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BedMINSTER, this is subject enough for There is a marine on board the Royal an Eclogue. The bower, the porch, the George who persuaded his father to muryews by the laundry, the yard horse-ches- der his mother, and then turned king's evinuts, the mortality, as my grandmother dence against him, and had him hung. called it: the changes now, colloquially This will make a very diabolical ballad. told; and then to catch the sound of Ash- This man is benighted, and falls in with a ton-bells, and speak of the family burying-traveller in the dark. The voice strikes place. The best kitchen, the black boarded him as familiar ; and when the moon apparlour, the great picture-bible. What a pears he sees the very face of his father, treat! And then the old bird and beast for it is a devil in the corpse. He leads book. I wish I had that book! an old him to the wheel where his father had sufbook of natural history has such fine lies. fered, and fixes him there. I just remember the whale in it.

SonNet. A ship returning to port.* SOPHONISBA drinking the poison. A Monodrama.

Not into the grave, O my soul !5 not

into the grave shouldst thou descend to Inscription at Penshurst, by the oak contemplate thy friend. Raise thyself to planted at Sir Philip Sidney's birth. So

that better world, thy birthright, and comall things perish but the memory of the

mune with him there. great. A few lines with this point,—think of

A CHARACTER has occurred to me, adthe future, and you will never have cause

mirably fine in the grotesque magic. A to regret the past.

little man gifted with the power of extend

ing all his limbs to any length; who can Tue holly-tree, an emblem, and some

stretch his neck and look in at the window what in Quarles's way. Kingdoms should of the highest tower ; and when walking be like it, fenced well, but only strict there; under a precipice, can put up his hand inmen gentler at home than anywhere else.

to the eagle's nest. Is he on the bank of a Again, we should lose our asperities as we

river ? he lengthens his legs, and steps

across. grow old; again, we should be serious in

The story should conclude with youth, that we may be cheerful in age, and his dilating his mouth, and swallowing all like the holly tree.


Winter, they paint thee like a blue

THERE is a lie in the life of St. Isidore lipped, blue-nosed, icicle-bearded old man, which may perhaps make a ballad. A man like a walking snow-ball; but they should who could find no surety for his rent appaint thee a fine ruddy faced old boy, sit- pealed to the saint, pledging his word to ting by the Christmas fire.

the landlord before his tomb, and praying

if he failed that Isidore might punish him. A TRAVELLING thought. The present The fellow however could not pay it, and scenery beautiful; but in remembrance the

so run away one night. His road lay by very recollection of fatigue will increase its the church of St. Andrew, wherein Isidore interest.

was buried, and he was miraculously kept

" See Inscription, xvi.“For a Tablet at Pens. hurst," Poems, p. 173.

? See “ The Holly Tree," Poems, p. 129.
; Worked up in Sonnet xv. Poems, p. 109.


Worked up in Sonnet xix. Poems, p. 109. s See the exquisite lines on his early friend, Edmund Seward, Poems, p. 131.

6 See the Ballad,“ Old Christaval's Advice," &c. Poems, p. 433.

J. W. W.

all night running round and round the scenery more by knowing another has felt church, while he thought he was getting them. If it has pleased thee to be told of on his way. In the morning the landlord this, cleanse the moss and weeds from the found him; he repented, prayed for for- tablet! giveness, worked harder, and paid the debt.

ECLOGUE. The witch. A man nailing a Dona Ana Maria REMESAL promised, horse-shoe at his door. Tales of the old on the wedding day of her sister Mariana, woman, and superstitions. to give a sum of money towards the canonization of St. Isidore. She either for- Eclogue. A winter evening. Children got her vow or neglected it. Maria de la and their grandmother. They beg for a Cabera, the wife of Isadore, appeared to her story. A ghost story. My mother's account with an Alguazil and a black dog, as she of Molló Bees's murder, and the remorse of lay in her bed, and arrested her for this the murderer, that led him to accuse himdebt. They let her go, however, on her self. A gibbet and a ghost are easily added. sincere promise of speedy payment. This will make a tolerable ballad. Let her be History, the painful feelings it excites. called from the company on the wedding The historic Muse appears. She speaks of evening, and led to the tomb of St. Isidore, Greece, of Rome, Holland, Padilla, and the to pass the night. It should be the bride- many martyrs of freedom; then personally groom who makes the vow.

addresses the poet.

One of my war poems may be made upon Ormia, a Monodrama, where did the Porthat description of Jemappe given me by tugueze writer find the story? She enters Carlisle, expressing joy for the event, with her husband's tent at midnight, and his suran abhorrence of the war principle. prise must be expressed by her.

ANOTHER must be upon this story. At the The death of Malcolm's murderers. A evacuation of Toulon, a husband, his wife, ballad. and infant were attempting to escape in the last boat. The husband had got in, when What can be made of the story of St. Rothey pushed off. The wife flung her child muald ?? Should it be a ballad showing how to him. The child fell short, and sunk, and a man might be too good ? the mother leapt after. Tom' told me this on the authority of an eye-witness.

Mrs. Wilson's story of the dog. A gen

tleman sat up in a haunted house at Dublin The treatment of Colonel Despard, de- with a great dog. The dog growled at first, scribed as in a dramatic fragment. Related his anger increased, at last he leaped at a abroad as a proof of foreign tyranny to an

particular part of the wall, then round and Englishman.

round the room ran raging, and leapt again

at the same place, then pawed at the door INSCRIPTION in a forest, near no path; who furiously. The man let him out, he rushed reads it has most like been led by the love of nature, and he may enjoy the beauties of

+ See English Eclogues, Poems, p. 154.

8 Ibid. “ The Grandmother's Tale," p. 150. His brother, Captain Thomas Southey, - 6 See Poems, p. 140. “ History." often mentioned.

7 See Ballad, “St. Ronjuald," Poems, p. 436. See ESPRIELLA's Letters, vol. iii. p. 95, third 6 She was the old occupant of Greta Hall, edit.

and the kind friend of all the children. 3 See Inscriptions, p. 172. J. W. W.

J. W. W.

up stairs, and the inan found him in the gar- have been cured with a potion of his blood. ret over the room below, leaping at the same This will make a ballad. For the lewd empart of the wall. He himself neither saw nor press substitute a maiden, and let the potion heard anything, but declared he would not effect a cure,-by producing death. for worlds undergo another night of such feelings. The dog lay gasping with exhaus- The good old Customs, and the Cause of tion, and foaming so that his master was Religion and Order, a song, addressed to once or twice tempted to shoot him in com- all the confederate powers, each stanza repassion. This will be better told dramati- citing for what they are fighting, and concally than as a ballad.

cluding with the same burthen.

Perhaps a young man departing from The story of Pausanias needs no alterahome to go for the first time to London, tion for a ballad. might furnish stuff for an eclogue.

EDWARD THE CONFESSOR took off a tax, Tue nasty custom of interment makes the because he saw the devil dancing upon the idea of a dead friend more unpleasant. We money which had been raised by it. think of the grave, corruption, and worms. Burning would be better.

INSCRIPTION under the bust of Fox.

Dost thou wish, when reading of foreign The devil hath not always had his due. lands, to see their beauties? It is a melan- He hath the credit of a murder, but not of choly thing to be among strangers !? a battle; the murder is committed by the

instigation of the devil—the victory by the EPITAPH for Gerald.? What the verdict favour of Providence. Then the tax story records him, what he thought himself. Pos- of king Edward Confessor. terity and God will judge him.

The present war was undertaken to preINFANTS, their lot after death ? Do their vent the people from being affected by the spirits animate other bodies ? or are they Jacobinical principles instilled into them. transplanted to a better world? Were the The story of Cortez's purge. material system true, it would, I think, exclude them from a future life; for what con- TRANQUILLITY. Sonnet. The happiness sciousness of identity could be restored to of a toad in a stone. them? Upon the soul system, or indeed any system, they must grow up somewhere, else I do not love books that affect me strongwould they be like the beasts that perish. ly, at least if the effect be long. The sud

den pathetic is pleasurable. Lines sent with Fox! well may he believe that the affairs some such book as the Letters from Lauof man are ruled by fatality, else would not the arts of one so inferior have ruined thy country, thou the while living and warning.

St. Vincent's Rocks. Jeremiah. The Catos, &c.

It occurs to me that I could write a fine Faustina, in love with a fencer, is said to local poem upon this subject. It might be

gin by saying why Iought to celebrate them. 1 See “ The Traveller's Return,” Poems, p. 124.

See lines, “ After reading the Speech of 3 See The Battle of Blenheim, p. 449.
Robert Emmet," Poems, p. 140.
J. W. W. • See suprà, p. 163.

J. W. W.


The camp, my cavern, the legend of the MARULLE de Stilimene. The Turks under building to which there leads no path, Cook's Soliman Bassa attacked Coccin, the capital folly and its tale, the suicide at Sea-Mills. of the isle. They forced the gate, the comTrenchard and Gordon. Chatterton. Bris- bat was fierce in the gateway, and the wotol, too, might have its fame. And Ashton men fought. Marulle was wounded by the might be mentioned. The hot wells, and same blow that slew her father the goverthose who come to die there.

nor. She seized his shield and buckler, and repelled the foe. On the morrow the Ve

netian commander arrived to relieve the Tue devil once came to St. Antony to ask why people abused him for all their isle, and found them safe. In the name of wickedness, when their own corrupt nature

the senate he adopted Marulle, desired her was the cause. Applied to Pitt.

to choose among his captains a husband,

and promised a dowry from the state. “A The glow-worm.

good captain," she replied, “ might be a bad

father, and that the field of battle was not SonNet to the pocket-handkerchief of the place to choose a husband." This story one's mistress.5

has suggested to me the idea of dramatizing

in single scenes such subjects as are not in Eclogue. The spirit of a monk and a themselves enough for whole plays. Didradevil. The monk stiflly refusing to go with the fiend, a wandering angel hears the dispute; it is concluded by allowing the monk When the Turks were on the point of his own psalm-singing heaven.

taking Sigeth, 1566, an Hungarian was

about to kill his wife, to preserve her from An old woman's snuff-box.

violation. She bids him not have the guilt

of murder, arms herself, goes with him to Love elegy. On Delia's hair. What battle, and dies with him. A Didrama.Cupid makes of it. Happy the comb, the Imp. Hist. p. 692. barber, the curling-paper. The bear who died for his grease.”


SONNET on an old quid of tobacco.

Little Poems.

Love elegy. The poet has stolen a lock SANCIE de Navarre. Sancho, king of of Delia's hair, and finds he has spoilt her Navarre, was slain in combat by Gonzales, wig."

Count of Castille. Theresa, sister of the

slain, wife of the king of Leon, vowed reSylphs, dip your gossamer pencils in her venge. To get him into her power, she encheek, to tinge the rose; scent the violets tered into a treaty of marriage for him and with her breath. Gnomes, bring up your her sister Sancie. Gonzales repaired to Nadiamonds to ripen from her eye-beams. Sa- varre to the marriage. Gercias, the king, an lamanders, bask in her looks. Light from accomplice in Theresa's plot, seized him on her eye, the glow-worm. Nymphs, catch his arrival, fettered and dungeoned him. her tear to make pearls.

Sancie visited him in prison, kept her plight

ed faith, delivered and married him. $ The reader will find all these hints worked up in The Amatory Poems of Abel Shufflebottom, pp: 114-416.

Le Moyne. La Galerie, p. 150. These are probably worked up under “ Snuff,” p. 161.

J. W. W. CONSTANCE. Barri de S. Aunez, her hus

band. St. Foix. Françoise de Cezeley. Dame de Barry. La Galerie, p. 298.

INSCRIPTION. Taunton and Judge Jefferies.3

The American Indians' death-song.

For the market-place at Rouen.

The Peruvian's dirge over the body of

For Old Sarum. Addressed to a fohis father, stolen from the Spaniards' ce

reigner. What must be the privileges of metery.

English subjects, when the old pauper there

sends two Members to Parliament ! Halcyone, a Monodrama.

For St. Domingo and Mr. Pitt. The oak of the forest. Its trunk was strong, and the swine fed under its boughs ;

To a book-worm, that had eat my Sidbut the ivy clung round it, and as the oak ney's Arcadia. Why not go to such and

such books. decayed, the woodman, instead of lopping away the parasite plant, hewed off its broad

The weathercock. Could I copy thee, I boughs.

also might ornament the church. MYTHOLOGICAL sketches. Greenland.

For where Jane Shore died. Lapland. Japan. N. American. Celtic. The last little known, the rest new to poetry. ECLOGUE. Describing the new clergyman

Also characteristic poems of their man- of a village, as contrasted with his prede



A LADY stayed to dress herself, instead

BALLAD. The single combat between of going to church in time. Mass was half the dog and the murderer of his master. over as she came to the church door, and troop of little devils were dancing on her The pig.5 Not ugly. His eyes, pignsnies, long train.

that see the wind. His ears. His tail curled

like hop-tendrils, or a lady's hair. Aptitude St. James of Nisibis was abused by some of parts. Pig a philosopher, and without young girls washing at a fountain. He made prejudices. What is dirt ? Berkleian hythem all old and ugly.

pothesis sublimely introduced. Pig a de

mocrat, and right obstinate. Pig an aristoINSCRIPTION for the prison-room of Sa

crat, seeking to profit himself dirtily. Man vage.

not so wise in life, not so useful in death.

Pig the victim of society. Wild boar. Pig Tue glow-worm. Shines in the dark,- unfortunate. The sow-gelder's horn. Tythe like certain men of letters. “With love, the | pig, learned pig, brawn pig, pig's chitterlight of love." Exposed to danger, &c.

lins, black puddings. Smell of the bean

flowers. Bacon. Pig's ringed nose, earKing William's Cove. Torbay. Where rings, but the pig does not conceive his to le landed. The precedent.

be an ornament. Pig's yoke, his cravatt, Tue ebb tide? more rapid than the flood,

3 See Inscription, “For a Monument at Taun. -so with human happiness and human vir

ton,” p. 172. tue.

• See ESPRIELLA's Letters, vol. i. p. 55, third

edit. See“ The Oak ofour Fathers," Poems, p. 123. • See “ The Pig, a colloquial Poem,” p. 162. ? See Poems, p. 230. J. W. W.

J. W. w.

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