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cepted this rascal's offer, who received above ill, fatigued with visitors and lying down, £100 for him— and kept it all :—this was so that he could not see him.

No, no,' said the old man, “ I know the General

wont be angry — go along and shew me * A FELLOW exhibited a dragon-fly under the room.” When he entered and saw the a magnifier at a country fair—as the great Pole so pale and emaciated with his wounds High German Heiter Keiter.

- the poor fellow burst into tears, laid

down his cake, and ran out of the room. The officers of a regiment quartered at Christ Church had offended the town's peo- Church government among the Methodple and were left to their own society.

ists.—The minister removable by a synod at They made their band play in the mess London, and never suffered to remain long room from dinner till supper time as a enough in a place to attach the congregasubstitute for conversation.

tion to himself, and so become independent.

In the Ebenezer at Bristol notice is given * A WOMAN who begged of Mrs. Somerville told her she had been one of my La

if a servant who is of the congregation dy's groaners—she had been hired to groan

wants a place. at the Huntingdon Chapel.

What is the difference between a Bap

tist and an Anabaptist ? "Exactly the * Said a Frenchman, " What a vile lan

same," said Sir John Danvers, as between guage

yours, where the same word, and

a Whiskey and a Tim Whiskey." pronounced in the same way, shall mean three different things — there is ship, un The sailors of Plymouth say, that if they viasseau— ship (sheep) mouton — and ship

are married at Stoke it holds good for a (cheap) bon marché."

month, at Stonehouse chapel for a year, but

at the old church for life. THREE Bishops are necessary to consecrate one ; but only two retained their

Pocock, the schoolmaster, by S. Michael's sees at the Revolution and took the oaths.

churchyard, has a machine to punish the How to replenish their number ? — they boys, which they call the royal patent selfcaught a Franciscan who was bishop of acting ferule. Babylon and him they cajoled and terrified and reasoned into compliance. These three SAYERS the schoolmaster put arms into consecrated another — and then they went his boys' hands, and had them exercised on merrily.

during the “alarm.” They were taught

that they ought to resist their natural ene* When Kosciusko was at Bristol, 1797, mies, and by an easy and obvious logic disa present was made him of plate, and every covered that their natural enemies were the one was desirous of showing him some mark master and usher, whom they accordingly of respect. Burge, the pastry-cook made resolved to shoot. Some accident discovered him a large plumb cake, for his voyage to the plan, and prevented murder ; but it was America, and inscribed on it in coloured

necessary to call in the military to reduce carroways “To the gallant K." This he them. This was hushed up, so many famicarried himself, and requested to see the lies of consequence here were concerned General. They told him the General was in it. " This is supposed to be the remark of Espri

" What is become of your dog, Sir ella,-a Roman Catholic.-J. W. W.

John ?" said a friend to Sir John Danvers. " Gone to heaven," was the answer. “Then, / gave her the ticket. It was drawn a Sir John, he has often followed you, and I £10,000 prize, and he had the half to pay hope now you will follow him."

his partner. This is a well known fact.


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6 And do you

COARSE allegories of our common and When Edward Williams kept a bookselpopular prints.

ler's shop at Cowbridge, his seditious cele“Keep within

and compass

brity soon spread abroad. His circulating shall be you

catalogue was indeed curious, the Reflec

tions on the French Revolution were entered To avoid many evils which others endure."

as the Gospel according to St. Burke; and The half-man half-skeleton prints. The a collection of Jacobinical pamphlets as tree of life and its companion. The last Directions for Duck-milking, a title which picture, where the devil catches a fellow by made all the Welsh farmers send for the his tail.

book. A son of Alderman Curtis resolved

to punish the honest old bard, and went in A SERVANT informed her mistress she to ask for the Gospel according to St. Burke. was going to be married. “ Very well; The book was out, but Williams had a new and what trade is your husband ?" “ He copy, which he offered. “No," said Curtis, is an asker.” " An asker ?" “ Vulgarly " this is Burke's Reflections, and what I called a beggar, ma'am."

want is the Gospel according to St. Burke." think to live ?" Oh, ma'am, he gets five · Indeed, sir," said Williams, “it is the same shillings a day, and I expect to get as

book.” Curtis said he was going out of much."

town, and had not time to read it. The

poor Welchman offered to lend it him for Mrs. DANVERS was once hiring a servant, some days. At this time a man who was the and the fellow, when they had almost agreed spy of government, self-elected to the office on wages, asked if it was pinch or plain ? in that town, came in, “ By God, Curtis, “ What do you mean?” “ Why, ma'am, if we will have it!” and “ By God, Mr. Spy,” it is pinch, I find wax candles and Scotch said Polo,“ you shall not." Curtis was now coals for company."

looking every where for some sin against

government, and his eye caught a book Mrs. Parnell advises us to let Margaret labelled Rights of Man. “What's the price kiss every black woman whom she meets, to of this ?” “Five shillings." He threw down make her cut her teeth easily, she has known the money. This shall go to Billy Pitt, and it tried.

he shook it in triumph at the bard. But

when he opened the book, his countenance Say the sailors, “ A messmate before a changed, and he exclaimed, " Damn the shipmate, a shipmate before a stranger, a rascal—the Bible, by God!” stranger before a dog, and a dog before a Poor Williams angrily refused a pension soldier."

from some wealthy brothers in the West

Indies, because he would not partake of the Many women would not upon any account gains made by slavery. cut a child's nails till he is a year old.

His toast was,

“ The three securities of

liberty. All Kings in hell; the door locked ; Two Bristol men bought a lottery ticket the key lost.” between them, which the one took with him on his journey to London, A woman of

Tell her in the words of the romance, the town was his fellow-traveller in the two * “ Que no quiero amores day coach, and being short of money he

En Inglaterra,

“ Is-a,

Pues otros mejores

On St. Stephen's day in Wales, every Tengo yo en mi tierra."

body is privileged to whip another person's Quote this too at the end of a home sick | legs with holly; and this is often reciproletter :

cally done till the blood streams down. *"; Ay Dios de mi alma!

SERVANTS in America object to answerSaqueisme de aqui,

ing a bell; they hold it unfit that Christians ¡Ay! que Inglaterra

should be spoken to with a tongue of metal. Ya no es para mi."

Stamping is the usual way of calling them,

or knocking. A gentleman having company “ Well, Mary,” said my uncle to an old rung the bell (having one in the room as a woman,

“the King of Prussia's dead." | fit piece of furniture). He rang repeatedly; “ Hm-hm !" said the old woman,

at last the servant came up, opened the is-a! the King of Prussia! and who's he ?” door, put his head in and cried, the more

you ring, the more I wont come. Poor old Mrs. Poole had been reading the newspaper just at the time when Bona- When Paley first went to Cambridge, he parte had escaped from Egypt, and was be- fell into a society of young men far richer ginning his career in France, to the asto

than himself, to whom his talents and connishment of all Europe. My dear,” said viviality made him an acceptable compashe to her son, " who is this Dr. Solomon nion, and he was in a fair way for ruin. that all the world's talking about ?” She

One morning one of these comrades came was an invalid, and the balm of Gilead was

into his bedroom before he was up, and he, more to her than a dozen revolutions. as usual, thought it was to propose some

plan of pleasure for the day. His friend, A list of all the volunteers in the Tower. however, said, “ Paley, I have not slept A list of the subscribers to Boydell's Shake

wink this night for thinking of you. I am, speare in a large vellum volume, every sub

as you know, heir to such a fortune, and scriber having the privilege of writing his whether I ever look in a book at Cambridge name with his own hand, that his autograph,

or not does not signify a farthing. But this as well as his name, may be immortalized, is not the case with you, you have only your the king at the head.

abilities to look to, and no man has better,

if you do but make the proper use of them. * COLLECTORS.—The collection of halters But if you go on this way you are ruined; wherewith men have been executed. Of and from this time forward I am determined engraved title pages. Of odd names.

Of not to associate with you, for your own visiting cards.

sake. You know I like your company, and

it is a great sacrifice to give it up, but give * SUPERIOR London picked particular East it up I will

, as a matter of conscience.” India Madeira.

Paley lay in bed the whole day, ruminating

upon this. In the evening he rose and At Gretna Green, Thomas Wallace, aged took his tea, ordered his bedmaker to make 78 years (a widower, whose wife departed his fire overnight, and call him at five in the this life the 25th ult.) to Elizabeth Job- morning; and from that day forward rose ling, widow, aged 59. They are both pau- always at that hour; went out first wrangler, pers in Tanfield workhouse, and on account and became the fortunate man he was. of their marriage being prohibited at Tan- This he related to his intimate friend Mr. field, they set off and begged their way to Sheepshanks; from him it came to Mr. Gretna.” — Cumberland Packet, August 26, Broome, and he told it me this evening, 1806.

October 6, 1808.



There was a negro slave at Surinam | The man lifted the whip as if to strike, then whose language no negro in the colony un- threw it on the ground, saying, “ Massa, it derstood, except one who had been a trader, is better to be flogged than to flog." and whose features were also cast in a differ- From Spedding and from the Colonel Coleent mould. He would not work, and was re- ridge heard these circumstances, which I peatedly punished for his refusal, after the have written down immediately after hearcursed manner of the Dutch. He however ing them.—May 26, 1810. explained his reason for refusing. He could not do it, for he was of a sacred order. ADDINGTON chose for his title Lord VisAnd having heard in his own country that count Ralegh, of Combe (Budley Saltcombe, there were a sacred order of white men, I suppose), in the county of Devon. Cobwiser than their brethren, he travelled to bett affirms this positively, and says, it is the sea coast for the sake of seeing them, said the patent was actually made out in and acquiring knowledge. There he was

that name. He had a farm, or a house, or kidnapped and sold to Surinam.

something formerly the property of Sir This man escaped and got to the wild Walter there. There was a person, Cobnegroes, among whom he soon became emi- bett adds, whose real name I forget, who

Two settlers, a Dutch and an Eng- was made a peer since the commencement lishman, fell into their hands; they were of the Pitt administration, and who exabout to be put to death, but he made a pressed a desire to be called Lord Aginlong speech in their favour (for he soon court! learnt the mixed language of the colony,) and dismissed them with an exhortation to Huntingdon is a rogue, and chuckles show mercy as they had received mercy. over the folly of the fiock whom he fleeces. He himself afterwards was made prisoner, When he goes visiting, he carries the seat and sentenced to a cruel death.

of his carriage full of his own books; after minded the judges of what he had done for dinner or supper, he sends for it in, saying, the two colonists, but no notice would have “ Now that the wants of the body are supbeen taken of it if the Colonel of Sped- plied, let us think of the soul. What are ding's regiment had not indignantly stepped we in want of at present for ourselves or forward and threatened to expose their in- for others ? Bank of Faith, or, &c. justice. The men were called upon; the Englishman refused to bear testimony in or providers. One of these spiritual prohis favour, swearing he would see all the curesses, near York, went to an old lady black b-- broiled before he would stir a who had heard the new preacher. “ Well, step to save the life of one. The Dutch- and how did she like Mr. **, and did she man came, and confirmed the truth of a feel comfortable after his discourse; was story which was already well known. The she benefitted; was she better for it? Why negro's life therefore was spared, but he yes, the old lady hoped she was. Well, was chained to a post in the market-place and what return did she think of making ? or square, and a whip laid by him, with How would she express her sense of gratiwhich every passer by might scourge him tude ? I assure you that if you send him a as a fellow who was lazy and refused to piece of cloth, or a box of moulds, Mr. * * work.

is so good a Christian that he wont be ofSpedding one day saw one of his corpo- fended at it. But do not send him a silver rals stop to scourge him. He went up to tea-pot, because he has seven already." the place, collared the wretch, took the whip, gave it to the sufferer, and bade “ Bring the tray, John.” Sir," him flog the rascal as long as he could stand. John, “I will send it.” “ Send it? I told

He re

he "o "Such fellows have their female jackalls

" said

you to bring the tray."

“ Sir, I beg your razors out of my pocket, and opened one of pardon--but I belong to a club." “ Belong them. The devil bid me cut his throat, but to a club, sir, and what is that to me?" God would not let me." " Sir, I belong to a club, where we have all This story is true. Fenner of the Prince of us agreed never to carry any thing." Adolphus, Lisbon packet, told it from his

own knowledge. When the late? Lord Liverpool died, Toon, who is the fainily tailor, made the * A Sailor went to a juggler's exhibition. mourning. The servants came and desired There were to be fireworks, but they took him to make theirs of superfine cloth, which fire with a quantity of gunpowder, and blew he refused to do, as an imposition upon his up the room. The sailor fell in a potatoe employer. They then ordered him to fasten field, unhurt; he got up and shook himself the shoulder-knots so that they might be —“Damn the fellow, I wonder what the taken off and put on at pleasure. Honest devil he'll do next." old Toon had no patience with these fellows, and sewed them down firmly, after the old

In Staffordshire arrow heads are very fremanner. However they got somebody to quently found by the carpenters in cutting alter this to their taste,-the shoulder-knots up oaks. were worn in the house; but when my gentlemen went out, they laid them aside, and South SHIELDS — immense hills of cinwalked the streets, gentlemen in mourning. | ders and ashes heaped there from the salt

pans. In 1795, some hot cinders being laid BERWICK was omitted in the first income on these unpremeditatedly by a salt proprietax bill, and they escaped it the first year. tor, set them on fire. Three persons who lived A local joke of their neighbours was, that in houses built upon these hills were suffothey were angry at it, as a mark of neglect.cated in their beds : others much injured,

several houses demolished, and the hills, Lt. MONEYPENNY, Miss Wood's grand- says Sir F. M. Eden, writing nearly two father, on being paid off, set out with a years afterwards, still continue to burn, and friend to visit Scotland, and went with that to emit a sulphurous smell. friend to pass a night at Bamborough, at an acquaintance of the companion. The daugh

At Worksop, £50,000 worth of bones are ter of his host hearing that the lieutenant annually sold at 28. 2d. per bushel. Imposwould have milk for supper, brought him

sible! what bones ? cream, and in consequence he never left

Adam CLARKE's new heresy of the monBamborough as long as he lived.

key. Machinery is dilated personification, as * What is


mother ?” said Mrs. C. simile is expanded inetaphor.

to a boy who came begging one day. “She

travels." "She travels! what is that?" An English sailor at the Island of St.

“ She lates.-? She asks.--? She begs." Michael's was attacked by a Spaniard, who

And thus the word was unkennelled at last. twice cut his arm to the bone, above and below. “I got the rascal down," said he to

The Javanese cocks, especially the banthe surgeon to his ship, "and knelt


tams, are nearly as large as the Norfolk busbreast with one knee, and I took a case of tard—so false is it that our little feather

booted breed are bantams. It must be recollected that this extract dates back to the year 1810.-J. W. W.

Bears for baiting breel near London.

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