Zeitschrift der Gesellschaft für Erdkunde zu Berlin, Том 3;Том 7

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Сторінка 603 - The Desert of the Exodus. Journeys on Foot in the Wilderness of the Forty Years' Wanderings, undertaken in connection with the Ordnance Survey of Sinai and the Palestine Exploration Fund. By EH PALMER, MA, Lord Almoner's Professor of Arabic and Fellow of St.
Сторінка 602 - B-IBLE PLACES ; or, The Topography of the Holy Land : a succinct account of all the Places, Rivers, and Mountains of the Land of Israel mentioned in the Bible, so far as they have been identified ; together with their modern names and historical references. By the Rev. Canon TRISTRAM.
Сторінка 626 - MUSTERS' (CAPT.) Patagonians; a Year's Wanderings over Untrodden Ground from the Straits of Magellan to the Rio Negro.
Сторінка 616 - A Narrative of the Expedition to Central Africa for the Suppression of the Slave Trade, organised by ISMAIL, Khedive of Egypt.
Сторінка 618 - Dash wood (RL), Chiploquorgan; or, life by the camp fire in Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland. Dublin (White, 1872.
Сторінка 604 - THE EUROPEAN IN INDIA. A Hand-book of practical information for those proceeding to, or residing in, the East Indies, relating to Outfits, Routes, Time for Departure, Indian Climate, etc.
Сторінка 579 - Ebd. geb. n. 7. — la Suisse et les parties limitrophes de l'Italie, de la Savoie et du Tyrol Manuel du voyageur.
Сторінка 604 - LIFE in INDIA; a Series of Sketches shewing something of the Anglo-Indian, the Land he lives in, and the People among whom ',he lives. By EDWARD BRADDON.
Сторінка 535 - My later investigations have confirmed me in the opinion, that the valley of the Nile was inhabited by an indigenous race, before the invasion of the Hamitic and other Asiatic nations; and 'that this primeval people, who occupied the whole of Northern Africa, bore much the same relation to the Berber or Berabra tribes of Nubia, that the Saracens of the middle ages bore to their wandering and untutored, yet cognate brethren, the Bedouins of the desert.
Сторінка 278 - York. 1881. 8°. . Report of the commissioners to revise the laws for the assessment and collection of taxes. Albany. 1871.

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