Mossdale, fired and sucwill give information at these places, as early ceeded in shooting him. He appears to be as possible, and it is most earnestly re- of the Newfoundland breed, of a common quested that a great number of men with size, wire-haired, and extremely lean. Duguns and horses may then be on the look ring the chase he frequently turned upon out for him.

the dogs which were headmost, and so “ A reward of twenty guineas will be paid wounded several as obliged them to give up to any person who may kill him (within the pursuit. thirty days from this time) on application

“The joy manifested on this occasion was to Mr. Nath. Duncan of this place.

uncommon, insomuch that on the day follow“N.B. The dog is a large greyhound, with ing about thirty persons sat down to a dina very white neck and far fore-leg ; some

ner provided at Mr. Tomlinson's, Hesket white about his face, breast, and tail-end; New-market. Upon the most moderate rather gray on the back, and a jet black in computation, excluding the various windother parts of his body."

ings, the chase could not be less than thirty An immense concourse of people assem

miles, and occupied no less than six hours." bled to hunt this wild greyhound: he was started near Haslery Dean, but eluded his

1811. A Dog having been hunted for pursuers among the Cheviot Hills, and that three hours shot about a mile below Ennervery night returned to the place from dale bridge, who was supposed to have dewhence he had been hunted in the morning, stroyed sheep upon the Ennerdale mounand worried a ewe and her lamb.

tains, to the amount of £200.

The dog has a disposition to return to his Newcastle Courant, Sept. 21.

wolf state. This one was between mastiff “ A Few days ago a dog of a most destruc- and greyhound. tive nature infested the fells of Caldbeck, Carrock, and High Pike, about sixteen miles A FELLOW at Constantinople was exhibited

as a wonderful bear could play the It is very well known from Southey's Cor. respondence that he originally intended to com

piano-forte; and in this character he ob. pile a New Series of these Letters.-J. W. W. tained such celebrity that the Grand Seig

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neur sent for him into the seraglio. There | place of his retreat with her petticoats, at he performed so well that the Grand Seig- the same time beating off the eager hounds neur ordered his conductor to leave him, with all her might and main ; but this would and gave him 500 piastres in payment for have been unavailing if the huntsman had the musical Bruin. The accomplice de- not whipped them off, and after a chase of camped readily enough, and Restaurino, nearly thirty miles, left this unlicensed poulwhich was the bear's name, was left to es- terer in his domestic occupation.” cape as he could from the eunuchs.

He got out, and crossed the Tophane in 1799. A MAIDEN lady, aged fifty-seven, a boat which he seized, but the exertion died at Horsham,—of good property. For burst his skin, he was seized, carried back, thirty years she had been a recluse. In and let off with a severe bastinado. 1790 she built a neat and elegant house for

herself, and furnished it, but never occupied 1799. Attempt to introduce Rein-deer it. She lived in a small apartment contiat Greystock.

guous, from which there was a communica

tion, and would often walk through the unA tame fox at the White Hart, Bridge inhabited rooms to inspect the furniture. It water, was brought up from a cub to run in is said that she never saw the front of this the wheel as a turnspit. One day, through house. She had all sorts of animals, and the negleet of his keeper, he escaped, got to used to play a hand organ to them,-dogs, Sedgemoor, and made wild work among the cats, monkeys, guinea-pigs, hares, rabbits, geese. “ The writer of this was out the next squirrels, peacocks, doves, parrots, &c. and morning with Mr. Portman's dogs, and going she left fifteen pounds a year to a person to towards Borough-bridge, found the glutton "feed and take care of them for and during under Alfred's tump. The dogs being laid their natural lives.” By her will her body on, Reynard presently passed the Parrot, was to be kept one month, and longer unless and taking by North Petherton, sought the there were symptoms of putrefaction. These woods above Monkton ; but being driven howerer were so decided that between £30 from thence, dasbed through the Tone, a and £10 were expended upon it in spirits mile below Newton, and turning northward, of wine, to keep it in preservation for the passed Kingston, and was for a time lost in appointed term. By her express direction the thickets above Buncomb. The scent it was first inclosed in a shell, then in a serving, Reynard was at length uncovered, leaden coffin, thirdly in a cotlin of oak; and mounted the Cutherstone hills, descended to lastly the whole was let down into a stone Kenniton, and mounted the stone mountain coffin of the best Portland stone : the main Lord Clifford's park, from whence he was son according to her will being to choose presently driven by the staunch pack. Leap- either that material or black marble, whiching the pales at Enmore, he took through ever he believed to be most durable. SilLord Egmont's grounds, and getting again vered breast-plate and ornaments were on into his old track, recrossed the Parrot just the oaken coffin, and on the lid of the stone below Petherton, and taking slowly along one she appointed her name, age, and the the banks of the river with the pack in full day of her death to be cut in letters each cry, leaped the fence of Mrs. Francis (his three-quarters of an inch deep. mistress's) garden, and immediately entered the kitchen, darted into the spit-wheel, and In 1789, when preparations were making began to perform his domestic office with as in St. Paul's to receive the King, at the much unconcern as if he had been placed thanksgiving for his recovery, a favourite there for that purpose. The fat cook, with bitch followed her master there up the dark whom he was a great favourite, spread the stairs of the dome, and was lost. Eight weeks and five days afterwards, some gla- BISHOP WILSON's Instruction for the Inziers who were at work there, heard among dians “ has been lately translated into the the timbers that support the dome a faint Welsh language for the use of the ancient noise, and thinking it might be some unfor- Britons." tunate person who had fallen, they let down a boy by a rope. He found a dog lying on Cows in the Alps. It is surprising to its side, the skeleton of another dog, and a see how proud and pleased they stalk forth half-eaten old shoe. The boy was humane when ornamented with their bells. If the enough to take up the poor animal which leading cow who hitherto bore the largest was accordingly drawn up. It was deplo- bell be deprived of her honours, she manirably emaciated and scarcely able to stand; fests her disgrace by lowing incessantly, aband the workmen placed it in the porch of staining from food, and growing lean. The the church to take its chance. This was happy rival, on whom the distinguished about ten in the morning. After a while the badge of superiority has devolved, experidog was seen endeavouring to cross the street ences her marked vengeance, and is butted at the top of Ludgate Hill

, but it could only and persecuted by her in the most furious get on by leaning against a wall, and there- manner till the former either recovers her fore failed : another boy, with more huma- bell or is removed from the herd. nity than is ordinarily to be met with in the streets of London, or among boys anywhere, 1799. CARTMEL. As a maid-servant belifted it over to the pavement; and it crawled longing to Mrs. Richardson was going to on supporting itself against the houses, till bed, she was much alarmed by something at ten at night it reached its master's house, rushing against the window, and her conin Red Lion-street, Holborn. She was sup- sternation was greatly increased by instantly posed to have weighed about 20lb. when seeing a live eel bouncing about the room. lost, only 3lb. 14oz. when found. She was Several squares were broken in the window. with pup when she fell, and having littered At morning a large crane was found lying in the dome, had devoured her young. dead under the window. The bird had

made toward the light, and wounded itself, A Boast being made of the obedience of so as to occasion its death. a dog in fetching and carrying (a Newfound- But-how came the crane to keep such land) the master put a marked shilling un- late hours, and go fishing by candle light ? der a large square stone by the road side, and having ridden on three miles ordered 1767. GALUP, a Catalan, exhibited some the dog to go back and fetch it. The dog pranks in swimming in Cadiz bay. He set set off, but did not return the whole day. off in his clothes, and with a cask, undressed He had gone to the place, and being unable in the water, took pen, ink, and paper out to turn the stone, sat howling by it. Two of his cask, and wrote a note; eat and drank, horsemen came by and saw her distress, and produced a tinder-box, struck a light, smokone of them alighting removed the stone, ed a pipe, fired a pistol, and played the flute, and finding the shilling, put it in his pocket, -in an hour and twenty minutes. not supposing that the dog could possibly be looking for that. The dog followed the On draining the basin in St. James's horses for upwards of twenty miles, stayed Square for the purpose of erecting a statue in the room where they supped, got into the of King William there, the keys of Newgate bedroom, got the breeches in which the fa- were found which were stolen when it was tal shilling had been put, made his escape with burnt in the riots of 1780. A quantity of them, and dragged them through mud and chains and fetters, many ale-house pewtermire, hedge and ditch, to his master's house. I pots, a pocket-book, some cards and false

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dice, a number of horse-shoes, some shillings, Some old writer is said to have said that and two or three guineas. Some ill-starred when princes began to use cannon, the augamester had perhaps thrown there the in- thority of the canons of the church was soon struments of his ruin.

destroyed. It was first mitrum that go

verned the world, and then nitrum ; first C. Noel, in a memoir read in the Philo- Saint Peter, and then Salt Petre. matic (?) Society in Paris (about 1799), recommends naturalizing salt water fish in 1682. A HORSE between eighteen and rivers and ponds, and particularly the her- nineteen hands high, which formerly bering, by constructing an artificial pond be- longed to Lord Rochester, and had killed tween two islands of the Seine, and depo- several other horses, and several people, was siting in it herrings full of roes, carried baited to death at the Hope, on the Bank there in boats. The same boats might re- Side, being his Majesty's Bear-Garden. “It pair to the fishing banks when the herrings is intended for the divertisement of his Exhave spawned, and take up a lading of fe- cellency the Ambassador from the Emperor cundated ova to be carried to the artificial of Fez and Morocco; many of the nobility pond. (Is it meant that the artificial pond and gentry that knew the horse, and several should be salt water, and that they should mischiefs done by him, designing to be prebe gradually used to the change, till ad- sent.” The horse seems to have been one mitted into the river ?] He mentioned of Diomede's breed, by the character given many instances which seemed to prove that of him in the advertisement: “For his prothe herring is fond of fresh water. Dr. digious qualities in killing and destroying Franklin stocked one of the rivers of New several horses and other cattle, he was transEngland with herrings, by depositing in the mitted to the Marquis of Dorchester: where, water leaves covered with ova.

doing the like mischiefs, and likewise hurt

ing his keeper, he was sold to a brewer, but 1800. Some years ago, the person who is now grown so headstrong they dare not lived at the turnpike about a mile from work him ; for he hath bitten and wounded Stratford-upon-Avon, had a dog so well so many persons (some having died of their trained to fetch and carry that he used to wounds), that there is hardly any can pass go with a note round his neck to the town, the streets for him, though he be fast tied, and return with any bundle of goods suited for he breaks his halter to run after them to his strength. A safer messenger could (though loaden with eight barrels of beer), not have been chosen. One day, however, either biting or treading them down, monwhen he was bringing home tea and sugar strously tearing their flesh, and eating it, from the grocers, he fell in with a party who the like whereof hath hardly been seen ; were hunting water-rats. The temptation and 'tis certain the horse will answer the was too great. He joined the terriers, and expectation of all spectators." plunged into the ditches with them.

The sequel of the story is in MALCOLM'S

Anecdotes. Several dogs were set at the March 26, 1800. Died at Brompton, horse, and he killed or drove them from the aged ninety-six, Rowland Nicholson, for- area, and the owners then led him away, merly a shoemaker, and freeman of Carlisle. thinking to make more sport and more proHis party feeling was so strong, that ac- fit by future exhibitions. But the spectacording to his own desire, often and ear- tors insisted that he should be baited to nestly expressed, he was attended to the death, according to the promise in the bill. grave by four pall-bearers, with blue rib. They began to demolish the building; and ands in their hats, and buried in a blue the horse was therefore recalled to satisfy coffin.

them, before he bad reached London Bridge.

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