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Mansoul, I will lay down my commission. He also took' him from the crowd, and had him among his soldiers, and there he was brained: But some in Mansoul muttered at it, though none durst speak plainly, because Immanuel was in the town. But this brave act of Captain Self-denial came to the prince's ears, so he sent for him, and made him a lord in Mansoul. My Lord Will-be-will also obtained great commendations of Immanuel for what he had done for the town of Mansoul.

Then my Lord Self-denial took courage, and set to the pursuing of the Diabolonians with my Lord Will-be-will; and they took Live-by-feeling, and they took Legal-life, and put them in hold tili they died. But Mr. Unbelief was a nimble jack, him they could never lay hold of, though they attempted to do it often.

He therefore, and some few more of the subtlest of the Diabolonian tribe, yet remained in Mansoul, to the time that Mansouí left off to dwell any longer in the kingdom of Universe. But they kept them to their dens and holes ; is one of them appeared, or happened to be seen in any of the streets of the town of Mansoul, the whole town would be up in arms after them, yea, the very

children in Mansoul would cry out after them as after a thief, would wish that they might stone them to death with stones. And now Mansoul arrived to some good degree of peace and quiet, her prince also abode within her borders, her captains also, and her soldiers did their duties, and Mansoul minded her trade that she had with the country afar off; also she was busy in her manufacture. Isa. xxxiii. 17. Phil. iii. 20. Proy. xxx. 10, &c 5. 5 Self-denial must be opposed to self-love.

« If, through the spirit, we mortify the deeds of the body we shall live,” and shall also happily experience, that “ 'to be spiritually

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When the town of Mansoul had thus far rid themselves of so many of their enemies, and the troublers of their peace; the prince sent to them, and appointed a day wherein he would meet the whole people at the market-place, and there give them in charge concerning the future matters, that, if observed, would tend to their farther safety and comfort, and to the condemnation and destruction of their home-bred Diabolonians. So the day appointed was come, and the townsmen met together; Immanuel also came down in his chariot, and all his captains in their state attending of him on the right-hand, and on the left. Then was an O yes

made for silence, and, after some mutual carriages of love, the prince began, and thus proceeded : “ You, my Mansoul, and the beloved of mine

heart, many and great are the privileges Immanuel's that have bestowed upon you : I have speech to

singled you out from others, and have

chosen you to myself, not for your worthiness, but for mine own sake. I have also redeemed you, not only from the dread of my father's law, but from the hand of Diabolus. This I have done, because I loved you, and because I have set my heart upon you to do you good. I have also, that all things that might hinder thy way to the pleasures of paradise might be taken out of the way,

laid down for thee, for thy soul, a plenary satisfaction, and have bought thee for myself; a price not of corruptible things, as of silver and gold, but a price of blood, mine own blood, which I have freely spilt upon the ground to make thee mine. So I have reconciled thee, () minded is life and peace.” But, after all, that villain Unbelief, the worst of all the gang, still lurks secretly in the soul, yet is uniformly opposed whenever he dares to appear.


my Mansoul, to my Father, and intrusted thee in the mansion-houses that are with my father in the royal city, where things are, O my Mansoul, that eye hath not seen, nor hath entered into the heart of man to conceive. “ Besides, () my Mansoul, thou seest what I

have done, and how I have taken thee Immanuel's

out of the hand of thine enemies ; unto great love to Mansoul.

whom thou hast deeply revolted from

my father, and by whom thou wast content to be possessed, and also to be destroyed. I came to thee first by my law, then by my gospel, to awaken thee and shew thee my glory. And thou knowest what thou wast, what thou saidst, what thou didst, and how many times thou rebelledst against my father and me; yet I left thee not, as thou seest this day, but came to thee, have borne thy manners, have waited upon thee, and, after all, accepted of thee even of my mere grace and favour ; and would not suffer thee to be lost, as thou most willingly wouldst have been. I also compassed thee about, afflicted thee on every side, that I might make thee weary of thy ways, and bring down thy heart with molestation to a willingness to close with thy good and happiness. And when I had gotten a complete conquest over thee, I turned it to thy advantage.

“ Thou seest also what a company of my father's host I have lodged within thy borders, captains, and rulers, soldiers, nen of war, engines, and excellent devices, to subdue and bring down thy foes; thou knowest my meaning, O Mansoul. And they are my servants, and thine too, Mansoul. Yea, my design of possessing of thee with them, and the natural tendency of each of them, is to defend, purge, strengthen, and sweeten thee for myself, () Mansoul, and to make thee meet for

Mansoul saved from her ene.

my father's presence, blessing, and glory; for thou, my Mansoul, art created to be prepared unto these. “ Thou seest moreover, my Mansoul, how I

have passed by thý backslidings, and

have healed thee. Indeed I was anmies, by Imma- gry with thee, but I have turned nuel's power and mercy

away my anger, and mine indignation

is ceased in the destruction of thine enemies, O Mansoul. Nor did thy goodness fetch me again unto thee, after that I for thy transgressions had hid my face, and withdrawn my presence from thee. The way of backsliding was thine, but the way and means of recovery was mine. I invented the means of thy return; it was I that made an hedge and a wall, when thou wast beginning to turn to things in which I delighted not. It was I that made thy sweet bitter, thy day night, thy smooth way thorny, and that also confounded all that sought thy destruction. It was I that set Mr. Godly-fear to work in Mansoul. It was I that stirred up thy conscience and understanding, thy will and thy affections, after thy great and woful decay. It was I that put life into thee, O Mansoul, to seek me, that thou mightest find me, and, in thy finding, find thine own health, happiness, and salvation. It was I that fetched the second time the Diabolonians out of Mansoul; it was I that overcame them, and that destroyed them before thy face.

And now, my Mansoul, I am returned to thee in peace, and thy transgressions against me are as if they had not been. Nor shall it be with thee as in former days, but I will do better for thee than at thy beginning. For yet a little while, O my Mansoul, even after a few more times are gone over thy


head, I will (but be not thou troubled at what I

say) take down this famous town of The death of Mansoul, stick the body.

Mansoul, stick and stone, to the

ground. And I will carry the stones thereof, and the timber thereof, and the walls thereof, and the dust thereof, and inhabitants thereof, into mine own country, even into the The resurrec. kingdom of my father; and will there tion unto life set it up in such strength and glory as eternal.

it never did see in the kingdom where now it is placed. I will even there set it up for my father's habitation, because for that purpose it was at first erected in the kingdom of Universe; and there will I make it a spectacle of wonder, a monument of mercy. There shall the natives of Mansoul see all that of which they have seen nothing here ; there shall they be equal to those unto whom they have been inferior here. And there shalt thou, O my Mansoul, have such communion with me, with my father, and with your lord secretary, as is not possible here to be enjoyed, nor ever could be, shouldst thou live in Universe the space of a thousand years.

There, () my Mansoul, thou shalt be afraid of murderers no more; of Diabolonians no more. There shall be no more plots, nor contrivances, nor designs against thee, O my Mansoul. There thou shalt no more hear evil tidings, or the noise of the Diabolonian drum. There thou shalt not All shall be see the Diabolonian standard-bearers,

nor yet behold Diabolus's standard. happiness in No Diabolonian mount shall be cast up heaven.

against thee there, nor shall there the Diabolonjan standard be set up to make thee afraid. There thou shalt meet with no sorrow nor grief, nor shall it be possible that any Diabolonian should

peace and

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