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She is to be shot with arrows. Her brother comes to the Welsh, and goes with It is difficult to weave into one thread them to Aztlan. He rushes to save, or ra- the two actions. The reformation of the ther revenge her, and the Welsh take his part. friendly tribe—with the external war. The

Some of the North American tribes held | Priests must be the link. annually the Festival of the Dead, when The Pathocas are the auxiliar tribe. Erithey dug up all who had died in the pre- lyab their chief, a man well minded, but too ceding year and set food before them. This weak to be virtuous. His son, Rajenet, is will make a strong scene; and here I can a sullen and crafty savage, hostile to the find a wife for Cadwallon. A young widow Welsh from jealousy; and because Gwenabout to be compelled to an unwelcome lhian is refused to him. He therefore leagues marriage.

in secret with the Aztecans. The lake islands, floating gardens, and Gwenlhian must marry a savage. I know dwellings.

only his name—Herma; but he must deThe sacrifice of the first-born. There

serve her, must be a book in which Madoc converts Melamin is the wife of Cadwallon. How his Indians from Paganism. It may hinge he wooed her must be told to Madoc, beupon this sacrifice. The high-priest of the cause it will be a less interruption than that tribe may be a good man. His daughter at any other time, and because I want a may have a child, and attempt to conceal child born about the period of Madoc's reit, so that her punishment for this impiety turn. This boy the priest Dithial claims may affect him.

And what with his in- as a sacrifice. He leagues with Rajenet. Auence, and that of Madoc, the idols over- In the great danger, when all hands are thrown.

called out to rescue Madoc, Rajenet offers In Garcilaso, History of Florida, is an to remain and guard the women. Herma instance where the death of the chief occa- does the same from suspicion ; thus the sioned the defeat of the Indians.-P. 202. one is signalized, and the other got rid of.

After reading Garcilaso's Floridan His- The priestcraft of Dithial should all be tory, I find it was not a place for Euro- exposed; his coward confession marks him peans to fix in.

South America will be an under character to Tezozomoc. better. Up the great river, and somewhere Immediate possession of the crown is one in the interior of that continent. Brazil, of Rajenet's motives. Erilyab is half temptor Paraguay, or El Dorado.

ed by superstition; and the promise that 7. The opening lines lyrically to group

Aztlan will remit all tribute if he will assea scenery, describing all the characteristic sist to turn out the strangers. Conscious appearances, and voyage feelings.

of his own unworthiness, he at last shall A.D. 715. Sacara, the Spanish governor give up all his authority, and so rise into of Merida, when the Moors took that town, respectability. is said to have sailed in search of the For- Herma is the victim who escapes, Book 7. tunate Islands.

The Pathoca chief priest is not a rogue. Carlos Magno, p. 23, a speaking bird ; He should be father of Melamin. His name but not understandable, like the guide of Urarāja. Huitziton.

Erilyab shall be a woman ; hating the David's tyranny.

A woman's cruelty | Aztecans for her husband's death. murdering the innocent reptile that she The new characters then are Erilyab, fears.

Rajenet, Herma, Melamin, Uraraja, Dithial. Madoc goes up the Mississippi certainly. The seven old ones make the whole num

ber of prominent savages amount to thirteen.


Elen and Gwenlhian must be brought grave. This ought to be as solemn and into the foreground.

striking as possible. During the after fesThe capture of Madoc must not be at tival, Tlalala's attempt on Caradoc: and the same time with that of Hoel.

here we fall into the

great road. I have seen the print of a snake-statue Book 11 will then be the present 8th, as an idol in Yucatan. It may be managed and on 12, 13. to have this the idol, and make Dithial tame 14 (the 11th). When Madoc reaches the a huge serpent and pass him for the de- settlement, he finds Dithial a prisoner, Rascended deity. Madoc should kill him. jenet dead. They had seized the oppor

The rescued victim is Melamin. To her tunity of making their own terms. Meaning tribe Cadwallon goes to seek an alliance. to secure the women as hostages. The dog In his absence the capture of Madoc hap- killed Rajenet, and with Herma successfully pens.

defended them. The inweaving this throws There is a gap between books 7 and 8, the battle and capture of Aztlan to book which


be widened. Book 7 will swell 15. The twelfth remains for book 16. into two.

Book 17. The town purified. Dithial's Cadwallon shows Madoc an infant of but confession. The resignation of Erilyab. a few days, the first born of the colony, Herma's marriage. Eleno ? I think so. the child of himself and Melamin. After 18. During that ceremony the war-emthe rescue of Herma, all being peaceable, bassadors. Caradoc retires in envious reCadwallon accompanied him to his own collection to the lake banks. Senena foltribe-no-this is rambling. After the re- lows, and avows herself. Some moonlight moval to the mountains, they go to form an

Some song that he had taught her. alliance. The mode of entering a village. 19. The great lake-battle, now in 13. 14 The calumet. Quits North American sa- makes 20. vages. Melamin first seen by her hus- 21. The close. Llanquel and her child band's war-pole. Then the festival of the may have escaped, and be by Tlalala led dead. On their return Melamin accom- to Madoc. panies her brother. Reverence. Gratitude June 6, 1801, Lisbon. ripens into love. Cynetha must be kept alive a little longer, that her attentions to Certainly to Bardsey, and there the inhim may half win Cadwallon's heart. The terview with Llewelyn should be; he has lamp-courtship of Canada. Books 7 and 8, watched his uncle, and follows in a corain the room of 7, as now.

cle. Book 9 follows thus, Dithial demands Were not some Adamites in England Cadwallon's child for the snake idol. He then, who died for want of food-as Jane has had a dream. He comes again the next Shore is fabled have perished. One of day, or rather Rajenet comes, and demands these Madoc might relieve in death, and it in Erilyab's name. For the snake idol thus be tuned to answer a volunteer priest has put on life, and at night seized one angrily. child, which, under protection of the Cam- The Welsh Indians have a Bible. Madoc brians, had been refused. The mother tells will only preach what the feelings of man the tale. A cavern is the temple; at the instinctively assent to; the rest he leaves mouth is the great serpent sunning himself, for times of reason. Surely this is wisdom. and in the act of fascinating. Madoc kills Tlalala's first feeling religious on his him.

escape from the lake. Note Aguilar's reRajenet's demand of Gwenlhian,

lease from the Indians. Book 10. A religious ceremony of naming Ceremony of the peace at Aztlan, and the child : it should be done on Cynetha's | incensing Madoc.

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At Huitziton's coronation the Paste-Idol | abandon all to share his brother's sufferings; ground to powder and given to be drank. but on the emigration, Hoitziton commands

him as his King. His brother, who has October 4, 1801. Sentence of annihila- acted the father's part toward him, and his tion pronounced upon Caradoc and Senena. dearest and nearest friend to remain. So The song, book 4, and the harp incident, a fraternal tie is thus established between are transferable to Madoc himself.

Hoitziton and Madoc by the marriage of Nor can the Cadwallon and Melamin Gwenlhian and Hiolqui, and nothing else of story enter. It is too episodical.

love can be suffered in the poem. Out with Ririd! he is good for nothing. Helhua sleeps in the Field of the Spirit

before the Great Serpent puts on life, and

is warned against the strangers. No rupture before Madoc's return, only the gathering of the storm. Cadwallon's

The Kalendar. narrative therefore communicates little, only the escape of Herma. The arrival of Ma- The death of Henry V. The hermit's doc is while the treason is preparing.

denunciation at the siege of Dreux. He Book 8. Therefore an interview with tells him how beautiful he remembered that Coanocotzin, wherein no ground for sus

country, how happy the people. A sermon, picion appears, except that the King intreats and war the text. Madoc to remove. The demand of the child Crecy.—This must be a morality upon for sacrifice follows; and the capture of the Prince's crest. The only existing effects Madoc is concerted between Tezozomoc, of that slaughter ! Dithial, and Rajenet.

Wallace, an ode. 3 — The populace exulting I think there might be a brother of Hoit- as he goes to execution, and telling of his ziton, cui nomen Hiolqui,' a young man

rebellion and outlaw life and hiding places. deeply attached to Madoc, and in his ab- Lay on him the whole weight of such insence learning much from Cadwallon, his famy. Then burst out. own inclination rather favoured by the wis

Bosworth, a ballad.—A woman expecting dom of his elder brother. Him I would her husband from that fight, and the utter attach to Gwenlhian ; and when Hoitziton inconsequence to her of the public event. announces war to Madoc, the elder of in- Mary Magdalen.-A musing on that extellect should with all affection and feeling quisite picture of Corregio. and justice refuse to quit the Welsh, with Lady Day.-A Socinian hymn to the whom he has lived, and to bear arms either Virgin. Catholic nonsense alluded to. Boatagainst or with them. He should kill Ra- man's evening hymn. The Protestants in an jenet. In the subsequent defeat of the Az

extreme here. What object more deeply tecans, a heavy grief possesses him, and interesting than the Mother of Jesus ? thus the interest of pity is excited in Gwen

St. John will furnish two poems. The lhian. After the earthquake he should tale of the robber, and moralizings on his

last advice, “ Love one another." I See Preface to collected edition of Poems :- Milton.--A hymn to the memory of the “ It was my wish before Mudoc could be con. blind republican. sidered as completed, to see more of Wales than I had yet seen. This I had some opportunity

Rape of the Sabines.—The part of this of doing in the autumn of 1801, with my old history to dwell upon is the reconciliation friends and schoolfellows, Charles Wynn and Peter Elmsley.” P. x. As I transcribe this, ? See

King Henry V. and the Hermit of the news reaches me that Mr. Wynn is no more. Dreux."-- Poems, p. 432. His name and Southey's are indissolubly con. 3 See “ Death of Wallace."-Ibid. p. 128. nected together.”—J. W.W.

JW. W.


of the two armies. Like David, I would | ful, anti-puritanical, half catholic. I hate make history instruct mankind.

puritan manners. The Battle of Murat affords matter for a Of my former poems I must remove the long poem. On the anniversary of the fight New Year's Ode, the First of December, Henry Holland thinks he knows a mendi- and the Hymn to the Penates. cant pilgrim by the pile of bones. The beggar The first of April.-Can I not make a Charles, so more to humble himself, relates kind of satyrical poem ? as, contending for his history to the man whom he had once the prize of Folly, and exposing the serious so spurned. His obstinate ambition, escape follies of mankind. across the lake, and murdering the page. Easter.-I should think the development A wounded fugitive, he is healed by a Be- of my own religious opinions might make guine, a young woman, Swiss, who had lost

an interesting poem. If not, one might inher betrothed husband in the wars he had dulge the fullness of those devotional feeloccasioned ; she is one whom religion has ings, which here every thing seems to curb. comforted; and whose holy resignation Why are they so little understood, and so wakes agony in him ; he resolves to be generally professed only by weak enthusiknown no more, and on the day of the fight asts, who render them ridiculous; or knaves, annually to visit the pile of bones, the mo- who render them suspected? Perhaps Easter nument of his wickedness. It is remark. were the best day for a Millenarian hymn. able that this pile should have been de- The Confirmation of Magna Charta by stroyed on the anniversary of that day. Henry III. Narrative blank verse. It

Azincour.—The ruinous effects in Eng- might conclude with a solemn repetition of land of that successful war.

the curses denounced against those who Poictiers.—Glory. Detail of the conse- should violate the charter. quences of such a battle. The field of The Discovery of America, an ode.—Bebattle. The distant wife.

neficial to Europe, not for its gold, not for The Conversion of St. Paul.—Conviction the conversion of some savages, but because blazed on him. But who does not feel the liberty found shelter there, and returned inward monitor at times ? Paul the hermit from thence. will make a fine serious narrative.

John the Baptist. - Herodias requesting The story of St. Agnes is very fine. I his head. Narrative full

, and declamatory. wish I believed the miracle, for the rest must Pultowa. Patkul. The future fortunes be true.

and reputation of Charles, an invective ode. St. Cæcilia's is an amusing story. One Llewelyn, an historic ode.—The prophecy might have invented it for its singularity. alluded to. Glory of the defeated King, yet He was an odd angel-a kind of angelic in- the event fortunate for Wales. cubus. Heywood would have been puzzled

For Lammas Day.—Some particulars may where to class him. I must not forget that be found in the Transactions of the Society admirable picture by Carlo Dolce, at Sir of Antiquaries of Scotland, vol. 1, p. 92, Lambert Blackwood's. Is it possible for Cadell, relative to the customs in Mid Lopoetry to equal it?

thian on that day. To the Dii Manes, a Christian hymn. Topographical books should always be Teresa.—The progress of religious en- consulted. thusiasm. This should be in Spenser's In vol. 4 of Plutarch's Morals is a Pagan stanza.

vision of a future state, in the tract conChristmas.-But Good Friday will be a cerning those whom God is slow to punish. better day for serious musings on Christianity, to condense the moral and political See “ The Battle of Pultowa."- Poems, p. system of Christ. Christmas must be cheer- 124.-J. W. W.


I should like to give it in a note to S. Pa- Arabia. Query, if reclaimable? Take trick's Purgatory, but for its length. from the Arab his horse, and he must be

December.—The senate passed a decree take himself to the pastoral state. to make the year begin in that month, be- Camel. Professor Heering's letter on cause Nero was born in it !—Tacitus, book introducing them at the Cape.—Monthly xiii.' GORDON, vol. 2, p. 516.

Magazine, January 1800. He forgets that L'Almanac chantant de M. Nau.

this animal seems made by nature for a L'Année sacrée de Pierre-Juste Sautel, level country only. Jesuite.

Slavery of women. Vashti and AhaLa Madelaine au Désert de la SainteBeaume, en Provence, par Pierre de St. Balm. Martyrs' blood at Beder.—Carlos Louis. Un chef-d'auvre etonnant de ridi- | Magno. p. 44, 61. The balsam of Feracule et de mauvais goût,” says the A. Sa- braz. Sympathetic powder.—Sir K. Digby. batier.

Fatalism. The story of Solomon. Our The Death of Joan of Arc must be a re- follies in England. The marked for death gular drama.

in Carlos Magno, 255. Inoculation strange,

but beauty the most saleable commodity; Notes for Thalaba.

and thus interest sets aside the creed. Poison from a red-headed Christian.- Nightingale. Gongora. Strada. A.PhilGarcilasso, 1, 3; Nieuhoff, 97, 2. “ Three lips. Crashaw. ounces of a red-haired wench." Dogs roll Palace of Irem. Gongora. Escurial. in a putrid carcase; yet the skin of man

Magical travelling. History of North absorbs the poison.—Garcilasso, 2, 3. Mad Guadalupe, p. 246. The woman who told dogs perhaps analogous; yet red hair a

her husband the devil was coming for her. beauty then.—Absalom.

The Frenchman's scheme for getting out Ornaments. Incas' liberality to their of the whirl of the world; rising up at subjects. Savages.-Kellet, p. 114.

Paris, and dropping down at the antipodes.

-Jehan Molinet, 181. of the priests.

Northern Lights. There is a passage in cellos, 211, 229. Dee lights. Corpse Tacitus certainly descriptive of this pheno- candles. Is Moses's forehead the fountain menon.-Pennant. R. B. account of pro

of this? The primary light which kindled digies. Noise of the rising sun, 3. C. 25.

them ? The Mohammedans write often of Polygamy perhaps the radical evil of the his shining hand. east. Domestic slavery leading to the

The balance of the dead.-Carlos Magno. opinion that despotism was equally neces

287. sary in a state as in a family. Something

Bird-parasol. Anchieta. The one-footed like polygamy among the Jews.

man in the Margarita Philosophica. Persians — why better than the Turks

Magic.-English Chaplain, 3, cap. 8. with the same government and religion ?

Bird of the Brain. Seat of the Soul. painting allowed, and wine; more litera

Otaheitean opinion. ture; courteous to Europeans, so as to be

A good mock-philosophic note might be called the Frenchmen of the East.

made upon the changes produced in the

earth by the falling in of the Dom-Daniel. "I think there is a mistake here. The two The origin of the Maelstrom proved to passages in the "Annals” occur, lib. xv. c. 74, have been this. Increase of cold also in lib. xvi. 12. In the first, the words are “Mensis quoque Aprilis Neronis cognomentum acci.

those regions, the rush of the waters haperet.” In the second,“ Aprilem eumdemque Neroneum."-J. W. W.

· Lord Dreghorn, &c.

Jugglers. Tavernier. Query, the science Superstition of emitted light. Vascon

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