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ON VIOL AND FLUTE. A New Volume 1 CALDERON'S DRAMAS. of Poems, by Edmund W. Gosse. With

THE PURGATORY OF ST. PATRICK. a Frontispiece by W. B. Scott. Crown



Translated from the Spanish, By Denis IN ENGLISH VERSE. By Lieu

Florence MacCarthy. 10s. tenant Norton Powlett, Royal Artillery. Crown 8vo. 55.

These translations have never before

been published. The “Purgatory of St. Have we at length found a successor

Patrick" is a new version, with new and to Thomas Ingoldsby? We are almost

elaborate historical notes. inclined to hope so after reading Eastern Legends.' There is a rollicking sense of

SONGS FOR SAILORS. By Dr. W. C. fun about the stories, joined to marvellous

Bennett. Dedicated by Special Request

to power of rhyming, and plenty of swing,

H. R. H. the Duke of Edinburgh. which irresistibly reminds us of our old

Crown 8vo. 38. 6d. With Steel Portrait favourite.”-Graphic.

and Illustrations. EDITH; or, LOVE AND LIFE IN CHESHIRE.

An Edition in Illustrated paper Covers. By T. Ashe, Author of the “Sorrows of Price is. Hypsipyle," etc. Sewed. Price 6d. WALLED IN, AND OTHER POEMS. “A really fine poem, full of tender,

By the Rev. Henry J. Bulkeley. Crown subtle touches of 'feeling."-Manchester

Svo. 55.

“A remarkable book of genuine poetry.”
“Pregnant from beginning to end with -Evening Standard.
the results of careful observation and ima-

“Genuine power displayed.” – Exaginative power.”-Chester Chronicle.


...... Poetical feeling is manifest OTHER POEMS. By Theo. Mar

here, and the diction of the poem is unim

peachable."--Pall Mall Gazette. zials. Crown 8vo. 45. 6d.

He has successfully attempted what A conceit abounding in prettiness."

has seldom before been well done, viz., the E.raminer.

treatment of subjects not in themselves “Contains as clear evidence as a book

poetical from a poetic point of view.”— can contain that its composition was a

Graphic. source of keen and legitimate enjoyment.

“Intensity of feeling, a rugged pathos, The rush of fresh, sparkling fancies is too

robustness of tone, and a downrightness of rapid, too sustained, too abundant, not to

expression which does not shrink from even be spontaneous."-Academy.

for his purpose.” THE INN OF STRANGE MEETINGS, -Illustrated London News. AND OTHER POEMS. By Mortimer

SONGS OF LIFE AND DEATH. By Collins. Crown 8vo. 55.

John Payne, Author of “ Intaglios," “Abounding in quiet humour, in bright

“Sonnets," "The Masque of Shadows,” fancy, in sweetness and melody of expres

etc. Crown Svo. 55. sion, and, at times, in the tenderest touches

"The art of ballad-writing has long been of pathos."-Graphic.

lost in England, and Mr. Payne may claim “Mr. Collins has an undercurrent of

to be its restorer. It is a perfect delight to chivalry and romance beneath the trifling

meet with such a ballad as May Margaret' vein of good-humoured banter which is the special characteristic of his verse."

in the present volume.” — Westminster

Review. Athenæum. EROS AGONISTES. By E. B.D. Crown ASPROMONTE, AND OTHER POEMS. 8vo. 35. 6d.

Second Edition, cloth. 45. 6d. “The author of these verses has written

"The volume is anonymous, but there a very touching story of the human heart

is no reason for the author to be ashamed in the story he tells with such pathos and of it. The . Poems of Italy' are evidently power, of an affection cherished so long

inspired by genuine enthusiasm in the and so secretly. . . It is not the cause espoused ; and one of them, "The least merit of these pages that they are

Execution of Felice Orsini,' has much everywhere illumined with moral and re

poetic merit, the event celebrated being ligious sentiment suggested, not paraded,

told with dramatic force."-Athenæum. of the brightest, purest character."

“The verse is fluent and free."-SpecStandard.


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Works Published by Henry S. King & Co.,


the Rev. C. Tennyson Turner. Crown New Writer. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, 5s. 8vo. 45. 6d.

Second Edition. “Mr. Turner is a genuine poet; his song

“These poems will assuredly take high is sweet and pure, beautiful in expression, rank among the class to which they belong." and often subtle in thought."-Pall Malí -British Quarterly Review, April 1st. Gazette.

“If these poems are the mere preludes “The dominant charm of all these sonnets of a mind growing in power and in inclinais the pervading presence of the writer's

tion for verse, we have in them the promise personality, never obtruded but always of a fine poet."-Spectator, February 17th. impalpably diffused. The light of a devout,

“No extracts could do justice to the gentle, and kindly spirit, a delicate and exquisite tones, the felicitous phrasing and graceful fancy, a keen intelligence irradiates delicately wrought harmonies of some of

these thoughts.”--Contemporary Review. these poems." -Nonconformist, March GOETHE'S FAUST. A New Translation


"It has a purity and delicacy of feeling in Rime. By the Rev. C. Kegan Paul.

like morning air.”- raphic, March 16th. Crown 8vo. 6s.

THE LEGENDS OF ST. PATRICK “His translation is the most minutely

AND OTHER POEMS. By Aubrey accurate that has yet been produced...

de Vere. Crown 8vo. 55. -Examiner.

“Mr. De Vere's versification in his “ Mr. Paul evidently understands Faust,' and his translation is as well

earlier poems is characterised by great

sweetness and simplicity. He is master of suited to convey its meaning to English

his instrument, and rarely offends the ear readers as any we have yet seen."-Edinburgh Daily Review.

with false notes. Poems such as these

scarcely admit of quotation, for their charm "Mr. Paul is a zealous and a faithful

is not, and ought not to be, found in isolated interpreter."-Saturday Review.

passages ; but we can promise the patient THE DREAM AND THE DEED, AND

and thoughtful reader much pleasure in the OTHER POEMS. By Patrick Scott, perusal of this volume." - Pall Mall Author of “Footpaths between Two

Gazette. Worlds," etc. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, 55.

“We have marked, in almost every "A bitter and able satire on the vice page, excellent touches from which we and follies of the day, literary, social, and know not how to select. We have but political." --Standard.

space to commend the varied structure of “Shows real poetic power coupled with

his verse, the carefulness of his grammar, evidences of satirical energy."-Edinburgh and his excellent English.” - Saturday Daily Review.




CITY. In I vol. Cloth, crown Love and Conspiracy. By Robert 8vo.

Turner Cotton. In 3 vols. Two GIRLS. By Frederick

Cloth, crown 8vo.
Wedmore, Author of “ A Snapt | TOO LATE. By Mrs. Newman.
Gold Ring. In 2 vols. Cloth,

Two vols. Crown 8vo.
crown 8vo.
A powerful and dramatic story of Bo-

A dramatic love story. hemian life in Paris and in London.


Carr. In 3 vols. Crown 8vo, cloth. I 3 vols. Crown 8vo, cloth.

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Svo, cloth. A Story of Scottish of the 19th Century. An Auto-
Life and Character by a new Author. biography. One Volume.

“There is plenty of vivacity in Mr. THE QUEEN'S SHILLING. By Bramble's narrative."'--Athenæum. Captain Arthur Griffiths,

“Written in a lively and readable style.”

-Hour. Author of “ Peccavi.” 2 vols.

“The skill of the author in the delinea

tion of the supposed chronicler, and the H... A very lively and agreeable novel.”-Vanity Fair.

preservation of his natural character, is . "«The Queen's Shilling' is a capital

beyond praise."--Morning Post. story, far more interesting than the meagre sketch we have given of the fortunes of the

EFFIE'S GAME; HOW SHE LOST hero and heroine can suggest. Every scene, AND HOW SHE Won. By Cecil character, and incident of the book are so

Clayton. 2 vols. life-like that they seem drawn from life direct."-Pall Mall Gazette.

“Well written. The characters move,

and act, and, above all, talk like human MIRANDA. A Midsummer Madness.

beings, and we have liked reading about

them."-Spectator. By Mortimer Collins. 3 vols.

“There is not a dull page in the whole CHESTERLEIGH. By Ansley three volumes."-Standard. “ The work of a man who is at once a

Conyers. 3 vols. Crown 8vo. thinker and a poet.”-Hour.

“We have gained much enjoyment from

the book."-Spectator. SQUIRE SILCHESTER'S

"Will suit the hosts of readers of the WHIM. By Mortimer Collins,

higher class of romantic fiction.”-Morn

ing Advertiser. Author of “Marquis and Merchant,” “The Princess Clarice,” BRESSANT. A Romance. By &c. Crown 8vo. 3 vols.

Julian Hawthorne. 2 vols. “We think it the best (story) Mr. Collins Crown 8vo. has yet written. Full of incident and adventure."-Pall Mall Gazette,

“ The scn's work we venture to say is “Decidedly the best novel from the pen

worthy of the sire. .

The story as of Mr. Mortimer Collins that we have yet

it stands is one of the most powerful with come across.”—Graphic.

which we are acquainted.Times. “So clever, so irritating, and so charm

“Pretty certain of meeting in this country ing a story."-Standard.

a grateful and appreciative reception.”— Atheneum.

“Mr. Julian Hawthorne is endowed with THE PRINCESS CLARICE.

a large share of his father's peculiar genius." A Story of 1871.' By Mortimer -Pall Mall Gazette. Collins. 2 vols. Crown 8vo.

“Enough to make us hopeful that weshall

once more have reason to rejoice whenever “Mr. Collins has produced a readable

we hear that a new work is coming out book, amusingly characteristic. ...."

written by one who bears the honoured Atheneum. “Very readable and amusing. We

name of Hawthorne."-Saturday Review. would especially give an honourable men

HONOR BLAKE: THE STORY OF tion to Mr. Collins's 'vers de société,' the writing of which has almost become a lost

A PLAIN WOMAN. By Mrs. art."-Pall Mall Gazette.

Keatinge, Author of "English “A bright, fresh, and original book.”

Homes in India,” &c. 2 vols. Standard.

Crown 8vo. WHAT 'TIS TO LOVE. By the

“One of the best novels we have met

with for some time."--Morning Post. Author of “Flora Adair,” “The

A story which must do good to all, Value of Fosterstown.” 3 vols.

young and old, who read it."-Daily News.

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FICTION-continued. OFF THE SKELLIGS. By Jean | THE ROMANTIC ANNALS OF Ingelow. (Her First Romance.)

A NAVAL FAMILY. By Mrs. Crown 8vo. In 4 vols.

Arthur Traherne. Crown 8vo. “Clever and sparkling."-Standard.

Ios. 6d. “We read each succeeding volume with

“A very readable and interesting book.” increasing interest, going almost to the - United Service Gazette, June 28, 1873. point of wishing there was a fifth."

Some interesting letters are introduced, Athenæum.

amongst others, several from the late “ The novel as a whole is a remarkable King William IV."-Spectator. one, because it is uncompromisingly true

Well and pleasantly told. There are to life."-Daily News.

also some capital descriptions of English

country life in the last century, presenting SEETA. By Colonel Meadows

a vivid picture of England before the intro.

duction of railways, and the busy life ac. Taylor, Author of " Tara,"

companying them."-Evening Standard. “ Ralph Darnell," &c. Crown

JOHANNES OLAF. By E. de Svo. 3 vols.

Wille. Translated by F. E. Bun“The story is well told, native life is

nett. Crown 8vo. 3 vols. admirably described, and the petty intrigues of native rulers, and their hatred of the

“The art of description is fully exhibited; English, mingled with fear lest the latter

perception of character and capacity for should eventually prove the victors, are

delineating it are obvious; while there is cleverly depicted.” -Athenæum. .

great breadth and comprehensiveness in "We cannot speak too highly of Colonel

the plan of the story."--Morning Post. Meadows Taylor's book. ... We would THE SPINSTERS OF recommend all novel-readers to purchase it

BLATCHINGTON. By Mar. at the earliest opportunity.”—John Bull. “Thoroughly interesting and enjoyable

Travers. 2 vols. Crown 8vo. reading."-Examiner.

“A pretty story. Deserving of a favour

able reception." -Graphic. HESTER MORLEY'S PRO

“A book of more than average merits,

worth reading."-Examiner. MISE. By Hesba Stretton.

A GOOD MATCH. By Amelia 3 vols.

Perrier, Author of "Mea Culpa." Hester Morley's Promise' is much better than the average novel of the day;

2 vols. it has much more claim to critical con

“Racy and lively."-Athenæum. sideration as a piece of literary work,-not

As pleasant and readable a novel as we mere mechanism. The pictures of a narrow

have seen this season."--Examiner. society-narrow of soul and intellect-in

“This clever and amusing novel."-Pall which the book abounds, are very clever.” Mall Gazette, -Spectator.

“Agreeably written.”—Public Opinion. "Its charm lies not so much, perhaps, in THOMASINA. By the Author of any special excellence in character, drawing, or construction-though all the cha

“Dorothy,” “De Cressy,” etc. racters stand out clearly and are well 2 vols. Crown 8vo. sustained, and the interest of the story

“A finished and delicate cabinet picture, never flags-as in general tone and colour. no line is without its purpose, but all coning."-Observer.

tribute to the unity of the work."-Athe

næum. THE DOCTOR'S DILEMMA. “For the delicacies of character-drawing,

By Hesba Stretton, Author of for play of incident, and for finish of style, “Little Meg,” &c., &c.

we must refer our readers to the story Crown

itself."-Daily News. Svo. 3 vols.

“ This undeniably pleasing story."A fascinating story which scarcely

Pall Mall Gazette." flags in interest from the first page to the VANESSA. By the Author of last. It is all story; every page contributes something to the result."-British

“ Thomasina.” 2 vols. Crown Quarterly Review.


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65, Cornhill;

12, Paternoster Row, London.



Thirty-Second Edition.
ton Marshall, Author of “ For OTHER MISFORTUNES. By Ed.
Very Life.” I vol. Crown 8vo. ward Jenkins. Crown 8vo.
A quiet graceful little story.”—Spec-

Price 25.
“There are many clever conceits in it.

Fourteenth Thousand.
. . . Mr. Hamilton Marshall can tell a LITTLE HODGE. A Christmas
story closely and pleasantly.”Pall Mall Country Carol. By Edward Jen.

kins, Author of “Ginx's Baby,” LINKED AT LAST. By F. E.

&c. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. 55. Bunnett. I vol. Crown 8vo.

A Cheap Edition in paper covers, price is.

“Wise and humorous, but yet most “Linked at Last' contains so much of

pathetic." -Nonconformist. pretty description, natural incident, and

“The pathos of some of the passages is delicate portraiture, that the reader who extremely touching." - Manchester Exonce takes it up will not be inclined to re

linquish it without concluding the volume."

Sixth Edition.
-Morning Post,
“A very

charming story." — John

Jenkins, Author of “ Ginx's

Baby." Crown 8vo. Price 25. PERPLEXITY. By Sydney

LUCHMEE AND DILLOO. A Mostyn. 3 vols. Crown 8vo.

Story of West Indian Life. By “Shows much lucidity—much power of Edward Jenkins, Author of portraiture.”-Examiner.

“Ginx's Baby," « Little Hodge,” “Written with very considerable power, great cleverness, and sustained interest.”

&c. Two vols. Demy 8vo. Illus-Standard.


[Preparing. “The literary workmanship is good, and the story forcibly and graphically told.” HER TITLE OF HONOUR. By Daily News.

Holme Lee. Second Edition.


“With the interest of a pathetic story is BOOTHBY. By William

united the value of a definite and high Clark Russell, Author of “The purpose.” -Spectator. Book of Authors.” Crown 8vo.

“A most exquisitely written story."

Literary Churchman.
75. 6d.
“Clever and ingenious.” – Saturday


James Bonwick. Crown 8vo. One of the most delightful books I

Illustrated. Price 5s. have read for a very long while....

“The characters of the story are capitally Thoroughly entertaining from the first page to the last.”- Judy.

conceived, and are full of those touches “Very clever book.”—Guardian.

which give them a natural appearance."Public Opinion.

“An interesting and useful work."CRUEL AS THE GRAVE. By

Hour. the Countess Von Bothmer.

MIKE HOWE, THE BUSH3 vols. Crown 8vo.

RANGER OF VAN DIE"Jealousy is cruel as the Grave.

MEN'S LAND. By James "An interesting, though somewhat tragic Bonwick, Author of "The Tasstory"-Atheneum. "An agreeable, unaffected, and emi

manian Lily,” &c. Crown 8vo. nently readable novel.”- Daily News.

With a Frontispiece.

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