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chou have, O my flesh? A confidence of all the glorious things both in heaven and on earth! Why, godlinefs hath the promise of this life, and of that which is to come. If heaven and the righteousness thereof, be the thing thou dost seek ; both heaven and earth, with the excellencies thereof, is that which thou fhalt find.

Nothing in this world I want,

No treafure here beneath;
Only for thee, Lord, I pant,

For thee alone I breathe :
Wipe away my nature's fin,

Thy image to my breast restore ;
Thou alone canft make me clean,

And bid me fin no more.
Thou inviteft me to come

To share thy people's reft;
Poor in spirit I presume

To press unto the feast :
Saving faith to me impart,

And clothe me with thy righteoufnets :
In the fountain dip my heart,

And sign my glad release.
Fill me with thy perfect love,

And answer each complaint ;
Unbelieving thoughts remove,

And banish all my wants.
Lord, enable me by grace

My ev'ry weight to lay afide ;
Patiently to run my race,

Till thou dost take thy bride.


Christian's Choice. I AM frail, and the world is fading but my foul is immortal, and God is eternal. If I pitch upon the creatures, they may take wings like an eagle that flieth towards heaven, or my soul may take its way with the rich fool, and go to hell; but if I chuse God for my portion, then mercy and goodness shall follow me whilft I live, and glory and eternity shall crown me when I die. I will therefore now leave that which I shall soon lose,' that so I may embrace that which I shall always enjoy.

One there is above all others,

Who deserves the name of friend ;
His is love beyond a brother's,
Coftly, free, and knows no end :

They who once his kindness prove,

Find it everlasting love.
Which of all our friends, to save us,

Could or would have thed his blood?
But our Jesus died to have us,
Reconcild by him to God :

This was boundless love indeed,

Jesus is a friend in need.
When he liv'd on earth abased,

Friend of finners was his name ;
Now, above all glory raised,
He rejoices in the fame :

Stiil he calls them brethren, friends,
And to all their wants attends.

Spiritual Joy and Sorrow. AS there is a sad mirth, so there is a joyful mourning : Look upon the voluptuous man, however

laughter may appear in his face, yet fadnels ever centres in his heart ; his carnal delights are not only vain, but vexing ; like music, they play him into a melancholy fit : Whilft the banquet lafts, the sensualift fings ; but when the reckoning comes, his fpirit links, his burning candle presently goes out in a kinking snuff, his shining fun inftantly fets in the watery cloud. Solomon gives us the sum of it thus : Even in laughter the heart is forrowful, and the end of that mirth is heaviness. But now come to the penitential person, as his tears are the joy of angels, so they are the joy of his heart, and the fo. lace of his soul; the falter his tears, the sweeter his comforts, the deeper his fighs, the fuller his joy; the beams of confolation always shine into this house of mourning, so that his soul is in travail with a Barnabas, and his labours bring forth the fruits of peace ; infomuch that I may truly fay, to mourn for fin, is to weep for joy. These pure and pleasant streams of confolation (which are the worldling's wonders) which flow and run in those chrystal rivers of eternal pleasure, at God's right hand, come from a weeping spring. Why then is the mouth of wickedness opened against the way of holiness? As if grace was the calvary to intomb joys; and impiety the womb to bring forth felicity; but if experience may be heard, my foul hath felt both, and I find fuck damps of spirit in the worldly pleasures, and such refreshings of foul in the depth of godly sorrow, that I shall esteem one drop of such fpiritual joy, more than an ocean of their mirth.

And let this feeble body fail,

And let it faint or die;
My soul fhall quit the mourufül vale

And soar to worlds on high :
Shall join the disembudied saints

And find its long fought rest,
(That only rest for which it pants)

On the Redeemer's breast.
In hope of that immortal crown;

I now the cross fustain;
And gladly wander up and down,

And smile at toil and pain.
I travel my appointed years,

Till my deliv'rer come,
And wipe away his servant's tears,

And take his exile home:
O what has Jefus bought for me!

Before my ravish'd eyes,
Rivers of life divine, I fee,

And trees of Paradife :
I fee a world of spirits bright,

Who taste the pleasures there ;
They all are rob’d in radiant white,

And conquering palms they bear.
Lord what are all my sufferings here?

'If thou but mak'ft me mcet,

With that enraptur'd host t'appear,

And worship at thy feet.
Give joy or grief, give ease or pain a

Take life and friends away i
But let me find them all again,

In that eternal day.

Estate of a Man at Death. AS the tree falleth, so it lieth; and where death strikes down, there God lays out, either for mercy or misery; so that I may compare it to the red sea; if I go in an Ifraelite, my landing: shall be in Glory, and my rejoicing in triumph, to see all my enemies dead upon the sea fhore; but if I go in an Egyptian, if I am on this side of the cloud, on this fide the covenant, and yet go in hardened among the troops of Pharoah, justice shall return in its full strength, and an inundation of judgment shall overflow my soul forever. Or else I may compare it to the sleep of the ten virgins, of whom it is said, they flumbered and flept, we shall all fall into this sleep. Now if I lie down with the wise, I shall go in with the bridegroom; but if I sleep with the foolish, without oil in my lamp, without grace in my soul, I have closed the gates of mercy upon my foul forever. I see then this life is the time wherein I muft

go forth to meet the Lord; this is the hour wherein I must do my work, and the day where

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